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Discover Life
44 kinds match


Ateuchus histeroides  [popup]
Ateuchus lecontei  [popup]
Canthon chalcites  [popup]
Tumble bug
Canthon pilularius  [popup]
Tumble bug
Canthon probus  [popup]
Tumble bug
Canthon vigilans  [popup]
Tumble bug
Canthon viridis  [popup]
Tumble bug
Copris fricator  [popup] male major
Copris fricator  [popup] male minor
Copris fricator  [popup] female
Copris minutus  [popup] male major
Copris minutus  [popup] male minor
Copris minutus  [popup] female
Dichotomius carolinus  [popup]
Melanocanthon bispinatus  [popup]
Tumble bug
Melanocanthon nigricornis  [popup]
Tumble bug
Onthophagus concinnus  [popup] male major
Onthophagus concinnus  [popup] male minor
Onthophagus concinnus  [popup] female
Onthophagus gazella  [popup] female
Onthophagus gazella  [popup] male
Onthophagus hecate  [popup] female
Onthophagus hecate  [popup] male
Onthophagus nuchicornis  [popup] male major
Onthophagus nuchicornis  [popup] male minor
Onthophagus nuchicornis  [popup] female
Onthophagus orpheus  [popup] male
Onthophagus orpheus  [popup] female
Onthophagus pennsylvanicus  [popup] male major
Onthophagus pennsylvanicus  [popup] male minor
Onthophagus pennsylvanicus  [popup] female
Onthophagus striatulus  [popup] male major
Onthophagus striatulus  [popup] male minor
Onthophagus striatulus  [popup] female
Onthophagus subaeneus  [popup] male major
Onthophagus subaeneus  [popup] male minor
Onthophagus subaeneus  [popup] female
Onthophagus taurus  [popup] male major
Onthophagus taurus  [popup] male minor
Onthophagus taurus  [popup] female
Onthophagus tuberculifrons  [popup] female
Onthophagus tuberculifrons  [popup] male
Phanaeus vindex  [popup] female
Phanaeus vindex  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Color finish
 Metallic (19)
 Dull (16)
 Polished (14)
 Matte or satiny (12)
Color of body, if more than one
 None (29)
 Pronotum various, elytra with yellowish bases and tips (6)
 Elytra yellow-brown with black speckles (3)
 Dark brown with yellow elytral spots (2)
 Pronotum brown with green sheen, elytra yellow-brown (2)
 Pronotum yellow to coppery, elytra blue-green (2)
Color of body, if one
 Black or dark brown (31)
 Coppery (12)
 None (10)
 Green (8)
 Yellow-brown (2)
Color of body, number
 1 (34)
 More than 1 (15)
Elytral grooves, number
 7 (35)
 8 (11)
 Many complex wrinkles (2)
 None or barely visible (2)
Eyes, seen from above
 Narrower than 1/2 mm (40)
 Wider than 1/2 mm (4)
Hairs present on back
 No (26)
 Yes (26)
Head projections
 None (16)
 Two cross ridges (13)
 Single protuberance (6)
 Pair of protuberances (5)
 Single horn (4)
 Two straight horns (4)
 One cross ridge (2)
 Two bowed horns (1)
Head texture
 Pits everywhere (32)
 Wrinkles (8)
 Pits and wrinkles (6)
 Small, low beads (4)
 Pits on sides, smooth between (3)
 Smooth (3)
Head, front edge
 No paired teeth, or a slight indent (25)
 2-toothed (10)
 Sharply notched (6)
 4- or 6-toothed (3)
Legs, shape of middle and hind
 Flared (37)
 Slender (7)
Legs, spurs on hind
 One (42)
 Two (2)
Length mm, pronotum front - elytra rear
 Under 10 (35)
 10-17 (11)
 Over 15, average 20 (1)
Pronotum bead shape
 None (40)
 Circular or oval (3)
 Long and narrow (1)
Pronotum projections
 None (28)
 Cross row of 4 protuberances (5)
 One squared cross-ridge (5)
 Pair of protuberances (3)
 Two-pronged forward projection (3)
 One protuberance (2)
 Rear-lateral flarings (1)
 Swelling with protuberances on sides (1)
Pronotum rear lip
 No (36)
 Yes (16)
Pronotum texture
 Pits, possibly tiny tubercles (29)
 Tubercles (7)
 Small, low beads (4)
 Smooth (2)
 Wrinkles (2)
Rear pronotal corner approach to elytral shoulders
 S curve (28)
 Arc up, almost flush (10)
 Straight diagonal (7)
 Squarish, hanging below (5)