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7 kinds match


Dohrniphora apharea  [popup]
Dohrniphora bicostula  [popup]
Dohrniphora conlanorum  [popup]
Dohrniphora longirostrata  [popup]
Dohrniphora oricilla  [popup]
Dohrniphora perpendicularis  [popup]
Dohrniphora protensa  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Basal setae on posterior face of hind femur
 Long, straight, flattened (6)
 Short, curved, not flattened (1)
Dorsally directed proximal apex of hind femur concavity
 Not on elongate process (1)
 On elongate process (1)
Scutum color
 Brown (5)
 Yellow (2)
Ventral margin of concavity
 Evenly curved (3)
 Sinuous (2)
 Strongly angled, almost at 90 degrees (2)
Ventrobasal concavity
 Without dark carina or, if present, it does not extend from ventral tooth to proximal apex (6)
 With round, dark, dorsal carina extended almost continuously from distal margin of ventral tooth to proximal apex (1)