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28 kinds match


Anthidiellum  [popup]
Anthidium  [popup]
Anthodioctes  [popup]
Ashmeadiella  [popup]
Ashmeadiella subg. Isosmia  [popup]
Atoposmia  [popup]
Aztecanthidium  [popup]
Chelostoma  [popup]
Coelioxys  [popup]
Dianthidium  [popup]
Dioxys  [popup]
Dolichostelis  [popup]
Duckeanthidium  [popup]
Epanthidium  [popup]
Heriades  [popup]
Hoplitis  [popup]
Hoplostelis  [popup]
Hypanthidioides  [popup]
Hypanthidium  [popup]
Lithurge  [popup]
Megachile  [popup]
Osmia  [popup]
Paranthidium  [popup]
Protosmia  [popup]
Protostelis  [popup]
Stelis  [popup]
Trachusa  [popup]
Xeroheriades  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen, T1
 Anterior face concave, with a distinct edge where it meets with dorsal face of T1 (23)
 Abdomen, convex, not distinct edge where it meets with dorsal face of T1 (6)
Abdomen, color
 No red (26)
 Some red on it (10)
Abdomen, pygidial plate
 Absent (27)
 Present (1)
Abdomen, tergal hair bands
 Absent (17)
 Present (14)
 Yes (15)
 No (13)
Body, color
 With red, yellow or white markings (15)
 Black (14)
 Metallic blue or green (3)
Female, abdomen, scopa
 Present (22)
 Absent (6)
Female, head, clypeus
 Flat, or gently rounded, no nose like protuberance (27)
 Has a protuberance (7)
Female, head, supraclypeal area
 No protuberance above clypeus (27)
 Area directly above clypeus with a protuberance (1)
Female, legs, tarsal claws
 Cleft or toothed (18)
 Simple (12)
Female, mouthparts
 Without hooked hairs (28)
 With hooked hairs (3)
Head, eyes
 No hairs (27)
 Hairy (1)
Head, face
 Line extending from antenna to top of clypeus straight (27)
 Line suture extending from antenna to top of clypeus strongly curved (1)
Head, top
 Preoccipital margin rounded (23)
 Preoccipital margin carinate (9)
Legs, arolia
 Present (22)
 Absent (8)
Legs, hindcoxa
 Doesn t have a longitudinal carina (22)
 Has a longitudinal carina (10)
Males, abdomen, S3
 Without a hairy emargination (28)
 With a hair-filled emargination (3)
Males, abdomen, S4
 Without a comb (27)
 With a comb (3)
Males, abdomen, T6
 Evenly rounded all the way to the margin (27)
 With or without teeth, but not four teeth (27)
 With preapical transverse flange or carina-- Sometimes with a spine (4)
 With four teeth (3)
Males, abdomen, T7
 Visible in normal view (26)
 Not visible, only T1-6 visible (5)
Males, legs, coxa
 Posterior coxa rounded (28)
 Posterior coxa toothed (1)
Males, legs, foretibia and/or foretarsi
 Slender and unmarked (28)
 Expanded, with light markings (1)
 No (19)
 Yes (9)
Thorax, axilla
 Rounded (24)
 Spined (2)
Thorax, metanotum
 Without a felt-like area to the side (26)
 With a felt-like area to the side (1)
Thorax, metapleuron
 Thick (27)
 Thin (1)
Thorax, omaulus
 Not carinate (17)
 Carinate (12)
Thorax, parapsidal line
 Linear and elongate (24)
 Punctiform, a small dot (1)
Thorax, propodeum, basal zone
 Without strong pits or posterior carina (22)
 With strong pits and posterior carina (8)
Thorax, propodeum, propodeal spiracle
 Without fovea posterior to spiracle (20)
 With fovea posterior to spiracle (11)
Wings, second recurrent vein
 Distal to second submarginal crossvein (15)
 Interstitial or basal to second submarginal crossvein (14)
Wings, stigma
 Short, less than twice as long as broad (17)
 Longer, more than twice as long as broad (12)