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331 kinds match in US, MA, Worcester

Achatia distincta  [popup]
Distinct Quaker
Acleris curvalana  [popup]
Blueberry Leaftier Moth...
Acleris holmiana  [popup]
White-marked Acleris Moth...
Acleris nivisellana  [popup]
Snowy-shouldered Acleris Moth
Acronicta americana  [popup]
American Dagger Moth
Acronicta grisea  [popup]
Acronicta tartarea...
Acronicta innotata  [popup]
Unmarked Dagger Moth
Acronicta morula  [popup]
Ochre Dagger Moth
Acronicta ovata  [popup]
Ovate Dagger Moth
Actias luna  [popup]
Luna Moth
Agnorisma badinodis  [popup]
Pale-banded Dart...
Agonopterix pulvipennella  [popup]
Agriopodes fallax  [popup]
The Green Marvel
Agrotis ipsilon  [popup]
Ipsilon Dart...
Allagrapha aerea  [popup]
Unspotted Looper Moth
Amphipoea americana  [popup]
American Ear Moth
Amphipyra pyramidoides  [popup]
Copper Underwing
Anageshna primordialis  [popup]
Yellow-spotted Webworm Moth...
Anaplectoides prasina  [popup]
Green Arches
Ancylis burgessiana  [popup]
Oak Leaffolder Moth
Anisota virginiensis  [popup]
Pink-striped Oakworm Moth
Antaeotricha schlaegeri  [popup]
Schlaegers Fruitworm Moth
Antheraea polyphemus  [popup]
Polyphemus Moth
Anticlea vasiliata  [popup]
Variable Carpet Moth
Apamea amputatrix  [popup]
Yellow Headed Cutworm Moth...
Apamea verbascoides  [popup]
Apantesis phalerata  [popup]
Harnessed Tiger Moth...
Apoda biguttata  [popup]
Shagreened Slug Moth...
Archips dissitana  [popup]
Boldy-marked Archips Moth
Archips purpurana  [popup]
Omnivorous Leafroller Moth
Argyrotaenia mariana  [popup]
Gray-banded Leafroller Moth
Autographa bimaculata  [popup]
Two-spotted Looper Moth
Baileya australis  [popup]
Small Baileya Moth
Baileya dormitans  [popup]
Sleeping Baileya
Balsa labecula  [popup]
White-Blotched Balsa
Besma endropiaria  [popup]
Straw Besma
Biston betularia  [popup]
Peppered Moth...
Caenurgina crassiuscula  [popup]
Clover Looper Moth...
Callopistria cordata  [popup]
Silver-Spotted Fern Moth
Callopistria mollissima  [popup]
Pink-Shaded Fern Moth...
Calyptra canadensis  [popup]
Canadian Owlet
Campaea perlata  [popup]
Pale Beauty...
Caradrina multifera  [popup]
Platyperigea multifera...
Caripeta angustiorata  [popup]
Brown Pine Looper Moth
Caripeta piniata  [popup]
Northern Pine Looper Moth
Catocala andromedae  [popup]
Andromeda Underwing
Catocala antinympha  [popup]
Wayward Nymph...
Catocala blandula  [popup]
Charming Underwing
Catocala cara  [popup]
Darling Underwing...
Catocala cerogama  [popup]
Yellow-banded Underwing
Catocala coccinata  [popup]
Scarlet Underwing
Catocala connubialis  [popup]
Connubial Underwing
Catocala crataegi  [popup]
Hawthorn Underwing
Catocala gracilis  [popup]
Graceful Underwing
Catocala grynea  [popup]
Woody Underwing
Catocala habilis  [popup]
Habilis Underwing
Catocala innubens  [popup]
The Betrothed
Catocala lineella  [popup]
Little Lined Underwing
Catocala mira  [popup]
Wonderful Underwing
Catocala praeclara  [popup]
Praeclara Underwing
Catocala relicta  [popup]
White Underwing...
Catocala residua  [popup]
Residua Underwing
Catocala ultronia  [popup]
Ultronia Underwing
Catocala unijuga  [popup]
Once-married Underwing
Cenopis pettitana  [popup]
Maple-basswood Leafroller Moth...
