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Discover Life 17 kinds match:
Acer rubrum  [popup]
Red maple
Albizia julibrissin  [popup]
Carya  [popup]
Cichorium intybus  [popup]
Cornus florida  [popup]
Elaeagnus  [popup]
Juniperus virginiana  [popup]
Red cedar
Ligustrum sinense  [popup]
Chinese privet
Liquidambar styraciflua  [popup]
Sweet gum
Liriodendron tulipifera  [popup]
Yellow poplar
Magnolia grandiflora  [popup]
Southern magnolia
Pinus taeda  [popup]
Loblolly pine
Prunus serotina  [popup]
Black cherry
Pyrus  [popup]
Quercus nigra  [popup]
Water oak
Toxicodendron radicans  [popup]
Poison ivy
Ulmus  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Base of leaf
 Wide and rounded (7)
 Narrow and pointed (5)
Describe the teeth
 Many small teeth (7)
 A few large teeth (3)
Leaf Edge
 Toothed (9)
 Smooth (8)
Leaf placement
 Alternate (4)
 Opposite (4)
 3-parted (1)
Leaf shape
 Simple (13)
 Lobed (4)
Leaf type
 Wide (15)
 Needle-like (2)
Needle texture
 Scaly (1)
 Smooth (1)
Number of lobes
 1 (12)
 3 (2)
 5 (2)
 4 (1)
Tip of leaf
 Point (5)
 Spike (5)
 Rounded (2)
Underside of leaf
 Not hairy (2)
 Hairy (1)