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Discover Life 10 kinds match:
Trachusa crassipes  [popup] female
Trachusa crassipes  [popup] male
Trachusa dorsalis  [popup] female
Trachusa dorsalis  [popup] male
Trachusa fontemvitae  [popup] female
Trachusa fontemvitae  [popup] male
Trachusa ridingsii  [popup] female
Trachusa ridingsii  [popup] male
Trachusa zebrata  [popup] female
Trachusa zebrata  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen, upperside hair bands
 Yellow bands set somewhat removed from the rim of each segment (8)
 Ivory bands set right on the rim of each segment (2)
Female, mandible
 Greatest width much less than 2X smallest width (3)
 Greatest width 2X smallest width, or nearly so (2)
Male, S3, rim outline
 Without spines, but often having broadly TRIANGULAR projections (4)
 Modified with two small SLENDER spines, one on each side of a slight depression in the rim margin (1)
Male, T7, rim shape
 Straight or nearly straight across the center, may or may not have pronounced lateral lobes (2)
 Coming to a broad point in center, no other prominent modifications (1)
 With a small, sharp point in center, also, plate of segment with a prominent longitudinal median ridge (1)
 With three small medial teeth or points (1)
Mandibles, color
 Yellow with only the tips of the teeth black (5)
 Entirely black (4)
 Black with yellow markings (1)
Scutum, color and markings
 Entirely black (4)
 Black with a yellow lateral marking filling the corner near each tegula and extending toward the scutellum (3)
 Black with a pair of yellow, linear, lateral markings (2)
 Black with a small, yellow marking in the corner adjacent to each tegula (2)
 Black with conspicuous submedian yellow stripes and a pair of linear lateral markings (2)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 12, female (5)
 13, male (5)
State or province where bee was collected
 AL (10)
 FL (10)
 GA (10)
 MS (10)
 NC (10)
 SC (10)
 VA (10)
 WV (10)
 DC (2)
 DE (2)
 MD (2)
 NJ (2)
 Heteranthidium (8)
 Legnanthidium (2)
T6, color
 Entirely black (4)
 Largely yellow, only rim and extreme base black (2)
 Basal 1/3 black, apical 2/3 yellow (1)
 Basal half black, apical half yellow (1)
 Black with a large yellow mark on each side, markings may be touching in center (1)
 Black with a yellow, broadly v-shaped median mark (1)
Thorax, color
 Black with yellow markings (8)
 Entirely black, no markings (2)