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Discover Life
140 kinds match

Buccinaria jonkeri  [popup]
Clavus bilineatus  [popup]
Clavus canicularis  [popup]
Clavus cantharis  [popup]
Clavus echinatus  [popup]
Clavus exasperatus  [popup]
Clavus laetus  [popup]
Clavus lamberti  [popup]
Clavus nigrozonatus  [popup]
Clavus putillus  [popup]
Clavus rugizonatus  [popup]
Clavus unizonalis  [popup]
Clavus viduus  [popup]
Cochlespira pulchella  [popup]
Comitas ilariae  [popup]
Comitas peelae  [popup]
Comitas sp_ansp_a  [popup]
Conopleura striata  [popup]
Daphnella pulviscula  [popup]
Daphnella rissoides  [popup]
Drillia enna  [popup]
Eucithara abbreviata  [popup]
Eucithara alacris  [popup]
Eucithara angela  [popup]
Eucithara antillarum  [popup]
Eucithara bascauda  [popup]
Eucithara bicolor  [popup]
Eucithara caledonica  [popup]
Eucithara capillata  [popup]
Eucithara castanea  [popup]
Eucithara cinnamomea  [popup]
Eucithara columbelloides  [popup]
Eucithara coniformis  [popup]
Eucithara conohelicoides  [popup]
Eucithara coronata  [popup]
Eucithara crassilabrum  [popup]
Eucithara cylindrica  [popup]
Eucithara debilis  [popup]
Eucithara decussata  [popup]
Eucithara elegans  [popup]
Eucithara fasciata  [popup]
Eucithara fusiformis  [popup]
Eucithara gibbosa  [popup]
Eucithara hirasei  [popup]
Eucithara hypercalles  [popup]
Eucithara isseli  [popup]
Eucithara marginelloides  [popup]
Eucithara obesa  [popup]
Eucithara pallida  [popup]
Eucithara semizonata  [popup]
Eucithara stromboides  [popup]
Eucithara turricula  [popup]
Eucithara vittata  [popup]
Gemmula amabilis  [popup]
Gemmula ambara  [popup]
Gemmula dampierana  [popup]
Gemmula diomedea  [popup]
Gemmula graeffei  [popup]
Gemmula interpolata  [popup]
Gemmula kieneri  [popup]
Gemmula martini  [popup]
Gemmula monilifera  [popup]
Gemmula murrayi  [popup]
Gemmula pseudogranosa  [popup]
Gemmula pseudomonilifera  [popup]
Gemmula rarimaculata  [popup]
Gemmula sikatunai  [popup]
Gemmula sogodensis  [popup]
Gemmula speciosa  [popup]
Gemmula thielei  [popup]
Gemmula thielei  [popup] luzonica
Gemmula thielei  [popup] philippinensis
Gemmula vagata  [popup]
Gemmula webberae  [popup]
Genotina adamii  [popup]
Glyphostoma oliverai  [popup]
Glyphostoma otohimeae  [popup]
Inquisitor aesopus  [popup]
Inquisitor alabaster  [popup]
Inquisitor digitalis  [popup]
Inquisitor rufovaricosus  [popup]
Inquisitor taivaricosus  [popup]
Iredalea coffea  [popup]
Lienardia mighelsi  [popup]
Lienardia nigrocincta  [popup]
Lienardia planilabrum  [popup]
Lienardia roseotincta  [popup]
Lienardia rubida  [popup]
Lienardia sp_cf_giliberti  [popup]
Lienardia subspurca  [popup]
Lophiotoma abbreviata  [popup]
Lophiotoma abbreviata  [popup] lifuensis Sowerby
Lophiotoma acuta  [popup]
Lophiotoma albina  [popup]
Lophiotoma bisaya  [popup]
Lophiotoma brevicaudata  [popup]
Lophiotoma capricornica  [popup]
Lophiotoma friedrichbonhoefferi  [popup]
Lophiotoma notata  [popup]
Lophiotoma olangoensis  [popup]
Lophiotoma panglaoensis  [popup]
Lophiotoma polytropa  [popup]
Lophiotoma tayabasensis  [popup]
Lovellona atramentosa  [popup]
Mitromorpha dorcas  [popup]
Plagiostropha ebur  [popup]
Plagiostropha quintuplex  [popup]
Pseudodaphnella tritonoides  [popup]
Ptychobela subochracea  [popup]
Syntomodrillia fusconitens  [popup]
Thatcheria mirabilis  [popup]
