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874 kinds match in US, CO

Abutilon theophrasti  [popup]
Achillea millefolium  [popup]
Common yarrow...
Aconitum columbianum  [popup]
Columbian monkshood
Acorus calamus  [popup]
Actaea rubra  [popup]
Red baneberry
Agalinis tenuifolia  [popup]
Slenderleaf False Foxglove
Agoseris heterophylla  [popup]
Annual agoseris
Agrostemma githago  [popup]
Common corncockle
Alcea rosea  [popup]
Alisma gramineum  [popup]
Narrowleaf water plantain...
Alisma subcordatum  [popup]
American water plantain...
Alisma triviale  [popup]
Northern water plantain...
Alliaria petiolata  [popup]
Garlic mustard
Allium acuminatum  [popup]
Tapertip onion
Allium brandegeei  [popup]
Brandegees onion
Allium brevistylum  [popup]
Shortstyle onion
Allium cernuum  [popup]
Nodding onion
Allium geyeri  [popup]
Geyers onion
Allium macropetalum  [popup]
Largeflower onion
Allium nevadense  [popup]
Nevada onion
Allium sativum  [popup]
Cultivated garlic
Allium schoenoprasum  [popup]
Wild chives...
Allium textile  [popup]
Textile onion
Alyssum alyssoides  [popup]
Pale madwort
Amaranthus albus  [popup]
Prostrate pigweed...
Amaranthus arenicola  [popup]
Sandhill amaranth
Amaranthus blitoides  [popup]
Mat amaranth...
Amaranthus hybridus  [popup]
Slim amaranth...
Amaranthus powellii  [popup]
Powells amaranth...
Amaranthus retroflexus  [popup]
Redroot amaranth...
Amaranthus tuberculatus  [popup]
Roughfruit amaranth...
Ambrosia artemisiifolia  [popup]
Annual ragweed
Ambrosia psilostachya  [popup]
Cuman ragweed
Ambrosia trifida  [popup]
Great ragweed
Ammannia robusta  [popup]
Grand redstem
Amorpha canescens  [popup]
Amorpha fruticosa  [popup]
Desert false indigo
Anagallis arvensis  [popup]
Scarlet pimpernel
Anagallis minima  [popup]
Anaphalis margaritacea  [popup]
Western pearly everlasting
Androsace occidentalis  [popup]
Western rockjasmine
Androstephium breviflorum  [popup]
Pink funnel lily...
Anemone canadensis  [popup]
Canadian anemone
Anemone cylindrica  [popup]
Candle anemone
Anemone multifida  [popup]
Pacific anemone
Anemone virginiana  [popup]
Tall thimbleweed
Anethum graveolens  [popup]
Anoda cristata  [popup]
Crested anoda
Antennaria corymbosa  [popup]
Flat-top pussytoes
Antennaria dimorpha  [popup]
Low pussytoes
Antennaria howellii  [popup]
Howells pussytoes
Antennaria neglecta  [popup]
Field pussytoes
Antennaria rosea  [popup]
Rosy pussytoes
Anthemis arvensis  [popup]
Corn chamomile
Anthemis cotula  [popup]
Stinking chamomile
Anthemis tinctoria  [popup]
Golden Chamomile...
Apios americana  [popup]
Apocynum androsaemifolium  [popup]
Spreading dogbane
Apocynum cannabinum  [popup]
Aquilegia coerulea  [popup]
Colorado blue columbine...
Aquilegia pubescens  [popup]
Sierra columbine
Arabis glabra  [popup]
Tower rockcress...
Arabis hirsuta  [popup]
Hairy rockcress
Aralia nudicaulis  [popup]
Wild sarsaparilla
Aralia racemosa  [popup]
American spikenard
Arctium lappa  [popup]
Greater burdock...
Arctium minus  [popup]
Lesser burdock...
Arenaria congesta  [popup]
Ballhead sandwort...
Arenaria kingii  [popup]
Kings sandwort
Arenaria serpyllifolia  [popup]
Thymeleaf sandwort
Argemone polyanthemos  [popup]
Crested pricklypoppy
Argentina anserina  [popup]
Silverweed cinquefoil...
Armoracia rusticana  [popup]
Arnica chamissonis  [popup]
Chamisso arnica
Arnica cordifolia  [popup]
Heartleaf arnica
Arnica mollis  [popup]
Hairy arnica
Artemisia absinthium  [popup]
Artemisia annua  [popup]
Sweet sagewort
Artemisia biennis  [popup]
Biennial wormwood
Artemisia campestris  [popup]
Field sagewort...
Artemisia carruthii  [popup]
Carruths sagewort
Artemisia ludoviciana  [popup]
White sagebrush
Asclepias incarnata  [popup]
Swamp milkweed
Asclepias speciosa  [popup]
Showy milkweed
Asclepias tuberosa  [popup]
Butterfly milkweed
Asclepias viridiflora  [popup]
Green comet milkweed
Asparagus officinalis  [popup]
Garden asparagus...
Astragalus allochrous  [popup]
Halfmoon milkvetch...
Astragalus canadensis  [popup]
Canadian milkvetch
Astragalus cicer  [popup]
Chickpea milkvetch
Astragalus lentiginosus  [popup]
Freckled milkvetch
Astragalus mollissimus  [popup]
Woolly locoweed
Astragalus nuttallianus  [popup]
Smallflowered milkvetch...
Astragalus purshii  [popup]
Woollypod milkvetch
Atriplex patula  [popup]
Spear saltbush
Atriplex prostrata  [popup]
Triangle orache
Bacopa rotundifolia  [popup]
Disk waterhyssop
Balsamorhiza sagittata  [popup]
Arrowleaf balsamroot
Barbarea orthoceras  [popup]
American yellowrocket
Barbarea vulgaris  [popup]
Garden yellowrocket...
Bassia scoparia  [popup]
Burning bush...
Berteroa incana  [popup]
Hoary alyssum
Berula erecta  [popup]
Cutleaf waterparsnip
Bidens aristosa  [popup]
Bearded beggarticks...
Bidens bipinnata  [popup]
Spanish needles
Bidens cernua  [popup]
Nodding beggartick
Bidens frondosa  [popup]
Devils beggartick
Bidens tripartita  [popup]
Threelobe beggarticks...
Bidens vulgata  [popup]
Big devils beggartick
Brassica juncea  [popup]
India mustard
Brassica napus  [popup]
Brassica nigra  [popup]
Black mustard
Brassica rapa  [popup]
Field mustard...
Brickellia californica  [popup]
California brickellbush
Brickellia eupatorioides  [popup]
False boneset...
Buglossoides arvensis  [popup]
Corn gromwell...
Calibrachoa parviflora  [popup]
Seaside petunia
Callirhoe alcaeoides  [popup]
Light poppymallow
Callirhoe involucrata  [popup]
Purple poppymallow
Callitriche hermaphroditica  [popup]
Northern water-starwort
Callitriche heterophylla  [popup]
Twoheaded water-starwort
Callitriche palustris  [popup]
Vernal water-starwort
Calochortus aureus  [popup]
Golden mariposa lily
Calochortus flexuosus  [popup]
Winding mariposa lily
Calochortus gunnisonii  [popup]
Gunnisons mariposa lily
Calochortus nuttallii  [popup]
Sego lily...
