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468 kinds match in US, NH, Rockingham

Abagrotis anchocelioides  [popup]
Blueberry Budworm Moth...
Acasis viridata  [popup]
Olive-And-Black Carpet
Acleris cervinana  [popup]
Acleris curvalana  [popup]
Blueberry Leaftier Moth...
Acleris logiana  [popup]
Black-headed Birch Leaffolder Moth
Acleris schalleriana  [popup]
Schallers Acleris Moth...
Acleris subnivana  [popup]
Acrobasis angusella  [popup]
Hickory Leafstem Borer Moth
Acrolophus morus  [popup]
Acronicta americana  [popup]
American Dagger Moth
Acronicta grisea  [popup]
Acronicta tartarea...
Acronicta lobeliae  [popup]
Lobelia Dagger Moth
Acronicta longa  [popup]
Long-winged Dagger Moth
Acronicta noctivaga  [popup]
Night-wandering Dagger Moth
Acronicta oblinita  [popup]
Smeared Dagger Moth...
Acronicta retardata  [popup]
Retarded Dagger Moth...
Actias luna  [popup]
Luna Moth
Agriopodes fallax  [popup]
The Green Marvel
Agrotis ipsilon  [popup]
Ipsilon Dart...
Allagrapha aerea  [popup]
Unspotted Looper Moth
Amorbia humerosana  [popup]
White-line Leafroller Moth
Amorpha juglandis  [popup]
Walnut Sphinx...
Amphion floridensis  [popup]
Nessus Sphinx...
Amphipoea americana  [popup]
American Ear Moth
Amphipyra pyramidoides  [popup]
Copper Underwing
Anageshna primordialis  [popup]
Yellow-spotted Webworm Moth...
Anagrapha falcifera  [popup]
Celery Looper Moth...
Anathix ralla  [popup]
Dotted Sallow
Anavitrinella pampinaria  [popup]
Common Gray...
Ancylis burgessiana  [popup]
Oak Leaffolder Moth
Ancylis laciniana  [popup]
Brown-spotted Ancylis Moth
Antaeotricha leucillana  [popup]
Pale Gray Bird-dropping Moth
Antaeotricha schlaegeri  [popup]
Schlaegers Fruitworm Moth
Antepione thisoaria  [popup]
Variable Antepione
Antheraea polyphemus  [popup]
Polyphemus Moth
Anticlea vasiliata  [popup]
Variable Carpet Moth
Apamea amputatrix  [popup]
Yellow Headed Cutworm Moth...
Apamea dubitans  [popup]
Doubtful Agroperina...
Apamea lignicolora  [popup]
Wood-Colored Apamea
Apantesis carlotta  [popup]
Carlottas Tiger Moth
Apantesis nais  [popup]
Nais Tiger Moth
Apantesis phalerata  [popup]
Harnessed Tiger Moth...
Aphomia sociella  [popup]
The Bee Moth
Apoda biguttata  [popup]
Shagreened Slug Moth...
Archips purpurana  [popup]
Omnivorous Leafroller Moth
Argyresthia austerella  [popup]
Argyrotaenia mariana  [popup]
Gray-banded Leafroller Moth
Argyrotaenia pinatubana  [popup]
Pine Tube Moth...
Argyrotaenia velutinana  [popup]
Red-banded Leafroller Moth...
Atteva aurea  [popup]
Ailanthus Webworm Moth...
Autographa precationis  [popup]
Common Looper Moth...
Baileya dormitans  [popup]
Sleeping Baileya
Baileya doubledayi  [popup]
Doubledays Baileya
Baileya ophthalmica  [popup]
Eyed Baileya...
Balsa labecula  [popup]
White-Blotched Balsa
Balsa malana  [popup]
Many-dotted Appleworm Moth
Balsa tristrigella  [popup]
Three-Lined Balsa
Bellura gortynoides  [popup]
Bellura diffusa...
Bellura obliqua  [popup]
Cattail Borer Moth
Besma endropiaria  [popup]
Straw Besma
Besma quercivoraria  [popup]
Oak Besma
Biston betularia  [popup]
Peppered Moth...
Blepharomastix ranalis  [popup]
Hollow-spotted Blepharomastix...
Bleptina caradrinalis  [popup]
Bent-winged Owlet Moth
Cabera erythemaria  [popup]
Yellow-dusted Cream Moth
Caenurgina crassiuscula  [popup]
Clover Looper Moth...
Calledapteryx dryopterata  [popup]
Brown Scoopwing...
Callopistria mollissima  [popup]
Pink-Shaded Fern Moth...
Callosamia promethea  [popup]
Promethea Moth
Caloptilia stigmatella  [popup]
Caloptilia superbifrontella  [popup]
Calyptra canadensis  [popup]
Canadian Owlet
Campaea perlata  [popup]
Pale Beauty...
Capsula oblonga  [popup]
Archanara oblonga...
Caripeta divisata  [popup]
Gray Spruce Looper Moth
Caripeta piniata  [popup]
Northern Pine Looper Moth
Catocala amica  [popup]
Girlfriend Underwing
Catocala andromedae  [popup]
Andromeda Underwing
Catocala cara  [popup]
Darling Underwing...
Catocala cerogama  [popup]
Yellow-banded Underwing
Catocala crataegi  [popup]
Hawthorn Underwing
Catocala epione  [popup]
Epione Underwing
Catocala gracilis  [popup]
Graceful Underwing
Catocala grynea  [popup]
Woody Underwing
Catocala neogama  [popup]
The Bride
Catocala piatrix  [popup]
The Penitent
Catocala retecta  [popup]
Catocala luctuosa...
Catocala ultronia  [popup]
Ultronia Underwing
Cenopis pettitana  [popup]
Maple-basswood Leafroller Moth...
