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42 kinds match in US, CO, Gunnison, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory


Canis latrans  [popup]
Castor canadensis  [popup]
American beaver
Cervus elaphus  [popup]
Erethizon dorsatum  [popup]
North american porcupine
Homo sapiens  [popup]
Lepus americanus  [popup]
Snowshoe hare...
Lynx canadensis  [popup]
Canada lynx...
Marmota flaviventris  [popup]
Yellow-bellied marmot...
Martes americana  [popup]
American marten...
Mephitis mephitis  [popup]
Striped skunk...
Microtus longicaudus  [popup]
Microtus montanus  [popup]
Mustela erminea  [popup]
Mustela frenata  [popup]
Long-tailed weasel...
Myotis evotis  [popup]
Long-eared myotis
Myotis lucifugus  [popup]
Little brown bat
Myotis volans  [popup]
Long-legged myotis
Neotoma cinerea  [popup]
Ochotona princeps  [popup]
American pika...
Odocoileus hemionus  [popup]
Mule deer
Ondatra zibethicus  [popup]
Oreamnos americanus  [popup]
Mountain goat
Ovis canadensis  [popup]
Bighorn sheep
Peromyscus maniculatus  [popup]
Phenacomys intermedius  [popup]
Plecotus townsendii  [popup]
Big-eared bat...
Procyon lotor  [popup]
Northern raccoon...
Puma concolor  [popup]
Sorex cinereus  [popup]
Cinereus shrew...
Sorex monticolus  [popup]
Montane shrew
Sorex palustris  [popup]
Water shrew
Sorex vagrans  [popup]
Vagrant shrew...
Spermophilus lateralis  [popup]
Golden-mantled ground squirrel
Tamias minimus  [popup]
Least chipmunk...
Tamias quadrivittatus  [popup]
Colorado chipmunk...
Tamias umbrinus  [popup]
Uinta chipmunk...
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus  [popup]
Red squirrel...
Taxidea taxus  [popup]
American badger...
Thomomys talpoides  [popup]
Northern pocket gopher...
Ursus americanus  [popup]
American black bear...
Vulpes vulpes  [popup]
Red fox
Zapus princeps  [popup]
Western jumping mouse

REMAINING (number with state)
 Cricetidae (6)
 Sciuridae (6)
 Mustelidae (5)
 Soricidae (4)
 Vespertilionidae (4)
 Bovidae (2)
 Canidae (2)
 Cervidae (2)
 Felidae (2)
 Castoridae (1)
 Dipodidae (1)
 Erethizontidae (1)
 Geomyidae (1)
 Hominidae (1)
 Leporidae (1)
 Ochotonidae (1)
 Procyonidae (1)
 Ursidae (1)