Cerastis tenebrifera  [popup]
Reddish Speckled Dart
Ceratomia undulosa  [popup]
Waved Sphinx...
Cerma cerintha  [popup]
Tufted Bird-dropping Moth
Chimoptesis pennsylvaniana  [popup]
Filigreed Moth
Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria  [popup]
Blackberry Looper Moth...
Chrysanympha formosa  [popup]
Formosa Looper Moth...
Chytolita morbidalis  [popup]
Morbid Owlet
Chytonix palliatricula  [popup]
Cloaked Marvel
Cisseps fulvicollis  [popup]
Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Cladara atroliturata  [popup]
The Scribbler...
Cladara limitaria  [popup]
Mottled Gray Carpet...
Clepsis peritana  [popup]
Garden Tortrix Moth...
Clostera albosigma  [popup]
Sigmoid Prominent
Clostera apicalis  [popup]
Apical Prominent
Clostera strigosa  [popup]
Striped Chocolate-tip Moth
Coleophora mayrella  [popup]
Metallic Coleophora Moth...
Colocasia flavicornis  [popup]
Colocasia propinquilinea  [popup]
Closebanded Yellowhorn...
Condica vecors  [popup]
Dusky Groundling...
Coryphista meadii  [popup]
Barberry Geometer
Costaconvexa centrostrigaria  [popup]
Bent-Line Carpet...
Crambus agitatellus  [popup]
Double-banded Grass-veneer Moth
Cucullia convexipennis  [popup]
Brown-hooded Owlet Moth...
Cucullia intermedia  [popup]
Intermediate Cucullia
Cyclophora pendulinaria  [popup]
Sweetfern Geometer
Darapsa choerilus  [popup]
Azalea Sphinx...
Darapsa myron  [popup]
Virginia Creeper Sphinx...
Dargida diffusa  [popup]
Wheat Head Armyworm Moth...
Dasychira tephra  [popup]
Tephra Tussock Moth
Datana drexelii  [popup]
Drexels Datana
Deidamia inscriptum  [popup]
Lettered Sphinx...
Deltote bellicula  [popup]
Bog Lithacodia...
Desmia funeralis  [popup]
Grape Leaf Folder Moth...
Diachrysia aereoides  [popup]
Dark-spotted Looper Moth...
Diachrysia balluca  [popup]
Green-patched Looper Moth
Diacme adipaloides  [popup]
Darker Diacme Moth
Diathrausta harlequinalis  [popup]
Harlequin Webworm Moth
Diathrausta reconditalis  [popup]
Recondite Webworm Moth
Dolba hyloeus  [popup]
Pawpaw Sphinx...
Dolichomia olinalis  [popup]
Yellow-fringed Dolichomia Moth...
Drepana arcuata  [popup]
Arched Hooktip Moth
Drepana bilineata  [popup]
Two-Lined Hooktip Moth
Dryocampa rubicunda  [popup]
Rosy Maple Moth
Elophila gyralis  [popup]
Waterlily Borer Moth...
Elophila icciusalis  [popup]
Pondside Pyralid Moth...
Ennomos magnaria  [popup]
Maple Spanworm Moth
Epirrita autumnata  [popup]
Autumnal Moth...
Euchaetes egle  [popup]
Milkweed Tussock Moth
Eucirroedia pampina  [popup]
Scalloped Sallow
Euclea delphinii  [popup]
Spiny Oak-slug Moth
Eucosma dorsisignatana  [popup]
Triangle-backed Eucosma Moth
Eudonia heterosalis  [popup]
Eudryas grata  [popup]
Beautiful Wood-nymph
Eudryas unio  [popup]
Pearly Wood-nymph
Eufidonia notataria  [popup]
Powder Moth
Eulithis diversilineata  [popup]
Lesser Grapevine Looper Moth...
Eumorpha pandorus  [popup]
Pandorus Sphinx Moth
Euparthenos nubilis  [popup]
Locust Underwing
Euphyia intermediata  [popup]
Sharp-angled Carpet...
Eupsilia morrisoni  [popup]
Morrisons Sallow
Eupsilia vinulenta  [popup]
Straight-toothed Sallow
Eusarca confusaria  [popup]
Confused Eusarca
Eutrapela clemataria  [popup]
Curve-toothed Geometer...
