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438 kinds match in US, NC, Jackson, Balsam Mountain Preserve

Acalypha gracilens  [popup]
Slender threeseed mercury
Acalypha rhomboidea  [popup]
Common threeseed mercury
Achillea millefolium  [popup]
Common yarrow...
Aconitum uncinatum  [popup]
Southern blue monkshood
Actaea pachypoda  [popup]
White Baneberry...
Agalinis tenuifolia  [popup]
Slenderleaf False Foxglove
Agastache scrophulariifolia  [popup]
Purple giant hyssop
Ageratina altissima  [popup]
White snakeroot...
Agrimonia gryposepala  [popup]
Tall hairy agrimony
Agrimonia parviflora  [popup]
Agrimonia pubescens  [popup]
Soft agrimony
Agrostemma githago  [popup]
Common corncockle
Allium tricoccum  [popup]
Allium vineale  [popup]
Wild garlic
Ambrosia artemisiifolia  [popup]
Annual ragweed
Ambrosia trifida  [popup]
Great ragweed
Amphicarpaea bracteata  [popup]
American hogpeanut...
Anemone acutiloba  [popup]
Sharplobe hepatica...
Anemone quinquefolia  [popup]
Wood anemone
Anemone virginiana  [popup]
Tall thimbleweed
Angelica triquinata  [popup]
Filmy angelica
Angelica venenosa  [popup]
Hairy angelica
Antennaria plantaginifolia  [popup]
Womans tobacco...
Apios americana  [popup]
Aplectrum hyemale  [popup]
Adam and Eve...
Apocynum androsaemifolium  [popup]
Spreading dogbane
Aquilegia canadensis  [popup]
Red columbine
Arabidopsis thaliana  [popup]
Mouseear cress
Aralia nudicaulis  [popup]
Wild sarsaparilla
Aralia racemosa  [popup]
American spikenard
Arctium minus  [popup]
Lesser burdock...
Arisaema triphyllum  [popup]
Jack in the pulpit...
Aristolochia serpentaria  [popup]
Virginia Snakeroot...
Arnoglossum atriplicifolium  [popup]
Pale Indian plantain
Arnoglossum reniforme  [popup]
Great Indian plantain...
Artemisia vulgaris  [popup]
Common wormwood
Aruncus dioicus  [popup]
Brides feathers...
Asarum canadense  [popup]
Canadian wildginger...
Asclepias exaltata  [popup]
Poke milkweed
Asclepias quadrifolia  [popup]
Fourleaf milkweed
Asclepias syriaca  [popup]
Common milkweed
Astilbe biternata  [popup]
Appalachian false goats beard
Astragalus canadensis  [popup]
Canadian milkvetch
Aureolaria laevigata  [popup]
Entireleaf Yellow False Foxglove
Aureolaria pectinata  [popup]
Combleaf Yellow False Foxglove...
Baptisia tinctoria  [popup]
Barbarea verna  [popup]
Early yellowrocket
Barbarea vulgaris  [popup]
Garden yellowrocket...
Bidens aristosa  [popup]
Bearded beggarticks...
Bidens bipinnata  [popup]
Spanish needles
Bidens vulgata  [popup]
Big devils beggartick
Blephilia hirsuta  [popup]
Hairy pagoda-plant
Brassica rapa  [popup]
Field mustard...
Calystegia sepium  [popup]
Hedge false bindweed...
Campanula divaricata  [popup]
Small bonny bellflower...
Campanulastrum americanum  [popup]
American bellflower
Campsis radicans  [popup]
Trumpet creeper
Capsella bursa-pastoris  [popup]
Shepherds purse...
Cardamine concatenata  [popup]
Cutleaf toothwort...
Cardamine diphylla  [popup]
Cardamine hirsuta  [popup]
Hairy bittercress
Cardamine pensylvanica  [popup]
Pennsylvania bittercress
Castilleja coccinea  [popup]
Scarlet Indian paintbrush
Caulophyllum thalictroides  [popup]
Blue cohosh
Centaurea stoebe  [popup]
Spotted knapweed
Cerastium fontanum  [popup]
Common mouse-ear chickweed
Cerastium glomeratum  [popup]
Sticky chickweed
Cerastium nutans  [popup]
Nodding chickweed
Chamaecrista fasciculata  [popup]
Partridge pea...