Caltha leptosepala  [popup]
White marsh marigold
Calylophus serrulatus  [popup]
Yellow sundrops...
Calypso bulbosa  [popup]
Fairy slipper...
Calystegia sepium  [popup]
Hedge false bindweed...
Calystegia silvatica  [popup]
Shortstalk false bindweed
Camelina microcarpa  [popup]
Littlepod false flax
Camissonia subacaulis  [popup]
Diffuseflower evening primrose
Campanula aparinoides  [popup]
Marsh bellflower
Campanula rapunculoides  [popup]
Rampion bellflower
Campanula rotundifolia  [popup]
Bluebell bellflower
Campsis radicans  [popup]
Trumpet creeper
Cannabis sativa  [popup]
Capsella bursa-pastoris  [popup]
Shepherds purse...
Cardamine breweri  [popup]
Brewers bittercress
Cardamine oligosperma  [popup]
Little western bittercress
Cardamine pensylvanica  [popup]
Pennsylvania bittercress
Cardaria chalepensis  [popup]
Lenspod whitetop
Cardaria draba  [popup]
Carduus acanthoides  [popup]
Spiny plumeless thistle
Carduus nutans  [popup]
Nodding plumeless thistle...
Carum carvi  [popup]
Castilleja miniata  [popup]
Giant red Indian paintbrush
Centaurea cyanus  [popup]
Garden cornflower
Centaurea diffusa  [popup]
Diffuse knapweed...
Centaurea solstitialis  [popup]
Yellow star-thistle
Centaurea stoebe  [popup]
Spotted knapweed
Centaurium pulchellum  [popup]
Branched centaury
Cerastium arvense  [popup]
Field chickweed...
Cerastium brachypodum  [popup]
Shortstalk chickweed
Cerastium fontanum  [popup]
Common mouse-ear chickweed
Ceratocephala testiculata  [popup]
Curveseed butterwort...
Ceratophyllum demersum  [popup]
Coons tail...
Chaenactis douglasii  [popup]
Douglas dustymaiden
Chaenorhinum minus  [popup]
Dwarf snapdragon...
Chamaesyce geyeri  [popup]
Geyers sandmat
Chamaesyce glyptosperma  [popup]
Ribseed sandmat
Chamaesyce maculata  [popup]
Spotted Sandmat...
Chamaesyce prostrata  [popup]
Prostrate sandmat...
Chamaesyce serpens  [popup]
Matted sandmat...
Chamaesyce serpyllifolia  [popup]
Thymeleaf sandmat
Chamerion angustifolium  [popup]
Chenopodium album  [popup]
Chenopodium ambrosioides  [popup]
Mexican tea
Chenopodium berlandieri  [popup]
Pitseed goosefoot
Chenopodium botrys  [popup]
Jerusalem oak goosefoot
Chenopodium capitatum  [popup]
Blite goosefoot
Chenopodium foliosum  [popup]
Leafy goosefoot
Chenopodium glaucum  [popup]
Oakleaf goosefoot
Chenopodium leptophyllum  [popup]
Narrowleaf goosefoot
Chenopodium pratericola  [popup]
Desert goosefoot
Chenopodium rubrum  [popup]
Red goosefoot...
Chenopodium simplex  [popup]
Mapleleaf goosefoot...
Chenopodium subglabrum  [popup]
Smooth goosefoot
Chimaphila umbellata  [popup]
Chorispora tenella  [popup]
Cichorium intybus  [popup]
Cicuta maculata  [popup]
Spotted water hemlock
Circaea alpina  [popup]
Small enchanters nightshade...
Cirsium arvense  [popup]
Canada thistle
Cirsium scariosum  [popup]
Meadow thistle
Cirsium undulatum  [popup]
Wavyleaf thistle
Cirsium vulgare  [popup]
Bull thistle
Cistanthe umbellata  [popup]
Mt Hood pussypaws...
Claytonia perfoliata  [popup]
Miners lettuce
Claytonia rubra  [popup]
Redstem springbeauty
Clematis ligusticifolia  [popup]
Western white clematis
Cleome serrulata  [popup]
Rocky Mountain beeplant...
Clinopodium vulgare  [popup]
Wild basil...
Collinsia parviflora  [popup]
Maiden blue eyed Mary
Collomia grandiflora  [popup]
Grand collomia
Collomia linearis  [popup]
Tiny trumpet...
Comandra umbellata  [popup]
Bastard toadflax
Comarum palustre  [popup]
Purple marshlocks...
Commelina dianthifolia  [popup]
Birdbill dayflower...
Commelina erecta  [popup]
Whitemouth Dayflower...
Conium maculatum  [popup]
Poison hemlock
Conringia orientalis  [popup]
Hares ear mustard
Convolvulus arvensis  [popup]
Field bindweed
Conyza canadensis  [popup]
Canadian Horseweed...
Corallorhiza maculata  [popup]
Summer coralroot...
Corallorhiza striata  [popup]
Hooded coralroot...
Corallorhiza trifida  [popup]
Yellow coralroot...
Corallorhiza wisteriana  [popup]
Spring coralroot...
Coreopsis lanceolata  [popup]
Lanceleaf tickseed
Coreopsis tinctoria  [popup]
Golden tickseed
Corispermum americanum  [popup]
American bugseed
Corydalis aurea  [popup]
Scrambled eggs
Corydalis caseana  [popup]
Sierra fumewort
Cosmos bipinnatus  [popup]
Garden cosmos
Crepis capillaris  [popup]
Smooth hawksbeard
Crepis intermedia  [popup]
Limestone hawksbeard
Crepis modocensis  [popup]
Modoc hawksbeard
Crepis occidentalis  [popup]
Largeflower hawksbeard
Cucurbita foetidissima  [popup]
Missouri gourd
Cuscuta californica  [popup]
Chaparral dodder
Cuscuta cuspidata  [popup]
Cusp Dodder
Cuscuta gronovii  [popup]
Cuscuta indecora  [popup]
Bigseed alfalfa dodder
Cuscuta pentagona  [popup]
Fiveangled dodder...
Cyclachaena xanthifolia  [popup]
Giant sumpweed...
Cycloloma atriplicifolium  [popup]
Winged pigweed
Cymbalaria muralis  [popup]
Kenilworth ivy
Cynoglossum officinale  [popup]
Cypripedium fasciculatum  [popup]
Clustered ladys slipper...
Cypripedium parviflorum  [popup]
Lesser yellow ladys slipper...
Dactylorhiza viridis  [popup]
Longbract frog orchid...
Dalea candida  [popup]
White prairie clover...
Dalea leporina  [popup]
Foxtail prairie clover
Dalea purpurea  [popup]
Purple prairie clover...
Dasiphora fruticosa  [popup]
Shrubby cinquefoil...
Datura stramonium  [popup]
Datura wrightii  [popup]
Sacred thorn-apple
Daucus carota  [popup]
Queen Annes lace
Delphinium carolinianum  [popup]
Carolina Larkspur
Delphinium glaucum  [popup]
Sierra larkspur
Descurainia californica  [popup]
Sierra tansymustard
Descurainia pinnata  [popup]
Western tansymustard
Descurainia sophia  [popup]
Herb sophia
Desmanthus illinoensis  [popup]
Illinois bundleflower...