Cenopis reticulatana  [popup]
Reticulated Fruitworm Moth...
Cerastis tenebrifera  [popup]
Reddish Speckled Dart
Ceratomia catalpae  [popup]
Catalpa Sphinx...
Cerma cerintha  [popup]
Tufted Bird-dropping Moth
Chalcoela iphitalis  [popup]
Sooty-winged Chalcoela Moth
Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria  [popup]
Blackberry Looper Moth...
Choreutis pariana  [popup]
Apple Leaf Skeletonizer Moth
Choristoneura fractivittana  [popup]
Broken-banded Leafroller Moth
Choristoneura pinus  [popup]
Jack Pine Budworm Moth...
Choristoneura rosaceana  [popup]
Oblique-banded Leafroller Moth
Chrysanympha formosa  [popup]
Formosa Looper Moth...
Chrysoteuchia topiaria  [popup]
Topiary Grass-veneer Moth...
Chytolita morbidalis  [popup]
Morbid Owlet
Chytonix palliatricula  [popup]
Cloaked Marvel
Cingilia catenaria  [popup]
Chain-dotted Geometer Moth
Cisseps fulvicollis  [popup]
Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Cladara atroliturata  [popup]
The Scribbler...
Cladara limitaria  [popup]
Mottled Gray Carpet...
Clemensia albata  [popup]
Little White Lichen Moth...
Clepsis melaleucana  [popup]
Black-patched Clepsis Moth...
Clostera albosigma  [popup]
Sigmoid Prominent
Clostera apicalis  [popup]
Apical Prominent
Coelostathma discopunctana  [popup]
The Batman Moth...
Coleophora cratipennella  [popup]
Streaked Coleophora Moth
Coleophora elaeagnisella  [popup]
Speckled Case-bearer Moth...
Coleophora quadruplex  [popup]
Coleophora quadriplex
Colocasia propinquilinea  [popup]
Closebanded Yellowhorn...
Condylolomia participalis  [popup]
Drab Condylolomia Moth
Copivaleria grotei  [popup]
Grotes Sallow...
Coryphista meadii  [popup]
Barberry Geometer
Costaconvexa centrostrigaria  [popup]
Bent-Line Carpet...
Crambidia pallida  [popup]
Pale Lichen Moth
Crambus agitatellus  [popup]
Double-banded Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus albellus  [popup]
Small White Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus girardellus  [popup]
Girards Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus laqueatellus  [popup]
Eastern Grass-veneer Moth...
Crambus praefectellus  [popup]
Common Grass-veneer Moth...
Crambus saltuellus  [popup]
Pasture Grass-veneer Moth
Crocidophora tuberculalis  [popup]
Pale-winged Crocidiphora Moth
Crocigrapha normani  [popup]
Normans Quaker
Ctenucha virginica  [popup]
Virginia Ctenucha
Cucullia convexipennis  [popup]
Brown-hooded Owlet Moth...
Cucullia postera  [popup]
Cudonigera houstonana  [popup]
Juniper Budworm Moth...
Cyclophora pendulinaria  [popup]
Sweetfern Geometer
Cycnia tenera  [popup]
Delicate Cycnia
Darapsa choerilus  [popup]
Azalea Sphinx...
Darapsa myron  [popup]
Virginia Creeper Sphinx...
Dasychira basiflava  [popup]
Yellow-based Tussock Moth...
Dasychira obliquata  [popup]
Streaked Tussock Moth...
Datana angusii  [popup]
Anguss Datana
Desmia funeralis  [popup]
Grape Leaf Folder Moth...
Diachrysia balluca  [popup]
Green-patched Looper Moth
Diacme adipaloides  [popup]
Darker Diacme Moth
Diathrausta reconditalis  [popup]
Recondite Webworm Moth
Dichomeris picrocarpa  [popup]
Black-edged Carbatina Moth
Dichorda iridaria  [popup]
Showy Emerald Moth
Dicymolomia julianalis  [popup]
Julias Dicymolomia Moth
Digrammia continuata  [popup]
Curve-lined Angle...
Dioryctria zimmermani  [popup]
Zimmerman Pine Moth
Dolichomia olinalis  [popup]
Yellow-fringed Dolichomia Moth...
Drepana arcuata  [popup]
Arched Hooktip Moth
Dryocampa rubicunda  [popup]
Rosy Maple Moth
Dyspyralis illocata  [popup]
Visitation Moth
Dyspyralis puncticosta  [popup]
Spot-edged Dyspyralis Moth
Eacles imperialis  [popup]
Imperial Moth
Ectropis crepuscularia  [popup]
The Small Engrailed...
Elaphria versicolor  [popup]
Variegated Midget
Elophila gyralis  [popup]
Waterlily Borer Moth...
Elophila icciusalis  [popup]
Pondside Pyralid Moth...
Emmelina monodactyla  [popup]
Morning-glory Plume Moth
Ennomos magnaria  [popup]
Maple Spanworm Moth
Ennomos subsignaria  [popup]
Elm Spanworm Moth...
Epiblema scudderiana  [popup]
Scudders Epiblema Moth
Epiblema tripartitana  [popup]
Epicallima argenticinctella  [popup]
Orange-headed Epicallima Moth...
Epipaschia superatalis  [popup]
Dimorphic Macalla Moth...
Epirrita autumnata  [popup]
Autumnal Moth...
Estigmene acrea  [popup]
Salt Marsh Moth
Eubaphe mendica  [popup]
The Beggar
Euchlaena irraria  [popup]
Least-marked Euchlaena
Euchlaena marginaria  [popup]
Euchlaena marginata
Euchlaena muzaria  [popup]
Muzaria Euchlaena Moth
Euchlaena serrata  [popup]
The Saw-wing
Eucirroedia pampina  [popup]
Scalloped Sallow
Euclea delphinii  [popup]
Spiny Oak-slug Moth
Eucosma similiana  [popup]
Eucosma similana
Eudryas unio  [popup]
Pearly Wood-nymph
Eufidonia discospilata  [popup]
Sharp-lined Powder Moth
Eulia ministrana  [popup]
Ferruginous Eulia Moth
Eulithis diversilineata  [popup]
Lesser Grapevine Looper Moth...
