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Discover Life
261 kinds match

Acrobates pygmaeus  [popup]
Feathertail glider...
Aepyprymnus rufescens  [popup]
Rufous bettong...
Ailurops ursinus  [popup]
Bear cuscus...
Antechinus bellus  [popup]
Fawn antechinus...
Antechinus flavipes  [popup]
Yellow-footed antechinus...
Antechinus godmani  [popup]
Atherton antechinus...
Antechinus leo  [popup]
Cinnamon antechinus
Antechinus melanurus  [popup]
Black-tailed antechinus...
Antechinus minimus  [popup]
Swamp antechinus...
Antechinus naso  [popup]
Long-nosed antechinus...
Antechinus stuartii  [popup]
Brown antechinus
Antechinus swainsonii  [popup]
Dusky antechinus...
Antechinus wilhelmina  [popup]
Lesser antechinus
Bettongia gaimardi  [popup]
Tasmanian bettong...
Bettongia lesueur  [popup]
Burrowing bettong...
Bettongia penicillata  [popup]
Brush-tailed bettong
Burramys parvus  [popup]
Mountain pygmy possum
Caenolestes caniventer  [popup]
Gray-bellied shrew opossum
Caenolestes convelatus  [popup]
Blackish shrew opossum
Caenolestes fuliginosus  [popup]
Silky shrew opossum...
Caloprymnus campestris  [popup]
Desert rat kangaroo...
Caluromys derbianus  [popup]
Central american woolly opossum...
Caluromys lanatus  [popup]
Western woolly opossum...
Caluromys philander  [popup]
Bare-tailed woolly opossum...
Caluromysiops irrupta  [popup]
Black-shouldered opossum
Cercartetus caudatus  [popup]
Long-tailed pygmy possum...
Cercartetus concinnus  [popup]
Western pygmy possum...
Cercartetus lepidus  [popup]
Tasmanian pygmy possum...
Cercartetus nanus  [popup]
Eastern pygmy possum...
Chaeropus ecaudatus  [popup]
Pig-footed bandicoot...
Chironectes minimus  [popup]
Water opossum...
Dactylopsila megalura  [popup]
Great-tailed triok
Dactylopsila palpator  [popup]
Long-fingered triok
Dactylopsila tatei  [popup]
Dactylopsila trivirgata  [popup]
Striped possum
Dasycercus byrnei  [popup]
Dasycercus cristicauda  [popup]
Dasykaluta rosamondae  [popup]
Little red kaluta...
Dasyurus albopunctatus  [popup]
New guinean quoll
Dasyurus geoffroii  [popup]
Western quoll
Dasyurus hallucatus  [popup]
Northern quoll...
Dasyurus maculatus  [popup]
Spotted-tailed quoll...
Dasyurus spartacus  [popup]
Bronze quoll
Dasyurus viverrinus  [popup]
Eastern quoll...
Dendrolagus bennettianus  [popup]
Tree kangaroo
Dendrolagus dorianus  [popup]
Tree kangaroo
Dendrolagus goodfellowi  [popup]
Tree kangaroo
Dendrolagus inustus  [popup]
Grizzled tree kangaroo
Dendrolagus lumholtzi  [popup]
Tree kangaroo
Dendrolagus matschiei  [popup]
Huon tree kangaroo
Dendrolagus scottae  [popup]
Tenkile tree kangaroo
Dendrolagus spadix  [popup]
Lowland tree kangaroo
Dendrolagus ursinus  [popup]
White-throated tree kangaroo...
Didelphis albiventris  [popup]
White-eared opossum
Didelphis aurita  [popup]
Big-eared opossum...
Didelphis marsupialis  [popup]
Southern opossum
Didelphis virginiana  [popup]
Virginia opossum
Distoechurus pennatus  [popup]
Feathertail possum
Dorcopsis atrata  [popup]
Black dorcopsis
Dorcopsis hageni  [popup]
White-striped dorcopsis
Dorcopsis luctuosa  [popup]
Gray dorcopsis...
Dorcopsis muelleri  [popup]
Brown dorcopsis...
Dorcopsulus macleayi  [popup]
Papuan forest wallaby...
Dorcopsulus vanheurni  [popup]
Lesser forest wallaby...
Dromiciops gliroides  [popup]
Monito del monte...
Glironia venusta  [popup]
Bushy-tailed opossum
Gracilinanus aceramarcae  [popup]
Aceramarca gracile mouse opossum...
Gracilinanus agilis  [popup]
Agile gracile mouse opossum
Gracilinanus dryas  [popup]
Wood sprite gracile mouse opossum...
Gracilinanus emiliae  [popup]
Gracile mouse opossum...
