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259 kinds match in US, MI, Cheyboygan, University Michigan Biological Station

Agrostis gigantea  [popup]
Agrostis hyemalis  [popup]
Winter bentgrass
Agrostis perennans  [popup]
Upland bentgrass
Agrostis stolonifera  [popup]
Creeping bentgrass
Alopecurus aequalis  [popup]
Shortawn foxtail
Alopecurus pratensis  [popup]
Meadow foxtail
Ammophila breviligulata  [popup]
American beachgrass
Andropogon gerardii  [popup]
Big bluestem
Anthoxanthum odoratum  [popup]
Sweet vernalgrass
Aristida oligantha  [popup]
Prairie threeawn
Arrhenatherum elatius  [popup]
Tall oatgrass
Avena fatua  [popup]
Wild oat
Avena sativa  [popup]
Common oat...
Bouteloua curtipendula  [popup]
Sideoats grama...
Brachyelytrum erectum  [popup]
Bearded shorthusk
Bromus ciliatus  [popup]
Fringed brome
Bromus hordeaceus  [popup]
Soft brome
Bromus inermis  [popup]
Smooth brome
Bromus kalmii  [popup]
Arctic brome
Bromus secalinus  [popup]
Rye brome
Bromus squarrosus  [popup]
Corn brome
Bromus tectorum  [popup]
Bulbostylis capillaris  [popup]
Densetuft hairsedge...
Calamagrostis canadensis  [popup]
Calamagrostis stricta  [popup]
Slimstem reedgrass...
Calamovilfa longifolia  [popup]
Prairie sandreed
Carex albursina  [popup]
White bear sedge
Carex aquatilis  [popup]
Water sedge
Carex arctata  [popup]
Drooping woodland sedge
Carex atherodes  [popup]
Wheat sedge
Carex aurea  [popup]
Golden sedge
Carex bebbii  [popup]
Bebbs sedge
Carex blanda  [popup]
Eastern woodland sedge
Carex brunnescens  [popup]
Brownish sedge
Carex buxbaumii  [popup]
Buxbaums sedge
Carex canescens  [popup]
Silvery sedge
Carex chordorrhiza  [popup]
Creeping sedge
Carex communis  [popup]
Fibrousroot sedge
Carex comosa  [popup]
Longhair sedge
Carex crawei  [popup]
Crawes sedge
Carex crawfordii  [popup]
Crawfords sedge
Carex crinita  [popup]
Fringed Sedge
Carex cristatella  [popup]
Crested sedge
Carex cryptolepis  [popup]
Northeastern sedge
Carex cumulata  [popup]
Clustered sedge
Carex debilis  [popup]
White edge sedge...
Carex diandra  [popup]
Lesser panicled sedge...
Carex disperma  [popup]
Softleaf sedge
Carex eburnea  [popup]
Bristleleaf sedge
Carex echinata  [popup]
Star sedge
Carex flava  [popup]
Yellow sedge
Carex garberi  [popup]
Elk sedge
Carex gracillima  [popup]
Graceful sedge
Carex granularis  [popup]
Limestone meadow sedge
Carex grayi  [popup]
Grays sedge
Carex gynandra  [popup]
Nodding sedge
Carex hitchcockiana  [popup]
Hitchcocks sedge
Carex hystericina  [popup]
Bottlebrush sedge
Carex interior  [popup]
Inland sedge
Carex intumescens  [popup]
Greater bladder sedge
Carex lacustris  [popup]
Hairy sedge
Carex lasiocarpa  [popup]
Woollyfruit sedge...
Carex laxiflora  [popup]
Broad looseflower sedge
Carex leptalea  [popup]
Bristlystalked sedge
Carex leptonervia  [popup]
Nerveless woodland sedge
Carex limosa  [popup]
Mud sedge...
Carex livida  [popup]
Livid sedge
Carex lupulina  [popup]
Hop sedge
Carex lurida  [popup]
Shallow sedge
Carex magellanica  [popup]
Boreal bog sedge...
