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Discover Life
4 kinds match


Hesperapis carinata  [popup] female
Hesperapis carinata  [popup] male
Hesperapis oraria  [popup] female
Hesperapis oraria  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Female, abdomen, pygidial plate, surface appearance on either side of the strong central ridge extending straight down from the central point of the triangular plateau at base
 SMOOTH, lacking any wrinkles or striations (1)
 With many WRINKELS or striations (1)
Male, Abdomen, T5-T6, color of hair - NOT including the apical hair band
 All BLACK (1)
 Mixed BROWN and PALE (1)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 Female, 12 (2)
 Male, 13 (2)
State or province where bee was collected
 AL (2)
 FL (2)
 GA (2)
 IL (2)
 IN (2)
 MI (2)
 MS (2)
 NC (2)
 SC (2)
 WI (2)