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20 kinds match


Dicranomyia liberta  [popup]
Geranomyia canadensis  [popup]
Nephrotoma cornicina  [popup]
Nephrotoma ferruginea  [popup]
Nephrotoma suturalis  [popup]
Symplecta cana  [popup]
Tipula bicornis  [popup]
Tipula borealis  [popup]
Tipula cunctans  [popup]
Tipula dorsimacula  [popup]
Tipula oleracea  [popup]
Tipula orientalis  [popup]
Tipula paludosa  [popup]
Tipula paterifera  [popup]
Tipula rossmani  [popup]
Tipula sayi  [popup]
Tipula tenessa  [popup]
Tipula triplex  [popup]
Tipula ultima  [popup]
Tipula umbrosa  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen, dark brown hair pencils
 Absent (17)
 Present (3)
Abdomen, hair density
 Short microscopic hairs in small separated groups with weak or without setal imprints (18)
 Short microscopic hairs in coalescing rows with strongly developed setal imprints (2)
Abdomen, hair patterning
 Hair uniformly distributed (17)
 Distinct pattern formed by rows of long and short hairs on dorsum of abdomen (1)
Anal papillae number
 4 lobes or less (12)
 6 lobes (8)
Found on turf
 Found in soil of turfgrass (13)
 Not found in soil of turfgrass (7)
Season of activity
 Sept-June (19)
 July-August (15)
Spiracular lobe number
 6 lobes (17)
 5 lobes or fewer (3)
Spiracular lobes, all similar size
 All lobe equal length and shape (11)
 Ventral lobes smaller than other lobes (9)
Spiracular lobes, dorsal lobe sclerotized apices
 Absent (15)
 Present (2)
Spiracular lobes, hair border along lobes
 Absent (10)
 Present (10)
Spiracular lobes, ventral shape
 Triangular with rounded apex (17)
 Small with truncate apex (2)
Thorax, raised welts a pair on prothorax
 Absent (16)
 Present (3)