Gracilinanus marica  [popup]
Northern gracile mouse opossum...
Gracilinanus microtarsus  [popup]
Brazilian gracile mouse opossum...
Gymnobelideus leadbeateri  [popup]
Hemibelideus lemuroides  [popup]
Lemuroid ringtail possum
Hypsiprymnodon moschatus  [popup]
Musky rat kangaroo
Isoodon auratus  [popup]
Golden bandicoot...
Isoodon macrourus  [popup]
Northern brown bandicoot...
Isoodon obesulus  [popup]
Southern brown bandicoot...
Lagorchestes asomatus  [popup]
Central hare-wallaby
Lagorchestes conspicillatus  [popup]
Spectacled hare-wallaby
Lagorchestes hirsutus  [popup]
Rufous hare-wallaby
Lagorchestes leporides  [popup]
Eastern hare-wallaby...
Lagostrophus fasciatus  [popup]
Banded hare-wallaby...
Lasiorhinus krefftii  [popup]
Northern hairy-nosed wombat...
Lasiorhinus latifrons  [popup]
Southern hairy-nosed wombat...
Lestodelphys halli  [popup]
Patagonian opossum...
Lestoros inca  [popup]
Incan shrew opossum...
Lutreolina crassicaudata  [popup]
Lutrine opossum...
Macropus agilis  [popup]
Agile wallaby...
Macropus antilopinus  [popup]
Antilopine wallaroo...
Macropus bernardus  [popup]
Black wallaroo...
Macropus dorsalis  [popup]
Black-striped wallaby...
Macropus eugenii  [popup]
Tammar wallaby...
Macropus fuliginosus  [popup]
Western gray kangaroo...
Macropus giganteus  [popup]
Eastern gray kangaroo
Macropus greyi  [popup]
Toolache wallaby...
Macropus irma  [popup]
Western brush wallaby...
Macropus parma  [popup]
Parma wallaby...
Macropus parryi  [popup]
Whiptail wallaby
Macropus robustus  [popup]
Hill wallaroo...
Macropus rufogriseus  [popup]
Red-necked wallaby...
Macropus rufus  [popup]
Red kangaroo...
Macrotis lagotis  [popup]
Macrotis leucura  [popup]
Lesser bilby...
Marmosa andersoni  [popup]
Mouse opossum...
Marmosa canescens  [popup]
Grayish mouse opossum...
Marmosa lepida  [popup]
Little rufous mouse opossum
Marmosa mexicana  [popup]
Mexican mouse opossum...
Marmosa murina  [popup]
Murine mouse opossum...
Marmosa robinsoni  [popup]
Mouse opossum
Marmosa rubra  [popup]
Red mouse opossum
Marmosa tyleriana  [popup]
Mouse opossum
Marmosa xerophila  [popup]
Dryland mouse opossum
Marmosops cracens  [popup]
Slim-faced slender mouse opossum...
Marmosops dorothea  [popup]
Slender mouse opossum...
Marmosops fuscatus  [popup]
Gray-bellied slender mouse opossum...
Marmosops handleyi  [popup]
Slender mouse opossum...
Marmosops impavidus  [popup]
Andean slender mouse opossum...
Marmosops incanus  [popup]
Gray slender mouse opossum...
Marmosops invictus  [popup]
Slaty slender mouse opossum...
Marmosops noctivagus  [popup]
White-bellied slender mouse opossum...
Marmosops parvidens  [popup]
Delicate slender mouse opossum...
Metachirus nudicaudatus  [popup]
Brown four-eyed opossum...
Micoureus alstoni  [popup]
Woolly mouse opossum...
Micoureus constantiae  [popup]
Pale-bellied woolly mouse opossum...
Micoureus demerarae  [popup]
Long-furred woolly mouse opossum...
Micoureus regina  [popup]
Short-furred woolly mouse opossum...
Monodelphis adusta  [popup]
Sepia short-tailed opossum...
Monodelphis americana  [popup]
Three-striped short-tailed opossum...
Monodelphis brevicaudata  [popup]
Red-legged short-tailed opossum...
Monodelphis dimidiata  [popup]
Southern short-tailed opossum...
Monodelphis domestica  [popup]
Gray short-tailed opossum...
Monodelphis emiliae  [popup]
Short-tailed opossum...
Monodelphis iheringi  [popup]
Short-tailed opossum
Monodelphis kunsi  [popup]
Pygmy short-tailed opossum
Monodelphis maraxina  [popup]
Short-tailed opossum
Monodelphis osgoodi  [popup]
Short-tailed opossum...
Monodelphis rubida  [popup]
Chestnut-striped short-tailed opossum...