Feltia herilis  [popup]
Masters Dart...
Feltia subgothica  [popup]
Subgothic Dart...
Feltia tricosa  [popup]
Feltia pectinicornis...
Feralia comstocki  [popup]
Comstocks Swallow
Feralia jocosa  [popup]
Joker Moth
Feralia major  [popup]
Major Sallow
Furcula borealis  [popup]
White Furcula
Galasa nigrinodis  [popup]
Boxwood Leaftier Moth
Galgula partita  [popup]
The Wedgling...
Glena cribrataria  [popup]
Dotted Gray
Gluphisia avimacula  [popup]
Four-spotted Gluphisia Moth
Gluphisia lintneri  [popup]
Lintners Gluphisia Moth
Gluphisia septentrionis  [popup]
Common Gluphisia...
Grammia figurata  [popup]
Figured Tiger Moth...
Grammia virgo  [popup]
Virgen Tiger Moth...
Grammia virguncula  [popup]
Little Virgin Moth...
Habrosyne scripta  [popup]
Lettered Habrosyne Moth
Haploa clymene  [popup]
Clymene Moth
Haploa confusa  [popup]
Confused Haploa
Haploa lecontei  [popup]
Lecontes Haploa
Harrisimemna trisignata  [popup]
Harris Three-spot...
Hemaris thysbe  [popup]
Hummingbird Clearwing Moth
Hemileuca lucina  [popup]
New England Buck Moth
Hemileuca maia  [popup]
Buck Moth
Heterocampa biundata  [popup]
Wavy-lined Heterocampa
Homophoberia apicosa  [popup]
Black Wedge-spot...
Hydrelia condensata  [popup]
Hyles gallii  [popup]
Gallium Sphinx Moth
Hypagyrtis esther  [popup]
Esther Moth
Hypagyrtis unipunctata  [popup]
One-Spotted Variant
Hypena abalienalis  [popup]
White-lined Bomolocha Moth...
Hypena baltimoralis  [popup]
Baltimore Bomolocha...
Hypena deceptalis  [popup]
Bomolocha deceptalis...
Hypena madefactalis  [popup]
Gray-edged Bomolocha...
Hypena scabra  [popup]
Green Cloverworm Moth...
Hyperaeschra georgica  [popup]
Georgian Prominent
Hypercompe scribonia  [popup]
Giant Leopard Moth...
Hyphantria cunea  [popup]
Fall Webworm Moth...
Hypoprepia fucosa  [popup]
Painted Lichen Moth
Hyppa xylinoides  [popup]
Common Hyppa
Hypsopygia costalis  [popup]
Clover Hayworm Moth...
Idaea dimidiata  [popup]
Single-dotted Wave Moth
Idia aemula  [popup]
Common Idia
Idia americalis  [popup]
American Idia
Idia terrebralis  [popup]
Iridopsis larvaria  [popup]
Bent-Line Gray
Lacinipolia renigera  [popup]
Bristly Cutworm Moth...
Lambdina fiscellaria  [popup]
Hemlock Looper...
Lapara bombycoides  [popup]
Northern Pine Sphinx...
Lascoria ambigualis  [popup]
Ambiguous Moth
Leucania inermis  [popup]
Unarmed Wainscot
Leucania multilinea  [popup]
Many-lined Wainscot...
Leucania phragmitidicola  [popup]
Phragmites Wainscot...
Leuconycta diphteroides  [popup]
Green Leuconycta...
Lithacodes fasciola  [popup]
Yellow-shouldered Slug Moth
Lithophane disposita  [popup]
Dashed Gray Pinion
Lithophane grotei  [popup]
Grotes Pinion
Lithophane hemina  [popup]
Hemina Pinion
Lithophane laticinerea  [popup]
Lithophane patefacta  [popup]
Dimorphic Pinion Moth
Lithophane thaxteri  [popup]
Thaxters Pinion Moth
Lithophane unimoda  [popup]
Dowdy Pinion
Lomographa glomeraria  [popup]
Gray Spring Moth
Lygropia rivulalis  [popup]
Bog Lygropia Moth...
