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1338 kinds match in US, NH

Abagrotis anchocelioides  [popup]
Blueberry Budworm Moth...
Abrostola urentis  [popup]
Spectacled Nettle Moth...
Acasis viridata  [popup]
Olive-And-Black Carpet
Achatia distincta  [popup]
Distinct Quaker
Achroia grisella  [popup]
Lesser Wax Moth
Achyra rantalis  [popup]
Garden Webworm Moth...
Acleris celiana  [popup]
Acleris cervinana  [popup]
Acleris chalybeana  [popup]
Lesser Maple Leafroller Moth
Acleris curvalana  [popup]
Blueberry Leaftier Moth...
Acleris flavivittana  [popup]
Multiform Leafroller Moth
Acleris fragariana  [popup]
Acleris fuscana  [popup]
Small Aspen Leaftier Moth
Acleris logiana  [popup]
Black-headed Birch Leaffolder Moth
Acleris macdunnoughi  [popup]
Acleris maculidorsana  [popup]
Stained-back Leafroller Moth
Acleris nigrolinea  [popup]
Acleris nivisellana  [popup]
Snowy-shouldered Acleris Moth
Acleris ptychogrammos  [popup]
Acleris schalleriana  [popup]
Schallers Acleris Moth...
Acleris subnivana  [popup]
Acleris youngana  [popup]
Acossus centerensis  [popup]
Poplar Carpenterworm Moth
Acrobasis angusella  [popup]
Hickory Leafstem Borer Moth
Acrobasis aurorella  [popup]
Acrobasis caryae  [popup]
Hickory Shoot Borer Moth
Acrobasis caryalbella  [popup]
Acrobasis demotella  [popup]
Walnut Shoot Moth
Acrobasis exsulella  [popup]
Cordovan Pyralid Moth
Acrobasis indigenella  [popup]
Leaf Crumpler Moth...
Acrobasis juglandis  [popup]
Pecanleaf Casebearer Moth...
Acrobasis latifasciella  [popup]
Acrobasis stigmella  [popup]
Acrobasis tumidulella  [popup]
Kearfotts Acrobasis Moth...
Acrolepiopsis heppneri  [popup]
Acrolepiopsis incertella  [popup]
Carrionflower Moth
Acrolophus arcanella  [popup]
Grass Tubeworm Moth
Acrolophus morus  [popup]
Acrolophus plumifrontella  [popup]
Eastern Grass Tubeworm Moth
Acronicta americana  [popup]
American Dagger Moth
Acronicta clarescens  [popup]
Clear Dagger Moth...
Acronicta connecta  [popup]
Connected Dagger Moth
Acronicta dactylina  [popup]
Fingered Dagger Moth...
Acronicta dolli  [popup]
Merolonche dolli
Acronicta falcula  [popup]
Acronicta mansueta...
Acronicta fragilis  [popup]
Fragile Dagger Moth
Acronicta funeralis  [popup]
Funerary Dagger Moth
Acronicta grisea  [popup]
Acronicta tartarea...
Acronicta haesitata  [popup]
Hesitant Dagger Moth
Acronicta hamamelis  [popup]
Puzzling Dagger Moth...
Acronicta hasta  [popup]
Speared Dagger Moth...
Acronicta impleta  [popup]
Yellow-haired Dagger Moth
Acronicta impressa  [popup]
Impressed Dagger Moth...
Acronicta increta  [popup]
Southern Oak Dagger Moth...
Acronicta innotata  [popup]
Unmarked Dagger Moth
Acronicta laetifica  [popup]
Pleasant Dagger Moth
Acronicta lepusculina  [popup]
Cottonwood Dagger Moth
Acronicta lobeliae  [popup]
Lobelia Dagger Moth
Acronicta longa  [popup]
Long-winged Dagger Moth
Acronicta modica  [popup]
Medium Dagger Moth
Acronicta morula  [popup]
Ochre Dagger Moth
Acronicta noctivaga  [popup]
Night-wandering Dagger Moth
Acronicta oblinita  [popup]
Smeared Dagger Moth...
Acronicta ovata  [popup]
Ovate Dagger Moth
Acronicta radcliffei  [popup]
Radcliffes Dagger Moth
Acronicta retardata  [popup]
Retarded Dagger Moth...
Acronicta sperata  [popup]
Acronicta spinigera  [popup]
Nondescript Dagger Moth
Acronicta superans  [popup]
Splendid Dagger Moth
Acronicta tristis  [popup]
Acronicta tritona  [popup]
Triton Dagger Moth
Acronicta vinnula  [popup]
Delightful Dagger Moth
Acronicta vulpina  [popup]
Miller Dagger
Actebia fennica  [popup]
Finland Dart...
Actias luna  [popup]
Luna Moth
Adaina ambrosiae  [popup]
Ambrosia Plume Moth
Adela ridingsella  [popup]
Ridings Fairy Moth
Adoneta spinuloides  [popup]
Purple-crested Slug Moth
Aethalura intertexta  [popup]
Four-Barred Gray
Aethes atomosana  [popup]
Phtheochroa atomosana
Aethes matthewcruzi  [popup]
Aethes promptana  [popup]
Phtheochroa promptana
Aetole tripunctella  [popup]
Heliodines tripunctella...
Aglossa costiferalis  [popup]
Pyralis costiferalis
Aglossa cuprina  [popup]
Grease Moth
Aglossa pinguinalis  [popup]
Large Tabby Moth...
Agnorisma badinodis  [popup]
Pale-banded Dart...
Agonopterix atrodorsella  [popup]
Agonopterix canadensis  [popup]
Canadian Agonopterix Moth
Agonopterix lythrella  [popup]
Agonopterix pulvipennella  [popup]
Agriopodes fallax  [popup]
The Green Marvel
Agriphila ruricolellus  [popup]
Lesser Vagabond Sod Webworm...
Agriphila vulgivagellus  [popup]
Vagabond Crambus Moth...
Agrotis gladiaria  [popup]
Swordsman Dart...
Agrotis ipsilon  [popup]
Ipsilon Dart...
Agrotis stigmosa  [popup]
Agrotis venerabilis  [popup]
Venerable Dart
Agrotis volubilis  [popup]
Voluble Dart
Albuna fraxini  [popup]
Virginia Creeper Clearwing Moth
Allagrapha aerea  [popup]
Unspotted Looper Moth
Allotria elonympha  [popup]
False Underwing
Alsophila pometaria  [popup]
Fall Cankerworm Moth...
Alypia langtoni  [popup]
Six-Spotted Forester
Alypia octomaculata  [popup]
Eight-spotted Forester
Amolita fessa  [popup]
Feeble Grass Moth
Amorbia humerosana  [popup]
White-line Leafroller Moth
Amorpha juglandis  [popup]
Walnut Sphinx...
Amphion floridensis  [popup]
Nessus Sphinx...
Amphipoea americana  [popup]
American Ear Moth
Amphipyra pyramidoides  [popup]
Copper Underwing
Amydria brevipennella  [popup]
Anacampsis agrimoniella  [popup]
Anacampsis rhoifructella  [popup]
Anageshna primordialis  [popup]
Yellow-spotted Webworm Moth...
Anagrapha falcifera  [popup]
Celery Looper Moth...
Anania funebris  [popup]
White-spotted Sable Moth
Anaplectoides prasina  [popup]
Green Arches
Anarta nigrolunata  [popup]
Anathix ralla  [popup]
Dotted Sallow
Anavitrinella pampinaria  [popup]
Common Gray...
Ancylis apicana  [popup]
Ancylis burgessiana  [popup]
Oak Leaffolder Moth
Ancylis discigerana  [popup]
Yellow Birch Leaffolder Moth
Ancylis divisana  [popup]
Two-toned Ancylis Moth
Ancylis fuscociliana  [popup]
Ancylis dubiana
Ancylis laciniana  [popup]
Brown-spotted Ancylis Moth
Ancylis metamelana  [popup]
Black-marked Ancylis Moth
Ancylis nubeculana  [popup]
Little Cloud Ancylis Moth
Ancylis semiovana  [popup]
Anicla illapsa  [popup]
Snowy Dart...