Chamaecrista nictitans  [popup]
Sensitive partridge pea...
Chamaelirium luteum  [popup]
Chamaesyce nutans  [popup]
Chelone glabra  [popup]
White Turtlehead
Chelone lyonii  [popup]
Pink turtlehead
Chelone obliqua  [popup]
Red turtlehead
Chenopodium album  [popup]
Chenopodium ambrosioides  [popup]
Mexican tea
Chimaphila maculata  [popup]
Striped Princes Pine...
Chrysopsis mariana  [popup]
Maryland goldenaster...
Chrysosplenium americanum  [popup]
American golden saxifrage
Cicuta maculata  [popup]
Spotted water hemlock
Cimicifuga americana  [popup]
Mountain bugbane...
Cimicifuga racemosa  [popup]
Black Baneberry...
Circaea alpina  [popup]
Small enchanters nightshade...
Circaea lutetiana  [popup]
Broadleaf enchanters nightshade...
Cirsium altissimum  [popup]
Tall thistle
Cirsium discolor  [popup]
Field thistle
Cirsium vulgare  [popup]
Bull thistle
Claytonia caroliniana  [popup]
Carolina springbeauty
Claytonia virginica  [popup]
Virginia springbeauty
Clematis terniflora  [popup]
Sweet autumn virginsbower
Clematis viorna  [popup]
Clematis virginiana  [popup]
Devils darning needles
Clintonia umbellulata  [popup]
White clintonia...
Collinsonia canadensis  [popup]
Commelina communis  [popup]
Asiatic dayflower...
Conopholis americana  [popup]
Convallaria majuscula  [popup]
American lily-of-the-valley...
Convolvulus arvensis  [popup]
Field bindweed
Conyza canadensis  [popup]
Canadian Horseweed...
Corallorhiza maculata  [popup]
Summer coralroot...
Corallorhiza odontorhiza  [popup]
Autumn coralroot...
Coreopsis major  [popup]
Greater tickseed
Coreopsis pubescens  [popup]
Star tickseed
Coronilla varia  [popup]
Corydalis sempervirens  [popup]
Rock harlequin...
Crepis capillaris  [popup]
Smooth hawksbeard
Crepis pulchra  [popup]
Smallflower hawksbeard
Cryptotaenia canadensis  [popup]
Canadian honewort
Cuscuta rostrata  [popup]
Beaked dodder
Cynoglossum virginianum  [popup]
Wild comfrey
Cypripedium acaule  [popup]
Moccasin flower...
Cypripedium parviflorum  [popup]
Lesser yellow ladys slipper...
Datura stramonium  [popup]
Daucus carota  [popup]
Queen Annes lace
Delphinium tricorne  [popup]
Dwarf larkspur
Desmodium glutinosum  [popup]
Pointedleaf ticktrefoil...
Desmodium nudiflorum  [popup]
Nakedflower Ticktrefoil...
Desmodium paniculatum  [popup]
Panicledleaf ticktrefoil...
Desmodium rotundifolium  [popup]
Prostrate Ticktrefoil...
Dianthus armeria  [popup]
Deptford pink
Dicentra canadensis  [popup]
Squirrel corn
Dicentra cucullaria  [popup]
Dutchmans breeches
Dioscorea oppositifolia  [popup]
Chinese yam
Dioscorea quaternata  [popup]
Fourleaf yam
Diphylleia cymosa  [popup]
American umbrellaleaf
Doellingeria infirma  [popup]
Cornel-leaf whitetop...
Elephantopus carolinianus  [popup]
Carolina elephantsfoot...
Epifagus virginiana  [popup]
Epigaea repens  [popup]
Trailing arbutus
Epilobium coloratum  [popup]
Purpleleaf willowherb
Erechtites hieraciifolia  [popup]
American burnweed...
Erigeron annuus  [popup]
Eastern daisy fleabane
Erigeron philadelphicus  [popup]
Philadelphia fleabane
Erigeron pulchellus  [popup]
Robins plantain
Erigeron strigosus  [popup]
Prairie fleabane...