Lytrosis unitaria  [popup]
Common Lytrosis
Macaria aemulataria  [popup]
Common Angle...
Macaria minorata  [popup]
Semiothisa minorata
Macaria pinistrobata  [popup]
White Pine Angle...
Macaria transitaria  [popup]
Blurry Chocolate Angle...
Machimia tentoriferella  [popup]
Gold-striped Leaftier Moth
Macrurocampa marthesia  [popup]
Mottled Prominent
Malacosoma americana  [popup]
Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth...
Maliattha synochitis  [popup]
Black-dotted Lithacodia...
Marathyssa inficita  [popup]
Dark Marathyssa Moth...
Melanchra adjuncta  [popup]
Hitched Arches
Melanolophia signataria  [popup]
Signate Melanolophia
Meropleon diversicolor  [popup]
Multicolored Sedgeminer Moth
Metanema inatomaria  [popup]
Pale Metanema
Microcrambus elegans  [popup]
Elegant Grass-veneer Moth
Monopis pavlovski  [popup]
Pavlovskis Monopis Moth...
Morrisonia confusa  [popup]
Confused Woodgrain
Morrisonia evicta  [popup]
Bicolored Woodgrain
Morrisonia latex  [popup]
Fluid Arches...
Mythimna unipuncta  [popup]
Armyworm Moth...
Nadata gibbosa  [popup]
White-dotted Prominent
Nematocampa resistaria  [popup]
Horned Spanworm Moth...
Nemoria bistriaria  [popup]
Red-fringed Emerald
Nemoria mimosaria  [popup]
White-Fringed Emerald Moth
Nephelodes minians  [popup]
Bronzed Cutworm Moth...
Nepytia canosaria  [popup]
False Hemlock Looper Moth
Nerice bidentata  [popup]
Double-toothed Prominent
Noctua pronuba  [popup]
Large Yellow Underwing
Nola pustulata  [popup]
Sharp-blotched Nola Moth
Nola triquetrana  [popup]
Three-spotted Nola
Notodonta torva  [popup]
Notodonta simplaria
Ochropleura implecta  [popup]
Flame-shouldered Dart Moth
Odontosia elegans  [popup]
Elegant prominent Moth
Olceclostera angelica  [popup]
The Angel Moth
Oligocentria semirufescens  [popup]
Red-washed Prominent
Oreta rosea  [popup]
Rose Hooktip Moth
Orgyia definita  [popup]
Definite Tussock Moth
Orgyia leucostigma  [popup]
White-marked Tussock Moth
Orthodes cynica  [popup]
Cynical Quaker
Orthodes detracta  [popup]
Disparaged Arches...
Orthonama obstipata  [popup]
The Gem
Orthosia alurina  [popup]
Gray Quaker
Orthosia hibisci  [popup]
Speckled Green Fruitworm Moth...
Orthosia revicta  [popup]
Subdued Quaker
Pachysphinx modesta  [popup]
Big Poplar Sphinx Moth...
Packardia elegans  [popup]
Elegant Tailed Slug Moth
Packardia geminata  [popup]
Jeweled Tailed Slug Moth...
Paleacrita vernata  [popup]
Spring Cankerworm Moth...
Palthis angulalis  [popup]
Dark-spotted Palthis
Pandemis limitata  [popup]
Three-lined Leafroller Moth...
Pangrapta decoralis  [popup]
Decorated Owlet
Panopoda carneicosta  [popup]
Brown Panopoda Moth...
Panopoda rufimargo  [popup]
Red-lined Panopoda Moth...
Panthea furcilla  [popup]
Eastern Panthea...
Pantographa limata  [popup]
Basswood Leafroller Moth...
Paonias astylus  [popup]
Huckleberry Sphinx Moth
Paonias excaecatus  [popup]
Blinded Sphinx...
Paonias myops  [popup]
Small-eyed Sphinx...
Papaipema inquaesita  [popup]
Sensitive Fern Borer Moth
Papaipema polymniae  [popup]
Cup Plant Borer Moth
Papaipema rigida  [popup]
Rigid Sunflower Borer Moth
Papaipema unimoda  [popup]
Meadow Rue Borer Moth
Parapoynx allionealis  [popup]
Watermilfoil Leafcutter Moth...