Desmodium obtusum  [popup]
Stiff ticktrefoil
Dianthus armeria  [popup]
Deptford pink
Dianthus barbatus  [popup]
Dianthus deltoides  [popup]
Maiden pink
Dicentra uniflora  [popup]
Longhorn steers-head
Digitalis purpurea  [popup]
Purple Foxglove
Diplotaxis muralis  [popup]
Annual wallrocket
Dipsacus fullonum  [popup]
Fullers teasel...
Dipsacus laciniatus  [popup]
Cutleaf teasel
Draba cuneifolia  [popup]
Wedgeleaf draba...
Draba reptans  [popup]
Carolina draba
Dracocephalum parviflorum  [popup]
American dragonhead
Drosera anglica  [popup]
English sundew
Drosera rotundifolia  [popup]
Roundleaf sundew
Dyssodia papposa  [popup]
Fetid marigold
Echinacea purpurea  [popup]
Eastern purple coneflower
Echinocystis lobata  [popup]
Wild cucumber
Echinops sphaerocephalus  [popup]
Great globethistle
Echium vulgare  [popup]
Common vipers bugloss
Egeria densa  [popup]
Brazilian waterweed...
Eichhornia crassipes  [popup]
Common water hyacinth
Elatine brachysperma  [popup]
Shortseed waterwort
Ellisia nyctelea  [popup]
Aunt Lucy...
Elodea bifoliata  [popup]
Twoleaf waterweed...
Elodea canadensis  [popup]
Canadian waterweed...
Elodea nuttallii  [popup]
Western waterweed...
Epilobium brachycarpum  [popup]
Tall annual willowherb
Epilobium ciliatum  [popup]
Fringed willowherb...
Epilobium leptophyllum  [popup]
Bog willowherb...
Epilobium oregonense  [popup]
Oregon willowherb
Epilobium palustre  [popup]
Marsh willowherb
Epipactis gigantea  [popup]
Stream orchid...
Epipactis helleborine  [popup]
Broadleaf helleborine...
Erigeron colomexicanus  [popup]
Running fleabane...
Erigeron coulteri  [popup]
Large mountain fleabane
Erigeron divergens  [popup]
Spreading fleabane
Erigeron peregrinus  [popup]
Subalpine fleabane
Erigeron philadelphicus  [popup]
Philadelphia fleabane
Erigeron pumilus  [popup]
Shaggy fleabane
Erigeron strigosus  [popup]
Prairie fleabane...
Eriogonum angulosum  [popup]
Anglestem buckwheat
Eriogonum annuum  [popup]
Annual buckwheat
Eriogonum ovalifolium  [popup]
Cushion buckwheat
Eriogonum umbellatum  [popup]
Sulphur-flower buckwheat
Eritrichium nanum  [popup]
Arctic alpine forget-me-not
Erodium cicutarium  [popup]
Redstem storks bill...
Erysimum capitatum  [popup]
Sanddune wallflower...
Erysimum cheiranthoides  [popup]
Wormseed wallflower
Erysimum inconspicuum  [popup]
Shy wallflower...
Erysimum repandum  [popup]
Spreading wallflower
Erythronium grandiflorum  [popup]
Yellow avalanche-lily...
Eschscholzia californica  [popup]
California poppy
Eupatoriadelphus maculatus  [popup]
Spotted trumpetweed...
Euphorbia crenulata  [popup]
Chinese caps
Euphorbia cyparissias  [popup]
Cypress Spurge
Euphorbia davidii  [popup]
Davids Spurge
Euphorbia dentata  [popup]
Toothed Spurge
Euphorbia esula  [popup]
Leafy Spurge
Euphorbia marginata  [popup]
Snow on the mountain
Euphorbia peplus  [popup]
Petty Spurge
Euphorbia spathulata  [popup]
Warty Spurge...
Euthamia graminifolia  [popup]
Flat-top goldentop
Euthamia gymnospermoides  [popup]
Texas goldentop
Euthamia occidentalis  [popup]
Western goldentop
Fagopyrum esculentum  [popup]
Filipendula ulmaria  [popup]
Queen of the meadow
Flaveria campestris  [popup]
Alkali yellowtops
Floerkea proserpinacoides  [popup]
False mermaidweed
Fragaria vesca  [popup]
Woodland strawberry
Fragaria virginiana  [popup]
Virginia strawberry
Fritillaria atropurpurea  [popup]
Spotted fritillary
Fritillaria pudica  [popup]
Yellow fritillary
Froelichia floridana  [popup]
Plains snakecotton
Froelichia gracilis  [popup]
Slender snakecotton
Gaillardia aristata  [popup]
Common gaillardia
Gaillardia pulchella  [popup]
Galeopsis bifida  [popup]
Splitlip hempnettle
Galinsoga parviflora  [popup]
Gallant soldier
Galinsoga quadriradiata  [popup]
Shaggy soldier
Galium aparine  [popup]
Galium boreale  [popup]
Northern Bedstraw
Galium trifidum  [popup]
Threepetal Bedstraw
Galium triflorum  [popup]
Fragrant Bedstraw
Galium verum  [popup]
Yellow Spring Bedstraw...
Gaura coccinea  [popup]
Scarlet beeblossom...
Gaura longiflora  [popup]
Longflower beeblossom...
Gaura mollis  [popup]
Gayophytum diffusum  [popup]
Spreading groundsmoke
Gentiana andrewsii  [popup]
Closed bottle gentian
Geranium bicknellii  [popup]
Bicknells cranesbill
Geranium columbinum  [popup]
Longstalk cranesbill
Geranium pusillum  [popup]
Small geranium...
Geranium richardsonii  [popup]
Richardsons geranium
Geum aleppicum  [popup]
Yellow avens
Geum macrophyllum  [popup]
Largeleaf avens
Geum rivale  [popup]
Purple avens
Geum triflorum  [popup]
Old mans whiskers
Glandularia bipinnatifida  [popup]
Dakota mock vervain...
Glandularia canadensis  [popup]
Rose mock vervain...
Glaux maritima  [popup]
Sea milkwort
Glechoma hederacea  [popup]
Ground ivy...
Glycyrrhiza lepidota  [popup]
American licorice
Gnaphalium palustre  [popup]
Western marsh cudweed
Gnaphalium uliginosum  [popup]
Marsh cudweed
Goodyera oblongifolia  [popup]
Western rattlesnake plantain...
Goodyera repens  [popup]
Lesser rattlesnake plantain...
Gratiola neglecta  [popup]
Clammy hedgehyssop
Grindelia squarrosa  [popup]
Curlycup gumweed
Gypsophila elegans  [popup]
Showy babys-breath
Gypsophila paniculata  [popup]
Babys breath
Gypsophila scorzonerifolia  [popup]
Garden babys-breath
Hackelia deflexa  [popup]
Nodding stickseed
Hackelia micrantha  [popup]
Jessica sticktight
Hedeoma hispida  [popup]
Rough false pennyroyal...
Helenium autumnale  [popup]
Common sneezeweed
Helianthemum bicknellii  [popup]
Hoary frostweed
Helianthus annuus  [popup]
Common sunflower
Helianthus maximiliani  [popup]
Maximilian sunflower...
Helianthus pauciflorus  [popup]
Stiff sunflower
Helianthus petiolaris  [popup]
Prairie sunflower
Helianthus tuberosus  [popup]
Jerusalem artichoke
Heliopsis helianthoides  [popup]
Smooth oxeye
Heliotropium curassavicum  [popup]
Salt heliotrope
Hemerocallis fulva  [popup]
Orange daylily...
