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14 kinds match in US, KY, Hart, Wild Rivers Bush Tract


Adiantum pedatum  [popup]
Northern maidenhair...
Asplenium platyneuron  [popup]
Ebony spleenwort fern...
Asplenium rhizophyllum  [popup]
Botrychium virginianum  [popup]
Rattlesnake fern
Cystopteris bulbifera  [popup]
bulblet bladderfern
Cystopteris protrusa  [popup]
Lowland bladderfern
Diplazium pycnocarpon  [popup]
glade fern
Dryopteris marginalis  [popup]
Marginal woodfern
Equisetum arvense  [popup]
Lycopodium digitatum  [popup]
Hanging clubmoss...
Onoclea sensibilis  [popup]
Sensitive fern
Pellaea atropurpurea  [popup]
Purple cliffbrake
Phegopteris hexagonoptera  [popup]
Broad beechfern...
Polystichum acrostichoides  [popup]
Christmas Fern...

REMAINING (number with state)
Blade division
 Bipinnate (3)
 Pinnate (2)
 Tripinnate (2)
 Bipinnate-pinnatifid (1)
 Bipinnatifid (1)
 None, simple (1)
 Pinnate-pinnatifid (1)
 Pinnatifid (1)
Blade shape
 Wider near base (2)
 Round (1)
 No (2)
 Yes (2)
 Dryopteridaceae (6)
 Aspleniaceae (2)
 Pteridaceae (2)
 Equisetaceae (1)
 Lycopodiaceae (1)
 Ophioglossaceae (1)
 Thelypteridaceae (1)
 Asplenium (2)
 Cystopteris (2)
 Adiantum (1)
 Botrychium (1)
 Diplazium (1)
 Dryopteris (1)
 Equisetum (1)
 Lycopodium (1)
 Onoclea (1)
 Pellaea (1)
 Phegopteris (1)
 Polystichum (1)
Habitat, terrestrial
 Moist woods (3)
 Rocks (2)
 Open woods (1)
 Stream banks (1)
 Swamps (1)
Plant conspicuoulsy jointed
 No (13)
 Yes (1)
Rachis color
 Black (2)
 Brown (2)
 Green (1)
 Purple (1)
Rachis texture
 Smooth (2)
 Pubescent (1)
Sori seperated along leaf margin
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Sori shape
 Elongated (1)
 Round (1)
 On leaf blades (5)
 Fertile spikes (1)
 Fertile stalk (1)
 In axils (1)