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Discover Life
314 kinds match

Actinonaias ligamentina  [popup]
Actinonaias pectorosa  [popup]
Alasmidonta arcula  [popup]
Altamaha Arcmussel
Alasmidonta atropurpurea  [popup]
Cumberland Elktoe...
Alasmidonta heterodon  [popup]
Dwarf Wedgemussel
Alasmidonta marginata_marginata  [popup]
Alasmidonta marginata_susquehannae  [popup]
Susquehanna Elktoe
Alasmidonta mccordi  [popup]
Coosa Elktoe...
Alasmidonta raveneliana  [popup]
Appalachian Elktoe...
Alasmidonta robusta  [popup]
Carolina Elktoe...
Alasmidonta triangulata  [popup]
Southern Elktoe...
Alasmidonta undulata  [popup]
Triangle Floater
Alasmidonta varicosa  [popup]
Brook Floater
Alasmidonta viridis  [popup]
Slippershell Mussel
Alasmidonta wrightiana  [popup]
Ochlockonee Arcmussel
Amblema elliottii  [popup]
Coosa Fiveridge
Amblema neislerii  [popup]
Fat Threeridge
Amblema plicata  [popup]
Anodonta beringiana  [popup]
Yukon Floater
Anodonta californiensis  [popup]
California Floater
Anodonta couperiana  [popup]
Barrel Floater
Anodonta dejecta  [popup]
Woebegone Floater
Anodonta hartfieldorum  [popup]
Cypress Floater
Anodonta heardi  [popup]
Apalachicola Floater
Anodonta implicata  [popup]
Alewife Floater
Anodonta kennerlyi  [popup]
Western Floater
Anodonta nuttalliana  [popup]
Winged Floater
Anodonta oregonensis  [popup]
Oregon Floater
Anodonta suborbiculata  [popup]
Flat Floater
Anodontoides denigratus  [popup]
Cumberland Papershell...
Anodontoides ferussacianus  [popup]
Cylindrical Papershell
Anodontoides radiatus  [popup]
Rayed Creekshell
Arcidens confragosus  [popup]
Rock Pocketbook
Arkansia wheeleri  [popup]
Ouachita Rock Pocketbook
Corbicula fluminea  [popup]
Asian Clam
Cumberlandia monodonta  [popup]
Cyclonaias tuberculata  [popup]
Purple Wartyback
Cyprogenia aberti  [popup]
Western Fanshell
Cyprogenia stegaria  [popup]
Cyrtonaias tampicoensis  [popup]
Tampico Pearlymussel
Dromus dromas  [popup]
Dromedary Pearlymussel
Ellipsaria lineolata  [popup]
Elliptio ahenea  [popup]
Southern Lance
Elliptio angustata  [popup]
Carolina Lance
Elliptio arca  [popup]
Alabama Spike
Elliptio arctata  [popup]
Delicate Spike
Elliptio buckleyi  [popup]
Florida Shiny Spike
Elliptio chipolaensis  [popup]
Chipola Slabshell
Elliptio cistellaeformis  [popup]
Box Spike
Elliptio complanata  [popup]
Eastern Elliptio
Elliptio congaraea  [popup]
Carolina Slabshell
Elliptio crassidens  [popup]
Elliptio cylindracea  [popup]
Sad Elliptio
Elliptio dariensis  [popup]
Georgia Elephantear
Elliptio dilatata  [popup]
Elliptio downiei  [popup]
Satilla Elephantear
Elliptio errans  [popup]
Oval Elliptio
Elliptio fisheriana  [popup]
Northern Lance
Elliptio folliculata  [popup]
Pod Lance
Elliptio fraterna  [popup]
Brother Spike
Elliptio fumata  [popup]
Gulf Slabshell
Elliptio hepatica  [popup]
Brown Elliptio
