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Discover Life 18 kinds match in US, CA, San Mateo, Jasper Ridge:
Adiantum aleuticum  [popup]
Western maidenhair...
Adiantum jordanii  [popup]
California maidenhair...
Azolla filiculoides  [popup]
Large mosquito fern...
Cystopteris fragilis  [popup]
brittle bladderfern
Dryopteris arguta  [popup]
coastal woodfern
Equisetum arvense  [popup]
Equisetum hyemale  [popup]
Scouring rush
Equisetum telmateia  [popup]
Marsilea vestita  [popup]
hairy waterclover
Pellaea andromedifolia  [popup]
coffee cliffbrake
Pellaea mucronata  [popup]
birdfoot cliffbrake
Pentagramma triangularis  [popup]
goldback fern
Polypodium californicum  [popup]
Polystichum californicum  [popup]
Polystichum dudleyi  [popup]
Polystichum munitum  [popup]
western swordfern
Pteridium aquilinum  [popup]
Western Brackenfern...
Woodwardia fimbriata  [popup]
Tree Fern...

REMAINING (number with state)
Blade division
 Bipinnate (1)
 Tripinnate (1)
 Dryopteridaceae (5)
 Pteridaceae (5)
 Equisetaceae (3)
 Azollaceae (1)
 Blechnaceae (1)
 Dennstaedtiaceae (1)
 Marsileaceae (1)
 Polypodiaceae (1)
 Equisetum (3)
 Polystichum (3)
 Adiantum (2)
 Pellaea (2)
 Azolla (1)
 Cystopteris (1)
 Dryopteris (1)
 Marsilea (1)
 Pentagramma (1)
 Polypodium (1)
 Pteridium (1)
 Woodwardia (1)
 Terrestrial (18)
 Aquatic (1)
Habitat, terrestrial
 Moist woods (2)
 Stream banks (2)
 Swamps (1)
Plant conspicuoulsy jointed
 No (15)
 Yes (3)
Rachis color
 Black (2)
 Brown (2)
 Purple (2)
 Green (1)
 Yellow (1)
Sori seperated along leaf margin
 No (2)
 Yes (2)
Stem canal diameter
 Four-fifths diameter of stem (1)
 One-half diameter of the stem (1)