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6 kinds match


Chelostoma campanularum  [popup] female
Chelostoma campanularum  [popup] male
Chelostoma philadelphi  [popup] female
Chelostoma philadelphi  [popup] male
Chelostoma rapunculi  [popup] female
Chelostoma rapunculi  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen, T1-T4, band of hair on rim
 Absent, if any hair present then only on far sides and NOT formed into a dense band of thick hairs (5)
 Present, band composed of thick OFF-white hairs on SIDES ONLY (1)
 Present, band composed of thick WHITE hairs likely on sides only, but may be all the way across (1)
Female, head, mandible, length
 Less than 3/4 as long as eye (2)
 Over 3/4 as long as eye (1)
Female, leg, basitarsus
 Hairs without branches (2)
 Hairs with small branches (1)
Male, abdomen, S2
 With a low latitudinal mounded ridge occupying most of the segment (2)
 With a very large semi-circular protuberance, shaped like a woman s old-fashioned bonnet (1)
Male, abdomen, T7, rim
 Bi-dentate, teeth narrow and elongate (1)
 Quadra-dentate, medial teeth longer and acute, lateral teeth short and obtuse (1)
 Tri-lobed, lobes broad and squared-off, middle lobe offset and lower than lateral lobes (1)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 12, female (3)
 13, male (3)
State or province where bee was collected
 CT (6)
 MA (6)
 MD (6)
 NJ (6)
 NY (6)
 OH (6)
 PA (6)
 WV (6)
 MI (5)
 RI (5)
 VA (5)
 ME (4)
 NH (4)
 Ontario (4)
 Quebec (4)
 VT (4)
 AL (2)
 DC (2)
 DE (2)
 FL (2)
 GA (2)
 IL (2)
 IN (2)
 KY (2)
 MS (2)
 NC (2)
 SC (2)
 TN (2)
 Foveosmia (2)
 Gyrodromella (2)
 Prochelostoma (2)