Elliptio hopetonensis  [popup]
Altamaha Slabshell
Elliptio icterina  [popup]
Variable Spike
Elliptio jayensis  [popup]
Flat Spike
Elliptio lanceolata  [popup]
Yellow Lance
Elliptio marsupiobesa  [popup]
Cape Fear Spike
Elliptio mcmichaeli  [popup]
Fluted Elephantear
Elliptio monroensis  [popup]
St. Johns Elephantear
Elliptio nigella  [popup]
Winged Spike
Elliptio producta  [popup]
Atlantic Spike
Elliptio pullata  [popup]
Gulf Spike
Elliptio purpurella  [popup]
Inflated Spike
Elliptio raveneli  [popup]
Carolina Spike
Elliptio roanokensis  [popup]
Roanoke Slabshell
Elliptio shepardiana  [popup]
Altamaha Lance
Elliptio spinosa  [popup]
Altamaha Spinymussel
Elliptio steinstansana  [popup]
Tar River Spinymussel
Elliptio waccamawensis  [popup]
Waccamaw Spike
Elliptio waltoni  [popup]
Florida Lance
Elliptoideus sloatianus  [popup]
Purple Bankclimber
Epioblasma ahlstedti  [popup]
Duck River Dartersnapper
Epioblasma arcaeformis  [popup]
Epioblasma biemarginata  [popup]
Angled Riffleshell
Epioblasma brevidens  [popup]
Cumberlandian Combshell
Epioblasma capsaeformis  [popup]
Oyster Mussel
Epioblasma cincinnatiensis  [popup]
Ohio Riffleshell
Epioblasma flexuosa  [popup]
Epioblasma florentina_aureola  [popup]
Golden Riffleshell
Epioblasma florentina_curtisi  [popup]
Curtis Pearlymussel
Epioblasma florentina_florentina  [popup]
Yellow Blossom
Epioblasma florentina_walkeri  [popup]
Tan Riffleshell
Epioblasma haysiana  [popup]
Epioblasma lenior  [popup]
Narrow Catspaw
Epioblasma lewisii  [popup]
Epioblasma metastriata  [popup]
Upland Combshell
Epioblasma obliquata_obliquata  [popup]
Epioblasma obliquata_perobliqua  [popup]
White Catspaw
Epioblasma othcaloogensis  [popup]
Southern Acornshell
Epioblasma penita  [popup]
Southern Combshell
Epioblasma personata  [popup]
Round Combshell
Epioblasma propinqua  [popup]
Tennessee Riffleshell
Epioblasma sampsonii  [popup]
Wabash Riffleshell
Epioblasma stewardsonii  [popup]
Cumberland Leafshell
Epioblasma torulosa_gubernaculum  [popup]
Green Blossom
Epioblasma torulosa_rangiana  [popup]
Northern Riffleshell
Epioblasma torulosa_torulosa  [popup]
Tubercled Blossom
Epioblasma triquetra  [popup]
Epioblasma turgidula  [popup]
Turgid Blossom
Fusconaia apalachicola  [popup]
Apalachicola Ebonyshell
Fusconaia askewi  [popup]
Texas Pigtoe
Fusconaia burkei  [popup]
Tapered Pigtoe
Fusconaia cerina  [popup]
Southern Pigtoe
Fusconaia cor  [popup]
Shiny Pigtoe
Fusconaia cuneolus  [popup]
Finerayed Pigtoe
Fusconaia ebena  [popup]
Fusconaia escambia  [popup]
Narrow Pigtoe
Fusconaia flava  [popup]
Wabash Pigtoe
Fusconaia lananensis  [popup]
Triangle Pigtoe
Fusconaia masoni  [popup]
Atlantic Pigtoe
Fusconaia ozarkensis  [popup]
Ozark Pigtoe
Fusconaia rotulata  [popup]
Round Ebonyshell
Fusconaia subrotunda  [popup]
Fusconaia subrotunda_subrotunda  [popup]
Glebula rotundata  [popup]
Round Pearlshell...
