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114 kinds match in US, MI, Cheyboygan, University Michigan Biological Station

Acarospora fuscata  [popup]
Anaptychia palmulata  [popup]
Anzia colpodes  [popup]
Arthonia caesia  [popup]
Arthothelium spectabile  [popup]
Arthothelium taediosum  [popup]
Bacidia circumspecta  [popup]
Bacidia rubella  [popup]
Bacidia schweinitzii  [popup]
Bacidia suffusa  [popup]
Buellia curtisii  [popup]
Baculifera curtisii
Buellia stillingiana  [popup]
Calicium abietinum  [popup]
Calicium glaucellum  [popup]
Calicium lenticulare  [popup]
Calicium salicinum  [popup]
Caloplaca cerina  [popup]
Caloplaca chrysophthalma  [popup]
Caloplaca citrina  [popup]
Caloplaca feracissima  [popup]
Caloplaca flavovirescens  [popup]
Caloplaca holocarpa  [popup]
Candelaria concolor  [popup]
Candelaria fibrosa  [popup]
Candelariella efflorescens  [popup]
Cetrelia chicitae  [popup]
Cetrelia olivetorum  [popup]
Chaenotheca brunneola  [popup]
Cladina rangiferina  [popup]
Cladonia rangiferina
Cladonia caespiticia  [popup]
Cladonia cariosa  [popup]
Cladonia coniocraea  [popup]
Cladonia crispata  [popup]
Cladonia cristatella  [popup]
Cladonia furcata  [popup]
Cladonia gracilis  [popup]
Cladonia grayi  [popup]
Cladonia macilenta  [popup]
Cladonia parasitica  [popup]
Cladonia pleurota  [popup]
Cladonia pyxidata  [popup]
Cladonia squamosa  [popup]
Cladonia strepsilis  [popup]
Cladonia subulata  [popup]
Cladonia uncialis  [popup]
Collema flaccidum  [popup]
Collema polycarpon  [popup]
Dermatocarpon miniatum  [popup]
Diploschistes scruposus  [popup]
Graphis scripta  [popup]
Heterodermia hypoleuca  [popup]
Heterodermia speciosa  [popup]
Hypogymnia physodes  [popup]
Lasallia papulosa  [popup]
Lecanora thysanophora  [popup]
Lecidea plana  [popup]
Lecidea plebeja  [popup]
Lecidella stigmatea  [popup]
Leptogium burnetiae  [popup]
Leptogium chloromelum  [popup]
Leptogium corticola  [popup]
Leptogium cyanescens  [popup]
Leptogium lichenoides  [popup]
Leptogium saturninum  [popup]
Lobaria pulmonaria  [popup]
Lung lichen
Lobaria quercizans  [popup]
Micarea melaena  [popup]
Mycocalicium subtile  [popup]
Nephroma helveticum  [popup]
Normandina pulchella  [popup]
Opegrapha varia  [popup]
Parmelia saxatilis  [popup]
Parmelia squarrosa  [popup]
Peltigera canina  [popup]
Peltigera elisabethae  [popup]
Peltigera horizontalis  [popup]
Peltigera praetextata  [popup]
Peltigera rufescens  [popup]
Pertusaria amara  [popup]
Pertusaria trachythallina  [popup]
Pertusaria velata  [popup]
Pertusaria waghornei  [popup]
Phaeophyscia hispidula  [popup]
Phaeophyscia pusilloides  [popup]
Physcia aipolia  [popup]
Physcia caesia  [popup]
Physcia millegrana  [popup]
Physcia phaea  [popup]
Physcia stellaris  [popup]
Physcia subtilis  [popup]
Placynthium nigrum  [popup]
Platismatia glauca  [popup]
Platismatia tuckermanii  [popup]
Protoblastenia rupestris  [popup]
Pseudevernia consocians  [popup]
Pyrenula laevigata  [popup]
Pyxine sorediata  [popup]
Ramalina intermedia  [popup]
Ramalina pollinaria  [popup]
Rinodina ascociscana  [popup]
Rinodina exigua  [popup]
Rinodina papillata  [popup]
Rinodina subminuta  [popup]
Sarcogyne regularis  [popup]
Stereocaulon dactylophyllum  [popup]
Teloschistes chrysophthalmus  [popup]
Trapelia coarctata  [popup]
Trypethelium virens  [popup]
Umbilicaria mammulata  [popup]
Usnea ceratina  [popup]
Usnea subfloridana  [popup]
Usnea trichodea  [popup]
Verrucaria nigrescens  [popup]
Xanthoria candelaria  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Apothecia disk color
 Brown (30)
 Black (15)
 Red (7)
 Yellow (4)
 Blue-gray (3)
 Orange (3)
 Gray (2)
 White (1)
Apothecia form
 Disk, margin (41)
 None (20)
 Stalk (13)
 Cup (9)
 Disk, no margin (7)
 Lirellae (4)
 Perithecium (4)
 Pin or stubble (4)
 Spoon (3)
 Disk, sunken (2)
Apothecia rim color
 Gray (16)
 Black (7)
 Green (4)
 Yellow (4)
 Orange (2)
 White (1)
Branch cross-section
 Round (9)
 Flat (4)
Chlorine turns medulla
 No (72)
 Pink (3)
 Red (3)
 None (106)
 Unbranched (5)
 Branched (1)
Distinctive color
 Grey (56)
 Green (54)
 Brown (21)
 Black (10)
 Yellow (8)
 Thallus not or barely visible (6)
 White (5)
 Red (2)
 Crust (45)
 Leaf (43)
 Bush (14)
 Stalk (14)
 Scale (13)
 Other (2)
 Bark (57)
 Siliceous rock (29)
 Sand or soil (16)
 Wood (8)
 Carbonate rock (5)
 Conifers (2)
 None (101)
 Present (13)
KOH followed by Chlorine turns medula
 No reaction (69)
 Red (5)
 Pink (4)
KOH turns medulla
 No reaction (63)
 Yellow (9)
 Purple (4)
 Blood red (2)
 Yellow turning red (1)
Lobe surface pattern
 Solid (51)
 Strongly ridged and wrinkled (4)
 White lines (4)
 Reticulate cracks (2)
 With patches of white pruina (2)
 With white spots pseudocyphellae (2)
 Blistered or warty (1)
Lobe width at narrowest
 Under 5mm (13)
 Over 5mm (8)
Lobules present
 No (57)
 Yes (13)
Medulla color
 White (58)
 Red-orange (1)
 Yellow (1)
 No (92)
 Yes (20)
 None (44)
 Brown (13)
 Black, surface (6)
 Red (2)
Soralia position
 None (87)
 Edge (12)
 Stalk (7)
 Tips of lobes (7)
 Diffuse (4)
 Top (3)
 Scales (1)
Soredia color
 Green (10)
 White (10)
 Yellow (5)
 Blue-gray (2)
Stalk shape
 Branch (7)
 Cup (6)
 Point (3)
 Cup stack (1)
Thallus underside color
 White (24)
 Black (17)
 Conspicuously veined (4)
 Uniformly brown (4)
 Gray (2)
 White at edge, black at center (1)
UV light on cortex glows
 No reaction (77)
 Blue-white (1)
UV light on medulla glows
 No (77)
 Blue/White (2)
 Orange (1)