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3 kinds match


Dianthidium curvatum  [popup]
Dianthidium floridiense  [popup]
Dianthidium simile  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Body, color of markings
 Yellow (2)
 Reddish or rust colored (1)
State or province where bee was collected
 FL (2)
 AL (1)
 GA (1)
 IL (1)
 IN (1)
 ME (1)
 MI (1)
 MS (1)
 NC (1)
 NH (1)
 NY (1)
 Ontario (1)
 Quebec (1)
 SC (1)
 TN (1)
 VA (1)
 VT (1)
 WI (1)
Thorax, scutum, size of yellow/red markings on anterior edge
 Large, reaching to or nearly to tegulae (2)
 Small, well removed from tegulae (1)