Parapoynx maculalis  [popup]
Polymorphic Pondweed Moth
Pasiphila rectangulata  [popup]
Green Pug Moth...
Patalene olyzonaria  [popup]
Juniper Geometer...
Peridea angulosa  [popup]
Angulose Prominent
Peridea basitriens  [popup]
Oval-based Prominent
Perispasta caeculalis  [popup]
Titian Peales Pyralid Moth...
Pero ancetaria  [popup]
Pero astapa...
Phaeoura quernaria  [popup]
Oak Beauty...
Pheosia rimosa  [popup]
Black-rimmed Prominent...
Phigalia titea  [popup]
The Half-wing Moth
Phragmatobia fuliginosa  [popup]
Ruby Tiger Moth
Phyllodesma americana  [popup]
Southern Lappet Moth
Plagodis alcoolaria  [popup]
Hollow-Spotted Plagodis...
Plagodis kuetzingi  [popup]
Purple Plagodis...
Plagodis phlogosaria  [popup]
Straight-Lined Plagodis...
Plagodis serinaria  [popup]
Lemon Plagodis
Pleuroprucha insulsaria  [popup]
Common Tan Wave
Plusia putnami  [popup]
Putnams Looper Moth
Pococera asperatella  [popup]
Maple Webworm Moth...
Polia nimbosa  [popup]
Stormy Arches
Prionoxystus macmurtrei  [popup]
Little Carpenterworm Moth
Probole alienaria  [popup]
Alien Probole...
Protoboarmia porcelaria  [popup]
Porcelain Gray
Protodeltote muscosula  [popup]
Large Mossy Lithacodia...
Protorthodes oviduca  [popup]
Ruddy Quaker...
Pseudeustrotia carneola  [popup]
Pink-barred Lithacodia...
Pseudothyatira cymatophoroides  [popup]
Tufted Thyatirid Moth
Pyrausta acrionalis  [popup]
Mint-loving Pyrausta Moth
Pyrausta bicoloralis  [popup]
Bicolored Pyrausta Moth...
Pyrausta signatalis  [popup]
Raspberry Pyrausta Moth
Pyreferra citrombra  [popup]
Citrine Sallow
Pyrrharctia isabella  [popup]
Isabella Tiger Moth...
Rachiplusia ou  [popup]
Gray Looper Moth
Rheumaptera prunivorata  [popup]
Fergusons Scallop Shell Moth...
Rhyacionia buoliana  [popup]
European Pine Shoot Moth
Rivula propinqualis  [popup]
Spotted Grass Moth
Schinia spinosae  [popup]
Spinose Flower Moth
Schizura ipomoeae  [popup]
Morning-glory Prominent
Scopula limboundata  [popup]
Large Lace-border Moth...
Selenia alciphearia  [popup]
Northern Selenia Moth
Smerinthus jamaicensis  [popup]
Twin-spotted Sphinx...
Sparganothis sulfureana  [popup]
Sparganothis Fruitworm Moth...
Speranza brunneata  [popup]
Macaria plumosata...
Speranza pustularia  [popup]
Lesser Maple Spanworm Moth...
Sphecodina abbottii  [popup]
Abbots Sphinx Moth
Sphinx chersis  [popup]
Great Ash Sphinx Moth
Sphinx kalmiae  [popup]
Laurel Sphinx...
Sphinx luscitiosa  [popup]
Clemens Sphinx Moth
Sphinx poecila  [popup]
Northern Apple Sphinx Moth
Spilosoma congrua  [popup]
Agreeable Tiger Moth
Spodoptera ornithogalli  [popup]
Yellow-striped Armyworm Moth...
Symmerista albifrons  [popup]
White-headed Prominent Moth
Sympistis chionanthi  [popup]
Adita chionanthi...
Synanthedon acerni  [popup]
Maple Callus Borer Moth...
Syngrapha alias  [popup]
Syngrapha rectangula  [popup]
Salt-and-pepper Looper Moth
Tetracis crocallata  [popup]
Yellow Slant-line Moth
Thera juniperata  [popup]
Juniper Carpet Moth
Tortricidia flexuosa  [popup]
Abbreviated Button Slug Moth
Tortricidia testacea  [popup]
Early Button Slug Moth
Udea rubigalis  [popup]
Celery Leaftier Moth...
