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76 kinds match in US, GA, Oconee National Forest


Anaptychia palmulata  [popup]
Candelaria concolor  [popup]
Canoparmelia amazonica  [popup]
Canoparmelia caroliniana  [popup]
Canoparmelia cryptochlorophaea  [popup]
Canoparmelia texana  [popup]
Cladonia apodocarpa  [popup]
Cladonia caespiticia  [popup]
Cladonia caroliniana  [popup]
Cladonia chlorophaea_group  [popup]
C chlorophaea...
Cladonia cristatella  [popup]
Cladonia leporina  [popup]
Cladonia macilenta  [popup]
Cladonia mateocyatha  [popup]
Cladonia parasitica  [popup]
Cladonia petrophila  [popup]
Cladonia peziziformis  [popup]
Cladonia ravenelii  [popup]
Cladonia robbinsii  [popup]
Cladonia strepsilis  [popup]
Cladonia subtenuis  [popup]
Cladina subtenuis
Coccocarpia palmicola  [popup]
Collema subflaccidum  [popup]
Dermatocarpon luridum  [popup]
Flavoparmelia baltimorensis  [popup]
Flavoparmelia caperata  [popup]
Heterodermia albicans  [popup]
Heterodermia obscurata  [popup]
Heterodermia speciosa  [popup]
Hyperphyscia syncolla  [popup]
Hypotrachyna livida  [popup]
Hypotrachyna pustulifera  [popup]
Hypotrachyna showmanii  [popup]
Leptogium austroamericanum  [popup]
Leptogium corticola  [popup]
Leptogium cyanescens  [popup]
Myelochroa aurulenta  [popup]
Myelochroa obsessa  [popup]
Parmelinopsis horrescens  [popup]
Parmelinopsis minarum  [popup]
Parmeliopsis subambigua  [popup]
Parmotrema austrosinense  [popup]
Parmotrema dilatatum  [popup]
Parmotrema hypotropum  [popup]
Parmotrema perforatum  [popup]
Parmotrema praesorediosum  [popup]
Parmotrema rampoddense  [popup]
Parmotrema reticulatum  [popup]
Rimelia reticulata
Parmotrema subisidiosum  [popup]
Rimelia subisidiosa
Parmotrema submarginale  [popup]
Parmotrema tinctorum  [popup]
Parmotrema ultralucens  [popup]
Peltigera praetextata  [popup]
Phaeophyscia adiastola  [popup]
Phaeophyscia ciliata  [popup]
Phaeophyscia pusilloides  [popup]
Phaeophyscia rubropulchra  [popup]
Physcia americana  [popup]
Physcia atrostriata  [popup]
Physcia millegrana  [popup]
Physcia pumilior  [popup]
Physcia subtilis  [popup]
Punctelia missouriensis  [popup]
Punctelia rudecta  [popup]
Pyxine caesiopruinosa  [popup]
Pyxine sorediata  [popup]
Pyxine subcinerea  [popup]
Ramalina americana  [popup]
Ramalina paludosa  [popup]
Tuckermanella fendleri  [popup]
Tuckermannopsis fendleri
Usnea mutabilis  [popup]
Usnea pensylvanica  [popup]
Usnea rubicunda  [popup]
Usnea strigosa  [popup]
Usnea rubiginea
Xanthoparmelia conspersa  [popup]
Xanthoparmelia plittii  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Apothecia disk color
 Brown (27)
 Red (7)
 Black (4)
 Blue-gray (2)
 White (2)
 Gray (1)
 Green (1)
 Yellow (1)
Apothecia form
 Disk, margin (37)
 None (31)
 Cup (16)
 Stalk (12)
 Perithecium (1)
 Spoon (1)
Apothecia rim color
 Gray (20)
 Green (11)
 Yellow (1)
Branch cross-section
 Round (6)
 Flat (3)
Chlorine turns medulla
 No (61)
 Red (5)
 Pink (4)
 None (56)
 Unbranched (17)
 Branched (3)
Distinctive color
 Green (61)
 Grey (52)
 Brown (11)
 Black (4)
 White (4)
 Yellow (4)
 Red (2)
 Leaf (56)
 Scale (12)
 Bush (10)
 Stalk (10)
 Other (1)
 Bark (51)
 Siliceous rock (21)
 Sand or soil (11)
 Wood (5)
 Conifers (2)
 None (58)
 Present (17)
 Ciliate (2)
KOH followed by Chlorine turns medula
 No reaction (53)
 Pink (7)
 Red (7)
 Purple (4)
KOH turns medulla
 No reaction (46)
 Yellow (12)
 Yellow turning red (7)
 Purple (3)
 Pinkish brown (2)
 Blood red (1)
 Dark pink (1)
 Orange (1)
Lobe surface pattern
 Solid (60)
 White lines (5)
 Strongly ridged and wrinkled (4)
 With white spots pseudocyphellae (3)
 Reticulate cracks (2)
 With patches of white pruina (2)
Lobe width at narrowest
 Under 5mm (20)
 Over 5mm (11)
 Fused (1)
Lobules present
 No (60)
 Yes (6)
Medulla color
 White (61)
 Yellow (5)
 Red-orange (3)
 No (45)
 Yes (30)
 None (34)
 Black, surface (9)
 Brown (8)
 Red (3)
Soralia position
 None (48)
 Edge (18)
 Top (16)
 Tips of lobes (4)
 Stalk (2)
 Diffuse (1)
 Scales (1)
Soredia color
 White (18)
 Green (10)
 Yellow (3)
 Blue-gray (1)
Stalk shape
 Branch (10)
 Cup (2)
 Point (1)
Thallus underside color
 Black (34)
 White (17)
 White at edge, black at center (5)
 Uniformly brown (4)
 Orange (2)
 Conspicuously veined (1)
 Gray (1)
UV light on cortex glows
 No reaction (65)
 Yellow (2)
UV light on medulla glows
 No (65)
 Blue/White (4)
 Orange (1)
 Yellow (1)