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Discover Life
190 kinds match in US, GA

Abaeis nicippe  [popup]
Sleepy Sulphur...
Achalarus lyciades  [popup]
Hoary Edge
Agraulis vanillae  [popup]
Gulf Fritillary...
Amblyscirtes aesculapius  [popup]
Lace-winged Roadside Skipper...
Amblyscirtes alternata  [popup]
Dusky Roadside Skipper...
Amblyscirtes belli  [popup]
Bells Roadside Skipper
Amblyscirtes carolina  [popup]
Carolina roadside skipper
Amblyscirtes hegon  [popup]
Pepper and Salt Skipper...
Amblyscirtes reversa  [popup]
Reversed Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes vialis  [popup]
Common Roadside Skipper...
Anaea andria  [popup]
Goatwing Butterfly
Anartia jatrophae  [popup]
White Peacock
Anatrytone logan  [popup]
Delaware Skipper...
Ancyloxypha numitor  [popup]
Least Skipperling
Anthanassa texana  [popup]
Texan Crescent...
Anthocharis midea  [popup]
Falcate Orangetip...
Aphrissa statira  [popup]
Statira Sulphur...
Apodemia chisosensis  [popup]
Appias drusilla  [popup]
Florida White...
Ascia monuste  [popup]
Great Southern White
Asterocampa celtis  [popup]
Hackberry Emperor...
Asterocampa clyton  [popup]
Tawny Emperor...
Atalopedes campestris  [popup]
Atlides halesus  [popup]
Great Purple Hairstreak...
Atrytone arogos  [popup]
Arogos Skipper
Atrytonopsis hianna  [popup]
Dusted Skipper...
Atrytonopsis loammi  [popup]
Autochton cellus  [popup]
Golden Banded-Skipper
Battus philenor  [popup]
Pipevine Swallowtail
Battus polydamas  [popup]
Gold-rim Swallowtail
Boloria bellona  [popup]
Meadow Fritillary...
Brephidium isophthalma  [popup]
Eastern Pygmy-Blue
Brephidium pseudofea  [popup]
Calephelis virginiensis  [popup]
Little Metalmark
Callophrys augustinus  [popup]
Brown Elfin...
Callophrys gryneus  [popup]
Olive hairstreak...
Callophrys henrici  [popup]
Henrys Elfin...
Callophrys hesseli  [popup]
Hessels Hairstreak...
Callophrys irus  [popup]
Hadros Elfin...
Callophrys niphon  [popup]
Eastern Pine Elfin...
Calpodes ethlius  [popup]
Brazilian Skipper...
Calycopis cecrops  [popup]
Red-banded Hairstreak
Celastrina argiolus  [popup]
Holly blue...
Celastrina idella  [popup]
American Holly Azure...
Celastrina ladon  [popup]
Spring azure...
Celastrina neglecta  [popup]
Summer azure...
Celastrina neglectamajor  [popup]
Appalachian azure...
Celastrina nigra  [popup]
Dusky Azure...
Cercyonis pegala  [popup]
Pegala Woodnymph...
Chlosyne gorgone  [popup]
Carlota Checkerspot...
Chlosyne nycteis  [popup]
Silvery Checkerspot...
Colias eurytheme  [popup]
Orange Sulphur...
Colias interior  [popup]
Pink-edged Sulphur
Colias philodice  [popup]
Lively Clouded Sulphur...
Copaeodes minima  [popup]
Southern skipperling...
Cupido comyntas  [popup]
Eastern Tailed-blue...
Cyllopsis gemma  [popup]
Gemmed Satyr...
Danaus gilippus  [popup]
Berenice Butterfly...
Danaus plexippus  [popup]
Monarch Butterfly
Dryas julia  [popup]
Julia Heliconian...
Enodia anthedon  [popup]
Northern Pearly-eye...
Enodia creola  [popup]
Creole Pearly-eye...
Enodia portlandia  [popup]
Portland Pearlyeye...
Epargyreus clarus  [popup]
Silver-spotted Skipper...
Erora laeta  [popup]
Early Hairstreak...
Erynnis baptisiae  [popup]
Indigo Dusky Wing
Erynnis brizo  [popup]
Sleepy Duskywing...
Erynnis funeralis  [popup]
Funereal Duskywing
Erynnis horatius  [popup]
Horaces Duskywing...
Erynnis icelus  [popup]
Dreamy Duskywing...
Erynnis juvenalis  [popup]
Juvenals Duskywing...
Erynnis martialis  [popup]
Mottled Dusky Wing
Erynnis zarucco  [popup]
Zarucco Duskywing...
Eumaeus atala  [popup]
Atala Hairstreak...
Euphydryas phaeton  [popup]
Euphyes arpa  [popup]
Palmetto Skipper
Euphyes berryi  [popup]
Berrys Skipper...