Virbia opella  [popup]
Tawny Holomelina...
Xanthotype urticaria  [popup]
False Crocus Geometer...
Xestia praevia  [popup]
Praevia Dart Moth
Xylena curvimacula  [popup]
Dot-and-dash Swordgrass Moth
Zale helata  [popup]
Brown-spotted Zale
Zale horrida  [popup]
Horrid Zale
Zale lunata  [popup]
Lunate Zale...
Zale lunifera  [popup]
Bold-based Zale...
Zale minerea  [popup]
Colorful Zale
Zale obliqua  [popup]
Oblique Zale Moth
Zale phaeocapna  [popup]
Dun Zale Moth
Zanclognatha jacchusalis  [popup]
Wavy-lined Zanclognatha...
Zanclognatha laevigata  [popup]
Variable Zanclognatha Moth
Zanclognatha pedipilalis  [popup]
Grayish Zanclognatha Moth
Zeuzera pyrina  [popup]
Leopard Moth

REMAINING (number with state)
A Forewing distinctive color
 None (273)
 Orange (69)
 Yellow (58)
 Red (50)
 Green (36)
 Blue (15)
A Forewing distinctive pattern
 Band (195)
 Complex (157)
 Spot (124)
 Stripe (29)
 Veins (29)
 None (20)
 Speckled (11)
 Checkered (9)
A Forewing main color
 Brown (211)
 Gray (147)
 White (82)
 Orange (73)
 Black (50)
 Green (21)
A Shape at rest
 Arrow (175)
 Spread (122)
 Tent (109)
 Tail (52)
 Parallel (21)
 Underside (4)
 Up (3)
 Z No photo (2)
Antennae shape
 Simple (8)
 2-comb (3)
Claviform spot
 Absent (135)
 Indistinct (39)
 Dark margin (9)
 Light (6)
 Dark (4)
 Light margin (2)
Costal pattern
 2 (126)
 3 (118)
 1 (110)
 Unclear (94)
 4 (87)
 Over Four (85)
 0 (5)
Discal spot
 Absent (232)
 Dark (37)
 Hidden (9)
 Dark margin (6)
 Light (4)
 Light margin (2)
 Noctuidae (146)
 Geometridae (60)
 Notodontidae (21)
 Crambidae (19)
 Sphingidae (19)
 Arctiidae (16)
 Tortricidae (14)
 Limacodidae (7)
 Pyralidae (7)
 Saturniidae (6)
 Drepanidae (5)
 Nolidae (4)
 Lymantriidae (3)
 Oecophoridae (3)
 Pantheidae (3)
 Cossidae (2)
 Lasiocampidae (2)
 Thyatiridae (2)
 Apatelodidae (1)
 Coleophoridae (1)
 Sesiidae (1)
 Tineidae (1)
Forewing length mm
 18 (141)
 17 (138)
 16 (131)
 19 (129)
 20 (127)
 15 (122)
 14 (112)
 13 (104)
 21 (97)
 12 (96)
 22 (86)
 11 (83)
 10 (74)
 23 (73)
 24 (62)
 25 (62)
 9 (57)
 8 (46)
 26 (43)
 28 (41)
 27 (37)
 29 (32)
 30 (32)
 7 (31)
 33 (26)
 31 (25)
 32 (24)
 34 (22)
 35 (21)
 6 (18)
 36 (16)
 37 (16)
 38 (15)
 Over 40 (13)
 39 (12)
 40 (11)
 5 (9)
 Under 5 (2)
 Unknown (1)
Forewing shape
 Smooth (174)
 Fringe (127)
 Irregular (85)
 Angle (28)
 Hook (26)
 Z No photo (1)
 Catocala (19)
 Lithophane (7)
 Zale (7)
 Acronicta (5)
 Hypena (5)
 Macaria (4)
 Papaipema (4)
 Plagodis (4)
 Sphinx (4)
 Acleris (3)
 Clostera (3)
 Feltia (3)
 Feralia (3)
