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Discover Life
70 kinds match


Ambloplites constellatus  [popup]
Ozark bass
Ameiurus natalis  [popup]
Yellow bullhead
Anguilla rostrata  [popup]
American eel
Aplodinotus grunniens  [popup]
Freshwater drum
Campostoma spp  [popup]
Carpiodes cyprinus  [popup]
Catostomus commersonii  [popup]
White sucker
Clupeidae  [popup]
Cottus carolinae  [popup]
Banded sculpin
Cottus hypselurus  [popup]
Ozark sculpin
Cyprinella galactura  [popup]
Whitetail shiner
Cyprinella whipplei  [popup]
Steelcolor shiner
Cyprinus carpio  [popup]
Common carp
Dorosoma cepedianum  [popup]
Gizzard shad
Erimystax harryi  [popup]
Ozark chub
Etheostoma blennioides  [popup]
Greenside darter
Etheostoma caeruleum  [popup]
Rainbow darter
Etheostoma euzonum  [popup]
Arkansas saddled darter
Etheostoma juliae  [popup]
Yoke darter
Etheostoma punctulatum  [popup]
Stippled darter
Etheostoma spectabile  [popup]
Orangethroat darter
Etheostoma stignaeum  [popup]
Speckled darter
Etheostoma zonale  [popup]
Banded darter
Fundulus catenatus  [popup]
Northern studfish
Fundulus olivaceus  [popup]
Blackspotted topminnow
Hypentelium nigricans  [popup]
Northern hog sucker
Ichthyomyzon castaneus  [popup]
Chestnut lamprey
Ictalurus punctatus  [popup]
Channel catfish
Labidesthes sicculus  [popup]
Brook silverside
Lampetra aepyptera  [popup]
Least brook lamprey
Lepisosteus osseus  [popup]
Longnose gar
Lepomis cyanellus  [popup]
Green sunfish
Lepomis gulosus  [popup]
Lepomis macrochirus  [popup]
Lepomis megalotis  [popup]
Longear sunfish
Lepomis microlophus  [popup]
Redear sunfish
Lepomis miniatus  [popup]
Redspotted sunfish
Luxilis chrysocephalus  [popup]
Striped shiner
Luxilis pilsbryi  [popup]
Duskystripe shiner
Micropterus dolomieu  [popup]
Smallmouth bass
Micropterus punctulatus  [popup]
Spotted bass
Micropterus salmoides  [popup]
Largemouth bass
Minytrema melanops  [popup]
Spotted sucker
Monrone chrysops  [popup]
White bass
Moxostoma carinatum  [popup]
River redhorse
Moxostoma duquesnii  [popup]
Black redhorse
Moxostoma erythrurum  [popup]
Golden redhorse
Moxostoma macrolepidotum  [popup]
Shorthead redhorse
Nocomis biguttatus  [popup]
Hornyhead chub
Notropis amblops  [popup]
Bigeye chub
Notropis boops  [popup]
Bigeye shiner
Notropis greenei  [popup]
Wedgespot shiner
Notropis nubilus  [popup]
Ozark minnow
Notropis ozarcanus  [popup]
Ozark shiner
Notropis percobromus  [popup]
Carmine shiner
Notropis rubellus  [popup]
Rosyface shiner
Notropis telescopus  [popup]
Telescope shiner
Noturus albater  [popup]
Ozark madtom
Noturus exilis  [popup]
Slender madtom
Noturus flavater  [popup]
Checkered madtom
Oncorhynchus mykiss  [popup]
Rainbow trout
Percina caprodes  [popup]
Percina evides  [popup]
Gilt darter
Phoxinus erythrogaster  [popup]
Southern redbelly dace
Pimephales notatus  [popup]
Bluntnose minnow
Pomoxis nigromaculatus  [popup]
Black crappie
Pylodictis olivaris  [popup]
Flathead catfish
Salmo trutta  [popup]
Brown trout
Sander vitreus  [popup]
Semotilus atromaculatus  [popup]
Creek chub

REMAINING (number with state)
Adipose Fin
 Absent (16)
 Present (4)
Body shape
 Other (51)
 Elongated (15)
 snakelike (3)
 Pan (2)
Main body color
 Brown/Black (13)
 White (9)
 Golden (6)
 Silver (4)
 Gray (3)
 Green (2)
 Iridescent (1)
Mouth Shape
 Other (11)
 Disk (2)
 Long with teeth (1)
Mouth opens
 Forward (14)
 Down (5)
 Up (2)
Tailfin shape
 Forked (12)
 Round (8)
 Absent (19)
 Present (2)