Eulithis explanata  [popup]
White Eulithis
Eulithis gracilineata  [popup]
Greater Grapevine Looper Moth
Euphyia intermediata  [popup]
Sharp-angled Carpet...
Eupithecia miserulata  [popup]
Common Eupithecia Moth...
Euplexia benesimilis  [popup]
American Angle Shades
Eusarca confusaria  [popup]
Confused Eusarca
Eustixia pupula  [popup]
Spotted Peppergrass Moth
Euthyatira pudens  [popup]
Dogwood Thyatirid...
Eutrapela clemataria  [popup]
Curve-toothed Geometer...
Euzophera semifuneralis  [popup]
American Plum Borer Moth...
Evergestis pallidata  [popup]
Purple-backed Cabbageworm Moth
Feltia herilis  [popup]
Masters Dart...
Feltia jaculifera  [popup]
Dingy Cutworm Moth...
Fumibotys fumalis  [popup]
Mint Root Borer Moth
Furcula borealis  [popup]
White Furcula
Furcula cinerea  [popup]
Gray Furcula
Galasa nigrinodis  [popup]
Boxwood Leaftier Moth
Geina buscki  [popup]
Adaina buscki
Geina periscelidactylus  [popup]
Grape Plume Moth...
Gluphisia septentrionis  [popup]
Common Gluphisia...
Glyptocera consobrinella  [popup]
Grammia figurata  [popup]
Figured Tiger Moth...
Grammia phyllira  [popup]
Grammia oithona...
Grammia virgo  [popup]
Virgen Tiger Moth...
Grammia virguncula  [popup]
Little Virgin Moth...
Haematopis grataria  [popup]
Chickweed Geometer...
Halysidota tessellaris  [popup]
Banded Tussock Moth
Haploa clymene  [popup]
Clymene Moth
Haploa contigua  [popup]
The Neighbor
Helicoverpa zea  [popup]
Corn Earworm Moth...
Heliomata cycladata  [popup]
Common Spring Moth...
Heliothis virescens  [popup]
Tobacco Budworm Moth
Hemaris thysbe  [popup]
Hummingbird Clearwing Moth
Hemileuca lucina  [popup]
New England Buck Moth
Hemileuca maia  [popup]
Buck Moth
Herpetogramma abdominalis  [popup]
Herpetogramma abdominalis
Heterocampa biundata  [popup]
Wavy-lined Heterocampa
Heterocampa guttivitta  [popup]
Heterocampa guttivita
Heterocampa obliqua  [popup]
Oblique Heterocampa...
Heterocampa umbrata  [popup]
White-blotched Heterocampa
Heterophleps triguttaria  [popup]
Three-Spotted Fillip
Homochlodes fritillaria  [popup]
Pale Homochlodes
Homochlodes lactispargaria  [popup]
Homophoberia apicosa  [popup]
Black Wedge-spot...
Horisme intestinata  [popup]
Brown Bark Carpet...
Hyalophora cecropia  [popup]
Cecropia Moth
Hydraecia micacea  [popup]
Rosy Rustic
Hydrelia albifera  [popup]
Fragile White Carpet
Hydrelia condensata  [popup]
Hydrelia lucata  [popup]
Light Carpet Moth
Hypagyrtis unipunctata  [popup]
One-Spotted Variant
Hypena abalienalis  [popup]
White-lined Bomolocha Moth...
Hypena baltimoralis  [popup]
Baltimore Bomolocha...
Hypena bijugalis  [popup]
Dimorphic Bomolocha...
Hypena madefactalis  [popup]
Gray-edged Bomolocha...
Hypena manalis  [popup]
Flowing-line Bomolocha...
Hypena palparia  [popup]
Bomolocha palparia...
Hypena scabra  [popup]
Green Cloverworm Moth...
Hyperaeschra georgica  [popup]
Georgian Prominent
Hyphantria cunea  [popup]
Fall Webworm Moth...
Hypoprepia fucosa  [popup]
Painted Lichen Moth
Hyppa xylinoides  [popup]
Common Hyppa
Hypsopygia costalis  [popup]
Clover Hayworm Moth...
Idaea dimidiata  [popup]
Single-dotted Wave Moth
Idia aemula  [popup]
Common Idia
Idia americalis  [popup]
American Idia
Idia lubricalis  [popup]
Glossy Black Idia
Idia rotundalis  [popup]
Rotund Idia Moth
Iridopsis humaria  [popup]
Anacamptodes humaria
Iridopsis larvaria  [popup]
Bent-Line Gray
Iridopsis vellivolata  [popup]
Large Purplish Gray...
Isa textula  [popup]
Crowned Slug Moth
Lacanobia grandis  [popup]
Grand Arches...
Lacanobia subjuncta  [popup]
Speckled Cutworm Moth...
Lacinipolia implicata  [popup]
Implicit Arches...
Lacinipolia lorea  [popup]
Bridled Arches...
Lambdina fiscellaria  [popup]
Hemlock Looper...
Lapara bombycoides  [popup]
Northern Pine Sphinx...
Lascoria ambigualis  [popup]
Ambiguous Moth
Ledaea perditalis  [popup]
Lost Owlet
Leucania commoides  [popup]
Leucania inermis  [popup]
Unarmed Wainscot
Leucania multilinea  [popup]
Many-lined Wainscot...
Leucania ursula  [popup]
Ursula Wainscot Moth
Leuconycta diphteroides  [popup]
Green Leuconycta...
