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Discover Life
550 kinds match

Adamsiella grayana  [popup]
Adamsiella aureolabris...
Adamsiella ignilabris  [popup]
Cyclostoma albilabre
Adamsiella irrorata  [popup]
Adamsiella jarvisi  [popup]
Adamsiella longicollis  [popup]
Adamsiella mirabilis  [popup]
Cyclostoma decussatulum
Adamsiella miranda  [popup]
Adamsiella monstrosa  [popup]
Cyclostoma intermedium
Adamsiella moribunda  [popup]
Adamsiella pearmanaeana  [popup]
Adamsiella pulchrior  [popup]
Cyclostoma binneyanum
Adamsiella variabilis  [popup]
Cyclostoma articulatum...
Aerotrochus mcnabianus  [popup]
Helix macnabiana
Aerotrochus perdepressa  [popup]
Helix depressa
Aerotrochus subpyramidalis  [popup]
Alcadia affinis  [popup]
Helicina gloynei
Alcadia aurantia  [popup]
Helicina pyrrhostoma
Alcadia brownii  [popup]
Alcadia citrinolabris  [popup]
Helicina albolabris
Alcadia consanguinea  [popup]
Helicina soror
Alcadia dubiosa  [popup]
Helicina intermedia
Alcadia erythrozona  [popup]
Alcadia hirsuta  [popup]
Alcadia hollandi  [popup]
Alcadia jamaicensis  [popup]
Helicina fuscocallosa ...
Alcadia macilenta  [popup]
Alcadia major  [popup]
Alcadia maxima  [popup]
Helicina citrina
Alcadia megastoma  [popup]
Alcadia microstoma  [popup]
Alcadia nobilis  [popup]
Alcadia pusilla  [popup]
Alcadia intermedia
Alcadia solitaria  [popup]
Helicina guildingiana
Allopeas gracile  [popup]
Bulimus hortensis
Allopeas micra  [popup]
Bulimus octonoides
Annularia anomala  [popup]
Annularia chittyi  [popup]
Annularia fimbriatula  [popup]
Annularia hilliana  [popup]
Annularia lima  [popup]
Cyclostoma lima
Annularia lincina  [popup]
Turbo compressus...
Annularia mitis  [popup]
Annularia moussoniana  [popup]
Annularia pisum  [popup]
Cyclostoma virgineum
Annularia pulchra  [popup]
Annularia retrorsa  [popup]
Annularia scabricula  [popup]
Annularia spinulosa  [popup]
Annularia triploploma  [popup]
Anoma adamsi  [popup]
Anoma alboanfractus  [popup]
Cylindrella bicolor...
Anoma dohrniana  [popup]
Anoma flexuosa  [popup]
Pupa fusiformis
Anoma fuscolabris  [popup]
Anoma pilsbryi
Anoma gossei  [popup]
Anoma gracilis  [popup]
Anoma integra  [popup]
Anoma jarvisi  [popup]
Anoma levis  [popup]
Anoma balteata...
Anoma nigrescens  [popup]
Cylindrella crassa...
Anoma nitens  [popup]
Anoma simpsoni
Anoma prunicolor  [popup]
Anoma pulchella  [popup]
Anoma pulla  [popup]
Anoma radiata  [popup]
Anoma sinuata  [popup]
Anoma solida  [popup]
Cylindrella blandiana ...
Anoma splendens  [popup]
Cylindrella albida ...
Anoma striata  [popup]
Cylindrella corpulenta ...
Anoma tesselata  [popup]
Cylindrella cinerea...
Anoma tricolor  [popup]
Cylindrella raphinina
Apoma agnesianum  [popup]
Apoma chemnitzianum  [popup]
Cylindrella cumingi ...
Apoma diminutum  [popup]
Brachypodella diminuta
Apoma gracile  [popup]
Bactrocoptis hollandi  [popup]
Cylindrella augustae
Bactrocoptis hydrophana  [popup]
Bactrocoptis pupaeformis  [popup]
Bactrocoptis rosea  [popup]
Cylindrella montana ...
