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10 kinds match


Svastra aegis  [popup] female
Svastra aegis  [popup] male
Svastra atripes  [popup] female
Svastra atripes  [popup] male
Svastra compta  [popup] female
Svastra compta  [popup] male
Svastra obliqua  [popup] female
Svastra obliqua  [popup] male
Svastra petulca  [popup] female
Svastra petulca  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Female, T3 , description of hair band
 Narrow band of light, short hair clearly interrupted in the middle and well removed from the rim (3)
 All hairs black (2)
 Longitudinal length of white apical hair band covers 2/3 of segment (1)
 Narrow, uniform, unbroken band of white hairs traverse the center of the segment, rest of segment all dark (1)
Female, T4, description of hair band - Color of hair band can be black or white
 Band covers 2/3 of the longitudinal length of the segment, NARROWLY interrupted in center (3)
 Band covers 2/3 of the longitudinal length of the segment, WIDELY interrupted in center (2)
 Clear white band of hairs that runs across the center of the entire segment (2)
 LACKING hair band (1)
 Lacking an obvious band, but with a patch of white, short hair and intermixed black bristles each side white hairs may look dark if matted down with gook (1)
Female, hind tibia, color of scopal hairs
 Yellow to golden orange (4)
 Black (1)
Female, hind tibia, structure of scopal hairs
 Mostly PLUMOSE (4)
 All or mostly SIMPLE (1)
 All simple except for near base of tibia where many are plumose (1)
Female, large plate on side of thorax below the base of forewing, color of hair
 Off-white to golden orange (4)
 Black (2)
 Top half light, bottom half black (1)
Male, T2-T4, form and color of pale apical hair bands
 Complete on T2-T4, off-white to yellow (3)
 Base of T2 with a largely complete band, T3-4 all dark or with only broken narrow bands of off-white hairs (2)
 Interrupted in center of T2-T4, white (2)
 Interrupted in the center of T2-T4, off-white to yellow (2)
 Interrupted in center on T3, absent on T2 and T4, T3 band white or off-white (1)
Male, T5, light colored hair bands - May be either complete or interrupted in the center
 Present (4)
 Absent (3)
Male, hind legs, hair color
 All light (3)
 Mostly dark (2)
 Light with dark on back of basitarsi (1)
Male, scutellum, color of hair
 Dark in the center, outlined with light (3)
 All yellow to golden orange (2)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 Female, 12 (5)
 Male, 13 (5)
State or province where bee was collected
 AL (10)
 Fl (10)
 GA (10)
 MS (10)
 NC (10)
 SC (10)
 DC (8)
 DE (8)
 IL (8)
 IN (8)
 KY (8)
 MD (8)
 NJ (8)
 OH (8)
 PA (8)
 TN (8)
 VA (8)
 WV (8)
 MI (2)
 NY (2)
 SD (2)
 WI (2)
 Epimelissodes (8)
 Anthedonia (2)