Monodelphis scalops  [popup]
Long-nosed short-tailed opossum
Monodelphis sorex  [popup]
Shrewish short-tailed opossum
Monodelphis theresa  [popup]
Short-tailed opossum
Monodelphis unistriata  [popup]
One-striped short-tailed opossum...
Murexia longicaudata  [popup]
Short-furred dasyure...
Murexia rothschildi  [popup]
Broad-striped dasyure...
Myoictis melas  [popup]
Three-striped dasyure...
Myrmecobius fasciatus  [popup]
Neophascogale lorentzi  [popup]
Speckled dasyure...
Ningaui ridei  [popup]
Wongai ningaui
Ningaui timealeyi  [popup]
Pilbara ningaui
Ningaui yvonnae  [popup]
Southern ningaui
Notoryctes caurinus  [popup]
Northwestern marsupial mole
Notoryctes typhlops  [popup]
Marsupial mole...
Onychogalea fraenata  [popup]
Bridled nail-tailed wallaby...
Onychogalea lunata  [popup]
Crescent nail-tailed wallaby...
Onychogalea unguifera  [popup]
Northern nail-tailed wallaby...
Parantechinus apicalis  [popup]
Southern dibbler...
Parantechinus bilarni  [popup]
Sandstone dibbler...
Perameles bougainville  [popup]
Western barred bandicoot
Perameles eremiana  [popup]
Desert bandicoot
Perameles gunnii  [popup]
Eastern barred bandicoot
Perameles nasuta  [popup]
Long-nosed bandicoot...
Petauroides volans  [popup]
Greater glider...
Petaurus abidi  [popup]
Northern glider
Petaurus australis  [popup]
Yellow-bellied glider
Petaurus breviceps  [popup]
Sugar glider
Petaurus gracilis  [popup]
Mahogany glider...
Petaurus norfolcensis  [popup]
Squirrel glider
Petrogale assimilis  [popup]
Allied rock wallaby
Petrogale brachyotis  [popup]
Short-eared rock wallaby
Petrogale burbidgei  [popup]
Petrogale concinna  [popup]
Pygmy rock wallaby
Petrogale godmani  [popup]
Rock wallaby
Petrogale inornata  [popup]
Unadorned rock wallaby
Petrogale lateralis  [popup]
Black-footed rock wallaby
Petrogale penicillata  [popup]
Brush-tailed rock wallaby...
Petrogale persephone  [popup]
Proserpine rock wallaby
Petrogale rothschildi  [popup]
Rock wallaby
Petrogale xanthopus  [popup]
Yellow-footed rock wallaby
Petropseudes dahli  [popup]
Rock ringtail possum...
Phalanger carmelitae  [popup]
Mountain cuscus
Phalanger lullulae  [popup]
Woodlark cuscus
Phalanger matanim  [popup]
Telefomin cuscus
Phalanger orientalis  [popup]
Gray cuscus...
Phalanger ornatus  [popup]
Moluccan cuscus...
Phalanger pelengensis  [popup]
Peleng island cuscus...
Phalanger rothschildi  [popup]
Obi island cuscus
Phalanger sericeus  [popup]
Silky cuscus
Phalanger vestitus  [popup]
Phascogale calura  [popup]
Red-tailed phascogale
Phascogale tapoatafa  [popup]
Brush-tailed phascogale...
Phascolarctos cinereus  [popup]
Phascolosorex doriae  [popup]
Red-bellied marsupial shrew...
Phascolosorex dorsalis  [popup]
Narrow-striped marsupial shrew...
Philander andersoni  [popup]
Black four-eyed opossum...
Philander opossum  [popup]
Gray four-eyed opossum...
Planigale gilesi  [popup]
Paucident planigale
Planigale ingrami  [popup]
Long-tailed planigale...
Planigale maculata  [popup]
Pygmy planigale...
Planigale novaeguineae  [popup]
New guinean planigale
Planigale tenuirostris  [popup]
Narrow-nosed planigale
Potorous longipes  [popup]
Long-footed potoroo...
Potorous platyops  [popup]
Broad-faced potoroo...
Potorous tridactylus  [popup]
Long-nosed potoroo...
Pseudantechinus macdonnellensis  [popup]
Fat-tailed pseudantechinus...
Pseudantechinus ningbing  [popup]
Ningbing pseudantechinus
Pseudantechinus woolleyae  [popup]
Pseudocheirus canescens  [popup]
Daintree river ringtail
Pseudocheirus caroli  [popup]
Weyland ringtail...
Pseudocheirus forbesi  [popup]
Moss-forest ringtail...
Pseudocheirus herbertensis  [popup]
Herbert river ringtail...