Euphyes bimacula  [popup]
Two-spotted Skipper...
Euphyes dion  [popup]
Dion Skipper...
Euphyes dukesi  [popup]
Dukes Skipper...
Euphyes pilatka  [popup]
Palatka Skipper...
Euphyes vestris  [popup]
Cola Skipper...
Euptoieta claudia  [popup]
Variegated Fritillary
Eurema daira  [popup]
Barred Sulphur...
Eurema mexicana  [popup]
Wolf-face Sulphur...
Eurytides marcellus  [popup]
Zebra Swallowtail...
Feniseca tarquinius  [popup]
Glaucopsyche lygdamus  [popup]
Behr Blue...
Heliconius charithonia  [popup]
Zebra Heliconian...
Hemiargus ceraunus  [popup]
Bub Blue...
Hermeuptychia sosybius  [popup]
Carolina Satyr...
Hesperia attalus  [popup]
Dotted Skipper
Hesperia leonardus  [popup]
Leonards Skipper...
Hesperia meskei  [popup]
Meskes Skipper...
Hesperia metea  [popup]
Cobweb Skipper
Hesperia sassacus  [popup]
Indian Skipper
Hylephila phyleus  [popup]
Fiery Skipper
Hypolimnas misippus  [popup]
Mimic Butterfly
Junonia coenia  [popup]
Kricogonia lyside  [popup]
Lyside Sulphur...
Leptotes cassius  [popup]
Cassius Blue...
Leptotes marina  [popup]
Marine Blue...
Lerema accius  [popup]
Clouded Skipper
Lerodea eufala  [popup]
Eufala Skipper...
Lethe appalachia  [popup]
Lethe eurydice  [popup]
Libytheana carinenta  [popup]
American Snout...
Limenitis archippus  [popup]
Limenitis arthemis  [popup]
Red-Spotted Purple...
Lycaena phlaeas  [popup]
Phlaeas Copper...
Marpesia petreus  [popup]
Ruddy Daggerwing...
Megathymus cofaqui  [popup]
Cofaqui Giant Skipper...
Megathymus yuccae  [popup]
Yucca Giant-Skipper...
Megisto cymela  [popup]
Violas wood-satyr...
Nastra lherminier  [popup]
Swarthy Skipper
Nastra neamathla  [popup]
Neamathla Skipper...
Nathalis iole  [popup]
Dainty Sulphur
Neonympha areolatus  [popup]
Georgia Satyr...
Nymphalis antiopa  [popup]
Mourning Cloak
Nymphalis californica  [popup]
California Tortoiseshell...
Nymphalis milberti  [popup]
Milberts Tortoiseshell...
Oligoria maculata  [popup]
Twin-spot Skipper...
Panoquina ocola  [popup]
Ocola Skipper...
Panoquina panoquin  [popup]
Salt Marsh Skipper
Panoquina panoquinoides  [popup]
Obscure Skipper...
Papilio appalachiensis  [popup]
Papilio cresphontes  [popup]
Giant Swallowtail...
Papilio glaucus  [popup]
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail...
Papilio palamedes  [popup]
Laurel Swallowtail
Papilio polyxenes  [popup]
Black Swallowtail...
Papilio troilus  [popup]
Spicebush Swallowtail...
Parrhasius m-album  [popup]
White-M Hairstreak
Phoebis agarithe  [popup]
Large Orange Sulphur
Phoebis philea  [popup]
Orange-barred Sulphur
Phoebis sennae  [popup]
Cloudless Sulphur
Pholisora catullus  [popup]
Common Sootywing
Phyciodes batesii  [popup]
Tawny Crescent...
Phyciodes phaon  [popup]
Phaon Crescent...
Phyciodes tharos  [popup]
Pearl Crescent
Pieris rapae  [popup]
Cabbage Butterfly...
Pieris virginiensis  [popup]
West Virginia White...
Poanes aaroni  [popup]
Aarons Skipper...
Poanes hobomok  [popup]
Hobomok Skipper...
Poanes viator  [popup]
Broad-winged Skipper...
Poanes yehl  [popup]
Yehl Skipper...
Poanes zabulon  [popup]
Zabulon Skipper...
Polites baracoa  [popup]
Baracoa Skipper...
Polites origenes  [popup]
Cross-Line Skipper
Polites peckius  [popup]
Pecks Skipper...
Polites themistocles  [popup]
Tawny-edged Skipper
Polites vibex  [popup]
Whirlabout Skipper
Polygonia comma  [popup]
Eastern Comma...
Polygonia faunus  [popup]
Green Comma...
Polygonia interrogationis  [popup]
Question Mark
Polygonia progne  [popup]
Dark-Gray Anglewing...
Pompeius verna  [popup]
Little Glassy Wing
Pontia protodice  [popup]
Checkered White...
Problema bulenta  [popup]
Rare Skipper...
