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65 kinds match


Acanthopyge  [popup]
Acidaspidella  [popup]
Acidaspidina  [popup]
Akantharges  [popup]
Allolichas  [popup]
Amphilichas  [popup]
Apatolichas  [popup]
Archikainella  [popup]
Arctinurus  [popup]
Asawikwanabe  [popup]
Autoloxolichas  [popup]
Belovia  [popup]
Bestjubella  [popup]
Borealarges  [popup]
Brutonia  [popup]
Ceratarges  [popup]
Ceratolichas  [popup]
Colossaspis  [popup]
Conolichas  [popup]
Craspedarges  [popup]
Dicranogmus  [popup]
Dicranopeltis  [popup]
Echinolichas  [popup]
Eifliarges  [popup]
Eoacidaspis  [popup]
Gaspelichas  [popup]
Hemiarges  [popup]
Homolichas  [popup]
Hoplolichas  [popup]
Hoplolichoides  [popup]
Huginarges  [popup]
Jasperia  [popup]
Leiolichas  [popup]
Lichakephalina  [popup]
Lichakephalus  [popup]
Lichas  [popup]
Lobopyge  [popup]
Lyralichas  [popup]
Metaacidaspis  [popup]
Metaleiolichas  [popup]
Metalichas  [popup]
Metopolichas  [popup]
Neolichas  [popup]
Nipponarges  [popup]
Nonix  [popup]
Ohleum  [popup]
Oinochoe  [popup]
Otarozoum  [popup]
Paraacidaspis  [popup]
Paraleiolichas  [popup]
Perunaspis  [popup]
Platylichas  [popup]
Probolichas  [popup]
Pseudotupolichas  [popup]
Radiolichas  [popup]
Rhenarges  [popup]
Richterarges  [popup]
Rontrippia  [popup]
Terataspis  [popup]
Terranovia  [popup]
Trimerolichas  [popup]
Trochurus  [popup]
Uralichas  [popup]
Uripes  [popup]
Usoviana  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Age of surrounding rock
 16 Caradoc: early Late Ordovician (14)
 25 Eifel: early Middle Devonian (10)
 17 Ashgill: late Late Ordovician (9)
 19 Wenlock: late Early Silurian (9)
 15 Llandeilo: late Middle Ordovician (8)
 18 Llandovery: early Early Silurian (8)
 14 Llanvirn: early Middle Ordovician (7)
 23 Prag: middle Early Devonian (6)
 12 Tremadoc: early Early Ordovician (5)
 13 Arenig: late Early Ordovician (5)
 24 Ems: late Early Devonian (5)
 20 Ludlow: early Late Silurian (4)
 9 Late Cambrian (4)
 22 Lochkov: early Early Devonian (2)
 26 Givet: late Middle Devonian (2)
 21 Pridoli: late Late Silurian (1)
 5 Middle Cambrian (1)
 Lichidae (51)
 Lichakephalidae (13)
Hypostome macula relief
 Indistinct (13)
 Prominent (6)
Hypostome middle body pitting
 Not pitted (16)
 Pitted (6)
Hypostome middle furrow branching
 Not branched (12)
 Branched (9)
Hypostome posterior edge
 Emarginate (14)
 Not notably emarginate (12)
Hypostome tubercles
 Tubercles present (16)
 Tubercles absent (9)
 Europe (30)
 North America (18)
 Russia (12)
 Central Asia (8)
 East and Southeast Asia (8)
 Australia (5)
 Africa (3)
 South Asia and Mideast (2)
 South America (1)
Orientation of hypostomal middle furrow at intersection with border furrow
 Strongly anterolateral (14)
 Exsagittal to weakly or briefly anterolateral (12)
Widest point of hypostome, relative to its anteroposterior midpoint
 About at midpoint (14)
 Posterior (8)
 Anterior (7)
 No single widest point (1)
Widest point of middle body, relative to point of departure of border furrow from border
 Anterior or nearly coincident (14)
 Posterior (9)
 No single widest point (8)