Beckianum beckianum  [popup]
Bothriopupa tenuidens  [popup]
Bradybaena similaris  [popup]
Bulimulus diaphanus  [popup]
Bulimulus guadalupensis  [popup]
Helix exilis
Carychium jardineanum  [popup]
Pupa exilis ...
Colobostylus albus  [popup]
Colobostylus banksianus  [popup]
Cyclostoma hyacinthum
Colobostylus bronnii  [popup]
Cyclostoma bronni...
Colobostylus chevalieri  [popup]
Cyclostoma album...
Colobostylus humphreysianus  [popup]
Cyclostoma humphreyanum...
Colobostylus interruptus  [popup]
Cyclostoma ambiguum
Colobostylus jayanus  [popup]
Cyclostoma histrio...
Colobostylus lamellosus  [popup]
Colobostylus negrilensis  [popup]
Colobostylus nuttii  [popup]
Colobostylus redfieldianus  [popup]
Colobostylus sagittifer  [popup]
Colobostylus tectilabris  [popup]
Colobostylus tenuistriatus  [popup]
Colobostylus thysanoraphe  [popup]
Colobostylus xanthostoma  [popup]
Cyclostoma albilabre
Colobostylus yallahensis  [popup]
Corneosagda immunda  [popup]
Corneosagda ptychodes  [popup]
Costavarix adamsianus  [popup]
Costavarix chittyanus  [popup]
Costavarix costulatus  [popup]
Achatina adamsii...
Costavarix davidensis  [popup]
Costavarix gossei  [popup]
Achatina gracilior
Costavarix lioderma  [popup]
Costavarix mandevillensis  [popup]
Costavarix osculans  [popup]
Cycladamsia bairdiana  [popup]
Cycladamsia rubra  [popup]
Cyclotus pretiosus
Cycladamsia rudisplanusque  [popup]
Cycladamsia seminuda  [popup]
Cyclotus deburghaeanus ...
Cyclobakeria nana  [popup]
Cyclobakeria notatior  [popup]
Cyclobakeria novaespei  [popup]
Cyclobakeria tryoniana  [popup]
Cyclobakeria welchi  [popup]
Poteria taylori
Cyclochittya balnearis  [popup]
Cyclochittya chittyi  [popup]
Cyclochittya dentistigmata  [popup]
Cyclochittya magister  [popup]
Cyclochittya yallahsensis  [popup]
Cyclojamaicia bondi  [popup]
Cyclojamaicia suturalis  [popup]
Cyclopilsbrya asperula  [popup]
Cyclopilsbrya beswicki  [popup]
Cyclopilsbrya caribaea  [popup]
Cyclostoma corrugatum
Cyclopilsbrya glenburniensis  [popup]
Cyclopilsbrya hendersoni  [popup]
Cyclopilsbrya jugosa  [popup]
Cyclotus parva
Cyclopilsbrya rufilabris  [popup]
Cyclopilsbrya rupisfontis  [popup]
Cyclopilsbrya striosa  [popup]
Cyclopilsbrya westmorelandensis  [popup]
Neocyclotus thielei
Cyclovendreysia dubiosa  [popup]
Dialeuca blandiana  [popup]
Helix virginea
Dialeuca conspersula  [popup]
Helix jacobensis
Dialeuca nemoraloides  [popup]
Helix nemoraloides
Dialeuca subconica  [popup]
Helix gossei...
Drymaeus immaculatus  [popup]
Drymaeus multilineatus  [popup]
Eurycratera jamaicensis  [popup]
Helix cornea...
Eutrochatella chittyana  [popup]
Eutrochatella nobilis  [popup]
Trochatella labiosa
Eutrochatella pulchella  [popup]
Eutrochatella tankervillii  [popup]
Euvaricella angiostoma  [popup]
Achatina gayana...