Carex muehlenbergii  [popup]
Muhlenbergs sedge
Carex oligosperma  [popup]
Fewseed sedge
Carex pedunculata  [popup]
Longstalk sedge
Carex pellita  [popup]
Woolly sedge
Carex pensylvanica  [popup]
Pennsylvania sedge
Carex plantaginea  [popup]
Plantainleaf sedge
Carex praegracilis  [popup]
Clustered field sedge
Carex prairea  [popup]
Prairie sedge
Carex prasina  [popup]
Drooping sedge
Carex projecta  [popup]
Necklace sedge
Carex pseudocyperus  [popup]
Cypress-like sedge...
Carex retrorsa  [popup]
Knotsheath sedge
Carex richardsonii  [popup]
Richardsons sedge
Carex rosea  [popup]
Rosy sedge
Carex sartwellii  [popup]
Sartwells sedge
Carex scabrata  [popup]
Eastern rough sedge
Carex scoparia  [popup]
Broom sedge
Carex siccata  [popup]
Dryspike sedge
Carex sparganioides  [popup]
Bur-reed sedge
Carex sprengelii  [popup]
Sprengels sedge
Carex sterilis  [popup]
Dioecious sedge
Carex stipata  [popup]
Awlfruit sedge
Carex straminea  [popup]
Eastern straw sedge...
Carex stricta  [popup]
Upright sedge...
Carex tenera  [popup]
Quill sedge
Carex tetanica  [popup]
Rigid sedge
Carex tonsa  [popup]
Shaved sedge
Carex tribuloides  [popup]
Blunt broom sedge
Carex trisperma  [popup]
Threeseeded sedge
Carex tuckermanii  [popup]
Tuckermans sedge
Carex umbellata  [popup]
Parasol sedge
Carex utriculata  [popup]
Northwest Territory sedge
Carex vesicaria  [popup]
Blister sedge...
Carex viridula  [popup]
Little green sedge
Carex vulpinoidea  [popup]
Fox sedge
Cenchrus longispinus  [popup]
Mat sandbur
Cinna latifolia  [popup]
Drooping woodreed
Cladium mariscoides  [popup]
Smooth sawgrass
Cyperus bipartitus  [popup]
Slender flatsedge
Cyperus esculentus  [popup]
Yellow nutsedge
Cyperus houghtonii  [popup]
Houghtons flatsedge
Cyperus lupulinus  [popup]
Great Plains flatsedge
Cyperus schweinitzii  [popup]
Schweinitzs flatsedge
Cyperus strigosus  [popup]
Strawcolored flatsedge
Dactylis glomerata  [popup]
Danthonia compressa  [popup]
Flattened oatgrass
Danthonia spicata  [popup]
Poverty oatgrass
Deschampsia cespitosa  [popup]
Tufted hairgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum  [popup]
Tapered rosette grass
Dichanthelium boreale  [popup]
Northern panicgrass
Dichanthelium depauperatum  [popup]
Starved panicgrass
Dichanthelium latifolium  [popup]
Broadleaf rosette grass
Dichanthelium linearifolium  [popup]
Slimleaf panicgrass...
Digitaria ischaemum  [popup]
Smooth crabgrass
Digitaria sanguinalis  [popup]
Hairy crabgrass
Dulichium arundinaceum  [popup]
Threeway sedge
Echinochloa crus-galli  [popup]
Echinochloa muricata  [popup]
Rough barnyardgrass
Eleocharis acicularis  [popup]
Needle spikerush...
Eleocharis compressa  [popup]
Flatstem spikerush...
Eleocharis elliptica  [popup]
Elliptic spikerush
Eleocharis equisetoides  [popup]
Jointed spikesedge...
Eleocharis erythropoda  [popup]
Bald spikerush
Eleocharis intermedia  [popup]
Matted spikerush
Eleocharis melanocarpa  [popup]
Blackfruit spikerush...
Eleocharis obtusa  [popup]
Blunt spikerush
Eleocharis ovata  [popup]
Ovate spikerush
Eleocharis palustris  [popup]
Common spikerush...
Eleocharis quadrangulata  [popup]
Squarestem spikerush
Eleocharis quinqueflora  [popup]
Fewflower spikerush...
Eleocharis robbinsii  [popup]
Robbins spikerush
Eleocharis rostellata  [popup]
Beaked spikerush
Eleocharis tenuis  [popup]
Slender spikerush
Eleusine indica  [popup]
Indian goosegrass
Elymus canadensis  [popup]
Canada wildrye
Elymus hystrix  [popup]
Eastern bottlebrush grass
Elymus repens  [popup]
Elymus trachycaulus  [popup]
Slender wheatgrass
Elymus virginicus  [popup]
Virginia wildrye
Eragrostis cilianensis  [popup]
Eragrostis minor  [popup]
Little lovegrass
Eragrostis pectinacea  [popup]
Tufted lovegrass
Eriophorum angustifolium  [popup]
Tall cottongrass...