Heracleum maximum  [popup]
Common cowparsnip...
Hesperis matronalis  [popup]
Dames rocket
Heteranthera dubia  [popup]
Grassleaf Mudplantain...
Heteranthera limosa  [popup]
Blue mudplantain...
Heteranthera rotundifolia  [popup]
Roundleaf mudplantain...
Heterocodon rariflorum  [popup]
Rareflower heterocodon
Heterotheca subaxillaris  [popup]
Heterotheca villosa  [popup]
Hairy false goldenaster
Heuchera richardsonii  [popup]
Richardsons alumroot
Heuchera rubescens  [popup]
Pink alumroot
Hibiscus trionum  [popup]
Flower of an hour
Hieracium albiflorum  [popup]
White hawkweed
Hieracium aurantiacum  [popup]
Orange hawkweed
Hieracium umbellatum  [popup]
Narrowleaf hawkweed
Hippuris vulgaris  [popup]
Common mares-tail
Holosteum umbellatum  [popup]
Jagged chickweed
Humulus lupulus  [popup]
Common hop
Hydrophyllum capitatum  [popup]
Ballhead waterleaf
Hyoscyamus niger  [popup]
Black henbane
Hypericum majus  [popup]
Large St Johnswort
Hypericum perforatum  [popup]
Common St Johnswort...
Hypericum scouleri  [popup]
Hypochaeris radicata  [popup]
Hairy cats ear...
Hypoxis hirsuta  [popup]
Common Goldstar...
Hyssopus officinalis  [popup]
Iliamna rivularis  [popup]
Streambank wild hollyhock
Impatiens capensis  [popup]
Ipomoea purpurea  [popup]
Tall morning-glory
Ipomopsis aggregata  [popup]
Scarlet gilia
Ipomopsis congesta  [popup]
Ballhead ipomopsis
Ipomopsis tenuituba  [popup]
Slendertube skyrocket
Iris missouriensis  [popup]
Rocky Mountain iris...
Iva annua  [popup]
Annual marsh elder
Knautia arvensis  [popup]
Field scabiosa
Krigia biflora  [popup]
Twoflower dwarfdandelion
Lactuca biennis  [popup]
Tall blue lettuce
Lactuca canadensis  [popup]
Canada lettuce
Lactuca ludoviciana  [popup]
Biannual lettuce
Lactuca serriola  [popup]
Prickly lettuce
Lamium amplexicaule  [popup]
Henbit deadnettle
Lamium purpureum  [popup]
Purple deadnettle
Lappula squarrosa  [popup]
European stickseed
Lapsana communis  [popup]
Common nipplewort
Lathyrus latifolius  [popup]
Perennial pea
Lemna gibba  [popup]
Swollen duckweed...
Lemna minor  [popup]
Common duckweed...
Lemna minuta  [popup]
Least duckweed...
Lemna trisulca  [popup]
Star duckweed...
Lemna turionifera  [popup]
Turion duckweed...
Lemna valdiviana  [popup]
Valdivia duckweed...
Leonurus cardiaca  [popup]
Common motherwort
Lepidium campestre  [popup]
Field pepperweed
Lepidium densiflorum  [popup]
Common pepperweed
Lepidium latifolium  [popup]
Broadleaved pepperweed
Lepidium perfoliatum  [popup]
Clasping pepperweed
Lepidium sativum  [popup]
Gardencress pepperweed...
Lepidium strictum  [popup]
Upright pepperweed
Lepidium virginicum  [popup]
Virginia pepperweed
Leucanthemum vulgare  [popup]
Oxeye daisy...
Leucocrinum montanum  [popup]
Common starlily
Lewisia nevadensis  [popup]
Nevada lewisia
Lewisia pygmaea  [popup]
Alpine lewisia...
Lewisia triphylla  [popup]
Threeleaf lewisia
Liatris punctata  [popup]
Dotted blazing star
Liatris squarrosa  [popup]
Scaly blazing star...
Lilium philadelphicum  [popup]
Wood lily...
Limosella aquatica  [popup]
Water mudwort
Linanthus pungens  [popup]
Granite prickly phlox
Linaria dalmatica  [popup]
Dalmatian toadflax
Linaria vulgaris  [popup]
Butter and eggs
Lindernia dubia  [popup]
Yellowseed false pimpernel
Linnaea borealis  [popup]
Linum lewisii  [popup]
Lewis flax
Linum usitatissimum  [popup]
Common flax
Listera borealis  [popup]
Northern twayblade
Listera convallarioides  [popup]
Broadlipped twayblade...
Listera cordata  [popup]
Heartleaf twayblade...
Lithophragma glabrum  [popup]
Lithospermum caroliniense  [popup]
Carolina puccoon
Lithospermum incisum  [popup]
Narrowleaf stoneseed
Lloydia serotina  [popup]
Common alplily
Lobelia cardinalis  [popup]
Lobelia siphilitica  [popup]
Great blue lobelia
Lobularia maritima  [popup]
Sweet alyssum
Lomatium dissectum  [popup]
Fernleaf biscuitroot
Lomatium macrocarpum  [popup]
Bigseed biscuitroot
Lotus corniculatus  [popup]
Birds-foot trefoil
Ludwigia alternifolia  [popup]
Lunaria annua  [popup]
Annual honesty
Lupinus argenteus  [popup]
Silvery lupine
Lychnis coronaria  [popup]
Rose campion...
Lycopus americanus  [popup]
American Water Horehound
Lycopus asper  [popup]
Rough Bugleweed
Lycopus uniflorus  [popup]
Northern bugleweed
Lygodesmia juncea  [popup]
Rush skeletonplant
Lysimachia ciliata  [popup]
Fringed loosestrife
Lysimachia nummularia  [popup]
Creeping jenny
Lysimachia thyrsiflora  [popup]
Tufted loosestrife
Lysimachia vulgaris  [popup]
Garden yellow loosestrife
Lythrum alatum  [popup]
Winged lythrum
Lythrum salicaria  [popup]
Purple loosestrife
Machaeranthera canescens  [popup]
Hoary tansyaster
Madia glomerata  [popup]
Mountain tarweed
Maianthemum racemosum  [popup]
Feathery false lily of the valley...
Maianthemum stellatum  [popup]
Starry false lily of the valley...
Malva neglecta  [popup]
Common mallow
Malva parviflora  [popup]
Cheeseweed mallow
Malva sylvestris  [popup]
High mallow
Malva verticillata  [popup]
Cluster mallow
Marrubium vulgare  [popup]
Matricaria discoidea  [popup]
Disc mayweed
Medicago lupulina  [popup]
Black medick
Medicago sativa  [popup]
Melilotus officinalis  [popup]
Yellow sweetclover...
Mentha arvensis  [popup]
Wild mint
Mentha spicata  [popup]
Mentzelia decapetala  [popup]
Tenpetal blazingstar
Mentzelia dispersa  [popup]
Bushy blazingstar
Menyanthes trifoliata  [popup]
Mertensia ciliata  [popup]
Tall fringed bluebells
Microseris nutans  [popup]
Nodding microseris
Microsteris gracilis  [popup]
Slender phlox
Mimulus floribundus  [popup]
Manyflowered monkeyflower
Mimulus glabratus  [popup]
Roundleaf monkeyflower
Mimulus guttatus  [popup]
Seep monkeyflower
Mimulus lewisii  [popup]
Purple monkeyflower
Mimulus moschatus  [popup]
Mimulus ringens  [popup]
Allegheny monkeyflower
Mimulus tilingii  [popup]
Tilings monkeyflower
Mirabilis albida  [popup]
White four oclock...