Pseudocheirus mayeri  [popup]
Pygmy ringtail...
Pseudocheirus peregrinus  [popup]
Queensland ringtail...
Pseudocheirus schlegeli  [popup]
Arfak ringtail...
Pseudochirops albertisii  [popup]
Ringtail possum
Pseudochirops archeri  [popup]
Green ringtail possum
Pseudochirops corinnae  [popup]
Golden ringtail possum...
Pseudochirops cupreus  [popup]
Coppery ringtail possum...
Rhyncholestes raphanurus  [popup]
Chilean shrew opossum
Sarcophilus laniarius  [popup]
Tasmanian devil...
Setonix brachyurus  [popup]
Sminthopsis aitkeni  [popup]
Kangaroo island dunnart
Sminthopsis archeri  [popup]
Chestnut dunnart
Sminthopsis butleri  [popup]
Carpentarian dunnart
Sminthopsis crassicaudata  [popup]
Fat-tailed dunnart...
Sminthopsis dolichura  [popup]
Little long-tailed dunnart
Sminthopsis douglasi  [popup]
Julia creek dunnart
Sminthopsis fuliginosus  [popup]
Sooty dunnart...
Sminthopsis gilberti  [popup]
Sminthopsis granulipes  [popup]
White-tailed dunnart
Sminthopsis griseoventer  [popup]
Gray-bellied dunnart
Sminthopsis hirtipes  [popup]
Hairy-footed dunnart
Sminthopsis laniger  [popup]
Sminthopsis leucopus  [popup]
White-footed dunnart...
Sminthopsis longicaudata  [popup]
Long-tailed dunnart
Sminthopsis macroura  [popup]
Stripe-faced dunnart...
Sminthopsis murina  [popup]
Slender-tailed dunnart...
Sminthopsis ooldea  [popup]
Ooldea dunnart...
Sminthopsis psammophila  [popup]
Sandhill dunnart
Sminthopsis virginiae  [popup]
Red-cheeked dunnart...
Sminthopsis youngsoni  [popup]
Lesser hairy-footed dunnart
Spilocuscus maculatus  [popup]
Short-tailed spotted cuscus...
Spilocuscus rufoniger  [popup]
Black-spotted cuscus...
Strigocuscus celebensis  [popup]
Little celebes cuscus...
Strigocuscus gymnotis  [popup]
Ground cuscus
Tarsipes rostratus  [popup]
Honey possum
Thylacinus cynocephalus  [popup]
Thylamys elegans  [popup]
Elegant fat-tailed opossum...
Thylamys macrura  [popup]
Long-tailed fat-tailed opossum...
Thylamys pallidior  [popup]
Pallid fat-tailed opossum...
Thylamys pusilla  [popup]
Small fat-tailed opossum...
Thylamys velutinus  [popup]
Velvety fat-tailed opossum...
Thylogale billardierii  [popup]
Tasmanian pademelon...
Thylogale brunii  [popup]
Dusky pademelon...
Thylogale stigmatica  [popup]
Red-legged pademelon...
Thylogale thetis  [popup]
Red-necked pademelon...
Trichosurus arnhemensis  [popup]
Northern brushtail possum...
Trichosurus caninus  [popup]
Mountain brushtail possum...
Trichosurus vulpecula  [popup]
Silver-gray brushtail possum...
Vombatus ursinus  [popup]
Coarse-haired wombat...
Wallabia bicolor  [popup]
Swamp wallaby...
Wyulda squamicaudata  [popup]
Scaly-tailed possum

REMAINING (number with state)
Color main
 Brown (10)
 Gray/black (9)
 Tan (1)
 Didelphidae (63)
 Dasyuridae (61)
 Macropodidae (54)
 Phalangeridae (18)
 Pseudocheiridae (14)
 Petauridae (10)
 Hypsiprymnodontidae (9)
 Peramelidae (8)
 Burramyidae (5)
 Caenolestidae (5)
 Vombatidae (3)
 Acrobatidae (2)
 Notoryctidae (2)
 Thylacomyidae (2)
 Microbiotheriidae (1)
 Myrmecobiidae (1)
 Phascolarctidae (1)
 Tarsipedidae (1)
 Thylacinidae (1)
Fur pattern
 Dark top, light bottom (17)
 Solid (1)
 Variegated (1)
 Rodent-like (7)
 Gliders, possums, and cuscuses (6)
 Kangaroos, wallabies, and potoroos (5)
 Bandicoots and bilbies (1)
 Furry (9)
 Sparsely furred (8)
 Fringe on either side (1)
Tail length
 As long as body (14)
 Longer than body (3)
 Shorter than body (3)
 Large on bottom (11)
 Even on top and bottom (8)