Anisota senatoria  [popup]
Orange-tipped Oakworm Moth
Anisota stigma  [popup]
Spiny Oakworm Moth
Anisota virginiensis  [popup]
Pink-striped Oakworm Moth
Anomis flava  [popup]
Tropical Anomis Moth
Anomis privata  [popup]
Anomis commoda...
Anopina ednana  [popup]
Antaeotricha leucillana  [popup]
Pale Gray Bird-dropping Moth
Antaeotricha schlaegeri  [popup]
Schlaegers Fruitworm Moth
Antepione thisoaria  [popup]
Variable Antepione
Antheraea polyphemus  [popup]
Polyphemus Moth
Anticlea multiferata  [popup]
Many-Lined Carpet
Anticlea vasiliata  [popup]
Variable Carpet Moth
Antispila isabella  [popup]
Antispila nysaefoliella  [popup]
Tupelo Leafminer Moth...
Antispila viticordifoliella  [popup]
Apamea alia  [popup]
Apamea amputatrix  [popup]
Yellow Headed Cutworm Moth...
Apamea apamiformis  [popup]
Rice Worm Moth
Apamea burgessi  [popup]
Apamea ona
Apamea cariosa  [popup]
Apamea dionea...
Apamea cogitata  [popup]
Thoughtful Apamea Moth
Apamea devastator  [popup]
Glassy Cutworm Moth...
Apamea dubitans  [popup]
Doubtful Agroperina...
Apamea helva  [popup]
Yellow Three-spot Moth...
Apamea indocilis  [popup]
Apamea ampliata...
Apamea inordinata  [popup]
Apamea semilunata
Apamea lignicolora  [popup]
Wood-Colored Apamea
Apamea lintneri  [popup]
Ommatostola lintneri...
Apamea lutosa  [popup]
Apamea nigrior  [popup]
Black-dashed Apamea
Apamea sordens  [popup]
Bordered Apamea...
Apamea verbascoides  [popup]
Apamea vulgaris  [popup]
Common Apamea Moth...
Apantesis carlotta  [popup]
Carlottas Tiger Moth
Apantesis nais  [popup]
Nais Tiger Moth
Apantesis phalerata  [popup]
Harnessed Tiger Moth...
Aphomia sociella  [popup]
The Bee Moth
Apoda biguttata  [popup]
Shagreened Slug Moth...
Apodrepanulatrix liberaria  [popup]
Apogeshna stenialis  [popup]
Checkered Apogeshna Moth
Apotomis albeolana  [popup]
Apotomis capreana  [popup]
Sallow Apotomis Moth
Apotomis funerea  [popup]
Funereal Apotomis Moth
Archiearis infans  [popup]
The Infant...
Archips cerasivorana  [popup]
Ugly-nest Caterpillar Moth
Archips dissitana  [popup]
Boldy-marked Archips Moth
Archips purpurana  [popup]
Omnivorous Leafroller Moth
Archips rosana  [popup]
European Leafroller Moth
Arctia caja  [popup]
Great Tiger Moth...
Argyresthia alternatella  [popup]
Argyresthia annettella  [popup]
Argyresthia austerella  [popup]
Argyresthia castaneella  [popup]
Argyresthia goedartella  [popup]
Bronze Alder Moth
Argyresthia oreasella  [popup]
Cherry Shoot Borer Moth
Argyresthia subreticulata  [popup]
Speckled Argyresthia Moth
Argyria critica  [popup]
Argyrogramma verruca  [popup]
Golden Looper Moth
Argyrostrotis quadrifilaris  [popup]
Four-lined chocolate
Argyrotaenia alisellana  [popup]
White-spotted Leafroller Moth
Argyrotaenia juglandana  [popup]
Hickory Leafroller Moth...
Argyrotaenia mariana  [popup]
Gray-banded Leafroller Moth
Argyrotaenia pinatubana  [popup]
Pine Tube Moth...
Argyrotaenia quadrifasciana  [popup]
Four-lined Leafroller Moth
Argyrotaenia quercifoliana  [popup]
Yellow-winged Oak Leafroller Moth
Argyrotaenia velutinana  [popup]
Red-banded Leafroller Moth...
Aristotelia physaliella  [popup]
Aristotelia pudibundella  [popup]
Aristotelia pundibundella
Aristotelia pullusella  [popup]
Aroga compositella  [popup]
Six-spotted Aroga Moth...
Arogalea cristifasciella  [popup]
Stripe-backed Moth
Asaphocrita aphidiella  [popup]
Asaphocrita dives
Atteva aurea  [popup]
Ailanthus Webworm Moth...
Autographa ampla  [popup]
Large Looper Moth
Autographa bimaculata  [popup]
Two-spotted Looper Moth
Autographa mappa  [popup]
Wavy Chestnut Y Moth
Autographa precationis  [popup]
Common Looper Moth...
Automeris io  [popup]
Io Moth
Baileya dormitans  [popup]
Sleeping Baileya
Baileya doubledayi  [popup]
Doubledays Baileya
Baileya levitans  [popup]
Pale Baileya
Baileya ophthalmica  [popup]
Eyed Baileya...
Balsa labecula  [popup]
White-Blotched Balsa
Balsa malana  [popup]
Many-dotted Appleworm Moth
Balsa tristrigella  [popup]
Three-Lined Balsa
Batrachedra salicipomonella  [popup]
Battaristis vittella  [popup]
Stripe-backed Moth
Bedellia somnulentella  [popup]
Morning-glory Leafminer Moth
Bellura gortynoides  [popup]
Bellura diffusa...
Bellura obliqua  [popup]
Cattail Borer Moth
Besma endropiaria  [popup]
Straw Besma
Besma quercivoraria  [popup]
Oak Besma
Bibarrambla allenella  [popup]
Bog Bibarrambla Moth
Biston betularia  [popup]
Peppered Moth...
Blepharomastix ranalis  [popup]
Hollow-spotted Blepharomastix...
Bleptina caradrinalis  [popup]
Bent-winged Owlet Moth
Bondia crescentella  [popup]
Bucculatrix immaculatella  [popup]
Bucculatrix quinquenotella  [popup]
Bucculatrix recognita  [popup]
Bucculatrix trifasciella  [popup]
Cabera erythemaria  [popup]
Yellow-dusted Cream Moth
Cabera variolaria  [popup]
Pink-Striped Willow Spanworm Moth
Caenurgina crassiuscula  [popup]
Clover Looper Moth...
Caenurgina erechtea  [popup]
Forage Looper Moth...
Calledapteryx dryopterata  [popup]
Brown Scoopwing...
Callisto denticulella  [popup]
Callopistria cordata  [popup]
Silver-Spotted Fern Moth
Callopistria granitosa  [popup]
Granitose Fern Moth
Callopistria mollissima  [popup]
Pink-Shaded Fern Moth...
Callosamia promethea  [popup]
Promethea Moth
Caloptilia alnicolella  [popup]
Caloptilia azaleella  [popup]
Azalea Leaf Miner Moth...
Caloptilia belfragella  [popup]
Dogwood Caloptilia...
Caloptilia bimaculatella  [popup]
Caloptilia blandella  [popup]
Caloptilia burgessiella  [popup]
Caloptilia coroniella  [popup]
Caloptilia flavella  [popup]
Caloptilia negundella  [popup]
Boxelder Leafroller Moth
Caloptilia ostryaeella  [popup]
Caloptilia packardella  [popup]
Caloptilia paradoxa  [popup]
Caloptilia rhoifoliella  [popup]
Sumac Leafblotch Miner Moth
Caloptilia sanguinella  [popup]
Caloptilia sassafrasella  [popup]
Sassafras Caloptilia Moth
Caloptilia serotinella  [popup]
Caloptilia stigmatella  [popup]
Caloptilia superbifrontella  [popup]
Caloptilia syringella  [popup]
Lilac Leafminer Moth...
Calyptra canadensis  [popup]
Canadian Owlet
Cameraria caryaefoliella  [popup]
Pecan Leafminer Moth
Cameraria hamadryadella  [popup]
Solitary Oak Leafminer Moth
Cameraria hamameliella  [popup]
Cameraria nemoris  [popup]
Cameraria obstrictella  [popup]
Cameraria picturatella  [popup]
Campaea perlata  [popup]
Pale Beauty...