Mirabilis hirsuta  [popup]
Hairy four oclock
Mirabilis linearis  [popup]
Narrowleaf four oclock
Mirabilis nyctaginea  [popup]
Heartleaf four oclock
Moehringia lateriflora  [popup]
Bluntleaf sandwort
Mollugo verticillata  [popup]
Green carpetweed
Monarda fistulosa  [popup]
Wild bergamot
Monarda pectinata  [popup]
Pony beebalm
Moneses uniflora  [popup]
Single delight
Monolepis nuttalliana  [popup]
Nuttalls povertyweed
Monotropa hypopithys  [popup]
Montia chamissoi  [popup]
Water minerslettuce
Myosotis scorpioides  [popup]
True forget-me-not
Myosurus minimus  [popup]
Tiny mousetail
Myriophyllum sibiricum  [popup]
Shortspike watermilfoil
Myriophyllum spicatum  [popup]
Eurasian watermilfoil
Myriophyllum verticillatum  [popup]
Whorl-leaf watermilfoil
Najas guadalupensis  [popup]
Southern waternymph...
Nasturtium officinale  [popup]
Navarretia breweri  [popup]
Brewers navarretia
Navarretia intertexta  [popup]
Needleleaf navarretia
Nepeta cataria  [popup]
Nicandra physalodes  [popup]
Apple of Peru
Nicotiana attenuata  [popup]
Nolina greenei  [popup]
Woodland beargrass...
Nolina texana  [popup]
Texas sacahuista...
Nuphar lutea  [popup]
Yellow pond-lily...
Nymphaea odorata  [popup]
American white waterlily...
Oenothera elata  [popup]
Hookers evening primrose
Oenothera flava  [popup]
Yellow evening primrose
Oenothera grandis  [popup]
Showy evening primrose
Oenothera villosa  [popup]
Hairy evening primrose
Oligoneuron album  [popup]
Prairie goldenrod...
Onopordum acanthium  [popup]
Scotch cottonthistle
Onosmodium bejariense  [popup]
Soft-hair marbleseed...
Opuntia humifusa  [popup]
Orobanche fasciculata  [popup]
Clustered broomrape
Orobanche ludoviciana  [popup]
Louisiana Broomrape
Orobanche uniflora  [popup]
Oneflowered broomrape...
Orthilia secunda  [popup]
Sidebells wintergreen
Osmorhiza berteroi  [popup]
Osmorhiza longistylis  [popup]
Longstyle sweetroot
Osmorhiza occidentalis  [popup]
Western sweetroot
Oxalis dillenii  [popup]
Slender Yellow Woodsorrel...
Oxalis stricta  [popup]
Common yellow oxalis...
Oxalis violacea  [popup]
Violet Woodsorrel
Oxyria digyna  [popup]
Alpine mountainsorrel
Packera paupercula  [popup]
Balsam groundsel
Packera plattensis  [popup]
Prairie groundsel
Packera pseudaurea  [popup]
Falsegold groundsel
Papaver orientale  [popup]
Oriental poppy...
Parietaria pensylvanica  [popup]
Pennsylvania pellitory
Parnassia palustris  [popup]
Marsh grass of Parnassus
Parthenocissus vitacea  [popup]
Pastinaca sativa  [popup]
Wild parsnip
Pedicularis canadensis  [popup]
Canadian lousewort
Pedicularis groenlandica  [popup]
Elephanthead lousewort
Penstemon cobaea  [popup]
Cobaea beardtongue
Penstemon gracilis  [popup]
Lilac penstemon
Penstemon grandiflorus  [popup]
Large beardtongue
Penstemon rydbergii  [popup]
Rydbergs penstemon
Penstemon strictiformis  [popup]
Mancos penstemon
Perideridia gairdneri  [popup]
Gardners yampah
Petasites frigidus  [popup]
Arctic sweet coltsfoot
Phacelia hastata  [popup]
Silverleaf phacelia
Phacelia heterophylla  [popup]
Varileaf phacelia
Phemeranthus calycinus  [popup]
Largeflower fameflower...
Phlox diffusa  [popup]
Spreading phlox
Phyla cuneifolia  [popup]
Phyla lanceolata  [popup]
Lanceleaf fogfruit
Phyla nodiflora  [popup]
Turkey tangle fogfruit
Physalis heterophylla  [popup]
Clammy groundcherry
Physalis hispida  [popup]
Prairie groundcherry
Physalis longifolia  [popup]
Longleaf groundcherry
Physalis pubescens  [popup]
Husk tomato
Physalis virginiana  [popup]
Virginia groundcherry
Piperia unalascensis  [popup]
Slender-spire orchid...
Pistia stratiotes  [popup]
Water lettuce...
Plagiobothrys scouleri  [popup]
Scoulers popcornflower
Plantago lanceolata  [popup]
Narrowleaf plantain
Plantago major  [popup]
Common plantain
Plantago patagonica  [popup]
Woolly plantain
Platanthera aquilonis  [popup]
Northern green orchid...
Platanthera dilatata  [popup]
Platanthera huronensis  [popup]
Huron green orchid...
Platanthera obtusata  [popup]
Bluntleaved orchid...
Platanthera purpurascens  [popup]
Purple-petal bog orchid...
Platanthera sparsiflora  [popup]
Sparse-flowered bog orchid...
Platanthera stricta  [popup]
Slender Bog-Orchid...
Platanthera zothecina  [popup]
Alcove bog orchid...
Polanisia dodecandra  [popup]
Redwhisker clammyweed
Polanisia jamesii  [popup]
James clammyweed
Polemonium occidentale  [popup]
Western polemonium
Polygonum achoreum  [popup]
Leathery knotweed
Polygonum amphibium  [popup]
Water knotweed...
Polygonum arenastrum  [popup]
Oval-leaf knotweed
Polygonum aviculare  [popup]
Prostrate knotweed...
Polygonum bistortoides  [popup]
American bistort
Polygonum buxiforme  [popup]
Box knotweed
Polygonum convolvulus  [popup]
Black bindweed...
Polygonum cuspidatum  [popup]
Japanese knotweed...