Erythronium umbilicatum  [popup]
Dimpled troutlily
Euonymus obovatus  [popup]
Running strawberry bush...
Eupatorium capillifolium  [popup]
Eupatorium perfoliatum  [popup]
Common boneset
Eupatorium sessilifolium  [popup]
Upland boneset...
Euphorbia corollata  [popup]
Flowering Spurge
Euphorbia purpurea  [popup]
Darlingtons Glade Spurge
Eurybia chlorolepis  [popup]
Mountain aster
Eurybia divaricata  [popup]
White wood aster
Eurybia macrophylla  [popup]
Bigleaf aster...
Eutrochium steelei  [popup]
Steeles eupatorium...
Fallopia scandens  [popup]
Climbing false-buckwheat...
Fragaria virginiana  [popup]
Virginia strawberry
Galax urceolata  [popup]
Galearis spectabilis  [popup]
Showy orchid...
Galinsoga quadriradiata  [popup]
Shaggy soldier
Galium aparine  [popup]
Galium circaezans  [popup]
Licorice Bedstraw...
Galium lanceolatum  [popup]
Lanceleaf wild licorice
Galium latifolium  [popup]
Purple Bedstraw
Galium triflorum  [popup]
Fragrant Bedstraw
Gamochaeta pensylvanica  [popup]
Pennsylvania everlasting
Gentiana decora  [popup]
Showy gentian...
Gentianella quinquefolia  [popup]
Geranium carolinianum  [popup]
Carolina geranium
Geranium maculatum  [popup]
Spotted geranium
Geum canadense  [popup]
White avens
Geum vernum  [popup]
Spring avens
Geum virginianum  [popup]
Cream avens
Glechoma hederacea  [popup]
Ground ivy...
Goodyera pubescens  [popup]
Downy Rattlesnake Plantain...
Helenium autumnale  [popup]
Common sneezeweed
Helianthus angustifolius  [popup]
Swamp sunflower
Helianthus atrorubens  [popup]
Purpledisk sunflower
Helianthus decapetalus  [popup]
Thinleaf sunflower
Helianthus divaricatus  [popup]
Woodland sunflower
Helianthus glaucophyllus  [popup]
Whiteleaf sunflower
Helianthus microcephalus  [popup]
Small woodland sunflower
Helianthus mollis  [popup]
Ashy sunflower
Helianthus tuberosus  [popup]
Jerusalem artichoke
Heliopsis helianthoides  [popup]
Smooth oxeye
Hesperis matronalis  [popup]
Dames rocket
Heuchera villosa  [popup]
Hairy alumroot...
Hieracium caespitosum  [popup]
Meadow hawkweed
Hieracium paniculatum  [popup]
Allegheny hawkweed
Hieracium pilosella  [popup]
Mouseear hawkweed...
Hieracium piloselloides  [popup]
Tall hawkweed
Hieracium scabrum  [popup]
Rough hawkweed
Hieracium venosum  [popup]
Houstonia purpurea  [popup]
Venus pride
Houstonia serpyllifolia  [popup]
Thymeleaf bluet
Humulus lupulus  [popup]
Common hop
Hydrastis canadensis  [popup]
Hydrophyllum canadense  [popup]
Bluntleaf waterleaf
Hydrophyllum virginianum  [popup]
Eastern waterleaf...
Hypericum graveolens  [popup]
Mountain St Johnswort
Hypericum mutilum  [popup]
Dwarf St Johnswort
Hypericum punctatum  [popup]
Spotted St Johnswort
Hypochaeris radicata  [popup]
Hairy cats ear...
Hypoxis hirsuta  [popup]
Common Goldstar...
Impatiens capensis  [popup]
Impatiens pallida  [popup]
Pale touch-me-not
Ipomoea coccinea  [popup]
Ipomoea pandurata  [popup]
Man of the earth
Ipomoea purpurea  [popup]
Tall morning-glory
Isotria verticillata  [popup]
Large whorled pogonia...
Krigia caespitosa  [popup]
Weedy dwarfdandelion...