Euvaricella arcuata  [popup]
Euvaricella biplicatula  [popup]
Varicella longa
Euvaricella castanea  [popup]
Euvaricella clappi  [popup]
Euvaricella cochlidium  [popup]
Euvaricella levis  [popup]
Euvaricella longispira  [popup]
Euvaricella nemorensis  [popup]
Euvaricella nitida  [popup]
Euvaricella pellucens  [popup]
Euvaricella phillipsii  [popup]
Glandina phillipsi
Euvaricella similaris  [popup]
Varicella mandevillensis...
Euvaricella solitaria  [popup]
Euvaricella spina  [popup]
Euvaricella taylori  [popup]
Euvaricella venusta  [popup]
Excavata costata  [popup]
Fadyenia albersiana  [popup]
Fadyenia alderiana  [popup]
Fadyenia anthoniana  [popup]
Fadyenia arthuriana  [popup]
Fadyenia bairdiana  [popup]
Blandia minor
Fadyenia baquieana  [popup]
Metcalfeia mitchelliana...
Fadyenia barroniana  [popup]
Fadyenia blandiana  [popup]
Fadyenia boissieriana  [popup]
Fadyenia bowerbankiana  [popup]
Fadyenia bridgesiana  [popup]
Fadyenia carpenteriana  [popup]
Fadyenia chittyana  [popup]
Fadyenia cumingiana  [popup]
Fadyenia denisoniana  [popup]
Fadyenia dohrniana  [popup]
Fadyenia dysoniana  [popup]
Fadyenia fadyeniana  [popup]
Fadyenia fischeriana  [popup]
Fadyenia fortuneana  [popup]
Fadyenia gaskoiniana  [popup]
Fadyenia gouldiana  [popup]
Fadyenia grayana  [popup]
Fadyenia grevilleana  [popup]
Fadyenia gutiereziana  [popup]
Fadyenia hanleyana  [popup]
Fadyenia henryana  [popup]
Fadyenia hollandiana  [popup]
Wilkinsonaea bensoniana...
Fadyenia jeffreysiana  [popup]
Fadyenia layardiana  [popup]
Fadyenia leana  [popup]
Fadyenia lindsleyana  [popup]
Fadyenia loweana  [popup]
Fadyenia lukisiana  [popup]
Fadyenia macandrewiana  [popup]
Fadyenia macgillivrayana  [popup]
Fadyenia metcalfeiana  [popup]
Fadyenia morchiana  [popup]
Fadyenia moricandiana  [popup]
Fadyenia moussoniana  [popup]
Fadyenia newcombiana  [popup]
Fadyenia oweniana  [popup]
Fadyenia petitiana  [popup]
Fadyenia pickeringiana  [popup]
Fadyenia poeyana  [popup]
Fadyenia polyblankiana  [popup]
Fadyenia redfieldiana  [popup]
Fadyenia reeveana  [popup]
Fadyenia riiseana  [popup]
Fadyenia salleana  [popup]
Fadyenia shuttleworthiana  [popup]
Fadyenia sinclairiana  [popup]
Fadyenia stevensiana  [popup]
Fadyenia stokesiana  [popup]
Fadyenia stricklandiana  [popup]
Fadyenia swiftiana  [popup]
Fadyenia tappaniana  [popup]
Fadyenia tayloriana  [popup]
Fadyenia trailliana  [popup]
Fadyenia troscheliana  [popup]
Fadyenia verreauxiana  [popup]
Fadyenia wollastoniana  [popup]
Fadyenia woodwardiana  [popup]
Gastrocopta contracta  [popup]
Gastrocopta pellucida  [popup]
Pupa jamaicensis
Gastrocopta rupicola  [popup]
Pupa marginalba
Gastrocopta servilis  [popup]
Geomelania beardsleana  [popup]
Geomelania exilis
Geomelania costulosa  [popup]
Geomelania elegans  [popup]
Geomelania gracilis  [popup]
Geomelania media
Geomelania greyana  [popup]
Geomelania hilliana  [popup]
Geomelania inornata  [popup]
Geomelania jamaicensis  [popup]
Geomelania affinis ...
