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67 kinds match in US, MI, Cheyboygan, University Michigan Biological Station


Alces alces  [popup]
Bison bison  [popup]
American bison...
Blarina brevicauda  [popup]
Northern short-tailed shrew...
Canis latrans  [popup]
Canis lupus  [popup]
Gray wolf
Castor canadensis  [popup]
American beaver
Cervus elaphus  [popup]
Condylura cristata  [popup]
Star-nosed mole...
Cryptotis parva  [popup]
Least shrew...
Didelphis virginiana  [popup]
Virginia opossum
Eptesicus fuscus  [popup]
Big brown bat
Erethizon dorsatum  [popup]
North american porcupine
Glaucomys sabrinus  [popup]
Northern flying squirrel...
Glaucomys volans  [popup]
Southern flying squirrel...
Gulo gulo  [popup]
Lasionycteris noctivagans  [popup]
Silver-haired bat
Lasiurus borealis  [popup]
Red bat
Lasiurus cinereus  [popup]
Hoary bat
Lepus americanus  [popup]
Snowshoe hare...
Lontra canadensis  [popup]
Northern river otter...
Lynx canadensis  [popup]
Canada lynx...
Lynx rufus  [popup]
Marmota monax  [popup]
Martes americana  [popup]
American marten...
Martes pennanti  [popup]
Mephitis mephitis  [popup]
Striped skunk...
Microtus ochrogaster  [popup]
Microtus pennsylvanicus  [popup]
Microtus pinetorum  [popup]
Mus musculus  [popup]
House mouse
Mustela erminea  [popup]
Mustela frenata  [popup]
Long-tailed weasel...
Mustela nivalis  [popup]
Least weasel...
Myotis keenii  [popup]
Myotis lucifugus  [popup]
Little brown bat
Myotis sodalis  [popup]
Indiana bat
Napaeozapus insignis  [popup]
Woodland jumping mouse
Nycticeius humeralis  [popup]
Evening bat
Odocoileus virginianus  [popup]
White-tailed deer
Ondatra zibethicus  [popup]
Peromyscus leucopus  [popup]
Peromyscus maniculatus  [popup]
Pipistrellus subflavus  [popup]
Eastern pipistrelle...
Procyon lotor  [popup]
Northern raccoon...
Puma concolor  [popup]
Rangifer tarandus  [popup]
Rattus norvegicus  [popup]
Brown rat
Scalopus aquaticus  [popup]
Eastern mole...
Sciurus carolinensis  [popup]
Eastern gray squirrel...
Sciurus niger  [popup]
Eastern fox squirrel...
Sorex arcticus  [popup]
Arctic shrew
Sorex cinereus  [popup]
Cinereus shrew...
Sorex fumeus  [popup]
Smoky shrew...
Sorex hoyi  [popup]
Pygmy shrew
Sorex palustris  [popup]
Water shrew
Spermophilus franklinii  [popup]
Ground squirrel...
Spermophilus tridecemlineatus  [popup]
Thirteen-lined ground squirrel...
Sylvilagus floridanus  [popup]
Eastern cottontail...
Synaptomys cooperi  [popup]
Tamias minimus  [popup]
Least chipmunk...
Tamias striatus  [popup]
Eastern chipmunk...
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus  [popup]
Red squirrel...
Taxidea taxus  [popup]
American badger...
Urocyon cinereoargenteus  [popup]
Gray fox
Ursus americanus  [popup]
American black bear...
Vulpes vulpes  [popup]
Red fox
Zapus hudsonius  [popup]
Meadow jumping mouse

REMAINING (number with state)
 Sciuridae (10)
 Mustelidae (9)
 Vespertilionidae (9)
 Cricetidae (7)
 Soricidae (7)
 Canidae (4)
 Cervidae (4)
 Felidae (3)
 Dipodidae (2)
 Leporidae (2)
 Muridae (2)
 Talpidae (2)
 Bovidae (1)
 Castoridae (1)
 Didelphidae (1)
 Erethizontidae (1)
 Procyonidae (1)
 Ursidae (1)