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4 kinds match


Epeoloides coecutiens  [popup] female
Epeoloides coecutiens  [popup] male
Epeoloides pilosula  [popup] female
Epeoloides pilosula  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen, color of integument
 Terga completely dark, with narrow yellowish-hyaline rim apically (2)
 Terga 1-3 red or with only small amounts of dark integument basally and laterally, with small white hair patches on the far lateral sides, terga 4-6 completely black, T5 with dense white hairs apically (1)
 Terga 1-6 mainly reddish orange with restricted dark integument, pale hairs, forming vague hair bands apically - T1 black at the base (1)
Continent where bee was collected
 Europe and adjacent countries (2)
 North America (2)
 Macropis ciliata (2)
 Macropis europaea (2)
 Macropis fulvipes (2)
 Macropis nuda (2)
 Macropis patellata (2)
 Macropis steironematis (2)
Legs, color of integument
 Legs dark, with apical tarsal segments lightening to a brownish color (2)
 Legs partially red, black from coxa to femur and red from tip of femur to apical tarsal segments (1)
 Legs partially reddish-orange, black from coxa to femur and reddish-orange from tibia to apical tarsal segments (1)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 Female,12 (2)
 Male, 13 (2)