Geomelania magna  [popup]
Geomelania peilei
Geomelania minor  [popup]
Geomelania densecostata ...
Geomelania parvula  [popup]
Geomelania parva ...
Geomelania pauperata  [popup]
Geomelania pygmaea  [popup]
Geomelania microglypta
Geomelania pyramidata  [popup]
Geomelania sinuosa  [popup]
Geomelania striosa  [popup]
Geomelania pumila
Geomelania typica  [popup]
Geomelania conica ...
Geoscala costulata  [popup]
Brachypodella savlamari
Geoscala robertsi  [popup]
Geoscala seminuda  [popup]
Geostilbia aperta  [popup]
Achatina gundlachi
Gulella bicolor  [popup]
Guppya gundlachi  [popup]
Guppya orosciana ...
Happiella brevis  [popup]
Happiella decolorata  [popup]
Hawaiia minuscula  [popup]
Helicina ampliata  [popup]
Helicina neritella  [popup]
Pitonnillus muricinus ...
Helicodiscus apex  [popup]
Helicodiscus parallelus  [popup]
Hemitrochus graminicola  [popup]
Hyalosagda arboreoides  [popup]
Helix haldemanniana
Hyalosagda hollandi  [popup]
Hyalosagda osculans  [popup]
Hyalosagda similis  [popup]
Helix ambigua
Hyalosagda simplex  [popup]
Helix delaminata
Incerticyclus perpallidus  [popup]
Karolus consobrinus  [popup]
Karolus iota  [popup]
Lacteoluna rufula  [popup]
Lamellaxis monodon  [popup]
Leptinaria opalescens
Lamellaxis pallidus  [popup]
Lamellaxis striosus  [popup]
Subulina abdita
Lauria cylindracea  [popup]
Helix anconostoma ...
Leptinaria unilamellata  [popup]
Achatina lamellata
Leptopeas robertsi  [popup]
Lewisia philippiana  [popup]
Lucidella adamsiana  [popup]
Lucidella aureola  [popup]
Lucidella coronula  [popup]
Lucidella depressa  [popup]
Lucidella foxi  [popup]
Lucidella granulosa  [popup]
Lucidella inaequalis  [popup]
Lucidella kobelti  [popup]
Lucidella lineata  [popup]
Lucidella nana  [popup]
Helicina tridens ...
Lucidella persculpta  [popup]
Lucidella yallahsensis  [popup]
Megalobulimus oblongus  [popup]
Meiophysema lamellifera  [popup]
Microceramus gossei  [popup]
Cylindrella hydeana
Micromena problematica  [popup]
Bulimus minimus
Microsagda angustispira  [popup]
Microsagda epistyliulum  [popup]
Microsagda inconspicua  [popup]
Miradiscops opal  [popup]
Mychostoma alabastrinum  [popup]
Mychostoma album  [popup]
Brachypodella eos ...
Mychostoma pearmanaeanum  [popup]
Opeas hannense  [popup]
Helix goodalli...
Orthalicus undatus  [popup]
Parachondria adamsi  [popup]
Cyclostoma crenulatum
Parachondria armata  [popup]
Parachondria aurora  [popup]
Parachondria avena  [popup]
Rhytidopoma fraterminor
Parachondria barklyana  [popup]
Parachondria campbellii  [popup]
Parachondria columna  [popup]
Cyclostoma quinquefasciatum
Parachondria crenulosa  [popup]
Parachondria fascia  [popup]
Parachondria fecunda  [popup]
Cyclostoma distinctum
Parachondria griffithiana  [popup]
Parachondria maritima  [popup]
Parachondria mordax  [popup]
Parachondria mutica  [popup]
Parachondria papyracea  [popup]
Cyclostoma abbreviatum
Parachondria pauperata  [popup]
Parachondria sauliae  [popup]
Parachondria sericina  [popup]
Parachondria shepardiana  [popup]
Choanopoma dislocata
Parachondria simulans  [popup]
Parachondria tappaniana  [popup]
Parachondria wilkinsonii  [popup]
Cyclostoma modestum
Pleurodonte adamsiana  [popup]
Pleurodonte amabilis  [popup]
Pleurodonte anomala  [popup]
Helix convexa
Pleurodonte atavus  [popup]
Pleurodonte bainbridgei  [popup]
Helix pretiosa...