Gonidea angulata  [popup]
Western Ridged Mussel
Hamiota altilis  [popup]
Finelined Pocketbook
Hamiota australis  [popup]
Southern Sandshell
Hamiota perovalis  [popup]
Orangenacre Mucket
Hamiota subangulata  [popup]
Shinyrayed Pocketbook
Hemistena lata  [popup]
Cracking Pearlymussel
Lampsilis abrupta  [popup]
Pink Mucket
Lampsilis binominata  [popup]
Lined Pocketbook
Lampsilis bracteata  [popup]
Texas Fatmucket
Lampsilis cardium  [popup]
Plain Pocketbook
Lampsilis cariosa  [popup]
Yellow Lampmussel
Lampsilis dolabraeformis  [popup]
Altamaha Pocketbook
Lampsilis fasciola  [popup]
Wavyrayed Lampmussel
Lampsilis floridensis  [popup]
Florida Sandshell
Lampsilis fullerkati  [popup]
Waccamaw Fatmucket
Lampsilis higginsii  [popup]
Higgins Eye
Lampsilis hydiana  [popup]
Louisiana Fatmucket
Lampsilis ornata  [popup]
Southern Pocketbook
Lampsilis ovata  [popup]
Lampsilis powellii  [popup]
Arkansas Fatmucket
Lampsilis radiata  [popup]
Eastern Lampmussel
Lampsilis rafinesqueana  [popup]
Neosho Mucket
Lampsilis reeveiana_brevicula  [popup]
Ozark Brokenray
Lampsilis reeveiana_brittsi  [popup]
Northern Brokenray
Lampsilis reeveiana_reeveiana  [popup]
Arkansas Brokenray
Lampsilis satura  [popup]
Sandbank Pocketbook
Lampsilis siliquoidea  [popup]
Lampsilis splendida  [popup]
Rayed Pink Fatmucket
Lampsilis straminea  [popup]
Southern Fatmucket
Lampsilis streckeri  [popup]
Speckled Pocketbook
Lampsilis teres  [popup]
Yellow Sandshell
Lampsilis virescens  [popup]
Alabama Lampmussel
Lasmigona alabamensis  [popup]
Alabama Heelsplitter
Lasmigona complanata  [popup]
White Heelsplitter
Lasmigona complanata_complanata  [popup]
White heelsplitter
Lasmigona compressa  [popup]
Creek Heelsplitter
Lasmigona costata  [popup]
Lasmigona decorata  [popup]
Carolina Heelsplitter
Lasmigona etowaensis  [popup]
Etowah Heelsplitter
Lasmigona holstonia  [popup]
Tennessee Heelsplitter
Lasmigona subviridis  [popup]
Green Floater
Lemiox rimosus  [popup]
Birdwing Pearlymussel
Leptodea fragilis  [popup]
Fragile Papershell
Leptodea leptodon  [popup]
Leptodea ochracea  [popup]
Tidewater Mucket
Ligumia nasuta  [popup]
Eastern Pondmussel
Ligumia recta  [popup]
Black Sandshell
Ligumia subrostrata  [popup]
Margaritifera falcata  [popup]
Western Pearlshell
Margaritifera hembeli  [popup]
Louisiana Pearlshell
Margaritifera margaritifera  [popup]
Eastern Pearlshell
Margaritifera marrianae  [popup]
Alabama Pearlshell
Medionidus acutissimus  [popup]
Alabama Moccasinshell
Medionidus conradicus  [popup]
Cumberland Moccasinshell
Medionidus parvulus  [popup]
Coosa Moccasinshell
Medionidus penicillatus  [popup]
Gulf Moccasinshell
Medionidus simpsonianus  [popup]
Ochlockonee Moccasinshell
Medionidus walkeri  [popup]
Suwannee Moccasinshell
Megalonaias nervosa  [popup]