Krigia virginica  [popup]
Virginia dwarfdandelion
Kummerowia striata  [popup]
Japanese clover...
Lactuca biennis  [popup]
Tall blue lettuce
Lactuca canadensis  [popup]
Canada lettuce
Lactuca floridana  [popup]
Woodland lettuce
Lamium amplexicaule  [popup]
Henbit deadnettle
Laportea canadensis  [popup]
Canadian woodnettle
Lathyrus venosus  [popup]
Veiny pea
Lechea racemulosa  [popup]
Illinois pinweed
Lepidium virginicum  [popup]
Virginia pepperweed
Lespedeza bicolor  [popup]
Shrub Lespedeza...
Lespedeza cuneata  [popup]
Sericea Lespedeza...
Lespedeza repens  [popup]
Creeping lespedeza...
Lespedeza violacea  [popup]
Violet lespedeza...
Leucanthemum vulgare  [popup]
Oxeye daisy...
Liatris scariosa  [popup]
Devils bite...
Ligusticum canadense  [popup]
Canadian licorice-root...
Lilium michauxii  [popup]
Carolina lily
Lilium superbum  [popup]
Turks-cap lily
Linum usitatissimum  [popup]
Common flax
Liparis liliifolia  [popup]
Brown widelip orchid...
Listera smallii  [popup]
Kidneyleaf twayblade...
Lobelia inflata  [popup]
Lobelia puberula  [popup]
Downy Lobelia...
Lobelia siphilitica  [popup]
Great blue lobelia
Ludwigia alternifolia  [popup]
Lycopus virginicus  [popup]
Virginia water horehound
Lysimachia clethroides  [popup]
Gooseneck yellow loosestrife
Lysimachia nummularia  [popup]
Creeping jenny
Lysimachia quadrifolia  [popup]
Whorled yellow loosestrife
Maianthemum canadense  [popup]
Canada mayflower...
Maianthemum racemosum  [popup]
Feathery false lily of the valley...
Malaxis unifolia  [popup]
Green adders-mouth orchid...
Medeola virginiana  [popup]
Indian cucumber
Meehania cordata  [popup]
Meehans mint
Melampyrum lineare  [popup]
Narrowleaf cowwheat
Mitchella repens  [popup]
Mitella diphylla  [popup]
Twoleaf miterwort
Monarda clinopodia  [popup]
White bergamot
Monarda didyma  [popup]
Scarlet beebalm
Monarda fistulosa  [popup]
Wild bergamot
Monarda media  [popup]
Purple bergamot
Monotropa uniflora  [popup]
Obolaria virginica  [popup]
Virginia pennywort
Oclemena acuminata  [popup]
Whorled wood aster
Oenothera biennis  [popup]
Common evening primrose
Oenothera fruticosa  [popup]
Narrowleaf evening primrose...
Ornithogalum umbellatum  [popup]
Orobanche uniflora  [popup]
Oneflowered broomrape...
Osmorhiza claytonii  [popup]
Claytons sweetroot
Osmorhiza longistylis  [popup]
Longstyle sweetroot
Oxalis dillenii  [popup]
Slender Yellow Woodsorrel...
Oxalis grandis  [popup]
Great Yellow Woodsorrel
Oxalis stricta  [popup]
Common yellow oxalis...
Oxalis violacea  [popup]
Violet Woodsorrel
Oxypolis rigidior  [popup]
Stiff cowbane
Packera anonyma  [popup]
Smalls ragwort...
Packera aurea  [popup]
Golden ragwort
Panax quinquefolius  [popup]
American ginseng...
Parthenium integrifolium  [popup]
Wild quinine...
Passiflora incarnata  [popup]
Purple Passionflower
Passiflora lutea  [popup]
Yellow passionflower
Pedicularis canadensis  [popup]
Canadian lousewort
Penstemon canescens  [popup]
Eastern gray beardtongue
Phacelia dubia  [popup]
Smallflower phacelia
Phlox carolina  [popup]
Thickleaf phlox
Phlox paniculata  [popup]
Fall phlox
Phryma leptostachya  [popup]
American lopseed
Physalis heterophylla  [popup]
Clammy groundcherry
Physostegia virginiana  [popup]
Obedient plant
Phytolacca americana  [popup]
American pokeweed
Pilea pumila  [popup]
Canadian clearweed
Plantago lanceolata  [popup]
Narrowleaf plantain
Plantago major  [popup]
Common plantain
Plantago rugelii  [popup]
Blackseed plantain
Plantago virginica  [popup]
Virginia plantain
Platanthera ciliaris  [popup]
Yellow fringed orchid...