Lithacodes fasciola  [popup]
Yellow-shouldered Slug Moth
Lithophane innominata  [popup]
Nameless Pinion
Lochmaeus bilineata  [popup]
Double-lined Prominent
Lomographa vestaliata  [popup]
White Spring Moth
Loscopia velata  [popup]
Amphipoea velata...
Loxostegopsis merrickalis  [popup]
Merricks Pyralid Moth
Lygropia rivulalis  [popup]
Bog Lygropia Moth...
Lymantria dispar  [popup]
Gypsy Moth
Lytrosis unitaria  [popup]
Common Lytrosis
Macaria aemulataria  [popup]
Common Angle...
Macaria bicolorata  [popup]
Bicolored Angle...
Macaria fissinotata  [popup]
Hemlock Angle...
Macaria pinistrobata  [popup]
White Pine Angle...
Macaria signaria  [popup]
Spruce-Fir Looper...
Machimia tentoriferella  [popup]
Gold-striped Leaftier Moth
Macrurocampa marthesia  [popup]
Mottled Prominent
Malacosoma americana  [popup]
Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth...
Malacosoma disstria  [popup]
Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth...
Maliattha synochitis  [popup]
Black-dotted Lithacodia...
Manduca sexta  [popup]
Carolina Sphinx...
Marathyssa basalis  [popup]
Light Marathyssa Moth...
Marathyssa inficita  [popup]
Dark Marathyssa Moth...
Meganola minuscula  [popup]
Confused Meganola...
Melanchra adjuncta  [popup]
Hitched Arches
Melanchra picta  [popup]
Zebra Caterpillar Moth...
Melanolophia canadaria  [popup]
Canadian Melanolophia
Melanolophia signataria  [popup]
Signate Melanolophia
Meropleon diversicolor  [popup]
Multicolored Sedgeminer Moth
Mesoleuca ruficillata  [popup]
White-Ribboned Carpet
Metanema inatomaria  [popup]
Pale Metanema
Metarranthis hypochraria  [popup]
Common Metarranthis Moth...
Metarranthis indeclinata  [popup]
Pale Metarranthis Moth
Metarranthis obfirmaria  [popup]
Yellow -Washed Metarranthis
Metaxaglaea inulta  [popup]
Unsated Sallow
Microcrambus elegans  [popup]
Elegant Grass-veneer Moth
Morrisonia confusa  [popup]
Confused Woodgrain
Morrisonia evicta  [popup]
Bicolored Woodgrain
Morrisonia latex  [popup]
Fluid Arches...
Mythimna oxygala  [popup]
Aletia oxygala...
Mythimna unipuncta  [popup]
Armyworm Moth...
Nadata gibbosa  [popup]
White-dotted Prominent
Nedra ramosula  [popup]
Gray Half-Spot
Nematocampa resistaria  [popup]
Horned Spanworm Moth...
Nemoria bistriaria  [popup]
Red-fringed Emerald
Nemoria mimosaria  [popup]
White-Fringed Emerald Moth
Neodactria luteolella  [popup]
Mottled Grass-veneer Moth...
Neoligia exhausta  [popup]
Oligia exhausta...
Nephelodes minians  [popup]
Bronzed Cutworm Moth...
Nepytia canosaria  [popup]
False Hemlock Looper Moth
Nerice bidentata  [popup]
Double-toothed Prominent
Noctua pronuba  [popup]
Large Yellow Underwing
Nola pustulata  [popup]
Sharp-blotched Nola Moth
Nomophila nearctica  [popup]
Lucerne Moth
Notodonta scitipennis  [popup]
Finned-willow Prominent Moth
Ochropleura implecta  [popup]
Flame-shouldered Dart Moth
Ogdoconta cinereola  [popup]
Common Pinkband...
Olethreutes fasciatana  [popup]
Olethreutes nigrana  [popup]
Olethreutes nigranum
Olethreutes quadrifidum  [popup]
Olethreutes quadrifidus
Oligia modica  [popup]
Black-Banded Brocade
Oligocentria lignicolor  [popup]
White-streaked Prominent
Oneida lunulalis  [popup]
Orange-tufted Oneida Moth...
Operophtera bruceata  [popup]
Operophtera occidentalis...
Oreta rosea  [popup]
Rose Hooktip Moth
Orgyia definita  [popup]
Definite Tussock Moth
Orgyia leucostigma  [popup]
White-marked Tussock Moth
Ortholepis pasadamia  [popup]
Striped Birch Pyralid Moth...
Orthonama obstipata  [popup]
The Gem
Ostrinia obumbratalis  [popup]
Smartweed Borer Moth...
Pachysphinx modesta  [popup]
Big Poplar Sphinx Moth...
Packardia elegans  [popup]
Elegant Tailed Slug Moth
Packardia geminata  [popup]
Jeweled Tailed Slug Moth...
Paectes oculatrix  [popup]
Eyed Paectes
Palpita magniferalis  [popup]
Splendid Palpita Moth
Palthis angulalis  [popup]
Dark-spotted Palthis
Pandemis lamprosana  [popup]
Woodgrain Leafroller Moth
Pangrapta decoralis  [popup]
Decorated Owlet
Panopoda carneicosta  [popup]
Brown Panopoda Moth...
Panopoda rufimargo  [popup]
Red-lined Panopoda Moth...
Panthea furcilla  [popup]
Eastern Panthea...
Pantographa limata  [popup]
Basswood Leafroller Moth...
Paonias excaecatus  [popup]
Blinded Sphinx...
Paonias myops  [popup]
Small-eyed Sphinx...
Papaipema arctivorens  [popup]
Northern Burdock Borer Moth...
