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6 kinds match


Calliopsis andreniformis  [popup] female
Calliopsis andreniformis  [popup] male
Calliopsis coloradensis  [popup] female
Calliopsis coloradensis  [popup] male
Calliopsis nebraskensis  [popup] female
Calliopsis nebraskensis  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Female, head, clypeus, color
 Black with a yellow stripe down the middle, or entirely black (1)
 Black with yellow along rim, yellow not reaching to far sides (1)
 Mostly yellow including lateral edges, with two central dark splotches, these sometimes merging along rim (1)
Male, C. andreniformis vs C. coloradensis
 C. andreniformis - Femurs entirely, or almost entirely, yellow - Scape entirely yellow - Pits on upperside of abdomen absent or microscopically small - Metanotum laterally with brownish, velveteen-like pubescence obscuring surface, medially with longer, normal hairs (1)
 C. coloradensis - Femurs mostly or entirely brown - Scape dark or yellow only on the front - Pits on abdomen dense, prominent, and easy to see - Metanotum uniformly punctate with normal long hairs throughout (1)
Male, head, color of face below level of antennae including the clypeus
 All yellow (2)
 Yellow and black (1)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 Female, 12 (3)
 Male, 13 (3)
State or province where bee was collected
 DE (6)
 IL (6)
 IN (6)
 MD (6)
 OH (6)
 PA (6)
 AL (4)
 DC (4)
 FL (4)
 GA (4)
 KY (4)
 MI (4)
 MS (4)
 NC (4)
 NJ (4)
 NY (4)
 SC (4)
 TN (4)
 VA (4)
 WI (4)
 WV (4)
 CT (2)
 MA (2)
 ME (2)
 NH (2)
 New Brunswick (2)
 Nova Scotia (2)
 Ontario (2)
 Prince Edward Island (2)
 Quebec (2)
 RI (2)
 VT (2)
 Calliopsima (2)
 Calliopsis (2)
 Verbenapis (2)