Capis curvata  [popup]
Curved Halter Moth
Capsula oblonga  [popup]
Archanara oblonga...
Caradrina meralis  [popup]
Rare Sand Quaker Moth...
Caripeta angustiorata  [popup]
Brown Pine Looper Moth
Caripeta divisata  [popup]
Gray Spruce Looper Moth
Caripeta piniata  [popup]
Northern Pine Looper Moth
Carmenta corni  [popup]
Carposina sasakii  [popup]
Carposina niponensis
Catastega aceriella  [popup]
Maple Trumpet Skeletonizer Moth
Catocala amica  [popup]
Girlfriend Underwing
Catocala andromedae  [popup]
Andromeda Underwing
Catocala antinympha  [popup]
Wayward Nymph...
Catocala badia  [popup]
Bay Underwing...
Catocala blandula  [popup]
Charming Underwing
Catocala cara  [popup]
Darling Underwing...
Catocala cerogama  [popup]
Yellow-banded Underwing
Catocala concumbens  [popup]
Sleepy Underwing...
Catocala crataegi  [popup]
Hawthorn Underwing
Catocala epione  [popup]
Epione Underwing
Catocala gracilis  [popup]
Graceful Underwing
Catocala grynea  [popup]
Woody Underwing
Catocala ilia  [popup]
Ilia Underwing...
Catocala judith  [popup]
Judiths Underwing
Catocala lineella  [popup]
Little Lined Underwing
Catocala micronympha  [popup]
Little Nymph Underwing...
Catocala neogama  [popup]
The Bride
Catocala piatrix  [popup]
The Penitent
Catocala praeclara  [popup]
Praeclara Underwing
Catocala relicta  [popup]
White Underwing...
Catocala retecta  [popup]
Catocala luctuosa...
Catocala robinsonii  [popup]
Robinsons Underwing...
Catocala ultronia  [popup]
Ultronia Underwing
Catocala unijuga  [popup]
Once-married Underwing
Cautethia grotei  [popup]
Grotes Sphinx Moth
Cenopis directana  [popup]
Chokecherry Leafroller Moth...
Cenopis eulongicosta  [popup]
Cenopis mesospila  [popup]
White-tailed Fruitworm Moth...
Cenopis pettitana  [popup]
Maple-basswood Leafroller Moth...
Cenopis reticulatana  [popup]
Reticulated Fruitworm Moth...
Cephitinea obscurostrigella  [popup]
Cepphis armataria  [popup]
Scallop Moth
Cepphis decoloraria  [popup]
Dark Scallop Moth
Cerastis tenebrifera  [popup]
Reddish Speckled Dart
Ceratomia amyntor  [popup]
Elm Sphinx Moth...
Ceratomia catalpae  [popup]
Catalpa Sphinx...
Ceratomia undulosa  [popup]
Waved Sphinx...
Cerma cerintha  [popup]
Tufted Bird-dropping Moth
Cerma cora  [popup]
Owl-eyed Bird-dropping Moth
Chalcoela iphitalis  [popup]
Sooty-winged Chalcoela Moth
Charadra deridens  [popup]
The Laugher...
Chionodes arenella  [popup]
Chionodes continuella  [popup]
Frumenta Moth
Chionodes discoocellella  [popup]
Eyeringed Chionodes Moth
Chionodes franclemonti  [popup]
Chionodes fuscomaculella  [popup]
Chionodes lugubrella  [popup]
Chionodes mediofuscella  [popup]
Black-smudged Chionodes Moth
Chionodes obscurusella  [popup]
Boxelder Leafworm Moth...
Chionodes praeclarella  [popup]
Chionodes fluvialella
Chionodes pseudofondella  [popup]
Chionodes sattleri  [popup]
Chionodes tarmes  [popup]
Chionodes theurgis  [popup]
Chionodes thoraceochrella  [popup]
Chionodes viduella  [popup]
Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria  [popup]
Blackberry Looper Moth...
Choreutis diana  [popup]
Dianas Choreutis Moth...
Choreutis pariana  [popup]
Apple Leaf Skeletonizer Moth
Choristoneura conflictana  [popup]
Large Aspen Tortrix Moth
Choristoneura fractivittana  [popup]
Broken-banded Leafroller Moth
Choristoneura fumiferana  [popup]
Spruce Budworm Moth...
Choristoneura pinus  [popup]
Jack Pine Budworm Moth...
Choristoneura rosaceana  [popup]
Oblique-banded Leafroller Moth
Chrysanympha formosa  [popup]
Formosa Looper Moth...
Chrysaster ostensackenella  [popup]
Chrysodeixis includens  [popup]
Soybean Looper Moth...
Chrysoesthia lingulacella  [popup]
Chrysoteuchia topiaria  [popup]
Topiary Grass-veneer Moth...
Chrysoteuchia topiarius  [popup]
Topiary Grass-veneer Moth
Chytolita morbidalis  [popup]
Morbid Owlet
Chytonix palliatricula  [popup]
Cloaked Marvel
Chytonix parvimacula  [popup]
Cingilia catenaria  [popup]
Chain-dotted Geometer Moth
Cisseps fulvicollis  [popup]
Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Cissusa spadix  [popup]
Black-dotted Brown
Citheronia sepulcralis  [popup]
Pine Devil Moth
Cladara atroliturata  [popup]
The Scribbler...
Cladara limitaria  [popup]
Mottled Gray Carpet...
Clemensia albata  [popup]
Little White Lichen Moth...
Clepsis melaleucana  [popup]
Black-patched Clepsis Moth...
Clepsis peritana  [popup]
Garden Tortrix Moth...
Clepsis persicana  [popup]
White-triangle Leafroller Moth...
Clepsis trileucana  [popup]
Clepsis virescana  [popup]
Ptycholoma virescana
Clostera albosigma  [popup]
Sigmoid Prominent
Clostera apicalis  [popup]
Apical Prominent
Clostera inclusa  [popup]
Angle-lined Prominent...
Clostera strigosa  [popup]
Striped Chocolate-tip Moth
Cnephasia stephensiana  [popup]
Stephens Cnephasia Moth
Cochylis nana  [popup]
Phtheochroa albidana...
Coelostathma discopunctana  [popup]
The Batman Moth...
Coleophora albovanescens  [popup]
Coleophora alticolella  [popup]
Coleophora atromarginata  [popup]
American Pistol Casebearer Moth...
Coleophora caespititiella  [popup]
Coleophora cispiticella
Coleophora cratipennella  [popup]
Streaked Coleophora Moth
Coleophora deauratella  [popup]
Coleophora elaeagnisella  [popup]
Speckled Case-bearer Moth...
Coleophora laticornella  [popup]
Pecan Cigar Casebearer Moth...
Coleophora limosipennella  [popup]
Coleophora malivorella  [popup]
Pistol Casebearer Moth...
Coleophora mayrella  [popup]
Metallic Coleophora Moth...
Coleophora quadruplex  [popup]
Coleophora quadriplex
Coleophora querciella  [popup]
Coleophora sacramenta  [popup]
Coleotechnites atrupictella  [popup]
Coleotechnites coniferella  [popup]
Conifer Coleotechnites Moth
Coleotechnites nigritus  [popup]
Coleotechnites quercivorella  [popup]
Coleotechnites resinosae  [popup]
Red Pine Needleminer Moth
Colobochyla interpuncta  [popup]
Yellow-lined Owlet
Colocasia flavicornis  [popup]
Colocasia propinquilinea  [popup]
Closebanded Yellowhorn...
Condica vecors  [popup]
Dusky Groundling...
Condylolomia participalis  [popup]
Drab Condylolomia Moth
Copivaleria grotei  [popup]
Grotes Sallow...
Coptotriche badiiella  [popup]
Tischeria badiiella
Coptotriche malifoliella  [popup]
Apple Leaf Trumpet Miner Moth...
Coryphista meadii  [popup]
Barberry Geometer
Cosmia calami  [popup]
American Dun-bar
Cosmopterix damnosa  [popup]
Cosmopterix floridanella  [popup]
Costaconvexa centrostrigaria  [popup]
Bent-Line Carpet...