Papaipema inquaesita  [popup]
Sensitive Fern Borer Moth
Papaipema lysimachiae  [popup]
Papaipema purpurifascia
Papaipema speciosissima  [popup]
Osmunda Borer Moth
Parachma ochracealis  [popup]
Parachma ochrecealis
Parallelia bistriaris  [popup]
Maple Looper Moth
Parapediasia decorellus  [popup]
Graceful Grass-veneer Moth...
Parapoynx allionealis  [popup]
Watermilfoil Leafcutter Moth...
Parapoynx badiusalis  [popup]
Chestnut-marked Pondweed Moth
Parapoynx maculalis  [popup]
Polymorphic Pondweed Moth
Pasiphila rectangulata  [popup]
Green Pug Moth...
Patalene olyzonaria  [popup]
Juniper Geometer...
Pediasia trisecta  [popup]
Sod Webworm Moth
Peridea angulosa  [popup]
Angulose Prominent
Perispasta caeculalis  [popup]
Titian Peales Pyralid Moth...
Perizoma basaliata  [popup]
Square-Patched Carpet
Pero honestaria  [popup]
Honest Pero Moth...
Pero morrisonaria  [popup]
Morrisons Pero
Phaeoura quernaria  [popup]
Oak Beauty...
Phalaenostola eumelusalis  [popup]
Dark Phalaenostola Moth
Phalaenostola larentioides  [popup]
Black-banded Owlet...
Pheosia rimosa  [popup]
Black-rimmed Prominent...
Phigalia titea  [popup]
The Half-wing Moth
Phlogophora periculosa  [popup]
Brown Angle Shades Moth...
Phlyctaenia coronata  [popup]
Crowned Phlyctaenia Moth...
Phragmatobia assimilans  [popup]
Large Ruby Tiger Moth
Phragmatobia fuliginosa  [popup]
Ruby Tiger Moth
Phragmatobia lineata  [popup]
Lined Ruby Tiger Moth
Phyllonorycter tritaenianella  [popup]
Plagodis alcoolaria  [popup]
Hollow-Spotted Plagodis...
Plagodis serinaria  [popup]
Lemon Plagodis
Platynota exasperatana  [popup]
Exasperating Platynota Moth...
Platynota idaeusalis  [popup]
Tufted Apple Bud Moth
Platypolia mactata  [popup]
Oligia mactata
Pleuroprucha insulsaria  [popup]
Common Tan Wave
Plodia interpunctella  [popup]
Indian Meal Moth
Plusia contexta  [popup]
Connected Looper Moth
Pococera asperatella  [popup]
Maple Webworm Moth...
Pococera expandens  [popup]
Striped Oak Webworm Moth...
Pococera robustella  [popup]
Pine Webworm Moth...
Pococera subcanalis  [popup]
Cloaked Pococera Moth...
Polygrammate hebraeicum  [popup]
The Hebrew...
Ponometia erastrioides  [popup]
Small Bird-dropping Moth...
Probole amicaria  [popup]
Friendly Probole
Prochoerodes lineola  [popup]
Large Maple Spanworm Moth...
Prolimacodes badia  [popup]
Skiff Moth
Proteoteras moffatiana  [popup]
Maple Shoot Borer Moth...
Protoboarmia porcelaria  [popup]
Porcelain Gray
Protodeltote muscosula  [popup]
Large Mossy Lithacodia...
Psaphida resumens  [popup]
Figure-Eight Sallow
Pseudeustrotia carneola  [popup]
Pink-barred Lithacodia...
Pseudohermonassa bicarnea  [popup]
Pink-spotted Dart...
Psyche casta  [popup]
Common Bagworm Moth
Pyla fusca  [popup]
Speckled Black Pyla Moth
Pyralis farinalis  [popup]
Meal Moth
Pyrausta bicoloralis  [popup]
Bicolored Pyrausta Moth...
Pyrausta orphisalis  [popup]
Orange-spotted Pyrausta Moth
Pyreferra hesperidago  [popup]
Mustard Sallow
Pyrrharctia isabella  [popup]
Isabella Tiger Moth...
Renia adspergillus  [popup]
Speckled Renia Moth...
Renia discoloralis  [popup]
Discolored Renia Moth...
Rheumaptera undulata  [popup]
Hydria undulata
Rhyacionia buoliana  [popup]
European Pine Shoot Moth
Rivula propinqualis  [popup]
Spotted Grass Moth
Saucrobotys futilalis  [popup]
Dogbane Saucrobotys Moth
Schinia arcigera  [popup]
Arcigera Flower Moth...
Schinia rivulosa  [popup]
Ragweed Flower Moth
Schizura concinna  [popup]
Red-humped Caterpillar Moth...
Schizura ipomoeae  [popup]
Morning-glory Prominent
Schizura leptinoides  [popup]
Black-blotched Schizura...
Schizura unicornis  [popup]
Unicorn Caterpillar Moth
Sciota vetustella  [popup]
Nephopterix vetustella...
Scoliopteryx libatrix  [popup]
The Herald
Scopula cacuminaria  [popup]
Frosted Tan Wave
Scopula limboundata  [popup]
Large Lace-border Moth...
Sparganothis distincta  [popup]
Distinct Sparganothis Moth
Speranza pustularia  [popup]
Lesser Maple Spanworm Moth...
Sphecodina abbottii  [popup]
Abbots Sphinx Moth
Spilosoma congrua  [popup]
Agreeable Tiger Moth
Spilosoma virginica  [popup]
Yellow Bear Moth...
Suleima baracana  [popup]
Sunira bicolorago  [popup]
Bicolored Sallow...
Swammerdamia caesiella  [popup]
Swammerdamia casiella
Symmerista albifrons  [popup]
White-headed Prominent Moth
Symmerista canicosta  [popup]
Red-humped Oakworm Moth
Synanthedon acerni  [popup]
Maple Callus Borer Moth...