Problema byssus  [popup]
Byssus Skipper...
Pyrgus albescens  [popup]
White Checkered-Skipper
Pyrgus communis  [popup]
Common Checkered-Skipper...
Pyrgus oileus  [popup]
Tropical Checkered-Skipper
Pyrisitia lisa  [popup]
Lisa Sulphur...
Satyrium calanus  [popup]
Banded Hairstreak...
Satyrium caryaevorum  [popup]
Hickory Hairstreak...
Satyrium edwardsii  [popup]
Edwards Hairstreak...
Satyrium favonius  [popup]
Oak Hairstreak...
Satyrium ilavia  [popup]
Fixsenia ilavia...
Satyrium kingi  [popup]
Kings Hairstreak...
Satyrium liparops  [popup]
Striped Hairstreak
Satyrium titus  [popup]
Coral Hairstreak...
Satyrodes appalachia  [popup]
Appalachia Brown...
Satyrodes eurydice  [popup]
Eyed Brown...
Speyeria aphrodite  [popup]
Aphrodite Fritillary
Speyeria cybele  [popup]
Great Spangled Fritillary...
Speyeria diana  [popup]
Diana Fritillary
Speyeria idalia  [popup]
Regal Fritillary
Staphylus hayhurstii  [popup]
Hayhursts Scallopwing...
Strymon melinus  [popup]
Gray Hairstreak
Thorybes bathyllus  [popup]
Southern Cloudy Wing...
Thorybes confusis  [popup]
Confused Cloudywing...
Thorybes pylades  [popup]
Northern Cloudy Wing
Urbanus dorantes  [popup]
Dorantes Longtail
Urbanus proteus  [popup]
Proteus Longtail...
Vanessa atalanta  [popup]
Red admiral
Vanessa cardui  [popup]
Painted Lady...
Vanessa virginiensis  [popup]
American Painted Lady...
Wallengrenia egeremet  [popup]
Northern Broken-Dash...
Wallengrenia otho  [popup]
Southern Broken Dash...
Zerene cesonia  [popup]
Southern Dogface...

REMAINING (number with state)
Distinctive color
 None (75)
 Orange (68)
 Yellow (53)
 Blue (18)
 Red (4)
 Green (2)
 Hesperiidae (74)
 Nymphalidae (50)
 Lycaenidae (35)
 Pieridae (20)
 Papilionidae (9)
 Riodinidae (2)
Forewing upperside distinctive color
 Orange (75)
 None (70)
 Yellow (64)
 Blue (20)
 Red (10)
 Green (6)
Forewing upperside distinctive pattern
 Other (76)
 Spot (74)
 Checker (32)
 Band (30)
 Vein (14)
 None (6)
 Erynnis (8)
 Satyrium (8)
 Amblyscirtes (7)
 Euphyes (7)
 Callophrys (6)
 Celastrina (6)
 Papilio (6)
 Hesperia (5)
 Poanes (5)
 Polites (5)
 Polygonia (4)
 Speyeria (4)
 Colias (3)
 Enodia (3)
 Nymphalis (3)
 Panoquina (3)
 Phoebis (3)
 Phyciodes (3)
 Pyrgus (3)
 Thorybes (3)
 Vanessa (3)
 Asterocampa (2)
 Atrytonopsis (2)
 Battus (2)
 Brephidium (2)
 Chlosyne (2)
 Danaus (2)
 Eurema (2)
 Leptotes (2)
 Lethe (2)
 Limenitis (2)
 Megathymus (2)
 Nastra (2)
 Pieris (2)
 Problema (2)
 Satyrodes (2)
 Urbanus (2)
 Wallengrenia (2)
 Abaeis (1)
 Achalarus (1)
 Agraulis (1)
 Anaea (1)
 Anartia (1)
 Anatrytone (1)
 Ancyloxypha (1)
 Anthanassa (1)
 Anthocharis (1)
 Aphrissa (1)
 Apodemia (1)
 Appias (1)
 Ascia (1)
 Atalopedes (1)
 Atlides (1)
 Atrytone (1)
 Autochton (1)
 Boloria (1)
 Calephelis (1)
 Calpodes (1)
 Calycopis (1)
 Cercyonis (1)
 Copaeodes (1)
 Cupido (1)
 Cyllopsis (1)
 Dryas (1)
 Epargyreus (1)
 Erora (1)
 Eumaeus (1)
 Euphydryas (1)
 Euptoieta (1)
 Eurytides (1)
 Feniseca (1)
 Glaucopsyche (1)
 Heliconius (1)
 Hemiargus (1)
 Hermeuptychia (1)
 Hylephila (1)
 Hypolimnas (1)
 Junonia (1)
 Kricogonia (1)
 Lerema (1)
 Lerodea (1)
 Libytheana (1)
 Lycaena (1)
 Marpesia (1)
 Megisto (1)
 Nathalis (1)
 Neonympha (1)
 Oligoria (1)
 Parrhasius (1)
 Pholisora (1)
 Pompeius (1)
 Pontia (1)