Crambidia pallida  [popup]
Pale Lichen Moth
Crambus agitatellus  [popup]
Double-banded Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus albellus  [popup]
Small White Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus girardellus  [popup]
Girards Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus laqueatellus  [popup]
Eastern Grass-veneer Moth...
Crambus leachellus  [popup]
Leachs Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus praefectellus  [popup]
Common Grass-veneer Moth...
Crambus saltuellus  [popup]
Pasture Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus unistriatellus  [popup]
Wide-stripe Grass-veneer Moth
Crocidophora serratissimalis  [popup]
Angelic Crocidiphora Moth
Crocidophora tuberculalis  [popup]
Pale-winged Crocidiphora Moth
Crocigrapha normani  [popup]
Normans Quaker
Cryptocala acadiensis  [popup]
Catocaline Dart
Ctenucha virginica  [popup]
Virginia Ctenucha
Cucullia asteroides  [popup]
The Asteroid
Cucullia convexipennis  [popup]
Brown-hooded Owlet Moth...
Cucullia postera  [popup]
Cudonigera houstonana  [popup]
Juniper Budworm Moth...
Cyclophora myrtaria  [popup]
Waxmyrtle Wave Moth
Cyclophora pendulinaria  [popup]
Sweetfern Geometer
Cycnia tenera  [popup]
Delicate Cycnia
Cydia latiferreana  [popup]
Filbertworm Moth...
Cydia nigricana  [popup]
Pea Moth
Cydia pomonella  [popup]
Codling Moth
Dahlica triquetrella  [popup]
Solenobia triquetrella
Darapsa choerilus  [popup]
Azalea Sphinx...
Darapsa myron  [popup]
Virginia Creeper Sphinx...
Dargida diffusa  [popup]
Wheat Head Armyworm Moth...
Dasychira basiflava  [popup]
Yellow-based Tussock Moth...
Dasychira dorsipennata  [popup]
Sharp-lined Tussock Moth
Dasychira obliquata  [popup]
Streaked Tussock Moth...
Dasychira pinicola  [popup]
Pine Tussock Moth
Dasychira plagiata  [popup]
Northern Pine Tussock Moth
Dasylophia thyatiroides  [popup]
Gray-patched Prominent
Datana angusii  [popup]
Anguss Datana
Datana ministra  [popup]
Yellow-necked Caterpillar Moth...
Datana modesta  [popup]
Decantha boreasella  [popup]
Reticulated Decantha Moth
Deidamia inscriptum  [popup]
Lettered Sphinx...
Deltote bellicula  [popup]
Bog Lithacodia...
Depressariodes canella  [popup]
Derrima stellata  [popup]
Pink Star Moth
Desmia funeralis  [popup]
Grape Leaf Folder Moth...
Diachorisia velatella  [popup]
Diachrysia balluca  [popup]
Green-patched Looper Moth
Diacme adipaloides  [popup]
Darker Diacme Moth
Diathrausta harlequinalis  [popup]
Harlequin Webworm Moth
Diathrausta reconditalis  [popup]
Recondite Webworm Moth
Dichomeris bilobella  [popup]
Bilobed Dichomeris Moth
Dichomeris flavocostella  [popup]
Cream-edged Dichomeris Moth...
Dichomeris nonstrigella  [popup]
Dichomeris ochripalpella  [popup]
Shining Dichomeris Moth
Dichomeris picrocarpa  [popup]
Black-edged Carbatina Moth
Dichomeris punctidiscella  [popup]
Spotted Dichomeris Moth
Dichomeris punctipennella  [popup]
Many-spotted Dichomeris Moth
Dichorda iridaria  [popup]
Showy Emerald Moth
Dichrorampha bittana  [popup]
Dicymolomia julianalis  [popup]
Julias Dicymolomia Moth
Digrammia continuata  [popup]
Curve-lined Angle...
Digrammia eremiata  [popup]
Semiothisa eremiata
Digrammia ocellinata  [popup]
Faint-Spotted Angle...
Dioryctria clarioralis  [popup]
Blister Coneworm Moth...
Dioryctria reniculelloides  [popup]
Spruce Coneworm Moth
Dioryctria zimmermani  [popup]
Zimmerman Pine Moth
Diploschizia impigritella  [popup]
Five-barred Glyphipterid Moth...
Dolba hyloeus  [popup]
Pawpaw Sphinx...
Dolichomia olinalis  [popup]
Yellow-fringed Dolichomia Moth...
Drasteria grandirena  [popup]
Figure-seven Moth...
Drepana arcuata  [popup]
Arched Hooktip Moth
Drepana bilineata  [popup]
Two-Lined Hooktip Moth
Dryadaula visaliella  [popup]
Choropleca visaliella
Dryocampa rubicunda  [popup]
Rosy Maple Moth
Duospina trichella  [popup]
Dyseriocrania griseocapitella  [popup]
Chinquapin Leaf-miner Moth
Dyspteris abortivaria  [popup]
The Bad-Wing
Dyspyralis illocata  [popup]
Visitation Moth
Dyspyralis nigellus  [popup]
Dyspyralis nigella
Dyspyralis puncticosta  [popup]
Spot-edged Dyspyralis Moth
Dysstroma citrata  [popup]
Dark Marbled Carpet Moth
Dysstroma hersiliata  [popup]
Orange-Barred Carpet
Dysstroma truncata  [popup]
Marbled Carpet
Eacles imperialis  [popup]
Imperial Moth
Ecliptopera silaceata  [popup]
Small Phoenix
Ectoedemia populella  [popup]
Aspen Petiole Gall Moth
Ectoedemia sericopeza  [popup]
Etainia sericopeza
Ectropis crepuscularia  [popup]
The Small Engrailed...
Egira alternans  [popup]
Alternate Woodling...
Eilema bicolor  [popup]
Bicolored Moth
Elachista excelsicola  [popup]
Elachista madarella  [popup]
Elachista patriodoxa  [popup]
Elachista sylvestris  [popup]
Elaphria alapallida  [popup]
Pale-winged Midget
Elaphria chalcedonia  [popup]
Chalcedony Midget
Elaphria versicolor  [popup]
Variegated Midget
Ellida caniplaga  [popup]
Linden Prominent
Elophila gyralis  [popup]
Waterlily Borer Moth...
Elophila icciusalis  [popup]
Pondside Pyralid Moth...
Elophila obliteralis  [popup]
Waterlily Leafcutter Moth...
Emmelina monodactyla  [popup]
Morning-glory Plume Moth
Enargia decolor  [popup]
Pale Enargia Moth
Enargia infumata  [popup]
Enargia mephisto
Enchrysa dissectella  [popup]
Endothenia hebesana  [popup]
Dull-barred Endothenia Moth...
Endothenia nubilana  [popup]
Endothenia quadrimaculana
Enigmogramma basigera  [popup]
Pink-washed Looper Moth...
Ennomos magnaria  [popup]
Maple Spanworm Moth
Ennomos subsignaria  [popup]
Elm Spanworm Moth...
Eosphoropteryx thyatyroides  [popup]
Pink-patched Looper Moth...
Epelis truncataria  [popup]
Black-banded Orange Moth
Epermenia cicutaella  [popup]
Epiblema brightonana  [popup]
Brightons Epiblema Moth
Epiblema desertana  [popup]
Epiblema otiosana  [popup]
Bidens Borer Moth...
Epiblema resumptana  [popup]
Epiblema scudderiana  [popup]
Scudders Epiblema Moth
Epiblema tripartitana  [popup]
Epicallima argenticinctella  [popup]
Orange-headed Epicallima Moth...
Epimartyria auricrinella  [popup]
Goldcap Moss-eater Moth
Epinotia cruciana  [popup]
Willow Tortrix Moth
Epinotia hamptonana  [popup]
Epinotia lindana  [popup]
Diamondback Epinotia Moth
Epinotia lomonana  [popup]
Epinotia trigonella  [popup]
Birch Epinotia Moth...
Epipaschia superatalis  [popup]
Dimorphic Macalla Moth...
Epirrhoe alternata  [popup]
White-Banded Toothed Carpet
Epirrita autumnata  [popup]
Autumnal Moth...