Synchlora aerata  [popup]
Wavy-lined Emerald...
Syndemis afflictana  [popup]
Gray Leafroller Moth...
Syngrapha epigaea  [popup]
Epigaea Looper Moth
Tetracis cachexiata  [popup]
White Slant-line Moth...
Tetracis crocallata  [popup]
Yellow Slant-line Moth
Tolype laricis  [popup]
Larch Tolype Moth
Tolype velleda  [popup]
Large Tolype...
Tortricidia flexuosa  [popup]
Abbreviated Button Slug Moth
Tortricidia pallida  [popup]
Red-crossed Button Slug Moth
Trichodezia albovittata  [popup]
White-Striped Black
Trichordestra legitima  [popup]
Striped Garden Caterpillar Moth...
Udea rubigalis  [popup]
Celery Leaftier Moth...
Urola nivalis  [popup]
Snowy Urola Moth
Vaxi critica  [popup]
Straight-lined Argyria Moth...
Virbia aurantiaca  [popup]
Orange Holomelina...
Virbia ferruginosa  [popup]
Rusty Holomelina...
Virbia lamae  [popup]
Bog Holomelina...
Virbia opella  [popup]
Tawny Holomelina...
Xanthia tatago  [popup]
Pink-banded Sallow Moth
Xanthorhoe ferrugata  [popup]
Red Twin-Spot
Xanthorhoe labradorensis  [popup]
Labrador Carper
Xanthorhoe lacustrata  [popup]
Toothed Brown Carpet
Xanthotype urticaria  [popup]
False Crocus Geometer...
Xestia dolosa  [popup]
Greater Black-Letter Dart...
Xestia praevia  [popup]
Praevia Dart Moth
Xylesthia pruniramiella  [popup]
Clemens Bark Moth...
Zale duplicata  [popup]
Pine False Looper Moth
Zale horrida  [popup]
Horrid Zale
Zale lunifera  [popup]
Bold-based Zale...
Zale minerea  [popup]
Colorful Zale
Zanclognatha cruralis  [popup]
Early Zanclognatha Moth...
Zanclognatha jacchusalis  [popup]
Wavy-lined Zanclognatha...
Zanclognatha laevigata  [popup]
Variable Zanclognatha Moth
Zanclognatha lituralis  [popup]
Lettered Zanclognatha Moth

REMAINING (number with state)
A Forewing distinctive color
 None (375)
 Orange (108)
 Yellow (81)
 Red (69)
 Green (40)
 Blue (11)
A Forewing distinctive pattern
 Band (283)
 Spot (188)
 Complex (184)
 Stripe (40)
 Veins (39)
 None (35)
 Speckled (34)
 Checkered (16)
A Forewing main color
 Brown (302)
 Gray (202)
 White (137)
 Orange (114)
 Black (77)
 Green (24)
A Shape at rest
 Arrow (239)
 Spread (174)
 Tent (128)
 Tail (59)
 Parallel (50)
 Up (13)
 Underside (4)
 Z No photo (3)
Antennae shape
 Simple (15)
 2-comb (3)
 1-comb (1)
Claviform spot
 Absent (149)
 Indistinct (32)
 Dark margin (10)
 Light (8)
 Dark (3)
 Light margin (1)
Costal pattern
 2 (175)
 3 (157)
 1 (147)
 Unclear (133)
 Over Four (116)
 4 (108)
 0 (8)
Discal spot
 Absent (271)
 Dark (55)
 Hidden (14)
 Dark margin (7)
 Light (4)
 Light margin (2)
 Noctuidae (156)
 Geometridae (97)
 Crambidae (42)
 Tortricidae (35)
 Arctiidae (28)
 Pyralidae (27)
 Notodontidae (25)
 Sphingidae (12)
 Limacodidae (9)
 Saturniidae (8)
 Lymantriidae (5)
 Lasiocampidae (4)
 Nolidae (4)
 Oecophoridae (4)
 Coleophoridae (3)
 Drepanidae (3)
 Gracillariidae (3)
 Pterophoridae (3)
 Yponomeutidae (3)
 Pantheidae (2)
 Acrolophidae (1)
 Choreutidae (1)
 Gelechiidae (1)
 Psychidae (1)
 Sesiidae (1)
 Thyatiridae (1)
 Tineidae (1)
 Uraniidae (1)
Forewing length mm
 15 (174)
 16 (171)
 12 (169)
 13 (168)
 18 (168)
 17 (167)
 14 (155)
 10 (153)
 11 (153)
 19 (148)
 20 (139)
 9 (127)
 21 (108)
 22 (100)
 8 (98)
 23 (85)
 7 (71)
 24 (69)
 25 (62)
 26 (47)
 6 (40)
 27 (38)
 28 (34)
 29 (26)
 30 (26)
 5 (21)
 31 (20)
 32 (17)
 33 (17)
 34 (14)
 35 (14)
 36 (13)
 37 (13)
 38 (13)
 Over 40 (12)
 40 (9)
 39 (8)
 Under 5 (8)
 Unknown (2)
 Z No photo (2)
Forewing shape
 Fringe (245)
 Smooth (235)
 Irregular (91)
 Angle (39)
 Hook (37)
 Z No photo (1)
 Catocala (12)
 Acronicta (7)
 Hypena (7)
 Crambus (6)
 Acleris (5)
 Macaria (5)
 Euchlaena (4)
 Grammia (4)
 Heterocampa (4)
 Idia (4)
 Leucania (4)