 Gluphisia (3)
 Grammia (3)
 Haploa (3)
 Idia (3)
 Leucania (3)
 Morrisonia (3)
 Orthosia (3)
 Paonias (3)
 Pyrausta (3)
 Zanclognatha (3)
 Apamea (2)
 Archips (2)
 Baileya (2)
 Callopistria (2)
 Caripeta (2)
 Cladara (2)
 Colocasia (2)
 Cucullia (2)
 Darapsa (2)
 Diachrysia (2)
 Diathrausta (2)
 Drepana (2)
 Elophila (2)
 Eudryas (2)
 Eupsilia (2)
 Hemileuca (2)
 Hypagyrtis (2)
 Nemoria (2)
 Nola (2)
 Orgyia (2)
 Orthodes (2)
 Packardia (2)
 Panopoda (2)
 Parapoynx (2)
 Peridea (2)
 Speranza (2)
 Syngrapha (2)
 Tortricidia (2)
 Achatia (1)
 Actias (1)
 Agnorisma (1)
 Agonopterix (1)
 Agriopodes (1)
 Agrotis (1)
 Allagrapha (1)
 Amphipoea (1)
 Amphipyra (1)
 Anageshna (1)
 Anaplectoides (1)
 Ancylis (1)
 Anisota (1)
 Antaeotricha (1)
 Antheraea (1)
 Anticlea (1)
 Apantesis (1)
 Apoda (1)
 Argyrotaenia (1)
 Autographa (1)
 Balsa (1)
 Besma (1)
 Biston (1)
 Caenurgina (1)
 Calyptra (1)
 Campaea (1)
 Caradrina (1)
 Cenopis (1)
 Cerastis (1)
 Ceratomia (1)
 Cerma (1)
 Chimoptesis (1)
 Chlorochlamys (1)
 Chrysanympha (1)
 Chytolita (1)
 Chytonix (1)
 Cisseps (1)
 Clepsis (1)
 Coleophora (1)
 Condica (1)
 Coryphista (1)
 Costaconvexa (1)
 Crambus (1)
 Cyclophora (1)
 Dargida (1)
 Dasychira (1)
 Datana (1)
 Deidamia (1)
 Deltote (1)
 Desmia (1)
 Diacme (1)
 Dolba (1)
 Dolichomia (1)
 Dryocampa (1)
 Ennomos (1)
 Epirrita (1)
 Euchaetes (1)
 Eucirroedia (1)
 Euclea (1)
 Eucosma (1)
 Eudonia (1)
 Eufidonia (1)
 Eulithis (1)
 Eumorpha (1)
 Euparthenos (1)
 Euphyia (1)
 Eusarca (1)
 Eutrapela (1)
 Furcula (1)
 Galasa (1)
 Galgula (1)
 Glena (1)
 Habrosyne (1)
 Harrisimemna (1)
 Hemaris (1)
 Heterocampa (1)
 Homophoberia (1)
 Hydrelia (1)
 Hyles (1)
 Hyperaeschra (1)
 Hypercompe (1)
 Hyphantria (1)
 Hypoprepia (1)
 Hyppa (1)
 Hypsopygia (1)
 Idaea (1)
 Iridopsis (1)
 Lacinipolia (1)
 Lambdina (1)
 Lapara (1)
 Lascoria (1)
 Leuconycta (1)
 Lithacodes (1)
 Lomographa (1)
 Lygropia (1)
 Lytrosis (1)
 Machimia (1)
 Macrurocampa (1)
 Malacosoma (1)
 Maliattha (1)
 Marathyssa (1)
 Melanchra (1)
 Melanolophia (1)
 Meropleon (1)
 Metanema (1)
 Microcrambus (1)
 Monopis (1)
 Mythimna (1)
 Nadata (1)
 Nematocampa (1)
 Nephelodes (1)
 Nepytia (1)
 Nerice (1)
 Noctua (1)
 Notodonta (1)
 Ochropleura (1)
 Odontosia (1)
 Olceclostera (1)
 Oligocentria (1)
 Oreta (1)
 Orthonama (1)
 Pachysphinx (1)
 Paleacrita (1)
 Palthis (1)
 Pandemis (1)
 Pangrapta (1)
 Panthea (1)
 Pantographa (1)
 Pasiphila (1)
 Patalene (1)
 Perispasta (1)
 Pero (1)
 Phaeoura (1)
 Pheosia (1)
 Phigalia (1)
 Phragmatobia (1)