Platanthera clavellata  [popup]
Small green wood orchid...
Platanthera psycodes  [popup]
Lesser purple fringed orchid...
Podophyllum peltatum  [popup]
Polygala curtissii  [popup]
Curtiss milkwort
Polygala senega  [popup]
Seneca snakeroot
Polygala verticillata  [popup]
Whorled milkwort
Polygonatum biflorum  [popup]
Smooth Solomons Seal...
Polygonatum pubescens  [popup]
Hairy Solomons seal...
Polygonum aviculare  [popup]
Prostrate knotweed...
Polygonum cespitosum  [popup]
Oriental ladys thumb...
Polygonum cuspidatum  [popup]
Japanese knotweed...
Polygonum pensylvanicum  [popup]
Pennsylvania smartweed...
Polygonum persicaria  [popup]
Spotted ladysthumb...
Polygonum punctatum  [popup]
Dotted smartweed...
Polygonum sagittatum  [popup]
Arrowleaf tearthumb...
Polygonum virginianum  [popup]
Potentilla canadensis  [popup]
Dwarf Cinquefoil...
Potentilla norvegica  [popup]
Norwegian cinquefoil
Potentilla recta  [popup]
Sulphur cinquefoil
Potentilla simplex  [popup]
Common cinquefoil
Prenanthes altissima  [popup]
Tall rattlesnakeroot
Prenanthes roanensis  [popup]
Roan Mountain rattlesnakeroot
Prenanthes serpentaria  [popup]
Prenanthes trifoliolata  [popup]
Gall of the earth...
Prosartes lanuginosa  [popup]
Yellow fairybells...
Prunella vulgaris  [popup]
Common selfheal...
Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium  [popup]
Pycnanthemum incanum  [popup]
Hoary mountainmint
Pycnanthemum montanum  [popup]
Thinleaf mountainmint
Ranunculus abortivus  [popup]
Littleleaf buttercup
Ranunculus acris  [popup]
Tall buttercup
Ranunculus bulbosus  [popup]
St Anthonys turnip
Ranunculus hispidus  [popup]
Bristly buttercup
Ranunculus recurvatus  [popup]
Ranunculus repens  [popup]
Creeping buttercup
Rubus allegheniensis  [popup]
Allegheny blackberry...
Rudbeckia hirta  [popup]
Blackeyed Susan...
Rudbeckia laciniata  [popup]
Cutleaf coneflower
Rudbeckia triloba  [popup]
Browneyed Susan
Rumex acetosella  [popup]
Common sheep sorrel
Rumex crispus  [popup]
Curly dock
Rumex obtusifolius  [popup]
Bitter dock
Sabatia angularis  [popup]
Salvia lyrata  [popup]
Lyreleaf sage
Sanguinaria canadensis  [popup]
Sanicula canadensis  [popup]
Canadian blacksnakeroot
Sanicula marilandica  [popup]
Maryland sanicle
Sanicula odorata  [popup]
Clustered blacksnakeroot
Sanicula trifoliata  [popup]
Largefruit blacksnakeroot
Saponaria officinalis  [popup]
Saxifraga michauxii  [popup]
Michauxs saxifrage
Saxifraga micranthidifolia  [popup]
Lettuceleaf saxifrage...
Scrophularia marilandica  [popup]
Carpenters square
Scutellaria elliptica  [popup]
Hairy skullcap
Scutellaria incana  [popup]
Hoary skullcap
Sedum ternatum  [popup]
Woodland stonecrop...
Sericocarpus asteroides  [popup]
Toothed whitetop aster...