Eriophorum gracile  [popup]
Slender cottongrass
Eriophorum vaginatum  [popup]
Tussock cottongrass...
Eriophorum virginicum  [popup]
Tawny cottongrass
Eriophorum viridicarinatum  [popup]
Thinleaf cottonsedge
Festuca ovina  [popup]
Sheep fescue
Festuca rubra  [popup]
Red fescue
Festuca subverticillata  [popup]
Nodding fescue
Fimbristylis autumnalis  [popup]
Slender fimbry
Fuirena pumila  [popup]
Dwarf umbrella-sedge
Glyceria borealis  [popup]
Small floating mannagrass
Glyceria canadensis  [popup]
Rattlesnake mannagrass
Glyceria grandis  [popup]
American mannagrass
Glyceria septentrionalis  [popup]
Floating mannagrass
Glyceria striata  [popup]
Fowl mannagrass
Hesperostipa spartea  [popup]
Hierochloe odorata  [popup]
Hordeum jubatum  [popup]
Foxtail barley
Hordeum vulgare  [popup]
Common barley...
Juncus alpinoarticulatus  [popup]
Northern green rush
Juncus arcticus  [popup]
Arctic rush...
Juncus articulatus  [popup]
Jointleaf rush
Juncus brachycephalus  [popup]
Smallhead rush
Juncus brevicaudatus  [popup]
Narrowpanicle rush
Juncus bufonius  [popup]
Toad rush
Juncus canadensis  [popup]
Canadian rush
Juncus dudleyi  [popup]
Dudleys rush
Juncus effusus  [popup]
Common Rush
Juncus filiformis  [popup]
Thread rush
Juncus gerardii  [popup]
Saltmeadow rush
Juncus greenei  [popup]
Greenes rush
Juncus inflexus  [popup]
European meadow rush
Juncus militaris  [popup]
Bayonet rush
Juncus nodosus  [popup]
Knotted rush
Juncus pelocarpus  [popup]
Brownfruit rush
Juncus stygius  [popup]
Moor rush
Juncus tenuis  [popup]
Poverty Rush...
Juncus torreyi  [popup]
Torreys rush
Juncus vaseyi  [popup]
Vaseys rush
Koeleria macrantha  [popup]
Prairie Junegrass
Leersia oryzoides  [popup]
Rice Cutgrass
Lolium perenne  [popup]
Perennial ryegrass
Luzula acuminata  [popup]
Hairy woodrush
Luzula multiflora  [popup]
Common woodrush
Luzula parviflora  [popup]
Smallflowered woodrush...
Milium effusum  [popup]
American milletgrass
Muhlenbergia glomerata  [popup]
Spiked muhly
Muhlenbergia mexicana  [popup]
Mexican muhly
Oryzopsis asperifolia  [popup]
Roughleaf ricegrass
Panicum capillare  [popup]
Panicum flexile  [popup]
Wiry panicgrass
Panicum miliaceum  [popup]
Broomcorn millet
Panicum virgatum  [popup]
Pascopyrum smithii  [popup]
Western wheatgrass
Phalaris arundinacea  [popup]
Reed canarygrass
Phleum pratense  [popup]
Phragmites australis  [popup]
Common reed
Piptatherum pungens  [popup]
Mountain ricegrass
Piptatherum racemosum  [popup]
Poa alsodes  [popup]
Grove bluegrass
Poa annua  [popup]
Annual bluegrass
Poa compressa  [popup]
Canada bluegrass
Poa nemoralis  [popup]
Wood bluegrass
Poa paludigena  [popup]
Bog bluegrass
Poa palustris  [popup]
Fowl bluegrass
Poa pratensis  [popup]
Kentucky bluegrass
Poa saltuensis  [popup]
Oldpasture bluegrass
Puccinellia distans  [popup]
Weeping alkaligrass
Rhynchospora alba  [popup]
White Beaksedge...
