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Discover Life 8 kinds match:
Macropis ciliata  [popup] female
Macropis ciliata  [popup] male
Macropis nuda  [popup] male
Macropis nuda  [popup] female
Macropis patellata  [popup] female
Macropis patellata  [popup] male
Macropis steironematis  [popup] female
Macropis steironematis  [popup] male


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REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen, T1, pattern of pits
 Pits minute and obscure, surface shiny (6)
 Closely and deeply pitted, surface roughened (2)
Female, M. ciliata vs M. patellata - Thorax, propodeum, surface next to metanotum
 M. ciliata - Smooth as glass (1)
 M. patellata - Roughened, dull, not reflective at base becoming glass-like near where propodeum curves to the rear surface (1)
Female, rear leg, color of hair on basitarsi
 All or mostly BLACK (2)
 Mostly PALE (2)
Male, head, color of mandible bases
 Black marked with YELLOW (4)
 Entirely BLACK (1)
Male, rear leg, apical tip of tibia
 With ONE projection or tooth, ONE tibial spur greatly REDUCED (2)
 Unmodified, NO teeth and with TWO WELL DEVELOPED tibial spurs (1)
 With TWO projections or teeth, BOTH tibial spurs greatly REDUCED (1)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 Female, 12 (4)
 Male, 13 (4)
State or province where bee was collected
 IL (8)
 KY (8)
 DE (7)
 MD (7)
 Ontario (7)
 CT (6)
 DC (6)
 GA (6)
 IN (6)
 MA (6)
 ME (6)
 NC (6)
 NH (6)
 NJ (6)
 NY (6)
 OH (6)
 PA (6)
 RI (6)
 SC (6)
 TN (6)
 VA (6)
 VT (6)
 WI (6)
 WV (6)
 MI (4)
 MN (4)
 MO (4)
 NB (4)
 Quebec (4)
 AL (2)
 CO (2)
 FL (2)
 IA (2)
 ID (2)
 KS (2)
 MS (2)
 MT (2)
 ND (2)
 Nova Scotia (2)
 SD (2)
 UT (2)
 WY (2)
 New Brunswick (1)
 Newfoundland and Labrador (1)
 Prince Edward Island (1)