Silene antirrhina  [popup]
Sleepy silene
Silene latifolia  [popup]
Bladder campion
Silene ovata  [popup]
Blue Ridge catchfly
Silene stellata  [popup]
Silene virginica  [popup]
Fire pink
Sisymbrium officinale  [popup]
Sisyrinchium angustifolium  [popup]
Narrowleaf blue-eyed grass...
Sisyrinchium montanum  [popup]
Strict blue-eyed grass...
Smallanthus uvedalius  [popup]
Hairy leafcup...
Smilax glauca  [popup]
Cat greenbrier
Smilax herbacea  [popup]
Smooth carrionflower
Smilax pulverulenta  [popup]
Downy carrionflower
Smilax rotundifolia  [popup]
Roundleaf greenbrier
Smilax tamnoides  [popup]
Bristly greenbrier...
Solanum carolinense  [popup]
Carolina horsenettle
Solidago altissima  [popup]
Canada Goldenrod...
Solidago bicolor  [popup]
White goldenrod
Solidago curtisii  [popup]
Mountain decumbent goldenrod...
Solidago erecta  [popup]
Showy goldenrod
Solidago flaccidifolia  [popup]
Mountain goldenrod
Solidago gigantea  [popup]
Giant goldenrod
Solidago nemoralis  [popup]
Gray Goldenrod
Solidago patula  [popup]
Roundleaf goldenrod
Solidago rugosa  [popup]
Wrinkleleaf goldenrod
Sonchus asper  [popup]
Spiny sowthistle
Spiranthes cernua  [popup]
Nodding ladys tresses...
Stachys latidens  [popup]
Broadtooth hedgenettle
Stellaria corei  [popup]
Tennessee starwort
Stellaria graminea  [popup]
Grass-like starwort
Stellaria media  [popup]
Common chickweed
Stellaria pubera  [popup]
Star chickweed
Stenanthium gramineum  [popup]
Eastern Featherbells...
Streptopus lanceolatus  [popup]
Symphyotrichum cordifolium  [popup]
Common blue wood aster...
Symphyotrichum lateriflorum  [popup]
Calico aster...
Symphyotrichum patens  [popup]
Late purple aster...
Symphyotrichum phlogifolium  [popup]
Thinleaf late purple aster
Symphyotrichum pilosum  [popup]
Hairy white oldfield aster...
Symphyotrichum puniceum  [popup]
Purplestem aster...
Symphyotrichum retroflexum  [popup]
Rigid whitetop aster
Symphyotrichum undulatum  [popup]
Wavyleaf aster...
Taenidia integerrima  [popup]
Yellow pimpernel
Taraxacum officinale  [popup]
Common dandelion
Thalictrum clavatum  [popup]
Mountain meadow-rue
Thalictrum coriaceum  [popup]
Maid of the mist
Thalictrum dioicum  [popup]
Early meadow-rue
Thalictrum pubescens  [popup]
King of the meadow
Thalictrum revolutum  [popup]
Waxyleaf meadow-rue
Thalictrum thalictroides  [popup]
Rue anemone...
Thaspium barbinode  [popup]
Hairyjoint meadowparsnip
Thaspium trifoliatum  [popup]
Purple meadowparsnip
Tiarella cordifolia  [popup]
Heartleaf foamflower
Tipularia discolor  [popup]
Crippled Cranefly...
Tradescantia subaspera  [popup]
Zigzag Spiderwort...
Trautvetteria caroliniensis  [popup]
Carolina bugbane
Trientalis borealis  [popup]
Trifolium campestre  [popup]
Field clover
Trifolium incarnatum  [popup]
Crimson clover
Trifolium pratense  [popup]
Red clover
Trifolium repens  [popup]
White clover
Trillium erectum  [popup]
Red trillium...
Trillium grandiflorum  [popup]
White trillium...
Trillium rugelii  [popup]
Illscented wakerobin...
Trillium undulatum  [popup]
Painted trillium
Trillium vaseyi  [popup]
Sweet wakerobin...
Triodanis perfoliata  [popup]
Clasping Venus looking-glass...
Triosteum aurantiacum  [popup]
Orangefruit horse-gentian
Triphora trianthophora  [popup]
Tussilago farfara  [popup]
Uvularia grandiflora  [popup]
Largeflower bellwort...