Episimus argutanus  [popup]
Sumac Leaftier Moth...
Episimus tyrius  [popup]
Maple Tip Borer Moth...
Eriocrania semipurpurella  [popup]
Purplish Birch-miner Moth
Estigmene acrea  [popup]
Salt Marsh Moth
Ethmia bipunctella  [popup]
Vipers Bugloss Moth
Ethmia semilugens  [popup]
Etiella zinckenella  [popup]
Gold-banded Etiella Moth...
Eubaphe mendica  [popup]
The Beggar
Euchaetes egle  [popup]
Milkweed Tussock Moth
Euchlaena irraria  [popup]
Least-marked Euchlaena
Euchlaena marginaria  [popup]
Euchlaena marginata
Euchlaena muzaria  [popup]
Muzaria Euchlaena Moth
Euchlaena obtusaria  [popup]
Obtuse Euchlaena...
Euchlaena serrata  [popup]
The Saw-wing
Euchlaena tigrinaria  [popup]
Mottled Euchlaena
Eucirroedia pampina  [popup]
Scalloped Sallow
Euclea delphinii  [popup]
Spiny Oak-slug Moth
Euclidia cuspidea  [popup]
Toothed Somberwing
Eucoptocnemis fimbriaris  [popup]
Fringed Dart...
Eucosma derelicta  [popup]
Derelict Eucosma Moth...
Eucosma dorsisignatana  [popup]
Triangle-backed Eucosma Moth
Eucosma gloriola  [popup]
Eastern Pine Shoot Borer Moth
Eucosma gomonana  [popup]
Eucosma similiana  [popup]
Eucosma similana
Eucosma tocullionana  [popup]
White Pine Cone Borer Moth
Eudarcia simulatricella  [popup]
Eudeilinia herminiata  [popup]
Northern Eudeilinea Moth...
Eudonia strigalis  [popup]
Striped Eudonia Moth
Eudonia vivida  [popup]
Eudryas grata  [popup]
Beautiful Wood-nymph
Eudryas unio  [popup]
Pearly Wood-nymph
Eueretagrotis perattentus  [popup]
Two-spot Dart...
Eueretagrotis sigmoides  [popup]
Sigmoid Dart...
Eufidonia discospilata  [popup]
Sharp-lined Powder Moth
Eufidonia notataria  [popup]
Powder Moth
Eugonobapta nivosaria  [popup]
Snowy Geometer Moth
Eulia ministrana  [popup]
Ferruginous Eulia Moth
Eulithis diversilineata  [popup]
Lesser Grapevine Looper Moth...
Eulithis explanata  [popup]
White Eulithis
Eulithis gracilineata  [popup]
Greater Grapevine Looper Moth
Eulogia ochrifrontella  [popup]
Broad-banded Eulogia Moth
Eumorpha pandorus  [popup]
Pandorus Sphinx Moth
Euphyia intermediata  [popup]
Sharp-angled Carpet...
Euphyia unangulata  [popup]
Sharp-Angled Carpet...
Eupithecia casloata  [popup]
Eupithecia cretaceata  [popup]
Eupithecia herefordaria  [popup]
Herefords Eupithecia
Eupithecia miserulata  [popup]
Common Eupithecia Moth...
Eupithecia palpata  [popup]
Small Pine Looper Moth
Eupithecia ravocostaliata  [popup]
Tawny Eupithecia Moth
Eupithecia strattonata  [popup]
Euplexia benesimilis  [popup]
American Angle Shades
Eupsilia morrisoni  [popup]
Morrisons Sallow
Eurrhypara hortulata  [popup]
Small Magpie Moth...
Eurythmia hospitella  [popup]
Eusarca confusaria  [popup]
Confused Eusarca
Eustixia pupula  [popup]
Spotted Peppergrass Moth
Euthyatira pudens  [popup]
Dogwood Thyatirid...
Eutrapela clemataria  [popup]
Curve-toothed Geometer...
Euxoa basalis  [popup]
Euxoa basilis
Euxoa detersa  [popup]
Rubbed Dart
Euxoa dissona  [popup]
Euxoa messoria  [popup]
Reaper Dart...
Euxoa mimallonis  [popup]
Sordid Dart Moth
Euxoa obeliscoides  [popup]
Obelisk Dart Moth
Euxoa pleuritica  [popup]
Fawn Brown Dart Moth
Euxoa redimicula  [popup]
Fillet Dart
Euzophera ostricolorella  [popup]
Root Collar Borer Moth
Euzophera semifuneralis  [popup]
American Plum Borer Moth...
Evergestis pallidata  [popup]
Purple-backed Cabbageworm Moth
... others not listed

REMAINING (number with state)
A Forewing distinctive color
 None (1082)
 Orange (299)
 Yellow (215)
 Red (178)
 Green (73)
 Z No photo (35)
 Blue (34)
A Forewing distinctive pattern
 Band (697)
 Spot (517)
 Complex (475)
 Stripe (128)
 None (114)
 Speckled (114)
 Veins (101)
 Checkered (41)
 Z No photo (7)
A Forewing main color
 Brown (849)
 Gray (590)
 White (339)
 Orange (259)
 Black (224)
 Green (45)
 Z Unknown (34)
A Shape at rest
 Arrow (617)
 Tent (355)
 Spread (335)
 Parallel (248)
 Tail (111)
 Z No photo (106)
 Up (38)
 Underside (8)
Antennae shape
 Simple (24)
 2-comb (4)
 1-comb (1)
Claviform spot
 Absent (320)
 Indistinct (71)
 Dark margin (23)
 Light (17)
 Dark (13)
 Light margin (6)
 Z No photo (2)
Costal pattern
 2 (399)
 1 (375)
 3 (361)
 Unclear (351)
 Over Four (328)
 4 (274)
 0 (18)
 Z No photo (9)
Discal spot
 Absent (625)
 Dark (81)
 Hidden (26)
 Light (12)
 Dark margin (9)
 Light margin (3)
 Z No photo (3)
 Noctuidae (408)
 Geometridae (181)
 Tortricidae (162)
 Crambidae (85)
 Pyralidae (66)
 Gelechiidae (58)
 Notodontidae (45)
 Arctiidae (44)
 Gracillariidae (43)
 Sphingidae (33)
 Oecophoridae (24)
 Tineidae (17)
 Coleophoridae (16)
 Limacodidae (15)
 Yponomeutidae (15)
 Saturniidae (13)
 Pterophoridae (11)
 Sesiidae (11)
 Lymantriidae (9)
 Drepanidae (8)
 Nolidae (7)
 Lasiocampidae (6)
 Pantheidae (6)
 Acrolophidae (4)
 Bucculatricidae (4)
 Choreutidae (4)
 Cosmopterigidae (4)
 Elachistidae (4)
 Heliozelidae (4)
 Hepialidae (4)
 Incurvariidae (4)
 Momphidae (4)
 Scythrididae (4)
 Thyatiridae (4)
 Blastobasidae (3)
 Lyonetiidae (3)
 Nepticulidae (3)
 Prodoxidae (3)
 Psychidae (3)
 Schreckensteiniidae (3)
 Carposinidae (2)
 Cossidae (2)
 Eriocraniidae (2)
 Ethmiidae (2)
 Glyphipterigidae (2)
 Plutellidae (2)
 Thyrididae (2)
 Tischeriidae (2)
 Ypsolophidae (2)
 Acrolepiidae (1)
 Adelidae (1)
 Batrachedridae (1)