Tritonoturris poppei  [popup]
Turridrupa acutigemmata  [popup]
Turridrupa albofasciata  [popup]
Turridrupa astricta  [popup]
Turridrupa bijubata  [popup]
Turridrupa cincta  [popup]
Turridrupa consobrina  [popup]
Turridrupa deceptrix  [popup]
Turridrupa jubata  [popup]
Turridrupa prestoni  [popup]
Turridrupa weaveri  [popup]
Turris amicta  [popup]
Turris annulata  [popup]
Turris babylonia  [popup]
Turris brevicanalis  [popup]
Turris crispa  [popup]
Turris cristata  [popup]
Turris cryptorrhaphe  [popup]
Turris dollyae  [popup]
Turris grandis  [popup]
Turris intricata  [popup]
Turris leucotropis  [popup]
Turris nadaensis  [popup]
Turris normandavidsoni  [popup]
Turris pagasa  [popup]
Turris ruthae  [popup]
Turris totiphyllis  [popup]
Turris undosa  [popup]
Turris yeddoensis  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Color, dominant
 White/Cream (93)
 Brown/Tan (56)
 Gold/Yellow (18)
 Orange (8)
 Gray (5)
 Pink (5)
 Red (3)
 Black (1)
Color: Aperture
 White/Cream (113)
 Brown/Tan (34)
 Yellow (11)
 Pink (10)
 Orange (6)
 Purple (4)
 Black (2)
Color: Spots below suture
 Absent (88)
 Brown (41)
 White/Cream (13)
 Yellow (9)
Denticles inside inner lip
 Absent (103)
 Present (37)
Denticles inside inner lip, number of
 10-15 (15)
 15-20 (12)
 5-10 (6)
 Under 5 (4)
 Over 20 (2)
Denticles inside outer lip
 Absent (102)
 Posterior and anterior (35)
 Posterior only (5)
Denticles inside outer lip, number of
 10-15 (15)
 5-10 (11)
 15-20 (2)
 Over 20 (2)
Denticles projecting past outer lip
 Absent (131)
 Anterior (3)
 Posterior and anterior (3)
 Posterior (2)
Notch, Anterior Siphonal
 Extended as short canal (54)
 Extended as long canal (52)
 Notch only (38)
Notch, Posterior, depth
 Deeper than wide (52)
 Depth similar to width (39)
 Wider than deep (32)
 At least twice as wide as deep (28)
Notch, Posterior: Position
 Between suture and periphery (74)
 Near Suture (43)
 Near Periphery (38)
 At Suture (12)
Notch, Posterior: Shape
 U (80)
 Deeper than wide (35)
 Straight-sided (26)
 Keyhole (14)
Pattern: color band below suture
 Absent, or same as ground color (74)
 Darker than ground color (59)
 Lighter than ground color (23)
Sculpture, axial ribs project above suture
 No (35)
 Yes (7)
Sculpture, axial, on last whorl
 Ribs continuous or shouldered (77)
 Absent or growth lines only (42)
 Only or strongest on sinus fasciole (29)
 Nodes aligned vertically (6)
 Spines or flanges (1)
Sculpture, spiral, on penultimate whorl
 Cords (125)
 Absent (13)
Size in millimeters
 10 to 25 (65)
 25 to 50 (36)
 5 to 10 (34)
 50 to 100 (31)
 100 to 200 (3)
 Under 5 (2)
Spaces between ribs
 Broader than ribs (53)
 About equal to ribs (34)
 Narrower than ribs (7)
Spiral cords, body whorl
 20-30 (14)
 30-40 (12)
 Under 10 (10)
 Over 60 (9)
 50-60 (5)
 10-20 (4)
 40-50 (4)
Spiral cords, penultimate whorl
 Over 15 (62)
 6 (26)
 15 (22)
 7 (22)
 12 (21)
 8 (19)
 10 (18)
 5 (17)
 0 (15)
 13 (15)
 11 (14)
 9 (14)
 4 (8)
 3 (1)
Spire angle in degrees
 Under 25 (37)
 30-35 (19)
 50-55 (18)
 35-40 (16)
 55-60 (15)
 45-50 (14)
 65-70 (11)
 Over 70 (9)
 40-45 (8)
 60-65 (8)
 25-30 (6)
Spire tip color compared to rest of spire
 Similar (94)
 Lighter (43)
 Darker (39)
Varix or heavy rib
 Absent (75)
 At outer lip (31)
 Behind lip (21)
 Dorsal (16)
Whorls, number of , range
 6-10 (92)
 Over 10 (49)
 Under 6 (19)