Pleurodonte bronni  [popup]
Pleurodonte candescens  [popup]
Helix consanguinea...
Pleurodonte cara  [popup]
Pleurodonte catadupae  [popup]
Helix media
Pleurodonte chemnitziana  [popup]
Helix fluctuata
Pleurodonte ingens  [popup]
Helix imperforata...
Pleurodonte invalida  [popup]
Pleurodonte lucerna  [popup]
Helix abnormis...
Pleurodonte mora  [popup]
Helix carmelita ...
Pleurodonte okeniana  [popup]
Helix fortis
Pleurodonte pallescens  [popup]
Helix pallescens
Pleurodonte peracutissima  [popup]
Helix latior ...
Pleurodonte picturata  [popup]
Pleurodonte sinuata  [popup]
Helix propenuda...
Pleurodonte sloaneana  [popup]
Helix vendryesi
Pleurodonte soror  [popup]
Pleurodonte peracuta ...
Pleurodonte strangulata  [popup]
Pleurodonte subacuta  [popup]
Pleurodonte vacillans
Pleurodonte sublucerna  [popup]
Pleurodonte tridentina  [popup]
Helix bicolor...
Pleurodonte valida  [popup]
Poteria adamsi  [popup]
Poteria burringtoni  [popup]
Poteria campeachyi  [popup]
Ptychocochlis petricola
Poteria clappi  [popup]
Poteria corrugata  [popup]
Turbo jamaicensis...
Poteria corrugatior  [popup]
Poteria corrugatissima  [popup]
Poteria crassa  [popup]
Poteria daltei  [popup]
Ptychocochlis welchi
Poteria gemma  [popup]
Poteria gossei  [popup]
Poteria hendersoni  [popup]
Poteria imitator  [popup]
Poteria inutilis  [popup]
Poteria jamaicensis  [popup]
Turbo jamaicense
Poteria lacteofluviale  [popup]
Poteria lineata  [popup]
Cyclotus cycloatus...
Poteria magna  [popup]
Neocyclotus knobbei
Poteria manchesterensis  [popup]
Poteria marianna  [popup]
Poteria martensi  [popup]
Poteria minor  [popup]
Poteria montegoensis  [popup]
Poteria nodosa  [popup]
Poteria notata  [popup]
Poteria novussaltus  [popup]
Poteria orcutti  [popup]
Poteria pallescens  [popup]
Poteria plana  [popup]
Poteria savannensis  [popup]
Poteria senex  [popup]
Poteria shawae  [popup]
Poteria simpsoni  [popup]
Poteria subglobosa  [popup]
Poteria subrugosa  [popup]
Poteria taylori  [popup]
Poteria clarendonensis
Poteria varians  [popup]
Poteria vendryesi  [popup]
Poteria zigzag  [popup]
Praticolella griseola  [popup]
Priotrochatella josephinae  [popup]
Priotrochatella pulchra  [popup]
Proserpina bidentata  [popup]
Proserpina linguifera  [popup]
Helicina allognata...
Proserpina nitida  [popup]
Proserpina planulata...
Proserpina pisum  [popup]
Proserpinula discoidea  [popup]
Helix proserpinula
Proserpinula infortunata  [popup]
Helix margarita...
Proserpinula margaritella  [popup]
Ptychopatula dioscoricola  [popup]
Pupisoma insigne
Ptychopatula macneilli  [popup]
Ptychopatula minor
Pupoides albilabris  [popup]
Bulimus nitidulus
Rugicyclotus perplexus  [popup]
Sagda adamsiana  [popup]
Sagda alligans  [popup]
Sagda alveare  [popup]
Sagda anodon  [popup]
Sagda bondi  [popup]
Sagda centralis  [popup]
Sagda connectens  [popup]
Sagda cookiana  [popup]
Sagda australis...
