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Discover Life
6 kinds match


Lithurgopsis gibbosa  [popup] male
Lithurgopsis gibbosa  [popup] female
Lithurgopsis littoralis  [popup] male
Lithurgopsis littoralis  [popup] female
Lithurgus chrysurus  [popup] male
Lithurgus chrysurus  [popup] female

REMAINING (number with state)
Female, T6, hair color
 Black/brown basally, dark red apically (2)
 Black/brown throughout (2)
 Deep golden or yellow/orange throughout, though may be somewhat darkened basally (1)
Female, face, protuberance between eyes
 Appearing as a pair of cat ears (1)
 Straight across the top, erect ridge with square corners, as the back of a chair (1)
 Straight across the top, slopes obtuse with rounded corners, as a low sand dune (1)
Male, body, hair color
 White (2)
 Golden or yellow/orange (1)
Male, head, labrum, number and type of modifications
 One broad ridge-like projection that is more prominently produced in the center, ridge located at the base near the mandibles (2)
 Two pointed, broad based spikes or teeth produced in the center of the labrum (1)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 12, female (3)
 13, male (3)
State or province where bee was collected
 AL (2)
 DC (2)
 FL (2)
 GA (2)
 IL (2)
 KY (2)
 MD (2)
 MS (2)
 NC (2)
 NJ (2)
 NY (2)
 PA (2)
 SC (2)
 VA (2)
 WV (2)
 DE (1)