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103 kinds match in US, NC, Jackson, Balsam Mountain Preserve

Agrostis perennans  [popup]
Upland bentgrass
Agrostis stolonifera  [popup]
Creeping bentgrass
Alopecurus geniculatus  [popup]
Water foxtail
Anthoxanthum odoratum  [popup]
Sweet vernalgrass
Arundinaria gigantea  [popup]
Giant cane...
Brachyelytrum aristosum  [popup]
Northern shorthusk...
Brachyelytrum erectum  [popup]
Bearded shorthusk
Bromus pubescens  [popup]
Hairy woodland brome
Carex aestivalis  [popup]
Summer sedge
Carex albicans  [popup]
Whitetinge sedge
Carex albursina  [popup]
White bear sedge
Carex appalachica  [popup]
Appalachian sedge
Carex atlantica  [popup]
Prickly bog sedge
Carex brunnescens  [popup]
Brownish sedge
Carex caroliniana  [popup]
Carolina sedge
Carex communis  [popup]
Fibrousroot sedge
Carex debilis  [popup]
White edge sedge...
Carex digitalis  [popup]
Slender woodland sedge
Carex echinata  [popup]
Star sedge
Carex festucacea  [popup]
Fescue sedge
Carex flaccosperma  [popup]
Thinfruit sedge
Carex frankii  [popup]
Franks sedge
Carex gracilescens  [popup]
Slender looseflower sedge
Carex gynandra  [popup]
Nodding sedge
Carex laxiculmis  [popup]
Spreading sedge
Carex laxiflora  [popup]
Broad looseflower sedge
Carex lurida  [popup]
Shallow sedge
Carex mesochorea  [popup]
Midland sedge
Carex misera  [popup]
Wretched sedge
Carex normalis  [popup]
Greater straw sedge
Carex pensylvanica  [popup]
Pennsylvania sedge
Carex plantaginea  [popup]
Plantainleaf sedge
Carex platyphylla  [popup]
Broadleaf sedge...
Carex prasina  [popup]
Drooping sedge
Carex radiata  [popup]
Eastern star sedge
Carex rosea  [popup]
Rosy sedge
Carex ruthii  [popup]
Ruths sedge
Carex scabrata  [popup]
Eastern rough sedge
Carex scoparia  [popup]
Broom sedge
Carex sparganioides  [popup]
Bur-reed sedge
Carex striatula  [popup]
Lined sedge
Carex stricta  [popup]
Upright sedge...
Carex venusta  [popup]
Darkgreen sedge
Carex virescens  [popup]
Ribbed sedge
Carex vulpinoidea  [popup]
Fox sedge
Cinna arundinacea  [popup]
Sweet woodreed
Cinna latifolia  [popup]
Drooping woodreed
Cymophyllus fraserianus  [popup]
Frasers cymophyllus
Cyperus strigosus  [popup]
Strawcolored flatsedge
Dactylis glomerata  [popup]
Danthonia compressa  [popup]
Flattened oatgrass
Danthonia spicata  [popup]
Poverty oatgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum  [popup]
Tapered rosette grass
Dichanthelium boreale  [popup]
Northern panicgrass
Dichanthelium boscii  [popup]
Boscs panicgrass
Dichanthelium clandestinum  [popup]
Dichanthelium dichotomum  [popup]
Cypress panicgrass
Dichanthelium erectifolium  [popup]
Erectleaf panicgrass
Dichanthelium latifolium  [popup]
Broadleaf rosette grass
Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon  [popup]
Roundseed panicgrass
Dichanthelium strigosum  [popup]
Roughhair rosette grass
Dichanthelium villosissimum  [popup]
Whitehair rosette grass
Digitaria ischaemum  [popup]
Smooth crabgrass
Echinochloa crus-galli  [popup]
Eleocharis obtusa  [popup]
Blunt spikerush
Eleusine indica  [popup]
Indian goosegrass
Elymus hystrix  [popup]
Eastern bottlebrush grass
Eragrostis hirsuta  [popup]
Bigtop lovegrass
Festuca rubra  [popup]
Red fescue
Festuca subverticillata  [popup]
Nodding fescue
Glyceria melicaria  [popup]
Melic mannagrass
Glyceria striata  [popup]
Fowl mannagrass
Holcus lanatus  [popup]
Common velvetgrass
Juncus acuminatus  [popup]
Tapertip rush
Juncus effusus  [popup]
Common Rush
Juncus gymnocarpus  [popup]
Pennsylvania rush
Juncus marginatus  [popup]
Grassleaf rush
Juncus tenuis  [popup]
Poverty Rush...
Kyllinga gracillima  [popup]
Pasture spikesedge
Leersia virginica  [popup]
Lolium perenne  [popup]
Perennial ryegrass
Luzula acuminata  [popup]
Hairy woodrush
Luzula echinata  [popup]
Hedgehog woodrush
Melica mutica  [popup]
Twoflower melicgrass
Microstegium vimineum  [popup]
Nepalese browntop
Miscanthus sinensis  [popup]
Chinese silvergrass
Muhlenbergia schreberi  [popup]
Muhlenbergia tenuiflora  [popup]
Slimflower muhly
Panicum dichotomiflorum  [popup]
Fall panicgrass
Pennisetum glaucum  [popup]
Pearl millet
Phyllostachys aurea  [popup]
Golden bamboo
Poa autumnalis  [popup]
Autumn bluegrass...
Poa compressa  [popup]
Canada bluegrass
Poa cuspidata  [popup]
Early bluegrass
Rhynchospora capitellata  [popup]
Brownish beaksedge
Schedonorus pratensis  [popup]
Meadow fescue...
Schizachyrium scoparium  [popup]
Little bluestem
Schoenoplectus purshianus  [popup]
Weakstalk bulrush...
Scirpus cyperinus  [popup]
Scirpus expansus  [popup]
Woodland bulrush...
Scirpus polyphyllus  [popup]
Leafy bulrush
Secale cereale  [popup]
Cereal rye...
Sorghastrum nutans  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
 Poaceae (51)
 Cyperaceae (45)
 Juncaceae (7)
 Carex (37)
 Dichanthelium (10)
 Juncus (5)
 Poa (3)
 Scirpus (3)
 Agrostis (2)
 Brachyelytrum (2)
 Cinna (2)
 Danthonia (2)
 Festuca (2)
 Glyceria (2)
 Luzula (2)
 Muhlenbergia (2)
 Alopecurus (1)
 Anthoxanthum (1)
 Arundinaria (1)
 Bromus (1)
 Cymophyllus (1)
 Cyperus (1)
 Dactylis (1)
 Digitaria (1)
 Echinochloa (1)
 Eleocharis (1)
 Eleusine (1)
 Elymus (1)
 Eragrostis (1)
 Holcus (1)
 Kyllinga (1)
 Leersia (1)
 Lolium (1)
 Melica (1)
 Microstegium (1)
 Miscanthus (1)
 Panicum (1)
 Pennisetum (1)
 Phyllostachys (1)
 Rhynchospora (1)
 Schedonorus (1)
 Schizachyrium (1)
 Schoenoplectus (1)
 Secale (1)
 Sorghastrum (1)