Sagda delaminata  [popup]
Sagda epistyloides  [popup]
Sagda alveolata
Sagda foremaniana  [popup]
Sagda grandis  [popup]
Sagda jayana  [popup]
Sagda kingswoodi  [popup]
Sagda maxima  [popup]
Sagda minor  [popup]
Sagda montegoensis  [popup]
Sagda occidentalis  [popup]
Sagda pila  [popup]
Sagda spei  [popup]
Sagda spiculosa  [popup]
Sagda torrefacta  [popup]
Sagda triptycha  [popup]
Sigmataxis annae  [popup]
Sigmataxis brevis  [popup]
Sigmataxis calus  [popup]
Sigmataxis cylindricus  [popup]
Sigmataxis laeviusculus  [popup]
Spiraxis aberrans...
Sigmataxis macrospira  [popup]
Sigmataxis micans  [popup]
Sigmataxis nitidiusculus  [popup]
Sigmataxis parallelus  [popup]
Sigmataxis pauperculus  [popup]
Sigmataxis perplexus  [popup]
Sigmataxis perstriatus  [popup]
Sigmataxis procerus  [popup]
Bulimus clava...
Sigmataxis subaquila  [popup]
Simplicervix humilis  [popup]
Simplicervix inornata  [popup]
Cylindrella asperata
Simplicervix simplex  [popup]
Spiraxis adamsianus  [popup]
Bulimus anomalus...
Spiraxis costulosus  [popup]
Spiraxis inusitatus  [popup]
Spiraxis mirabilis  [popup]
Spiraxis parvulus  [popup]
Spiraxis terebella  [popup]
Bulimus conferta...
Spirostemma abnorme  [popup]
Spirostemma altum  [popup]
Spirostemma bellevuense  [popup]
Cylindrella propinqua
Spirostemma carinatum  [popup]
Spirostemma cognatum  [popup]
Spirostemma dunkeri  [popup]
Cylindrella cylindrus...
Spirostemma elatius  [popup]
Spirostemma intermedium  [popup]
Spirostemma inusitatum  [popup]
Spirostemma ipswichense  [popup]
Spirostemma mandevillense  [popup]
Spirostemma princeps  [popup]
Spirostemma pusillum  [popup]
Spirostemma simile  [popup]
Spirostemma tenellum  [popup]
Stauroglypta alveus  [popup]
Stauroglypta anthoniana  [popup]
Helix albicans...
Stauroglypta peraffinis  [popup]
Stauroglypta spreta  [popup]
Helix errans
Sterkia antillensis  [popup]
Stoastoma livesayanum  [popup]
Stoastoma pfeifferianum  [popup]
Stoastoma pisum  [popup]
Stoastomops adamsi  [popup]
Helicina tenuis
Strialuna diminuta  [popup]
Strialuna haplotrema  [popup]
Strialuna sincera  [popup]
Striatura meridionalis  [popup]
Strobilops hubbardi  [popup]
Helix vendryesiana
Subulina octona  [popup]
Succinea angustior  [popup]
Succinea contorta  [popup]
Succinea latior  [popup]
Succinea sagra  [popup]
Thelidomus aspera  [popup]
Helix granosa
Thelidomus cognata  [popup]
Thysanophora fuscula  [popup]
Thysanophora plagioptycha  [popup]
Trifaux triodon  [popup]
Urocoptis ambigua  [popup]
Urocoptis elizabethensis...
Urocoptis amethystina  [popup]
Cylindrella cerina
Urocoptis aspera  [popup]
Urocoptis baquieana  [popup]
Cylindrella adamsiana...
Urocoptis brevis  [popup]
Cylindrella abbreviata...