Obliquaria reflexa  [popup]
Threehorn Wartyback
Obovaria haddletoni  [popup]
Haddleton Lampmussel
Obovaria jacksoniana  [popup]
Southern Hickorynut
Obovaria olivaria  [popup]
Obovaria retusa  [popup]
Ring Pink
Obovaria subrotunda  [popup]
Round Hickorynut
Obovaria unicolor  [popup]
Alabama Hickorynut
Pegias fabula  [popup]
Littlewing Pearlymussel
Plectomerus dombeyanus  [popup]
Plethobasus cicatricosus  [popup]
White Wartyback
Plethobasus cooperianus  [popup]
Orangefoot Pimpleback
Plethobasus cyphyus  [popup]
Pleurobema athearni  [popup]
Canoe Creek Clubshell
Pleurobema beadleianum  [popup]
Mississippi Pigtoe
Pleurobema clava  [popup]
Pleurobema collina  [popup]
James Spinymussel
Pleurobema cordatum  [popup]
Ohio Pigtoe
Pleurobema curtum  [popup]
Black Clubshell
Pleurobema decisum  [popup]
Southern Clubshell
Pleurobema fibuloides  [popup]
Kusha Pigtoe
Pleurobema georgianum  [popup]
Southern Pigtoe
Pleurobema hanleyianum  [popup]
Georgia Pigtoe
Pleurobema hartmanianum  [popup]
Cherokee Pigtoe
Pleurobema marshalli  [popup]
Flat Pigtoe
Pleurobema oviforme  [popup]
Tennessee Clubshell
Pleurobema perovatum  [popup]
Ovate Clubshell
Pleurobema plenum  [popup]
Rough Pigtoe
Pleurobema pyriforme  [popup]
Oval Pigtoe
Pleurobema riddellii  [popup]
Louisiana Pigtoe
Pleurobema rubellum  [popup]
Warrior Pigtoe
Pleurobema rubrum  [popup]
Pyramid Pigtoe
Pleurobema sintoxia  [popup]
Round Pigtoe
Pleurobema stabilis  [popup]
Coosa Pigtoe
Pleurobema strodeanum  [popup]
Fuzzy Pigtoe
Pleurobema taitianum  [popup]
Heavy Pigtoe
Pleurobema verum  [popup]
True Pigtoe
Pleuronaia barnesiana  [popup]
Tennessee Pigtoe
Pleuronaia dolabelloides  [popup]
Slabside Pearlymussel
Pleuronaia gibberum  [popup]
Cumberland Pigtoe
Popenais popeii  [popup]
Texas Hornshell
Potamilus alatus  [popup]
Pink Heelsplitter
Potamilus amphichaenus  [popup]
Texas Heelsplitter
Potamilus capax  [popup]
Fat Pocketbook
Potamilus inflatus  [popup]
Inflated Heelsplitter
Potamilus metnecktayi  [popup]
Salina Pearlymussel
Potamilus ohiensis  [popup]
Pink Papershell
Potamilus purpuratus  [popup]
Potamilus salinasensis  [popup]
Salina Mucket
Ptychobranchus fasciolaris  [popup]
Ptychobranchus foremanianus  [popup]
Rayed Kidneyshell
Ptychobranchus greenii  [popup]
Triangular Kidneyshell
Ptychobranchus jonesi  [popup]
Southern Kidneyshell
Ptychobranchus occidentalis  [popup]
Ouachita Kidneyshell
Ptychobranchus subtentum  [popup]
Fluted Kidneyshell
Pyganodon cataracta  [popup]
Eastern Floater
Pyganodon fragilis  [popup]
Newfoundland Floater
Pyganodon gibbosa  [popup]
Inflated Floater
Pyganodon grandis  [popup]
Giant Floater
Pyganodon lacustris  [popup]
Lake Floater
Quadrula apiculata  [popup]
Southern Mapleleaf
Quadrula asperata_archeri  [popup]
Tallapoosa Orb
