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41 kinds match


Diadasia afflicta  [popup]
Diadasia afflictula  [popup] female
Diadasia afflictula  [popup] male
Diadasia albovestita  [popup]
Diadasia angusticeps  [popup]
Diadasia australis  [popup] female
Diadasia australis  [popup] male
Diadasia bituberculata  [popup] female
Diadasia bituberculata  [popup] male
Diadasia consociata  [popup]
Diadasia diminuta  [popup] female
Diadasia diminuta  [popup] male
Diadasia enavata  [popup] female
Diadasia enavata  [popup] male
Diadasia friesei  [popup]
Diadasia laticauda  [popup]
Diadasia lutzi  [popup] female
Diadasia lutzi  [popup] male
Diadasia martialis  [popup] female
Diadasia martialis  [popup] male
Diadasia megamorpha  [popup] female
Diadasia megamorpha  [popup] male
Diadasia nigrifrons  [popup] female
Diadasia nigrifrons  [popup] male
Diadasia nitidifrons  [popup]
Diadasia ochracea  [popup] female
Diadasia ochracea  [popup] male
Diadasia opuntiae  [popup] female
Diadasia opuntiae  [popup] male
Diadasia palmarum  [popup]
Diadasia piercei  [popup]
Diadasia rinconis  [popup] female
Diadasia rinconis  [popup] male
Diadasia sphaeralcearum  [popup] female
Diadasia sphaeralcearum  [popup] male
Diadasia tropicalis  [popup] female
Diadasia tropicalis  [popup] male
Diadasia tuberculifrons  [popup] female
Diadasia tuberculifrons  [popup] male
Diadasia vallicola  [popup] female
Diadasia vallicola  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
 United States (40)
 Mexico (37)
 Costa Rica (5)
 Canada (4)
 El Salvador (4)
 Guatemala (4)
 Honduras (4)
 Chile (2)
 Colombia (2)
 Venezuela (2)
 Ecuador (1)
 Paraguay (1)
 Peru (1)
Face, between lateral ocelli and antennae
 Normal, evenly and smoothly curved (20)
 Large smooth tubercles present (2)
Female, T2-T4, color of hair
 Entirely pale to golden hair (8)
 Pale or golden hair with dark brown or black hair at base (6)
Female, T5, apical hair
 Slightly darker on ends than on base (7)
 Golden and different than hair on rest of tergum (6)
 Much darker on ends than base (6)
 Hairs on posterior edge darker on tips than on their basal half (4)
 Pale, same color as hair on rest of tergum (3)
Female, head, vertex and frons between antennae, sculpture
 Smooth between pits (9)
 Microscopically sculptured between punctures (4)
Female, hind leg, tibial spur
 Slightly curved (10)
 Straight at apex (10)
 Strongly curved at apex (4)
Female, scopa, color
 Hairs on inside of leg reddish or dark orange and darker than pale hairs on outer surface (9)
 Hairs on inside of leg brown or black and darker than pale hairs on outer surface (7)
Head, mandible, color
 Dark at base (23)
 Yellow or pale at base (4)
Male, S6, color of hair
 Some or all hair dark brown or black (5)
 All pale (4)
Male, clypeus, color
 Dark (8)
 Yellow or pale (2)
Male, head, inner edges of eyes
 Strongly converging towards mandibles (10)
 Parallel, or only slightly converging towards mandibles (3)
Male, hind leg, basitarsus, projection at apex
 Small and not conspicuously developed (8)
 Greatly enlarged, comma-shaped, extending to the apex of the following tarsal segment or further (2)
 Greatly enlarged, comma-shaped, not extending beyond the following tarsal segment (1)
 Greatly enlarged, spherical (1)
Propodeal enclosure, hair
 No hair, completely exposed (18)
 Hair present (5)
Propodeal enclosure, sculpture - If visible
 Dull (14)
 Shiny, lacking sculpturing (13)
 Shiny, with very fine sculpturing (9)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 13, male (15)
 12, female (14)
State or province where bee was collected
 California (32)
 Arizona (30)
 New Mexico (29)
 Sonora (27)
 Chihuahua (26)
 NW Chihuahuan Desert (26)
 Baja California Norte (25)
 Coahuila (24)
 Nevada (22)
 Texas (22)
 Utah (17)
 Durango (16)
 Colorado (12)
 Tamaulipas (11)
 Puebla (10)
 Oregon (9)
 Wyoming (9)
 Nebraska (8)
 Nuevo Leon (8)
 Idaho (7)
 Jalisco (7)
 Kansas (7)
 Oklahoma (7)
 Washington (7)
 San Luis Potosi (6)
 South Dakota (6)
 Alberta (4)
 Guanajuato (4)
 Hidalgo (4)
 Montana (4)
 North Dakota (4)
 Queretaro (4)
 Zacatecas (4)
 Oaxaca (3)
 Baja California Sur (2)
 British Columbia (2)
 Mexico (2)
 Louisiana (1)
 Morelos (1)
 Coquillettapis (35)
 Dasiapis (4)
 Diadasia (2)
T3-T5 hairs when viewed from side
 Mix of appressed and erect or upright (15)
 Appressed (14)
 All erect or upright (7)
 Hair at apex of some or all forming a band (17)
 Apical band formed by lightened integument, not hair (5)
 Hair at apex not denser than on rest of tergum (2)
 Click here to keep all species in the key - Note that many species have not been completely scored so the guide is unlikely to resolve many species (41)
 Click here to key bees from the northwestern Chihuahuan Desert in northern Mexico and southwestern United States (26)
Thorax, scutum
 Central area with distinct pits throughout (18)
 Central area dull, but lacking pits (1)