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Achatina elegans
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Zaphysema columellatum  [popup]
Zaphysema macmurrayi  [popup]
Zaphysema mundum  [popup]
Zaphysema olivaceum  [popup]
Zaphysema tenerrimum  [popup]
Helix tenerrima
Zaphysema tunicatum  [popup]
Helix tumida
Zonitoides arboreus  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Aperture angle in degrees, side view
 10-15 (128)
 15-20 (121)
 20-25 (108)
 5-10 (103)
 25-30 (89)
 30-35 (76)
 0-5 (60)
 35-40 (54)
 Over 50 (33)
 40-45 (30)
 Under 0 (23)
 45-50 (21)
Aperture curvature at top
 Convex (303)
 None, virtually straight (213)
 Slightly concave (25)
 Strongly concave (12)
Aperture shape
 Oval or teardrop (176)
 Round (147)
 Half-moon (97)
 Taller than wide, top angle acute (88)
 Crescent (71)
 Teeth constrict aperture (35)
 Bean (3)
Aperture, top, junction with previous whorl
 Oblique (286)
 Acute (89)
 Tangential or almost so (77)
 Radial (69)
 None, detached (59)
Basal keel
 Around umbilical area (54)
 Absent (6)
Basal notch
 Shallow (8)
 Deep, narrow (5)
 None (3)
 Very shallow (2)
 Deep, wide (1)
 Dextral (68)
 Sinistral (4)
Color dark brown
 Absent (18)
 On last and upper whorls (4)
 On upper whorls only (2)
Color stripe behind outer lip
 Absent (53)
 Darker than ground color (26)
 Paler than ground color (2)
Color, axial marks
 Absent (105)
 Present (43)
Color, spiral band at periphery
 Absent (146)
 Brown (42)
 Pale (10)
 White (9)
Color, spiral band at suture
 Paler than ground color (5)
 Darker than ground color (3)
Color, spiral band near periphery
 None (468)
 Both above and below (54)
 Above (15)
 Below (9)
Columella internally
 Straight (14)
 Twisted (4)
 With spines or hooks (1)
Columellar notch
 Absent (58)
 Present (14)
Earlier whorls visible through aperture basally
 No (524)
 Yes (19)
Groove above periphery behind aperture
 No (26)
 Yes (7)
Internal spiral ridge
 Absent (40)
 Present (27)
Intersections of ribs and cords
 Beaded (15)
 Prickly (14)
Labial keel
 Keel projects at angle (57)
 Keel weak, inner lip rounded (6)
 Keel crosses from lip to opposite whorl (1)
Narrowing of last whorl
 Absent (71)
 Immediately behind aperture (7)
 At aperture (3)
Number of spiral cords, body whorl
 30-40 (41)
 24-26 (27)
 26-28 (22)
 22-24 (21)
 18-20 (20)
 20-22 (19)
 28-30 (12)
 Over 40 (11)
 16-18 (8)
 10-12 (4)
 12-14 (3)
 14-16 (3)
 6-8 (2)
 8-10 (2)
 3-6 (1)
Opercular lamellae
 Curved outward, touching that of the succeeding whorl (24)
 Curved outward, not touching that of the succeeding whorl (18)
 Concavely curved inward (10)
 Absent (279)
 Present (265)
Outer lip doubled
 Yes (73)
 No (61)
Outer lip edge
 Smooth (96)
 Scalloped (48)
Outer lip flared
 Strongly (252)
 No (246)
 Slightly (71)
Outer lip flattened above
 No (69)
 Yes (7)
Palatal indentation
 Absent (84)
 Present (19)
Peripheral keel
 Absent (99)
 Slight (21)
 Strong (13)
Peripheral keel concave
 Above (5)
 Not concave (5)
 Below (2)
 Both above and below (1)
Sculpture orientation, ribs or growth lines