 Papaipema (4)
 Pococera (4)
 Schizura (4)
 Virbia (4)
 Zale (4)
 Zanclognatha (4)
 Apamea (3)
 Apantesis (3)
 Argyrotaenia (3)
 Baileya (3)
 Balsa (3)
 Choristoneura (3)
 Coleophora (3)
 Eulithis (3)
 Hydrelia (3)
 Iridopsis (3)
 Metarranthis (3)
 Morrisonia (3)
 Olethreutes (3)
 Parapoynx (3)
 Phragmatobia (3)
 Xanthorhoe (3)
 Ancylis (2)
 Antaeotricha (2)
 Bellura (2)
 Besma (2)
 Caloptilia (2)
 Caripeta (2)
 Cenopis (2)
 Cladara (2)
 Clostera (2)
 Cucullia (2)
 Darapsa (2)
 Dasychira (2)
 Dyspyralis (2)
 Elophila (2)
 Ennomos (2)
 Epiblema (2)
 Feltia (2)
 Furcula (2)
 Geina (2)
 Haploa (2)
 Hemileuca (2)
 Homochlodes (2)
 Lacanobia (2)
 Lacinipolia (2)
 Malacosoma (2)
 Marathyssa (2)
 Melanchra (2)
 Melanolophia (2)
 Mythimna (2)
 Nemoria (2)
 Orgyia (2)
 Packardia (2)
 Panopoda (2)
 Paonias (2)
 Pero (2)
 Phalaenostola (2)
 Plagodis (2)
 Platynota (2)
 Pyrausta (2)
 Renia (2)
 Schinia (2)
 Scopula (2)
 Spilosoma (2)
 Symmerista (2)
 Tetracis (2)
 Tolype (2)
 Tortricidia (2)
 Xestia (2)
 Abagrotis (1)
 Acasis (1)
 Acrobasis (1)
 Acrolophus (1)
 Actias (1)
 Agriopodes (1)
 Agrotis (1)
 Allagrapha (1)
 Amorbia (1)
 Amorpha (1)
 Amphion (1)
 Amphipoea (1)
 Amphipyra (1)
 Anageshna (1)
 Anagrapha (1)
 Anathix (1)
 Anavitrinella (1)
 Antepione (1)
 Antheraea (1)
 Anticlea (1)
 Aphomia (1)
 Apoda (1)
 Archips (1)
 Argyresthia (1)
 Atteva (1)
 Autographa (1)
 Biston (1)
 Blepharomastix (1)
 Bleptina (1)
 Cabera (1)
 Caenurgina (1)
 Calledapteryx (1)
 Callopistria (1)
 Callosamia (1)
 Calyptra (1)
 Campaea (1)
 Capsula (1)
 Cerastis (1)
 Ceratomia (1)
 Cerma (1)
 Chalcoela (1)
 Chlorochlamys (1)
 Choreutis (1)
 Chrysanympha (1)
 Chrysoteuchia (1)
 Chytolita (1)
 Chytonix (1)
 Cingilia (1)
 Cisseps (1)
 Clemensia (1)
 Clepsis (1)
 Coelostathma (1)
 Colocasia (1)
 Condylolomia (1)
 Copivaleria (1)
 Coryphista (1)
 Costaconvexa (1)
 Crambidia (1)
 Crocidophora (1)
 Crocigrapha (1)
 Ctenucha (1)
 Cudonigera (1)
 Cyclophora (1)
 Cycnia (1)
 Datana (1)
 Desmia (1)
 Diachrysia (1)
 Diacme (1)
 Diathrausta (1)
 Dichomeris (1)
 Dichorda (1)
 Dicymolomia (1)
 Digrammia (1)
 Dioryctria (1)
 Dolichomia (1)
 Drepana (1)
 Dryocampa (1)
 Eacles (1)
 Ectropis (1)
 Elaphria (1)
 Emmelina (1)
 Epicallima (1)
 Epipaschia (1)
 Epirrita (1)
 Estigmene (1)
 Eubaphe (1)
 Eucirroedia (1)
 Euclea (1)
 Eucosma (1)
 Eudryas (1)
 Eufidonia (1)
 Eulia (1)
 Euphyia (1)
 Eupithecia (1)
 Euplexia (1)
 Eusarca (1)
 Eustixia (1)
 Euthyatira (1)
 Eutrapela (1)
 Euzophera (1)
 Evergestis (1)
 Fumibotys (1)
 Galasa (1)
 Gluphisia (1)
 Glyptocera (1)
 Haematopis (1)
 Halysidota (1)
 Helicoverpa (1)
 Heliomata (1)
 Heliothis (1)
 Hemaris (1)
 Herpetogramma (1)
 Heterophleps (1)
 Homophoberia (1)
 Horisme (1)
 Hyalophora (1)
 Hydraecia (1)
 Hypagyrtis (1)
 Hyperaeschra (1)
 Hyphantria (1)
 Hypoprepia (1)
 Hyppa (1)
 Hypsopygia (1)
 Idaea (1)
 Isa (1)
 Lambdina (1)
 Lapara (1)
 Lascoria (1)
 Ledaea (1)
 Leuconycta (1)
 Lithacodes (1)
 Lithophane (1)
 Lochmaeus (1)
 Lomographa (1)
 Loscopia (1)
 Loxostegopsis (1)
 Lygropia (1)
 Lymantria (1)
 Lytrosis (1)
 Machimia (1)
 Macrurocampa (1)
 Maliattha (1)
 Manduca (1)
 Meganola (1)
 Meropleon (1)
 Mesoleuca (1)
 Metanema (1)
 Metaxaglaea (1)
 Microcrambus (1)
 Nadata (1)
 Nedra (1)
 Nematocampa (1)
 Neodactria (1)
 Neoligia (1)
 Nephelodes (1)
 Nepytia (1)
 Nerice (1)
 Noctua (1)
 Nola (1)
 Nomophila (1)
 Notodonta (1)
 Ochropleura (1)
 Ogdoconta (1)
 Oligia (1)
 Oligocentria (1)
 Oneida (1)
 Operophtera (1)
 Oreta (1)
 Ortholepis (1)
 Orthonama (1)
 Ostrinia (1)
 Pachysphinx (1)
 Paectes (1)
 Palpita (1)
 Palthis (1)
 Pandemis (1)
 Pangrapta (1)
 Panthea (1)
 Pantographa (1)
