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Discover Life
6 kinds match


Holcopasites calliopsidis  [popup] female
Holcopasites calliopsidis  [popup] male
Holcopasites heliopsis  [popup] female
Holcopasites heliopsis  [popup] male
Holcopasites illinoiensis  [popup] female
Holcopasites illinoiensis  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen, T2-T4, basal hair patterns
 Each segment with one pair of submedial and one pair of lateral white SPOTS of hair - Making four spots in all (4)
 Each segment with a BAND of light hair, may be interrupted medially (2)
 May or may not have a line down the center, but NOT a groove, and NOT strongly bilobed (4)
 Deeply grooved down the middle, cutting it STRONGLY into two distinct lobes (2)
Sex, presence or absence of a pygidial plate at tip of abdomen
 Females, LACKING a pygidial plate (3)
 Males, WITH pygidial plate (3)
State or province where bee was collected
 IL (6)
 IN (6)
 MD (6)
 WI (6)
 AL (4)
 CT (4)
 DC (4)
 DE (4)
 FL (4)
 GA (4)
 KY (4)
 MA (4)
 ME (4)
 MI (4)
 MS (4)
 NC (4)
 ND (4)
 NH (4)
 NJ (4)
 NY (4)
 OH (4)
 Ontario (4)
 PA (4)
 Quebec (4)
 RI (4)
 SC (4)
 SD (4)
 TN (4)
 VA (4)
 VT (4)
 WV (4)
 New Brunswick (2)
 Nova Scotia (2)
 Prince Edward Island (2)