 Leaning forward (49)
 Aligned with axis (17)
 Leaning backward (3)
Sculpture, axial ribs divided
 No (152)
 Yes (4)
Sculpture, axial ribs in 1/4 whorl, range
 Over 50 (62)
 10-19 (30)
 40-49 (26)
 30-39 (18)
 20-29 (16)
 5-10 (2)
 Under 5 (2)
Sculpture, axial ribs project above suture
 No (93)
 Yes, individually (43)
 Yes, in pairs or groups (23)
Sculpture, axial, on last whorl
 Growth lines only (345)
 Ribs or grooves (231)
 Absent (13)
Sculpture, spiral, on last whorl
 Absent (388)
 Cords (146)
Shell proportions
 Wider than tall (304)
 Taller than wide (252)
Size in millimeters
 10 to 25 (322)
 Under 5 (137)
 5 to 10 (86)
 Over 25 (58)
Spaces between opercular lamellae
 Without raised threads (10)
 With retractively curved raised threads (8)
Spaces between ribs
 About equal to ribs (26)
 Broader than ribs (24)
 Narrower than ribs (10)
Spiral cord strength, body whorl
 About equal strength (39)
 Alternating, except at periphery (23)
 Every third to fifth cord stronger (22)
Spiral cords within umbilicus
 Yes (19)
 No (3)
Spiral cords, penultimate whorl
 5 (13)
 6 (12)
 7 (12)
 8 (8)
 4 (6)
 3 (2)
 9 (2)
 Over 10 (2)
 1 (1)
 10 (1)
Spiral grooves
 Absent (514)
 Microscopic (5)
Spire angle in degrees
 Under 30 (172)
 90-120 (137)
 120-150 (127)
 30-60 (77)
 60-90 (58)
 150-180 (21)
Spire height vs aperture height
 Taller (285)
 Shorter or equal (224)
Spire shape
 Convex (375)
 Straight-sided (123)
 Concave initially (32)
Spire truncated
 No (394)
 Yes (151)
Subsutural sinus
 Absent (16)
 Present (1)
Suture near aperture, direction
 Unchanged (369)
 Slightly down-turned (70)
 Down-turned (68)
 Up-turned (68)
Suture on body whorl
 Abutting or adpressed (353)
 Impressed (163)
 Flush (22)
 Channeled (10)
 Raised (1)
Teeth / ridges / lamellae in aperture
 Absent (488)
 Present (60)
Teeth, angulo-parietal
 Absent (9)
 Present (2)
Teeth, apertural, number
 0 (475)
 4 (24)
 2 (17)
 1 (13)
 3 (10)
 5 (8)
 6 (2)
 7 (2)
 8 (1)
 9 (1)
Teeth, columellar, number
 1 (14)
 0 (13)
 2 (1)
Teeth, lower inner, number
 1 (25)
 2 (23)
 0 (11)
 3 (1)
 4 (1)
 5 (1)
 6 (1)
 7 (1)
Teeth, lower outer, number
 0 (58)
 2 (18)
 1 (15)
Teeth, outer, joined for at least half length
 No (16)
 Yes (12)
Teeth, parietal, number
 0 (65)
 1 (10)
 2 (5)
 3 (1)
Teeth, upper outer, number
 0 (526)
 1 (14)
 2 (1)
Tooth, outermost, shape
 Triangular (9)
 Folded (8)
 Trapezoidal (7)
Top surface or keel wavy
 No (30)
 Yes (1)
Umbilical indentation
 No (339)
 Yes (106)
 Closed (355)
 Open (179)
 Less than half open (16)
 More than half open (8)
Whorls detached within spire
 No (538)
 Yes (1)
Whorls, number of
 4.5 to 5 (174)
 5 to 5.5 (132)
 4 to 4.5 (130)
 7-8 (90)
 8-9 (78)
 6-7 (74)
 3.5 to 4 (69)
 5.5 to 6 (52)
 9-10 (45)
 3.0 to 3.5 (38)
 10-11 (24)
 11-12 (14)
 12-13 (14)
 13-14 (6)
 14-15 (3)
 15-16 (2)
 16-17 (1)
 17-18 (1)
 18-19 (1)
 19-20 (1)
 2.0 to 2.5 (1)
 2.5 to 2.0 (1)
 Over 20 (1)
 Under 2.0 (1)
Whorls, number of , range
 4-6 (317)
 6-10 (182)
 Under 4 (73)
 Over 10 (31)
Whorls: last is widest
 Yes (470)
 No (69)