... others not listed

REMAINING (number with state)
 Dicotyledoneae (739)
 Monocotyledoneae (134)
 Asteraceae (160)
 Brassicaceae (54)
 Caryophyllaceae (40)
 Scrophulariaceae (39)
 Liliaceae (36)
 Fabaceae (34)
 Polygonaceae (30)
 Ranunculaceae (30)
 Lamiaceae (26)
 Orchidaceae (26)
 Chenopodiaceae (20)
 Rosaceae (20)
 Onagraceae (19)
 Apiaceae (18)
 Potamogetonaceae (18)
 Solanaceae (17)
 Boraginaceae (15)
 Euphorbiaceae (14)
 Malvaceae (11)
 Polemoniaceae (11)
 Violaceae (11)
 Portulacaceae (10)
 Amaranthaceae (9)
 Lemnaceae (9)
 Verbenaceae (9)
 Alismataceae (8)
 Campanulaceae (8)
 Primulaceae (8)
 Pyrolaceae (8)
 Iridaceae (6)
 Nyctaginaceae (6)
 Rubiaceae (6)
 Saxifragaceae (6)
 Agavaceae (5)
 Cuscutaceae (5)
 Geraniaceae (5)
 Asclepiadaceae (4)
 Convolvulaceae (4)
 Crassulaceae (4)
 Hydrocharitaceae (4)
 Hydrophyllaceae (4)
 Lythraceae (4)
 Pontederiaceae (4)
 Sparganiaceae (4)
 Callitrichaceae (3)
 Capparaceae (3)
 Clusiaceae (3)
 Commelinaceae (3)
 Dipsacaceae (3)
 Fumariaceae (3)
 Haloragaceae (3)
 Orobanchaceae (3)
 Oxalidaceae (3)
 Papaveraceae (3)
 Plantaginaceae (3)
 Typhaceae (3)
 Apocynaceae (2)
 Araliaceae (2)
 Cannabaceae (2)
 Cucurbitaceae (2)
 Droseraceae (2)
 Gentianaceae (2)
 Juncaginaceae (2)
 Lentibulariaceae (2)
 Linaceae (2)
 Loasaceae (2)
 Nymphaeaceae (2)
 Urticaceae (2)
 Acoraceae (1)
 Aizoaceae (1)
 Anacardiaceae (1)
 Araceae (1)
 Balsaminaceae (1)
 Bignoniaceae (1)
 Cactaceae (1)
 Caprifoliaceae (1)
 Ceratophyllaceae (1)
 Cistaceae (1)
 Elatinaceae (1)
 Hippuridaceae (1)
 Limnanthaceae (1)
 Menyanthaceae (1)
 Monotropaceae (1)
 Najadaceae (1)
 Pedaliaceae (1)
 Resedaceae (1)
 Ruppiaceae (1)
 Santalaceae (1)
 Smilacaceae (1)
 Valerianaceae (1)
 Vitaceae (1)
 Zannichelliaceae (1)
 Zygophyllaceae (1)
Flower attachment
 Stalk erect (5)
 Stem (2)
 Stalk horizontal (1)
Flower cluster
 Few (433)
 Spike (315)
 Ball (168)
 Loose (164)
 Single (111)
 Flat (38)
Flower color, main
 White (380)
 Yellow, orange (256)
 Blue, purple (214)
 Red, pink (214)
 Green, transparent (153)
 Maroon, brown, black (11)
Flower color, secondary
 None (78)
 Yellow, orange (38)
 Red, pink (30)
 Blue, purple (20)
 Green (20)
 Maroon, brown, black (20)
 White (20)
Flower group, number of flowers
 10 - 20 (7)
 20 - 30 (7)
 30 - 40 (7)
 40 - 50 (6)
 3 - 5 (5)
 5 - 10 (5)
 50 - 60 (5)
 2 (4)
Flower longest dimension in cm
 Under 1 (123)
 1 - 2 (86)
 2 - 3 (40)
 4 - 5 (24)
 3 - 4 (22)
 6 - 8 (17)
 5 - 6 (16)
 8 - 10 (12)
 Over 10 (10)
Flower lower lip color, main
 None (4)
 Yellow (1)
Flower lower lip color, secondary
 None (4)
 Maroon/brown (1)
Flower on stalk
 Yes (21)
 No (5)
Flower opens
 Sideways (11)
 Upwards (9)
 Down/ Nodding (8)
 Closed (2)
Flower petal length in mm
 4-10 (75)
 1-3 (49)
 10-20 (42)
 20-30 (28)
 Over 30 (20)
 Under 1 (9)
Flower petal number
 5 (356)
 Over 6 (187)
 4 (136)
 0 or indistinct (131)
 6 (97)
 1 - 2 (68)
 3 (30)
Flower petal shape
 Curved inward (23)
 Flat (18)
 Fused (18)
 Clawed at base (16)
 Curved back (10)
 Cup or hood (5)
 Frilly (4)
Flower petal tip
 Split or notched (15)
 Pointed (14)
 Rounded (14)
 Toothed (14)
Flower petal-sepal ratio
 Petals longer than sepals (18)
 Petals as long as sepals (3)
 Sepals longer than petals (2)
Flower pistil, ovary position relative to petal/sepal base
 Above (30)
 Below (5)
Flower pistil, stigma number
 1 (3)
 3 (1)
Flower pistil, style number
 1 (4)
 3 (4)
Flower position
 Apical, tip of plant (20)
 Axillary, at base of leaves (15)
Flower sepal color
 Green (21)
 Red/pink (2)
 None (1)
 Yellow (1)
Flower sepal number
 4 (16)
 5 (6)
Flower shape
 Rayed (44)
 Cup (19)
 Bell (13)
 Other (12)
 Grouped (9)
 Ballooned (5)
 Hooded (3)
Flower stamen number
 6 (53)
 9 - 10 (6)
 3 (5)
 2 (4)
 5 (2)
 Over 10 (2)
 4 (1)
Flower stamens or carpels showy
 Frilly (11)
 Not showy (11)
 Distinctly colored (7)
 Larger than petals (6)
 Fat (3)
 On Style (2)
 Tucked in (1)
Flower symmetry
 Radial (726)
 Bilateral (234)
Fruit beak
 Absent (7)
 Round (5)
Fruit beak seed present
 No (20)
 Yes (2)
Fruit color
 Green (19)
 Brown/maroon (18)
 Black/blue/purple (1)
Fruit cross section
 0 edge, round (15)
 2 edges, round (7)
 2 edges, flattened (4)
Fruit opens
 2 sides (18)
 Does not (2)
Fruit position
 Spreading (15)
 Close to stem (2)
Fruit seed number
 1 (6)
 2 (6)
 5 - 10 (5)
 3 (4)
 4 (3)
 10-20 (1)
Fruit shape
 Elongated (25)
 Curved (7)
 Coin-like (6)
 Round (6)
 Other (4)
 Spindle (4)
 Sectioned (2)
 Wider near tip (1)
Fruit size ratio
 Longer than wide (16)
 Wide as long (5)
 Wider than long (1)
Fruit size, length in cm
 Under 0.5 (10)
 1-2 (8)
 2-4 (6)
 0.5-1 (5)
 4-8 (5)
 8-16 (1)
Fruit size, width in mm
 1-3 (9)
 3-5 (9)
 Under 1 (5)
 5-10 (3)
 10-15 (1)
Fruit stalk