 Bedelliidae (1)
 Epermeniidae (1)
 Eriocottidae (1)
 Heliodinidae (1)
 Megalopygidae (1)
 Micropterigidae (1)
 Mimallonidae (1)
 Symmocidae (1)
 Uraniidae (1)
 Zygaenidae (1)
Forewing length mm
 16 (363)
 15 (357)
 18 (357)
 13 (351)
 17 (351)
 12 (349)
 10 (343)
 14 (340)
 11 (336)
 9 (333)
 8 (315)
 19 (313)
 20 (281)
 7 (272)
 21 (219)
 6 (203)
 22 (187)
 23 (151)
 5 (130)
 24 (118)
 25 (106)
 Under 5 (78)
 26 (77)
 27 (66)
 28 (57)
 29 (43)
 30 (43)
 31 (35)
 33 (35)
 32 (34)
 35 (33)
 34 (32)
 Z No photo (31)
 37 (27)
 38 (27)
 36 (26)
 Over 40 (26)
 Unknown (24)
 39 (21)
 40 (21)
Forewing shape
 Fringe (627)
 Smooth (493)
 Irregular (176)
 Angle (72)
 Hook (68)
 Z No photo (7)
 Acronicta (34)
 Catocala (24)
 Olethreutes (22)
 Caloptilia (19)
 Apamea (18)
 Acleris (16)
 Chionodes (15)
 Coleophora (14)
 Phyllonorycter (13)
 Acrobasis (11)
 Zale (11)
 Macaria (10)
 Ancylis (9)
 Hypena (9)
 Papaipema (9)
 Zanclognatha (9)
 Crambus (8)
 Euxoa (8)
 Idia (8)
 Lithophane (8)
 Argyresthia (7)
 Argyrotaenia (7)
 Dichomeris (7)
 Eupithecia (7)
 Sparganothis (7)
 Synanthedon (7)
 Xestia (7)
 Cameraria (6)
 Epiblema (6)
 Euchlaena (6)
 Eucosma (6)
 Feltia (6)
 Grammia (6)
 Leucania (6)
 Phaneta (6)
 Schinia (6)
 Schizura (6)
 Speranza (6)
 Virbia (6)
 Agrotis (5)
 Cenopis (5)
 Choristoneura (5)
 Clepsis (5)
 Coleotechnites (5)
 Dasychira (5)
 Epinotia (5)
 Macrochilo (5)
 Metarranthis (5)
 Parapoynx (5)
 Plagodis (5)
 Sphinx (5)
 Agonopterix (4)
 Archips (4)
 Autographa (4)
 Baileya (4)
 Bucculatrix (4)
 Clostera (4)
 Elachista (4)
 Furcula (4)
 Haploa (4)
 Hellinsia (4)
 Herpetogramma (4)
 Heterocampa (4)
 Hydrelia (4)
 Hydriomena (4)
 Iridopsis (4)
 Lacinipolia (4)
 Mompha (4)
 Monochroa (4)
 Oligia (4)
 Orthosia (4)
 Pococera (4)
 Pyrausta (4)
 Rheumaptera (4)
 Rhyacionia (4)
 Semioscopis (4)
 Syngrapha (4)
 Acrolophus (3)
 Aethes (3)
 Aglossa (3)
 Anisota (3)
 Antispila (3)
 Apantesis (3)
 Apotomis (3)
 Aristotelia (3)
 Balsa (3)
 Callopistria (3)
 Caripeta (3)
 Ceratomia (3)
 Cucullia (3)
 Cydia (3)
 Datana (3)
 Digrammia (3)
 Dioryctria (3)
 Dyspyralis (3)
 Dysstroma (3)
 Elaphria (3)
 Elophila (3)
 Eulithis (3)
 Feralia (3)
 Geina (3)
 Gluphisia (3)
 Gnorimoschema (3)
 Hemaris (3)
 Hypagyrtis (3)
 Lampronia (3)
 Lasionycta (3)
 Lomographa (3)
 Melanchra (3)
 Microcrambus (3)
 Morrisonia (3)
 Nemapogon (3)
 Nemoria (3)
 Nola (3)
 Orgyia (3)
 Ostrinia (3)
 Packardia (3)
 Paonias (3)
 Peridea (3)
 Pero (3)
 Phalaenostola (3)
 Phragmatobia (3)
 Platynota (3)
 Proteoteras (3)
 Pseudexentera (3)
 Renia (3)
 Schreckensteinia (3)
 Sciota (3)
 Scoparia (3)
 Scopula (3)
 Scythris (3)
 Spilosoma (3)
 Symmerista (3)
 Sympistis (3)
 Tolype (3)
 Tortricidia (3)
 Xanthorhoe (3)
 Acrolepiopsis (2)
 Agriphila (2)
 Alypia (2)
 Anacampsis (2)
 Anomis (2)
 Antaeotricha (2)
 Anticlea (2)
 Bellura (2)
 Besma (2)
 Cabera (2)
 Caenurgina (2)
 Cepphis (2)
 Cerma (2)
 Choreutis (2)
 Chrysoteuchia (2)
 Chytonix (2)
 Cladara (2)
 Colocasia (2)
 Cosmopterix (2)
 Crocidophora (2)
 Cyclophora (2)
 Darapsa (2)
 Diathrausta (2)
 Drepana (2)
 Ectoedemia (2)
 Enargia (2)
 Endothenia (2)
 Ennomos (2)
 Episimus (2)
 Ethmia (2)
 Eudonia (2)
 Eudryas (2)
 Eueretagrotis (2)
 Eufidonia (2)
 Euphyia (2)
 Euzophera (2)
 Gelechia (2)
 Gretchena (2)
 Habrosyne (2)
 Halysidota (2)
 Hedya (2)
 Hemileuca (2)
 Homochlodes (2)
 Homosetia (2)
 Hyles (2)
 Hypatopa (2)
 Hyperstrotia (2)
 Idaea (2)
 Lacanobia (2)
 Lambdina (2)
 Lapara (2)
 Leuconycta (2)
 Lithacodes (2)
 Lochmaeus (2)
 Lophocampa (2)
 Lycia (2)
 Malacosoma (2)
 Manduca (2)
 Marathyssa (2)
 Melanolophia (2)
 Menesta (2)
 Metanema (2)
 Metaxaglaea (2)
 Mythimna (2)
 Neoligia (2)
 Notocelia (2)
 Notodonta (2)
 Oligocentria (2)
 Operophtera (2)
 Orthodes (2)
 Palthis (2)
 Pandemis (2)
 Panopoda (2)
 Panthea (2)
 Parapediasia (2)
 Perizoma (2)
 Phigalia (2)
 Phlogophora (2)
 Photedes (2)
 Plutella (2)
 Polia (2)
 Ponometia (2)
 Prionapteryx (2)
 Probole (2)
 Psaphida (2)
 Psilocorsis (2)
 Recurvaria (2)
 Sideridis (2)
 Smerinthus (2)
 Spodoptera (2)
 Sthenopis (2)
 Tetracis (2)
 Thyris (2)
 Tinea (2)
 Tischeria (2)
 Venusia (2)
 Xanthotype (2)
 Xylena (2)
 Ypsolopha (2)
 Abagrotis (1)
 Abrostola (1)
 Acasis (1)
 Achatia (1)
 Achroia (1)
 Achyra (1)
 Acossus (1)
 Actebia (1)
 Actias (1)
 Adaina (1)
 Adela (1)
 Adoneta (1)
 Aethalura (1)
 Aetole (1)
 Agnorisma (1)
 Agriopodes (1)
 Albuna (1)
 Allagrapha (1)
 Allotria (1)
 Alsophila (1)
 Amolita (1)
 Amorbia (1)
 Amorpha (1)
 Amphion (1)
 Amphipoea (1)
 Amphipyra (1)
 Amydria (1)
 Anageshna (1)
 Anagrapha (1)
 Anania (1)
 Anaplectoides (1)
 Anarta (1)
 Anathix (1)
 Anavitrinella (1)
 Anicla (1)
 Anopina (1)
 Antepione (1)
 Antheraea (1)
 Aphomia (1)
 Apoda (1)
 Apodrepanulatrix (1)
 Apogeshna (1)
 Archiearis (1)
 Arctia (1)
 Argyria (1)
 Argyrogramma (1)
 Argyrostrotis (1)
 Aroga (1)
 Arogalea (1)
 Asaphocrita (1)
 Atteva (1)
 Automeris (1)
 Batrachedra (1)
 Battaristis (1)
 Bedellia (1)
 Bibarrambla (1)
 Biston (1)
 Blepharomastix (1)
 Bleptina (1)
 Bondia (1)
 Calledapteryx (1)
 Callisto (1)
 Callosamia (1)
 Calyptra (1)
 Campaea (1)
 Capis (1)
 Capsula (1)
 Caradrina (1)
 Carmenta (1)
 Carposina (1)