Quadrula asperata_asperata  [popup]
Alabama Orb
Quadrula aurea  [popup]
Golden Orb
Quadrula couchiana  [popup]
Rio Grande Monkeyface
Quadrula cylindrica_cylindrica  [popup]
Quadrula cylindrica_strigillata  [popup]
Rough Rabbitsfoot
Quadrula fragosa  [popup]
Winged Mapleleaf
Quadrula houstonensis  [popup]
Smooth Pimpleback
Quadrula infucata  [popup]
Sculptured Pigtoe
Quadrula intermedia  [popup]
Cumberland Monkeyface
Quadrula kieneriana  [popup]
Coosa Orb
Quadrula kleiniana  [popup]
Suwannee Pigtoe
Quadrula metanevra  [popup]
Quadrula mitchelli  [popup]
False Spike
Quadrula mortoni  [popup]
Western Pimpleback
Quadrula nobilis  [popup]
Gulf Mapleleaf
Quadrula nodulata  [popup]
Quadrula petrina  [popup]
Texas Pimpleback
Quadrula pustulosa  [popup]
Quadrula pustulosa_pustulosa  [popup]
Quadrula quadrula  [popup]
Quadrula refulgens  [popup]
Purple Pimpleback
Quadrula rumphiana  [popup]
Ridged Mapleleaf
Quadrula sparsa  [popup]
Appalachian Monkeyface
Quadrula stapes  [popup]
Quadrula succissa  [popup]
Purple Pigtoe
Quadrula verrucosa  [popup]
Simpsonaias ambigua  [popup]
Salamander Mussel
Strophitus connasaugaensis  [popup]
Alabama Creekmussel
Strophitus subvexus  [popup]
Southern Creekmussel
Strophitus undulatus  [popup]
Toxolasma corvunculus  [popup]
Southern Purple Lilliput
Toxolasma cylindrellus  [popup]
Pale Lilliput
Toxolasma lividum  [popup]
Purple Lilliput
Toxolasma parvum  [popup]
Toxolasma paulum  [popup]
Iridescent Lilliput
Toxolasma pullus  [popup]
Savannah Lilliput
Toxolasma texasiensis  [popup]
Texas Lilliput
Truncilla cognata  [popup]
Mexican Fawnsfoot
Truncilla donaciformis  [popup]
Truncilla macrodon  [popup]
Texas Fawnsfoot
Truncilla truncata  [popup]
Uniomerus carolinianus  [popup]
Carolina Pondhorn...
Uniomerus columbensis  [popup]
Apalachicola Pondhorn
Uniomerus declivis  [popup]
Tapered Pondhorn
Uniomerus tetralasmus  [popup]
Utterbackia imbecillis  [popup]
Paper Pondshell
Utterbackia peggyae  [popup]
Florida Floater
Utterbackia peninsularis  [popup]
Peninsular Floater
Venustaconcha ellipsiformis  [popup]
Venustaconcha pleasii  [popup]
Bleedingtooth Mussel
Villosa amygdala  [popup]
Florida Rainbow
Villosa arkansasensis  [popup]
Ouachita Creekshell
Villosa choctawensis  [popup]
Choctaw Bean
Villosa constricta  [popup]
Notched Rainbow
Villosa delumbis  [popup]
Eastern Creekshell
Villosa fabalis  [popup]
Rayed Bean
Villosa iris  [popup]
Villosa lienosa  [popup]
Little Spectaclecase
Villosa nebulosa  [popup]
Alabama Rainbow
Villosa ortmanni  [popup]
Kentucky Creekshell
Villosa perpurpurea  [popup]
Purple Bean
Villosa taeniata  [popup]
Painted Creekshell
Villosa trabalis  [popup]
Cumberland Bean
Villosa umbrans  [popup]
Coosa Creekshell
Villosa vanuxemensis  [popup]
Mountain Creekshell