 Present (16)
 Absent (3)
Fruit texture
 Smooth (20)
 Hairy (8)
 Papery (4)
 Spiny (2)
Fruit tip shape
 Point (10)
 Notch (4)
 Round (2)
 Polygonum (15)
 Potamogeton (14)
 Chenopodium (12)
 Ranunculus (12)
 Viola (11)
 Allium (10)
 Symphyotrichum (10)
 Silene (9)
 Veronica (9)
 Euphorbia (8)
 Platanthera (8)
 Amaranthus (7)
 Astragalus (7)
 Lepidium (7)
 Mimulus (7)
 Potentilla (7)
 Rumex (7)
 Solidago (7)
 Stellaria (7)
 Artemisia (6)
 Bidens (6)
 Chamaesyce (6)
 Erigeron (6)
 Lemna (6)
 Solanum (6)
 Trifolium (6)
 Antennaria (5)
 Brassica (5)
 Cuscuta (5)
 Epilobium (5)
 Galium (5)
 Helianthus (5)
 Penstemon (5)
 Physalis (5)
 Sagittaria (5)
 Yucca (5)
 Zigadenus (5)
 Anemone (4)
 Asclepias (4)
 Calochortus (4)
 Centaurea (4)
 Cirsium (4)
 Corallorhiza (4)
 Crepis (4)
 Eriogonum (4)
 Erysimum (4)
 Geranium (4)
 Geum (4)
 Lactuca (4)
 Lysimachia (4)
 Malva (4)
 Mirabilis (4)
 Oenothera (4)
 Pyrola (4)
 Sisymbrium (4)
 Sisyrinchium (4)
 Sparganium (4)
 Stuckenia (4)
 Thalictrum (4)
 Verbena (4)
 Vicia (4)
 Alisma (3)
 Ambrosia (3)
 Anthemis (3)
 Arenaria (3)
 Arnica (3)
 Callitriche (3)
 Campanula (3)
 Cardamine (3)
 Cerastium (3)
 Dalea (3)
 Descurainia (3)
 Dianthus (3)
 Elodea (3)
 Euthamia (3)
 Gaura (3)
 Gypsophila (3)
 Heteranthera (3)
 Hieracium (3)
 Hypericum (3)
 Ipomopsis (3)
 Lewisia (3)
 Listera (3)
 Lycopus (3)
 Myriophyllum (3)
 Orobanche (3)
 Osmorhiza (3)
 Oxalis (3)
 Packera (3)
 Phyla (3)
 Plantago (3)
 Pseudognaphalium (3)
 Rudbeckia (3)
 Salvia (3)
 Sedum (3)
 Senecio (3)
 Sonchus (3)
 Spergularia (3)
 Tanacetum (3)
 Tragopogon (3)
 Typha (3)
 Verbascum (3)
 Amorpha (2)
 Anagallis (2)
 Apocynum (2)
 Aquilegia (2)
 Arabis (2)
 Aralia (2)
 Arctium (2)
 Atriplex (2)
 Barbarea (2)
 Brickellia (2)
 Callirhoe (2)
 Calystegia (2)
 Cardaria (2)
 Carduus (2)
 Claytonia (2)
 Collomia (2)
 Commelina (2)
 Coreopsis (2)
 Corydalis (2)
 Cypripedium (2)
 Datura (2)
 Delphinium (2)
 Dipsacus (2)
 Draba (2)
 Drosera (2)
 Epipactis (2)
 Fragaria (2)
 Fritillaria (2)
 Froelichia (2)
 Gaillardia (2)
 Galinsoga (2)
 Glandularia (2)
 Gnaphalium (2)
 Goodyera (2)
 Hackelia (2)
 Heterotheca (2)
 Heuchera (2)
 Iva (2)
 Lamium (2)
 Liatris (2)
 Linaria (2)
 Linum (2)
 Lithospermum (2)
 Lobelia (2)
 Lomatium (2)
 Lythrum (2)
 Maianthemum (2)
 Medicago (2)
 Mentha (2)
 Mentzelia (2)
 Monarda (2)
 Navarretia (2)
 Nolina (2)
 Pedicularis (2)
 Phacelia (2)
 Polanisia (2)
 Portulaca (2)
 Raphanus (2)
 Rorippa (2)
 Sagina (2)
 Scutellaria (2)
 Silphium (2)
 Spiranthes (2)
 Taraxacum (2)
 Triglochin (2)
 Triodanis (2)
 Tripterocalyx (2)
 Utricularia (2)
 Vernonia (2)
 Wolffia (2)
 Xanthium (2)
 Abutilon (1)
 Achillea (1)
 Aconitum (1)
 Acorus (1)
 Actaea (1)
 Agalinis (1)
 Agoseris (1)
 Agrostema (1)
 Agrostemma (1)
 Alcea (1)
 Alliaria (1)
 Alyssum (1)
 Ammannia (1)
 Anaphalis (1)
 Androsace (1)
 Androstephium (1)
 Anethum (1)
 Anoda (1)
 Apios (1)
 Argemone (1)
 Argentina (1)
 Armoracia (1)
 Asparagus (1)
 Bacopa (1)
 Balsamorhiza (1)
 Berteroa (1)
 Berula (1)
 Brachyactis (1)
 Buglossoides (1)
 Calibrachoa (1)
 Caltha (1)
 Calylophus (1)
 Calypso (1)
 Camelina (1)
 Camissonia (1)
 Campsis (1)
 Cannabis (1)
 Capsella (1)
 Carum (1)
 Castilleja (1)
 Centaurium (1)
 Ceratophyllum (1)
 Chaenactis (1)
 Chaenorhinum (1)
 Chamerion (1)
 Chimaphila (1)
 Chorispora (1)
 Cichorium (1)
 Cicuta (1)
 Circaea (1)
 Cistanthe (1)
 Clematis (1)
 Cleome (1)
 Clinopodium (1)
 Collinsia (1)
 Comandra (1)
 Comarum (1)
 Conium (1)
 Conringia (1)
 Convolvulus (1)
 Conyza (1)
 Corispermum (1)
 Cosmos (1)
 Cucurbita (1)
 Cycloloma (1)
 Cymbalaria (1)
 Cynoglossum (1)
 Dactylorhiza (1)
 Dasiphora (1)
 Daucus (1)
 Desmanthus (1)
 Desmodium (1)
 Dicentra (1)
 Digitalis (1)
 Diplotaxis (1)
 Dracocephalum (1)
 Dyssodia (1)
 Echinacea (1)
 Echinocystis (1)
 Echinops (1)
 Echium (1)
 Egeria (1)
 Eichhornia (1)
 Elatine (1)
 Ellisia (1)
 Eritrichium (1)
 Erodium (1)
 Erythronium (1)
 Eschscholzia (1)
 Eupatoriadelphus (1)
 Fagopyrum (1)
 Fallopia (1)
 Filipendula (1)
 Flaveria (1)
 Floerkea (1)
 Galeopsis (1)
 Gayophytum (1)
 Gentiana (1)
 Glaux (1)
 Glechoma (1)
 Glycyrrhiza (1)
 Gratiola (1)
 Grindelia (1)
 Hedeoma (1)
 Helenium (1)
 Helianthemum (1)
 Heliopsis (1)
 Heliotropium (1)
 Hemerocallis (1)
 Heracleum (1)
 Hesperis (1)
 Heterocodon (1)
 Hibiscus (1)
 Hippuris (1)
 Holosteum (1)
 Humulus (1)
 Hydrophyllum (1)
 Hyoscyamus (1)
 Hypochaeris (1)
 Hypoxis (1)
 Hyssopus (1)
 Iliamna (1)
 Impatiens (1)
 Ipomoea (1)
 Iris (1)
 Knautia (1)
 Kochia (1)
 Krigia (1)
 Lappula (1)
 Lapsana (1)
 Lathyrus (1)
 Leonurus (1)
 Leucanthemum (1)
 Leucocrinum (1)
 Lilium (1)
 Limosella (1)
 Linanthus (1)
 Lindernia (1)
 Linnaea (1)
 Lithophragma (1)
 Lloydia (1)