Rhynchospora capillacea  [popup]
Needle beaksedge
Rhynchospora fusca  [popup]
Brown beaksedge...
Rhynchospora macrostachya  [popup]
Tall horned beaksedge...
Rhynchospora scirpoides  [popup]
Longbeak beaksedge
Schedonorus phoenix  [popup]
Tall fescue...
Schedonorus pratensis  [popup]
Meadow fescue...
Schizachne purpurascens  [popup]
False melic
Schizachyrium scoparium  [popup]
Little bluestem
Schoenoplectus acutus  [popup]
Hardstem bulrush
Schoenoplectus fluviatilis  [popup]
River bulrush...
Schoenoplectus pungens  [popup]
Common threesquare
Schoenoplectus purshianus  [popup]
Weakstalk bulrush...
Schoenoplectus subterminalis  [popup]
Swaying bulrush
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani  [popup]
Softstem bulrush...
Schoenoplectus torreyi  [popup]
Torreys bulrush
Scirpus atrovirens  [popup]
Green bulrush
Scirpus cyperinus  [popup]
Scirpus expansus  [popup]
Woodland bulrush...
Scirpus hattorianus  [popup]
Mosquito bulrush
Scirpus pendulus  [popup]
Rufous bulrush
Scleria verticillata  [popup]
Low nutrush
Sclerochloa dura  [popup]
Common hardgrass
Secale cereale  [popup]
Cereal rye...
Setaria italica  [popup]
Foxtail bristlegrass
Setaria pumila  [popup]
Yellow foxtail...
Setaria viridis  [popup]
Green bristlegrass
Sorghastrum nutans  [popup]
Spartina pectinata  [popup]
Prairie cordgrass
Sphenopholis intermedia  [popup]
Slender wedgescale
Sporobolus compositus  [popup]
Composite dropseed
Sporobolus cryptandrus  [popup]
Sand dropseed
Sporobolus heterolepis  [popup]
Prairie dropseed
Sporobolus neglectus  [popup]
Puffsheath dropseed
Sporobolus vaginiflorus  [popup]
Poverty dropseed
Torreyochloa pallida  [popup]
Pale false mannagrass
Trichophorum cespitosum  [popup]
Tufted bulrush
Vulpia octoflora  [popup]
Sixweeks fescue
Zizania aquatica  [popup]
Annual wildrice

REMAINING (number with state)
 Cyperaceae (129)
 Poaceae (107)
 Juncaceae (23)
 Carex (79)
 Juncus (20)
 Eleocharis (15)
 Poa (8)
 Bromus (7)
 Cyperus (6)
 Schoenoplectus (6)
 Dichanthelium (5)
 Elymus (5)
 Eriophorum (5)
 Glyceria (5)
 Rhynchospora (5)
 Scirpus (5)
 Sporobolus (5)
 Agrostis (4)
 Panicum (4)
 Eragrostis (3)
 Festuca (3)
 Luzula (3)
 Setaria (3)
 Alopecurus (2)
 Avena (2)
 Calamagrostis (2)
 Danthonia (2)
 Digitaria (2)
 Echinochloa (2)
 Hordeum (2)
 Muhlenbergia (2)
 Piptatherum (2)
 Schedonorus (2)
 Ammophila (1)
 Andropogon (1)
 Anthoxanthum (1)
 Aristida (1)
 Arrhenatherum (1)
 Bolboschoenus (1)
 Bouteloua (1)
 Brachyelytrum (1)
 Bulbostylis (1)
 Calamovilfa (1)
 Cenchrus (1)
 Cinna (1)
 Cladium (1)
 Dactylis (1)
 Deschampsia (1)
 Dulichium (1)
 Eleusine (1)
 Fimbristylis (1)
 Fuirena (1)
 Hesperostipa (1)
 Hierochloe (1)
 Koeleria (1)
 Leersia (1)
 Lolium (1)
 Milium (1)
 Oryzopsis (1)
 Pascopyrum (1)
 Phalaris (1)
 Phleum (1)
 Phragmites (1)
 Puccinellia (1)
 Schizachne (1)
 Schizachyrium (1)
 Scleria (1)
 Sclerochloa (1)
 Secale (1)
 Sorghastrum (1)
 Spartina (1)
 Sphenopholis (1)
 Torreyochloa (1)
 Vulpia (1)
 Zizania (1)