 Phyllodesma (1)
 Pleuroprucha (1)
 Plusia (1)
 Pococera (1)
 Polia (1)
 Prionoxystus (1)
 Probole (1)
 Protoboarmia (1)
 Protodeltote (1)
 Protorthodes (1)
 Pseudeustrotia (1)
 Pseudothyatira (1)
 Pyreferra (1)
 Pyrrharctia (1)
 Rachiplusia (1)
 Rheumaptera (1)
 Rhyacionia (1)
 Rivula (1)
 Schinia (1)
 Schizura (1)
 Scopula (1)
 Selenia (1)
 Smerinthus (1)
 Sparganothis (1)
 Sphecodina (1)
 Spilosoma (1)
 Spodoptera (1)
 Symmerista (1)
 Sympistis (1)
 Synanthedon (1)
 Tetracis (1)
 Thera (1)
 Udea (1)
 Virbia (1)
 Xanthotype (1)
 Xestia (1)
 Xylena (1)
 Zeuzera (1)
 Large (325)
 Macro (279)
 Micro (52)
Hindwing distinctive color
 None (20)
 Red/pink (19)
 Orange (13)
 Yellow (12)
Hindwing shape
 Fringe (157)
 Smooth (124)
 Irregular (68)
 Angle (18)
 Z No photo (7)
 Tail (1)
 06 Jun (319)
 07 Jul (317)
 05 May (309)
 08 Aug (306)
 09 Sep (287)
 04 Apr (275)
 10 Oct (241)
 03 Mar (217)
 02 Feb (155)
 11 Nov (137)
 01 Jan (133)
 12 Dec (92)
Orbicular spot
 Absent (107)
 Indistinct (45)
 Light (44)
 Dark (25)
 Dark margin (25)
 Light margin (25)
 Short, hairy (10)
 Short, hairless (9)
 Spear, hairy (3)
 Curve, base hairy (1)
 Curve, hairless (1)
Reniform spot
 Absent (80)
 Light (58)
 Indistinct (48)
 Dark (46)
 Light margin (40)
 Dark margin (33)
 Rings (4)
Z Foreleg tibia
 Hair step (2)
 Hair thick (2)
 Hair long (1)
 Hair tuffs (1)
 Smooth (1)
Z Forewing postmedial line
 Rounded (2)
 Jagged (1)
 Notched (1)
 Straight (1)
Z Genus of Olethreutine
 Ancylis (1)
 Chimoptesis (1)
 Eucosma (1)
Z Profile
 Hair ball (3)
 Hair pad (2)
 Shield (1)
Z Source
 Moth Photographers Group (331)
 Nearctica (320)
Z Species of Elophila
 Elophila gyralis (1)
 Elophila icciusalis (1)
Z Species of Macaria
 Macaria aemulataria (1)
 Macaria minorata (1)
 Macaria pinistrobata (1)
 Macaria transitaria (1)
Z Species of Pyrausta
 Pyrausta acrionalis (1)
 Pyrausta bicoloralis (1)
Z Species of Spilosoma
 Hyphantria cunea (1)
 Spilosoma congrua (1)
Z Species of Zale
 Zale helata (1)
 Zale horrida (1)
 Zale lunata (1)
 Zale lunifera (1)
 Zale minerea (1)
 Zale obliqua (1)
 Zale phaeocapna (1)
Z Species of Zanclognatha
 Zanclognatha jacchusalis (1)
 Zanclognatha laevigata (1)
Z Species of grays
 Glena cribrataria (1)
 Iridopsis larvaria (1)
 Melanolophia signataria (1)
 Protoboarmia porcelaria (1)
Z dark spread species of family Crambidae
 Anageshna primordialis (1)
 Desmia funeralis (1)
 Diathrausta harlequinalis (1)
 Diathrausta reconditalis (1)
Z species of Idia
 Idia aemula (1)
 Idia americalis (1)