Uvularia perfoliata  [popup]
Perfoliate bellwort
Uvularia puberula  [popup]
Mountain bellwort
Valerianella radiata  [popup]
Beaked cornsalad
Veratrum viride  [popup]
Green false hellebore...
Verbascum thapsus  [popup]
Common mullein
Verbena urticifolia  [popup]
White vervain
Verbesina alternifolia  [popup]
Verbesina occidentalis  [popup]
Yellow crownbeard
Vernonia noveboracensis  [popup]
New York ironweed...
Veronica arvensis  [popup]
Corn speedwell
Veronica officinalis  [popup]
Common gypsyweed
Veronica serpyllifolia  [popup]
Thymeleaf speedwell
Vicia caroliniana  [popup]
Carolina Vetch...
Vicia sativa  [popup]
Garden vetch
Vicia villosa  [popup]
Winter vetch
Vinca minor  [popup]
Common periwinkle...
Viola arvensis  [popup]
European field pansy
Viola bicolor  [popup]
Field pansy...
Viola blanda  [popup]
Sweet white violet
Viola canadensis  [popup]
Canadian white violet
Viola cucullata  [popup]
Marsh blue violet
Viola hastata  [popup]
Halberdleaf yellow violet
Viola hirsutula  [popup]
Southern Woodland Violet
Viola macloskeyi  [popup]
Small white violet...
Viola palmata  [popup]
Viola pedata  [popup]
Birdfoot violet
Viola pubescens  [popup]
Downy yellow violet...
Viola rotundifolia  [popup]
Roundleaf yellow violet...
Viola sororia  [popup]
Common blue violet...
Zizia aptera  [popup]
Meadow zizia
Zizia trifoliata  [popup]
Meadow alexanders

REMAINING (number with state)
 Dicotyledoneae (382)
 Monocotyledoneae (56)
 No (8)
 Yes (1)
 Asteraceae (99)
 Liliaceae (26)
 Ranunculaceae (26)
 Fabaceae (24)
 Lamiaceae (19)
 Apiaceae (18)
 Orchidaceae (17)
 Caryophyllaceae (15)
 Scrophulariaceae (15)
 Rosaceae (13)
 Violaceae (13)
 Brassicaceae (12)
 Polygonaceae (12)
 Rubiaceae (8)
 Saxifragaceae (7)
 Campanulaceae (6)
 Onagraceae (6)
 Convolvulaceae (5)
 Euphorbiaceae (5)
 Smilacaceae (5)
 Gentianaceae (4)
 Oxalidaceae (4)
 Plantaginaceae (4)
 Primulaceae (4)
 Araliaceae (3)
 Asclepiadaceae (3)
 Berberidaceae (3)
 Clusiaceae (3)
 Fumariaceae (3)
 Hydrophyllaceae (3)
 Iridaceae (3)
 Orobanchaceae (3)
 Polygalaceae (3)
 Solanaceae (3)
 Apocynaceae (2)
 Aristolochiaceae (2)
 Balsaminaceae (2)
 Chenopodiaceae (2)
 Commelinaceae (2)
 Dioscoreaceae (2)
 Geraniaceae (2)
 Passifloraceae (2)
 Polemoniaceae (2)
 Portulacaceae (2)
 Pyrolaceae (2)
 Urticaceae (2)
 Verbenaceae (2)
 Araceae (1)
 Bignoniaceae (1)
 Boraginaceae (1)
 Cannabaceae (1)
 Caprifoliaceae (1)
 Celastraceae (1)
 Cistaceae (1)
 Crassulaceae (1)
 Cuscutaceae (1)
 Diapensiaceae (1)
 Ericaceae (1)
 Linaceae (1)
 Papaveraceae (1)
 Phytolaccaceae (1)
 Valerianaceae (1)
Flower attachment
 Stalk erect (6)
 Stalk hanging (4)
 Stalk horizontal (2)
Flower cluster
 Few (210)
 Spike (135)
 Loose (84)
 Ball (48)
 Single (46)
 Flat (22)
Flower color, main