 Pyrisitia (1)
 Staphylus (1)
 Strymon (1)
 Zerene (1)
Hindwing edge
 Smooth (144)
 Wavy (34)
 Tail (32)
Hindwing underside distinctive color
 None (74)
 Yellow (71)
 Orange (64)
 Blue (35)
 Red (20)
 Green (10)
Hindwing underside distinctive pattern
 Spot (119)
 Other (38)
 Band (37)
 None (33)
 Checker (14)
 Vein (12)
Hindwing underside main color
 Black/Brown (117)
 Yellow/Orange (49)
 White/Grey (43)
 Red/Orange (11)
 Green (6)
 Blue/Purple (4)
Hindwing underside spot number
 Over 2 (126)
 2 (13)
 1 (9)
 05 May (176)
 06 Jun (174)
 04 Apr (172)
 07 Jul (172)
 08 Aug (167)
 09 Sep (159)
 03 Mar (147)
 10 Oct (142)
 11 Nov (122)
 02 Feb (118)
 01 Jan (100)
 12 Dec (95)
 Georgia (168)
 North Carolina (150)
 South Carolina (146)
 Florida (142)
 Texas (139)
 Alabama (135)
 Virginia (135)
 Mississippi (133)
 Arkansas (132)
 Missouri (131)
 Louisiana (130)
 Tennessee (126)
 Illinois (125)
 Kentucky (125)
 Oklahoma (123)
 Indiana (120)
 Kansas (120)
 Maryland (117)
 Ohio (116)
 West Virginia (116)
 New Jersey (115)
 Delaware (112)
 Pennsylvania (112)
 New York (108)
 Nebraska (106)
 Iowa (104)
 Michigan (102)
 Wisconsin (102)
 District of Columbia (101)
 Rhode Island (101)
 Minnesota (100)
 Connecticut (98)
 Massachusetts (95)
 New Mexico (94)
 Colorado (92)
 South Dakota (91)
 New Hampshire (90)
 Vermont (86)
 Arizona (81)
 North Dakota (76)
 Wyoming (75)
 Maine (74)
 Utah (71)
 Nevada (64)
 California (63)
 Montana (63)
 Ontario (50)
 Idaho (49)
 Oregon (47)
 Washington (40)
 Quebec (38)
 British Columbia (29)
 New Brunswick (29)
 Nova Scotia (29)
 Manitoba (28)
 Alberta (25)
 Saskatchewan (25)
 Prince Edward Island (17)
 Alaska (10)
 Puerto Rico (9)
 Hawaii (8)
 Northwest Territories (4)
 Yukon (4)
 Labrador (3)
 Newfoundland (2)
Wing upperside main color
 Black/Brown (125)
 Red/Orange (51)
 Yellow/Orange (34)
 White-grey (25)
 Blue/Purple (14)
 Green (3)
Z Band shape
 Broken (3)
 smooth (2)
Z Distinct palpi
 No (39)
 Yes (22)
Z Front Wing Top Dark Band
 No Band (4)
 Band (1)
Z Front and Rear Wing undersides have pattern other than light spots
 Yes (10)
 No (3)
Z Front wing shape
 Not pointed (153)
 Point (16)
Z Front wing underside distinctive pattern
 Spot (29)
 Line (12)
 Band (11)
 None (7)
 Other (7)
 Vein (4)
 Checker (1)
Z Front wing upperside edge color
 Mostly dark (90)
 Mostly light (24)
Z Front wing upperside edge markings
 No (25)
 Yes (16)
Z Front wing upperside white spots
 None (104)
 Many small (37)
 Less than 5 small (27)
 Few large (21)
Z Front wing upperside with bold zebra stripe pattern
 No (7)
 Yes (1)
Z Rear wing tail upperside pattern
 No Yellow (4)
 Yellow edge (3)
 Yellow Line (2)
 Yellow spot (1)
Z Rear wing underside distinctive white markings
 No (52)
 Yes (24)
Z Rear wing underside has a light band bordered by black
 No (17)
 Yes (4)
Z Rear wing underside white spots
 None (97)
 Greater than 4 (30)
 Fewer than 5 (26)
Z Rear wing upperside distinctive pattern
 None (6)
 Band (3)
 Spot (3)
Z Rear wing upperside white spots
 None (40)
 Many small (4)
 Less than 5 small (3)
Z Wing edges checkered
 No (14)
 Yes (11)
Z Wing span is less than 5 cm 2 in
 No (5)
 Yes (2)
Z Wing underside distinctive color
 Orange (30)
 None (27)
 Blue (8)
 Yellow (7)
 Green (3)
 Red (1)