 Catastega (1)
 Cautethia (1)
 Cephitinea (1)
 Cerastis (1)
 Chalcoela (1)
 Charadra (1)
 Chlorochlamys (1)
 Chrysanympha (1)
 Chrysaster (1)
 Chrysodeixis (1)
 Chrysoesthia (1)
 Chytolita (1)
 Cingilia (1)
 Cisseps (1)
 Cissusa (1)
 Citheronia (1)
 Clemensia (1)
 Cnephasia (1)
 Cochylis (1)
 Coelostathma (1)
 Colobochyla (1)
 Condica (1)
 Condylolomia (1)
 Copivaleria (1)
 Coryphista (1)
 Cosmia (1)
 Costaconvexa (1)
 Crambidia (1)
 Crocigrapha (1)
 Cryptocala (1)
 Ctenucha (1)
 Cudonigera (1)
 Cycnia (1)
 Dahlica (1)
 Dargida (1)
 Dasylophia (1)
 Decantha (1)
 Deidamia (1)
 Deltote (1)
 Depressariodes (1)
 Derrima (1)
 Desmia (1)
 Diachorisia (1)
 Diachrysia (1)
 Diacme (1)
 Dichorda (1)
 Dichrorampha (1)
 Dicymolomia (1)
 Diploschizia (1)
 Dolba (1)
 Dolichomia (1)
 Drasteria (1)
 Dryadaula (1)
 Dryocampa (1)
 Duospina (1)
 Dyseriocrania (1)
 Dyspteris (1)
 Eacles (1)
 Ecliptopera (1)
 Ectropis (1)
 Egira (1)
 Eilema (1)
 Ellida (1)
 Emmelina (1)
 Enchrysa (1)
 Enigmogramma (1)
 Eosphoropteryx (1)
 Epelis (1)
 Epermenia (1)
 Epicallima (1)
 Epimartyria (1)
 Epipaschia (1)
 Epirrhoe (1)
 Epirrita (1)
 Eriocrania (1)
 Estigmene (1)
 Etiella (1)
 Eubaphe (1)
 Euchaetes (1)
 Eucirroedia (1)
 Euclea (1)
 Euclidia (1)
 Eucoptocnemis (1)
 Eudarcia (1)
 Eudeilinia (1)
 Eugonobapta (1)
 Eulia (1)
 Eulogia (1)
 Eumorpha (1)
 Euplexia (1)
 Eupsilia (1)
 Eurrhypara (1)
 Eurythmia (1)
 Eusarca (1)
 Eustixia (1)
 Euthyatira (1)
 Eutrapela (1)
 Evergestis (1)
 Evora (1)
 Fabiola (1)
 Fagitana (1)
 Fascista (1)
 Filatima (1)
 Fishia (1)
 Fissicrambus (1)
 Fumibotys (1)
 Galasa (1)
 Galgula (1)
 Gazoryctra (1)
 Gillmeria (1)
 Glyphidocera (1)
 Glyphipterix (1)
 Glyptocera (1)
 Grapholita (1)
 Hadena (1)
 Haematopis (1)
 Hahncappsia (1)
 Harrisimemna (1)
 Harrisina (1)
 Helicoverpa (1)
 Heliomata (1)
 Heliothis (1)
 Heliozela (1)
 Hendecaneura (1)
 Heterogenea (1)
 Heterophleps (1)
 Hethemia (1)
 Holcocera (1)
 Homoglaea (1)
 Homophoberia (1)
 Horisme (1)
 Hulstia (1)
 Hyalophora (1)
 Hybroma (1)
 Hydraecia (1)
 Hymenia (1)
 Hyparpax (1)
 Hypenodes (1)
 Hyperaeschra (1)
 Hyphantria (1)
 Hypoprepia (1)
 Hyppa (1)
 Hypsopygia (1)
 Ipimorpha (1)
 Isa (1)
 Kearfottia (1)
 Korscheltellus (1)
 Lacosoma (1)
 Lagoa (1)
 Landryia (1)
 Lascoria (1)
 Lateroligia (1)
 Ledaea (1)
 Leucospilapteryx (1)
 Limnaecia (1)
 Lintneria (1)
 Lipocosma (1)
 Lithacodia (1)
 Lobophora (1)
 Loscopia (1)
 Loxostege (1)
 Loxostegopsis (1)
 Lycomorpha (1)
 Lygropia (1)
 Lymantria (1)
 Lyonetia (1)
 Lytrosis (1)
 Machimia (1)
 Macronoctua (1)
 Macrurocampa (1)
 Maliattha (1)
 Martyringa (1)
 Mathildana (1)
 Megalographa (1)
 Meganola (1)
 Melanomma (1)
 Meropleon (1)
 Mesapamea (1)
 Mesoleuca (1)
 Mesothea (1)
 Metalectra (1)
 Metzneria (1)
 Monopis (1)
 Myelopsis (1)
 Nadata (1)
 Nascia (1)
 Nedra (1)
 Nematocampa (1)
 Neodactria (1)
 Nephelodes (1)
 Nepytia (1)
 Nerice (1)
 Noctua (1)
 Nomophila (1)
 Nymphula (1)
 Ochropleura (1)
 Ocnerostoma (1)
 Odontosia (1)
 Ogdoconta (1)
 Oneida (1)
 Oreana (1)
 Oreta (1)
 Orthofidonia (1)
 Ortholepis (1)
 Orthonama (1)
 Pachysphinx (1)
 Paectes (1)
 Pagara (1)
 Palpita (1)
 Pammene (1)
 Pangrapta (1)
 Pantographa (1)
 Parachma (1)
 Paraclemensia (1)
 Parahypenodes (1)
 Paraleucoptera (1)
 Parallelia (1)
 Paralobesia (1)
 Paranthrene (1)
 Parornix (1)
 Pasiphila (1)
 Patalene (1)
 Pediasia (1)
 Peoria (1)
 Peridroma (1)
 Perispasta (1)
 Petrophora (1)
 Phaecasiophora (1)
 Phaeoura (1)
 Phalaenophana (1)
 Pheosia (1)
 Phlyctaenia (1)
 Phoberia (1)
 Phobetron (1)
 Phosphila (1)
 Phtheochroa (1)
 Phthorimaea (1)
 Phyllodesma (1)
 Phytometra (1)
 Pima (1)
 Platarctia (1)
 Platyedra (1)
 Platypolia (1)
 Platyptilia (1)
 Pleuroprucha (1)
 Plodia (1)
 Plusia (1)
 Polix (1)
 Polygrammate (1)
 Porphyrosela (1)
 Prochoerodes (1)
 Prochoreutis (1)
 Prodoxus (1)
 Proleucoptera (1)
 Prolimacodes (1)
 Protitame (1)
 Protoboarmia (1)
 Protodeltote (1)
 Protorthodes (1)
 Psectraglaea (1)
 Pseudasopia (1)
 Pseudeustrotia (1)
 Pseudeva (1)
 Pseudogalleria (1)
 Pseudohermonassa (1)
 Pseudorthodes (1)
 Pseudotelphusa (1)
 Pseudothyatira (1)
 Psyche (1)
 Ptycerata (1)
 Pyla (1)
 Pyralis (1)
 Pyreferra (1)
 Pyrrharctia (1)
 Pyrrhia (1)
 Raphia (1)
 Rectiostoma (1)
 Redectis (1)
 Resapamea (1)
 Retinia (1)
 Rhopobota (1)
 Rivula (1)
 Saucrobotys (1)
 Scardia (1)
 Scoliopteryx (1)
 Selenia (1)
 Sereda (1)
 Sesia (1)
 Sicya (1)
 Simyra (1)
 Sitochroa (1)
 Spargaloma (1)
 Spargania (1)
 Sphecodina (1)
 Spiramater (1)
 Spoladea (1)
 Stagmatophora (1)
 Suleima (1)
 Sunira (1)
 Swammerdamia (1)
 Symmetrischema (1)
 Synchlora (1)
 Syndemis (1)
 Tacparia (1)
 Taleporia (1)
 Tebenna (1)
 Telphusa (1)
 Thaumatopsis (1)
 Theisoa (1)
 Thera (1)
 Thyraylia (1)
 Tineola (1)
 Trichodezia (1)
 Tricholita (1)
 Trichoplusia (1)
 Trichordestra (1)
 Trifurcula (1)
 Udea (1)
 Ulolonche (1)
 Urola (1)
 Varneria (1)
 Vaxi (1)
 Xanthia (1)
 Xanthophysa (1)
 Xenotemna (1)
 Xylesthia (1)
 Yponomeuta (1)
 Zeuzera (1)
 Zomaria (1)
 Zophodia (1)
 Large (1055)
 Macro (749)
 Micro (582)
Hindwing distinctive color
 None (69)
 Red/pink (28)
 Yellow (20)
 Orange (18)
Hindwing shape
 Fringe (714)
 Smooth (340)
 Irregular (136)
 Angle (44)