 Lobularia (1)
 Lotus (1)
 Ludwigia (1)
 Lunaria (1)
 Lupinus (1)
 Lychnis (1)
 Lygodesmia (1)
 Machaeranthera (1)
 Madia (1)
 Marrubium (1)
 Matricaria (1)
 Melilotus (1)
 Menyanthes (1)
 Mertensia (1)
 Microseris (1)
 Microsteris (1)
 Moehringia (1)
 Mollugo (1)
 Moneses (1)
 Monolepis (1)
 Monotropa (1)
 Montia (1)
 Myosotis (1)
 Myosurus (1)
 Najas (1)
 Nasturtium (1)
 Nepeta (1)
 Nicandra (1)
 Nicotiana (1)
 Nuphar (1)
 Nymphaea (1)
 Oligoneuron (1)
 Onopordum (1)
 Onosmodium (1)
 Opuntia (1)
 Orthilia (1)
 Oxyria (1)
 Papaver (1)
 Parietaria (1)
 Parnassia (1)
 Parthenocissus (1)
 Pastinaca (1)
 Perideridia (1)
 Persicaria (1)
 Petasites (1)
 Phemeranthus (1)
 Phlox (1)
 Piperia (1)
 Pistia (1)
 Plagiobothrys (1)
 Polemonium (1)
 Prenanthes (1)
 Proboscidea (1)
 Prosartes (1)
 Prunella (1)
 Psoralidium (1)
 Pterospora (1)
 Pteryxia (1)
 Ratibida (1)
 Reseda (1)
 Rheum (1)
 Rhodiola (1)
 Rosa (1)
 Rotala (1)
 Rubus (1)
 Ruppia (1)
 Salsola (1)
 Sanguisorba (1)
 Sanicula (1)
 Saponaria (1)
 Saxifraga (1)
 Scrophularia (1)
 Silybum (1)
 Sinapis (1)
 Sium (1)
 Smilax (1)
 Spergula (1)
 Spirodela (1)
 Stachys (1)
 Stenaria (1)
 Stenosiphon (1)
 Streptopus (1)
 Strophostyles (1)
 Suaeda (1)
 Sullivantia (1)
 Symphytum (1)
 Teucrium (1)
 Thelesperma (1)
 Thlaspi (1)
 Thysanocarpus (1)
 Toxicodendron (1)
 Tradescantia (1)
 Trautvetteria (1)
 Tribulus (1)
 Trillium (1)
 Tripleurospermum (1)
 Triteleia (1)
 Urtica (1)
 Vaccaria (1)
 Valeriana (1)
 Zannichellia (1)
 Zizia (1)
 Terrestrial (22)
 Aquatic (9)
 Near water (3)
Leaf / leaflet shape
 Wider near middle (371)
 Linear (295)
 Lobed (214)
 Wider near base (180)
 Heart/round (105)
 Wider near tip (77)
 Scale-like or absent (14)
Leaf / leaflet tip shape
 Pointed (18)
 Round (6)
 Notched (3)
 Cut off (1)
Leaf arrangement
 Alternate (551)
 Opposite (222)
 Basal (183)
 Whorled (42)
 Absent at flowering (17)
Leaf base shape
 Narrow (18)
 Heart or clasping (5)
 Wide or oval (4)
 Squared (2)
 Surrounds stem (1)
Leaf blade length in cm
 1 - 5 (253)
 5 - 10 (247)
 10 - 30 (178)
 Under 1 (42)
 30 - 50 (31)
 50 - 70 (9)
 70 - 100 (4)
 Over 100 (3)
Leaf blade margin division
 Entire (56)
 Toothed, small (16)
 Lobed shallowly (1)
 Toothed, large (1)
 Wavy (1)
Leaf division
 Simple: is not divided (730)
 Compound: pinnate 1 time (99)
 Compound: 2- or 3-parted (51)
 Compound: pinnate 2 times (36)
 Compound: Palmate (22)
 Absent at flowering (11)
 Compound: pinnate over 2 times (11)
Leaf hair type
 Undivided (15)
 Divided once (2)
Leaf lobe number
 1 (2)
 3 (2)
 Over 5 (1)
Leaf margin
 Smooth (17)
 Toothed (11)
 Lobed (7)
 Scalloped/ Crenate (5)
 Hairy (2)
 Wavy (2)
 Thorny (1)
Leaf position
 Alternate (22)
 Basal (2)
 Opposite (2)
Leaf stalk present
 Yes (9)
 Only lower leaves (7)
Leaf stalk texture
 Smooth (12)
 Hairy (10)
Leaf stipule type
 None (14)
 Clasping (1)
Leaf thickness
 Thin (12)
 Thick but flat (1)
 Very fleshy, rounded (1)
Leaf top hair and texture
 Hairless (19)
 Hairy (16)
 All over (4)
 Glands (1)
 Glossy (1)
 Waxy (1)
Leaf top pattern
 Uniform (23)
 Mottled (1)
 One spot (1)
 Veins (1)
Leaf veins
 Parallel (86)
 Pinnate (39)
 Palmate (2)
 Net-like (1)
 Annual (14)
 Perennial (10)
Plant growing in or on
 Land, erect (149)
 Water (57)
 Wetland (14)
 Land, creeping (11)
 Land, climbing (8)
 Other plants (4)
Plant height or length in cm
 30 - 50 (250)
 50 - 70 (223)
 70 - 100 (211)
 10 - 30 (204)
 100 - 200 (136)
 1 - 10 (45)
 Over 200 (35)
 Under 1 (13)
 Mexico (19)
 North America WEST (19)
 North America EAST (16)
Seed main color
 Brown (17)
 Green (3)
 Black (1)
 Yellow (1)
Seed texture
 Smooth (18)
 Knobby (4)
 Hairy (1)
Sepal texture
 Hairy (5)
 Hairless (2)
Stem cross-section
 Round (26)
 Square (23)
Stem hairs
 Erect (1)
 Flat (1)
Stem texture
 Hairy (13)
 Hairless (11)
 Hairs at base (8)
 Small thorns, pointing toward base (1)
 None (18)
 On stem (1)
Z Composite disc
 Mostly flat (2)
 Sphere or cone (2)
Z Composite flower arragement
 Daisy (43)
 Dandelion (23)
 Tight cluster (18)
 Loose (12)
 Not composite (10)
Z Composite ray number
 10-20 (10)
 20-50 (3)
 5-10 (3)
 50-100 (1)
Z Flower cluster, spacing between flowers
 Crowded, smaller than flower size (2)
 Equal to flower size (1)
Z Flower dominant parts
 Bracts more showy than flowers (1)
 Petals or sepals dominant (1)
Z Flower group diameter in cm
 0.5-1 (1)
 1-1.5 (1)
 1.5-2 (1)
 2-3 (1)
 3-4 (1)
Z Flower group, spath blade main color
 Green (1)
 White (1)
Z Flower stamen length
 Equal (3)
 Unequal (1)
Z Leaf node
 Sheath (5)
 No sheath (3)
Z Stem
 Multiple arching (2)
 Single erect (1)
Z Stem winged
 Not (4)
 Winged (1)
Z flowering branch
 Vertical and horizontal (2)
 Mostly horizontal (1)
 Single vertical (1)