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82 kinds match


Abaeis nicippe  [popup]
Sleepy orange...
Acanthocephala terminalis  [popup]
Leaf-footed bug
Acharia stimulea  [popup]
Saddleback caterpillar...
Agraulis vanillae  [popup]
Gulf Fritillary
Amblyscirtes vialis  [popup]
Common Roadside Skipper
Ammophila procera  [popup]
Thread-waisted wasp
Apis mellifera  [popup]
European Honey Bee
Araneus marmoreus  [popup]
Marbled Orbweaver...
Argiope aurantia  [popup]
Yellow Garden Spider
Argiope trifasciata  [popup]
Banded Garden Spider
Arilus cristatus  [popup]
Wheel Bug
Atteva aurea  [popup]
Ailanthus Webworm Moth
Calopteron reticulatum  [popup]
Banded net-winged...
Calycopis cecrops  [popup]
Red-banded Hairstreak
Campylenchia latipes  [popup]
Thorn-mimic treehopper
Celastrina argiolus  [popup]
Spring azure
Charidotella sexpunctata  [popup]
Golden tortoise beetle
Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus  [popup]
Goldenrod Soldier Beetle...
Chlosyne nycteis  [popup]
Silvery Checkerspot
Cisseps fulvicollis  [popup]
Yellow-collared scape moth
Citheronia regalis  [popup]
Hickory horned devil...
Coccinella septempunctata  [popup]
Seven-spotted lady beetle...
Coleomegilla maculata  [popup]
Spotted lady beetle
Cucullia alfarata  [popup]
Camphorweed cucullia
Cupido comyntas  [popup]
Eastern Tailed-blue...
Cycloneda munda  [popup]
Polished lady beetle
Danaus plexippus  [popup]
Datana ministra  [popup]
Diabrotica undecimpunctata  [popup]
Spotted cucumber beetle
Epargyreus clarus  [popup]
Silver-spotted skipper
Eremnophila aureonotata  [popup]
Thread-waisted wasp
Erythemis simplicicollis  [popup]
Eastern pondhawk
Eumenes fraternus  [popup]
Potter Wasp
Euphoria sp_near_sepulcralis  [popup]
Eupithecia miserulata  [popup]
Common Pug
Euthyrhynchus floridanus  [popup]
Florida Predatory Stink Bug
Exoprosopa sp_near_fasciata  [popup]
Furcula borealis  [popup]
White furcula
Halictus ligatus  [popup]
Sweat bee
Harmonia axyridis  [popup]
Multicolored asian lady beetle
Harrisina americana  [popup]
Grapeleaf skeletonizer
Hylephila phyleus  [popup]
Fiery Skipper
Hyphantria cunea  [popup]
Junonia coenia  [popup]
Labidomera clivicollis  [popup]
Swamp milkweed leaf beetle
Leptoglossus phyllopus  [popup]
Eastern Leaf-footed Bug
Limenitis archippus  [popup]
Lycomorpha pholus  [popup]
Black-and-yellow Lichen Moth
Megachile xylocopoides  [popup]
Carpenter-mimic leafcutter
Megacyllene robiniae  [popup]
Locust Borer...
Misumena vatia  [popup]
Goldenrod Crab Spider
Misumenoides formosipes  [popup]
White-banded Crab Spider
Monobia quadridens  [popup]
Mason wasp
Neoscona crucifera  [popup]
Spotted Orbweaver
Nephila clavipes  [popup]
Golden Silk Orbweaver
Odontotaenius disjunctus  [popup]
Horned passalus
Oncopeltus fasciatus  [popup]
Large milkweed bug
Papilio glaucus  [popup] female dark
Eastern tiger swallowtail
Papilio glaucus  [popup] yellow
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Peucetia viridans  [popup]
Green Lynx Spider
Phyciodes tharos  [popup]
Pearl Crescent
Phymata americana  [popup]
Ambush bug
Polistes metricus  [popup]
Paper wasp
Polistes sp_carolina_or_perplexus  [popup]
Promachus rufipes  [popup]
Red-footed cannibal fly
Sceliphron caementarium  [popup]
Black-and-Yellow Mud Dauber
Schinia nundina  [popup]
Goldenrod Flower Moth
Scolia bicincta  [popup]
Double-banded scoliid
Scolia dubia  [popup]
Digger wasp
Scolia nobilitata  [popup]
Sphex habenus  [popup]
Sphex ichneumoneus  [popup]
Sphex nudus  [popup]
Sphex pensylvanicus  [popup]
Stiretrus anchorago  [popup]
Anchor bug
Synchlora aerata  [popup]
Wavy-Lined Emerald
Tachypompilus ferrugineus  [popup]
Ceropales ferruginea
Trichoplusia ni  [popup]
Cabbage looper moth
Vanessa atalanta  [popup]
Red Admiral
Vanessa cardui  [popup]
Painted Lady
Vanessa virginiensis  [popup]
American Painted Lady
Xylocopa virginica  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Arthropod group
 Lepidoptera (32)
 Hymenoptera (19)
 Coleoptera (12)
 Other (9)
 Arachnida (8)
 Diptera (2)
Beetle type
 Other (7)
 Ladybug (4)
 Scarab (1)
Body main color
 Black (33)
 Red, orange (25)
 Yellow, white (24)
 Brown (15)
 Gray, blue (7)
 Green (6)
Body main pattern
 Spotted (37)
 None (26)
 Banded (22)
 Striped (7)
 Camouflaged (6)
 Mottled (5)
Distinctive features
 None (24)
 Warning (23)
 Spots (21)
 Thread waist (8)
 Colors (3)
Hair density
 None (35)
 Sparse (11)
 Patchy (5)
 Dense (4)
Head decorations
 Absent (49)
 Present (2)
Insect group
 Lepidoptera (31)
 Hymenoptera (19)
 Coleoptera (11)
 Hemiptera (8)
 Not insect (5)
 Diptera (2)
 Odonata (1)
Lepidoptera group
 Butterfly (15)
 Caterpillar (8)
 Moth (5)
 Skipper (3)
Life stage
 Adult (63)
 Larva (8)
Spider type
 Not spider (45)
 Orb weavers (5)
 Crabs (2)
 Others (1)
Wing tails
 Thin (2)
 Absent (1)
 Present (45)
 Absent (3)
 Covered (1)