 Parachma (1)
 Parallelia (1)
 Parapediasia (1)
 Pasiphila (1)
 Patalene (1)
 Pediasia (1)
 Peridea (1)
 Perispasta (1)
 Perizoma (1)
 Phaeoura (1)
 Pheosia (1)
 Phigalia (1)
 Phlogophora (1)
 Phlyctaenia (1)
 Phyllonorycter (1)
 Platypolia (1)
 Pleuroprucha (1)
 Plodia (1)
 Plusia (1)
 Polygrammate (1)
 Ponometia (1)
 Probole (1)
 Prochoerodes (1)
 Prolimacodes (1)
 Proteoteras (1)
 Protoboarmia (1)
 Protodeltote (1)
 Psaphida (1)
 Pseudeustrotia (1)
 Pseudohermonassa (1)
 Psyche (1)
 Pyla (1)
 Pyralis (1)
 Pyreferra (1)
 Pyrrharctia (1)
 Rheumaptera (1)
 Rhyacionia (1)
 Rivula (1)
 Saucrobotys (1)
 Sciota (1)
 Scoliopteryx (1)
 Sparganothis (1)
 Speranza (1)
 Sphecodina (1)
 Suleima (1)
 Sunira (1)
 Swammerdamia (1)
 Synanthedon (1)
 Synchlora (1)
 Syndemis (1)
 Syngrapha (1)
 Trichodezia (1)
 Trichordestra (1)
 Udea (1)
 Urola (1)
 Vaxi (1)
 Xanthia (1)
 Xanthotype (1)
 Xylesthia (1)
 Large (445)
 Macro (339)
 Micro (129)
Hindwing distinctive color
 None (36)
 Red/pink (15)
 Yellow (13)
 Orange (10)
Hindwing shape
 Fringe (273)
 Smooth (145)
 Irregular (73)
 Angle (30)
 Z No photo (10)
 Tail (1)
 07 Jul (462)
 06 Jun (457)
 08 Aug (453)
 05 May (440)
 09 Sep (410)
 04 Apr (387)
 10 Oct (338)
 03 Mar (303)
 02 Feb (221)
 11 Nov (205)
 01 Jan (176)
 12 Dec (138)
Orbicular spot
 Absent (120)
 Indistinct (47)
 Light (47)
 Dark (28)
 Dark margin (27)
 Light margin (18)
 Short, hairless (16)
 Short, hairy (16)
 Spear, hairy (11)
 Curve, base hairy (2)
 Curve, hairless (2)
 Curve, hairy (2)
 Spear, segmented, or base hairy (1)
Reniform spot
 Absent (92)
 Light (59)
 Indistinct (51)
 Dark (49)
 Light margin (33)
 Dark margin (32)
 Rings (2)
Z Foreleg tibia
 Hair thick (2)
 Hair partial (1)
 Hair step (1)
 Hair tube (1)
 Smooth (1)
 Spine-2 (1)
Z Forewing postmedial line
 Jagged (2)
 Joined (2)
 Notched (2)
 Rounded (2)
Z Genus of Olethreutine
 Olethreutes (3)
 Ancylis (2)
 Epiblema (2)
 Eucosma (1)
 Proteoteras (1)
 Suleima (1)
Z Profile
 Hair ball (2)
 Hair pad (2)
 Irregular (2)
 Shield (1)
Z Source
 Moth Photographers Group (468)
 Nearctica (457)
Z Species of Elophila
 Elophila gyralis (1)
 Elophila icciusalis (1)
Z Species of Glaphyria
 Dicymolomia julianalis (1)
 Elophila icciusalis (1)
Z Species of Herpetogramma
 Herpetogramma abdominalis (1)
 Phlyctaenia coronata (1)
Z Species of Macaria
 Macaria aemulataria (1)
 Macaria bicolorata (1)
 Macaria fissinotata (1)
 Macaria pinistrobata (1)
 Macaria signaria (1)
Z Species of Olethreutes
 Olethreutes fasciatana (1)
 Olethreutes nigrana (1)
Z Species of Pococera
 Pococera asperatella (1)
 Pococera expandens (1)
 Pococera robustella (1)
 Pococera subcanalis (1)
Z Species of Renia
 Renia adspergillus (1)
 Renia discoloralis (1)
Z Species of Spilosoma
 Hyphantria cunea (1)
 Spilosoma congrua (1)
 Spilosoma virginica (1)
Z Species of Urola
 Urola nivalis (1)
 Vaxi critica (1)
Z Species of Zale
 Zale duplicata (1)
 Zale horrida (1)
 Zale lunifera (1)
 Zale minerea (1)
Z Species of Zanclognatha
 Zanclognatha cruralis (1)
 Zanclognatha jacchusalis (1)
 Zanclognatha laevigata (1)
 Zanclognatha lituralis (1)
Z Species of grays
 Anavitrinella pampinaria (1)
 Ectropis crepuscularia (1)
 Iridopsis larvaria (1)
 Melanolophia canadaria (1)
 Melanolophia signataria (1)
 Protoboarmia porcelaria (1)
Z dark spread species of family Crambidae
 Anageshna primordialis (1)
 Desmia funeralis (1)
 Diathrausta reconditalis (1)
Z species of Ancylis
 Ancylis burgessiana (1)
 Ancylis laciniana (1)
Z species of Idia
 Idia aemula (1)
 Idia americalis (1)
 Idia lubricalis (1)
 Idia rotundalis (1)
Z species of Pero
 Pero honestaria (1)
 Pero morrisonaria (1)