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62 kinds match in US, GA, DeKalb, Stone Mountain Park


Andropogon ternarius  [popup]
Splitbeard bluestem
Arthraxon hispidus  [popup]
Small carpgrass
Arundinaria gigantea  [popup]
Giant cane...
Brachyelytrum erectum  [popup]
Bearded shorthusk
Carex albolutescens  [popup]
Greenwhite sedge...
Carex crinita  [popup]
Fringed Sedge
Carex frankii  [popup]
Franks sedge
Carex intumescens  [popup]
Greater bladder sedge
Carex lurida  [popup]
Shallow sedge
Carex radiata  [popup]
Eastern star sedge
Carex tribuloides  [popup]
Blunt broom sedge
Chasmanthium latifolium  [popup]
Indian Woodoats...
Chasmanthium laxum  [popup]
Slender woodoats
Cyperus erythrorhizos  [popup]
Redroot flatsedge
Cyperus strigosus  [popup]
Strawcolored flatsedge
Dactylis glomerata  [popup]
Danthonia sericea  [popup]
Downy danthonia
Dichanthelium boscii  [popup]
Boscs panicgrass
Dichanthelium depauperatum  [popup]
Starved panicgrass
Dichanthelium dichotomum  [popup]
Cypress panicgrass
Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon  [popup]
Roundseed panicgrass
Digitaria sanguinalis  [popup]
Hairy crabgrass
Dulichium arundinaceum  [popup]
Threeway sedge
Echinochloa crus-galli  [popup]
Eleocharis acicularis  [popup]
Needle spikerush...
Eleocharis obtusa  [popup]
Blunt spikerush
Eleusine indica  [popup]
Indian goosegrass
Elymus virginicus  [popup]
Virginia wildrye
Eragrostis hirsuta  [popup]
Bigtop lovegrass
Eragrostis spectabilis  [popup]
Purple lovegrass
Festuca paradoxa  [popup]
Clustered fescue
Glyceria striata  [popup]
Fowl mannagrass
Hordeum pusillum  [popup]
Little barley
Juncus effusus  [popup]
Common Rush
Juncus georgianus  [popup]
Georgia rush
Juncus marginatus  [popup]
Grassleaf rush
Juncus validus  [popup]
Roundhead rush
Kyllinga pumila  [popup]
Low spikesedge
Leersia oryzoides  [popup]
Rice Cutgrass
Lolium perenne  [popup]
Perennial ryegrass
Luzula acuminata  [popup]
Hairy woodrush
Melica mutica  [popup]
Twoflower melicgrass
Panicum anceps  [popup]
Beaked panicgrass
Panicum dichotomiflorum  [popup]
Fall panicgrass
Panicum rigidulum  [popup]
Redtop panicgrass
Paspalum floridanum  [popup]
Florida paspalum
Piptochaetium avenaceum  [popup]
Blackseed speargrass...
Poa annua  [popup]
Annual bluegrass
Poa chapmaniana  [popup]
Chapmans bluegrass
Schedonorus pratensis  [popup]
Meadow fescue...
Schizachyrium scoparium  [popup]
Little bluestem
Schoenoplectus purshianus  [popup]
Weakstalk bulrush...
Scirpus cyperinus  [popup]
Scirpus polyphyllus  [popup]
Leafy bulrush
Setaria parviflora  [popup]
Marsh bristlegrass
Setaria pumila  [popup]
Yellow foxtail...
Sorghum halepense  [popup]
Sphenopholis nitida  [popup]
Shiny wedgescale
Sphenopholis obtusata  [popup]
Prairie wedgescale
Tridens flavus  [popup]
Purpletop tridens
Triticum aestivum  [popup]
Common wheat
Vulpia octoflora  [popup]
Sixweeks fescue

REMAINING (number with state)
 Poaceae (41)
 Cyperaceae (16)
 Juncaceae (5)
 Carex (7)
 Dichanthelium (4)
 Juncus (4)
 Panicum (3)
 Chasmanthium (2)
 Cyperus (2)
 Eleocharis (2)
 Eragrostis (2)
 Poa (2)
 Scirpus (2)
 Setaria (2)
 Sphenopholis (2)
 Andropogon (1)
 Arthraxon (1)
 Arundinaria (1)
 Brachyelytrum (1)
 Dactylis (1)
 Digitaria (1)
 Dulichium (1)
 Echinochloa (1)
 Eleusine (1)
 Elymus (1)
 Festuca (1)
 Glyceria (1)
 Hordeum (1)
 Kyllinga (1)
 Leersia (1)
 Lolium (1)
 Luzula (1)
 Melica (1)
 Paspalum (1)
 Piptochaetium (1)
 Schedonorus (1)
 Schizachyrium (1)
 Schoenoplectus (1)
 Sorghum (1)
 Tridens (1)
 Triticum (1)
 Vulpia (1)