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Discover Life 3 kinds match in US, GA, Clarke, State Botanical Garden, Orange Trail:
Asplenium platyneuron  [popup]
Ebony spleenwort fern...
Onoclea sensibilis  [popup]
Sensitive fern
Polystichum acrostichoides  [popup]
Christmas Fern...


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REMAINING (number with state)
Blade division
 Pinnate (2)
 Pinnatifid (1)
 Dryopteridaceae (2)
 Aspleniaceae (1)
 Asplenium (1)
 Onoclea (1)
 Polystichum (1)
Habitat, terrestrial
 Open woods (1)
 Rocks (1)
Rachis color
 Black (1)
 Brown (1)
 Green (1)
Rachis texture
 Pubescent (1)
 Smooth (1)
Sori shape
 Elongated (1)
 Round (1)
 On leaf blades (2)
 Fertile spikes (1)