 Z No photo (22)
 Tail (1)
 07 Jul (1273)
 06 Jun (1264)
 08 Aug (1216)
 05 May (1182)
 09 Sep (1036)
 04 Apr (977)
 10 Oct (770)
 03 Mar (720)
 02 Feb (481)
 11 Nov (450)
 01 Jan (377)
 12 Dec (284)
 Z No Photo (9)
Orbicular spot
 Absent (251)
 Light (132)
 Indistinct (99)
 Dark margin (86)
 Dark (64)
 Light margin (53)
 Z No photo (2)
 Short, hairless (40)
 Short, hairy (40)
 Spear, hairy (21)
 Curve, hairless (5)
 Curve, base hairy (4)
 Curve, hairy (3)
 Spear, segmented, or base hairy (3)
 Extreme (1)
Reniform spot
 Absent (181)
 Light (159)
 Dark (122)
 Indistinct (112)
 Dark margin (108)
 Light margin (78)
 Rings (6)
 Z No photo (2)
Z Foreleg tibia
 Hair thick (8)
 Hair step (3)
 Smooth (3)
 Hair tube (2)
 Hair tuffs (2)
 Hair long (1)
 Hair partial (1)
 Spine-2 (1)
 Spines (1)
Z Forewing postmedial line
 Joined (7)
 Jagged (3)
 Notched (2)
 Rounded (2)
 Straight (1)
Z Genus of Olethreutine
 Olethreutes (22)
 Ancylis (9)
 Epiblema (6)
 Eucosma (6)
 Phaneta (6)
 Proteoteras (3)
 Pseudexentera (3)
 Gretchena (2)
 Suleima (1)
Z Profile
 Hair pad (5)
 Hair ball (4)
 Irregular (4)
 Shield (2)
Z Source
 Moth Photographers Group (1329)
 Nearctica (1289)
Z Species of Acrobasis
 Acrobasis aurorella (1)
 Acrobasis caryae (1)
 Acrobasis demotella (1)
 Acrobasis exsulella (1)
 Acrobasis indigenella (1)
 Acrobasis stigmella (1)
 Acrobasis tumidulella (1)
Z Species of Coleophora
 Coleophora atromarginata (1)
 Coleophora cratipennella (1)
 Coleophora laticornella (1)
 Coleophora mayrella (1)
 Coleophora querciella (1)
Z Species of Datana
 Datana angusii (1)
 Datana ministra (1)
Z Species of Dichomeris
 Dichomeris bilobella (1)
 Dichomeris punctidiscella (1)
 Dichomeris punctipennella (1)
Z Species of Elophila
 Elophila gyralis (1)
 Elophila icciusalis (1)
 Elophila obliteralis (1)
Z Species of Glaphyria
 Dicymolomia julianalis (1)
 Elophila icciusalis (1)
 Xanthophysa psychialis (1)
Z Species of Gretchena
 Gretchena deludana (1)
 Gretchena watchungana (1)
Z Species of Herpetogramma
 Herpetogramma abdominalis (1)
 Herpetogramma aeglealis (1)
 Herpetogramma pertextalis (1)
 Herpetogramma thestealis (1)
 Phlyctaenia coronata (1)
Z Species of Lambdina
 Lambdina fervidaria (1)
 Lambdina fiscellaria (1)
Z Species of Macaria
 Macaria aemulataria (1)
 Macaria bicolorata (1)
 Macaria bisignata (1)
 Macaria fissinotata (1)
 Macaria minorata (1)
 Macaria multilineata (1)
 Macaria notata (1)
 Macaria pinistrobata (1)
 Macaria signaria (1)
 Macaria transitaria (1)
Z Species of Nemapogon
 Diachorisia velatella (1)
 Nemapogon auropulvella (1)
Z Species of Olethreutes
 Olethreutes fasciatana (1)
 Olethreutes griseoalbana (1)
 Olethreutes inornatana (1)
 Olethreutes nigrana (1)
 Olethreutes permundana (1)
 Olethreutes tiliana (1)
Z Species of Palthis
 Dark triangle (1)
 Orange patch (1)
Z Species of Phycitinae
 Oreana unicolorella (1)
 Sciota virgatella (1)
Z Species of Pococera
 Pococera asperatella (1)
 Pococera expandens (1)
 Pococera robustella (1)
 Pococera subcanalis (1)
Z Species of Pyrausta
 Pyrausta acrionalis (1)
 Pyrausta bicoloralis (1)
Z Species of Pyraustini
 Crocidophora serratissimalis (1)
 Crocidophora tuberculalis (1)
 Hahncappsia marculenta (1)
Z Species of Renia
 Renia adspergillus (1)
 Renia discoloralis (1)
 Renia flavipunctalis (1)
Z Species of Spilosoma
 Hyphantria cunea (1)
 Spilosoma congrua (1)
 Spilosoma dubia (1)
 Spilosoma virginica (1)
Z Species of Telphusa
 Arogalea cristifasciella (1)
 Telphusa longifasciella (1)
Z Species of Urola
 Urola nivalis (1)
 Vaxi critica (1)
Z Species of Zale
 Zale aeruginosa (1)
 Zale duplicata (1)
 Zale galbanata (1)
 Zale helata (1)
 Zale horrida (1)
 Zale intenta (1)
 Zale lunata (1)
 Zale lunifera (1)
 Zale minerea (1)
 Zale phaeocapna (1)
 Zale squamularis (1)
Z Species of Zanclognatha
 Zanclognatha atrilineella (1)
 Zanclognatha cruralis (1)
 Zanclognatha jacchusalis (1)
 Zanclognatha laevigata (1)
 Zanclognatha lituralis (1)
 Zanclognatha minoralis (1)
 Zanclognatha pedipilalis (1)
 Zanclognatha protumnusalis (1)
 Zanclognatha theralis (1)
Z Species of grays
 Anavitrinella pampinaria (1)
 Ectropis crepuscularia (1)
 Iridopsis larvaria (1)
 Melanolophia canadaria (1)
 Melanolophia signataria (1)
 Protoboarmia porcelaria (1)
Z Species with diamond-back
 Coleotechnites florae--quercivorella (1)
 Plutella xylostella (1)
Z dark spread species of family Crambidae
 Anageshna primordialis (1)
 Apogeshna stenialis (1)
 Desmia funeralis (1)
 Diathrausta harlequinalis (1)
 Diathrausta reconditalis (1)
 Hymenia perspectalis (1)
 Spoladea recurvalis (1)
Z species of Ancylis
 Ancylis burgessiana (1)
 Ancylis divisana (1)
 Ancylis laciniana (1)
 Ancylis nubeculana (1)
Z species of Idia
 Idia aemula (1)
 Idia americalis (1)
 Idia denticulalis (1)
 Idia lubricalis (1)
 Idia rotundalis (1)
 Idia scobialis (1)
Z species of Pero
 Pero ancetaria (1)
 Pero honestaria (1)
 Pero morrisonaria (1)
Z species of Scoparia
 Eudonia strigalis (1)
 Scoparia basalis (1)
 Scoparia biplagialis (1)
Z species of Tolype
 Tolype notialis (1)
 Tolype velleda (1)
Z species of subfamily Tineinae
 Monopis marginistrigella (1)
 Tinea apicimaculella (1)
 Tinea pellionella (1)