Villosa vanuxemensis_vanuxemensis  [popup]
Mountain creekshell
Villosa vaughaniana  [popup]
Carolina Creekshell
Villosa vibex  [popup]
Southern Rainbow
Villosa villosa  [popup]
Downy Rainbow

REMAINING (number with state)
 Unionidae (308)
 Margaritiferidae (5)
 Cyrenidae (1)
Faunal province
 Appalachicola (1)
 Cumberland (1)
 Escambia (1)
 Great Lakes (1)
 Great Plains (1)
 Mobile basin (1)
 North Atlantic slope (1)
 Ohio River (1)
 Ouachita (1)
 Ozark (1)
 Pacific (1)
 Peninsular Florida (1)
 South Atlantic Slope (1)
 Texas Gulf Coast (1)
 Elliptio (38)
 Epioblasma (28)
 Quadrula (28)
 Lampsilis (26)
 Pleurobema (24)
 Villosa (19)
 Fusconaia (15)
 Alasmidonta (13)
 Anodonta (11)
 Lasmigona (9)
 Potamilus (8)
 Toxolasma (7)
 Medionidus (6)
 Obovaria (6)
 Ptychobranchus (6)
 Pyganodon (5)
 Hamiota (4)
 Margaritifera (4)
 Truncilla (4)
 Uniomerus (4)
 Amblema (3)
 Anodontoides (3)
 Leptodea (3)
 Ligumia (3)
 Plethobasus (3)
 Pleuronaia (3)
 Strophitus (3)
 Utterbackia (3)
 Actinonaias (2)
 Cyprogenia (2)
 Venustaconcha (2)
 Arcidens (1)
 Arkansia (1)
 Corbicula (1)
 Cumberlandia (1)
 Cyclonaias (1)
 Cyrtonaias (1)
 Dromus (1)
 Ellipsaria (1)
 Elliptoideus (1)
 Glebula (1)
 Gonidea (1)
 Hemistena (1)
 Lemiox (1)
 Megalonaias (1)
 Obliquaria (1)
 Pegias (1)
 Plectomerus (1)
 Popenais (1)
 Simpsonaias (1)
Internal teeth
 Absent (21)
 Reduced (3)
 Complete (2)
Mantle attachment scars
 Present (5)
 Absent (1)
Posterior slope sculpture
 Smooth (2)
 Ridges (1)
 Alabama (182)
 Tennessee (134)
 Georgia (124)
 Kentucky (105)
 Mississippi (84)
 Illinois (83)
 Indiana (79)
 Virginia (79)
 Ohio (78)
 Arkansas (76)
 West Virginia (73)
 Louisiana (67)
 Missouri (66)
 Pennsylvania (66)
 Florida (63)
 Oklahoma (61)
 North Carolina (58)
 Texas (54)
 New York (50)
 Wisconsin (50)
 Iowa (49)
 Minnesota (47)
 Kansas (46)
 Michigan (45)
 Ontario (41)
 South Carolina (38)
 Nebraska (30)
 South Dakota (30)
 Quebec (22)
 Vermont (17)
 Maryland (16)
 North Dakota (15)
 Manitoba (14)
 New Jersey (13)
 Connecticut (12)
 Delaware (12)
 Massachusetts (12)
 New Brunswick (12)
 Maine (11)
 New Hampshire (11)
 Nova Scotia (11)
 Rhode Island (10)
 Saskatchewan (10)
 British Columbia (7)
 Oregon (7)
 California (6)
 Colorado (6)
 Washington (6)
 Wyoming (6)
 Idaho (5)
 Montana (5)
 Nevada (5)
 Alberta (4)
 New Mexico (4)
 Utah (4)
 Alaska (3)
 Arizona (2)
 Newfoundland (2)
 Northwest Territories (2)
 Prince Edward (2)
 Yukon Territory (2)
 Nunavut (1)
Shell color
 Yellow (4)
 Green (2)
 Black (1)
Shell pattern
 Rays fine (3)
 Plain (2)
Shell shape
 Oval (2)
 Rectangular (1)
 Round (1)
 Triangular (1)
Shell surface sculpture
 Ridges (4)
 Smooth (4)
 Plications (3)
 Spines (3)
Shell surface texture
 Smooth (1)
 Waxy/shiny (1)