 White (216)
 Yellow, orange (140)
 Blue, purple (116)
 Red, pink (84)
 Green, transparent (59)
 Maroon, brown, black (17)
Flower color, secondary
 None (61)
 Yellow, orange (24)
 Red, pink (22)
 Green (18)
 Blue, purple (14)
 Maroon, brown, black (14)
 White (14)
Flower group, number of flowers
 10 - 20 (2)
 20 - 30 (2)
 30 - 40 (2)
 5 - 10 (2)
 50 - 60 (2)
 3 - 5 (1)
 40 - 50 (1)
Flower longest dimension in cm
 Under 1 (53)
 1 - 2 (50)
 2 - 3 (27)
 3 - 4 (10)
 4 - 5 (6)
 8 - 10 (6)
 5 - 6 (5)
 6 - 8 (5)
 Over 10 (4)
Flower lower lip color, main
 Red/pink (1)
 White (1)
Flower on stalk
 Yes (10)
 No (2)
Flower opens
 Sideways (5)
 Upwards (3)
 Closed (1)
 Down/ Nodding (1)
Flower petal length in mm
 4-10 (38)
 10-20 (33)
 1-3 (21)
 20-30 (17)
 Over 30 (13)
 Under 1 (7)
Flower petal number
 5 (215)
 Over 6 (122)
 6 (67)
 4 (56)
 0 or indistinct (52)
 1 - 2 (39)
 3 (15)
Flower petal shape
 Flat (22)
 Fused (12)
 Curved back (11)
 Curved inward (10)
 Clawed at base (5)
 Cup or hood (4)
 Frilly (3)
Flower petal tip
 Rounded (26)
 Pointed (19)
 Split or notched (12)
 Toothed (12)
Flower petal-sepal ratio
 Petals longer than sepals (6)
 Petals as long as sepals (2)
Flower pistil, ovary position relative to petal/sepal base
 Above (23)
 Below (2)
Flower pistil, stigma number
 3 (7)
 1 (2)
Flower pistil, style branches
 3 (2)
 4 (1)
Flower pistil, style number
 3 (4)
 1 (2)
Flower position
 Axillary, at base of leaves (7)
 Apical, tip of plant (5)
Flower sepal color
 Green (8)
 Reddish brown (1)
Flower sepal number
 4 (5)
 5 (2)
Flower shape
 Rayed (47)
 Bell (12)
 Other (10)
 Cup (9)
 Grouped (8)
 Hooded (5)
 Ballooned (1)
Flower stamen number
 6 (29)
 5 (4)
 3 (3)
 2 (2)
 4 (2)
 9 - 10 (2)
 Over 10 (2)
Flower stamens or carpels showy
 Frilly (17)
 Not showy (8)
 Distinctly colored (6)
 Larger than petals (4)
 Fat (3)
Flower symmetry
 Radial (334)
 Bilateral (114)
Fruit beak
 Absent (3)
 Round (2)
Fruit color
 Green (9)
 Brown/maroon (6)
 Black/blue/purple (1)
 Red/pink (1)
 White (1)
Fruit cross section
 0 edge, round (4)
 2 edges, flattened (3)
 2 edges, round (2)
 3 edges (2)
Fruit position
 Spreading (4)
 Close to stem (1)
Fruit seed number
 1 (2)
 2 (2)
 5 - 10 (2)
 10-20 (1)
 3 (1)
 4 (1)
Fruit shape
 Elongated (9)
 Coin-like (5)
 Round (4)
 Other (2)
 Curved (1)
 Sectioned (1)
 Spindle (1)
 Wider near tip (1)
Fruit size ratio
 Longer than wide (5)
 Wide as long (2)
Fruit size, length in cm
 1-2 (3)
 Under 0.5 (3)
 0.5-1 (2)
Fruit size, width in mm
 3-5 (3)
 1-3 (2)
 5-10 (1)
 Under 1 (1)
Fruit texture
 Smooth (8)
 Papery (3)
 Hairy (2)
 Spiny (2)
Fruit tip shape
 Point (3)
 Notch (2)
 Viola (13)
 Solidago (9)
 Helianthus (8)
 Polygonum (8)
 Symphyotrichum (8)
 Hieracium (6)
 Ranunculus (6)
 Thalictrum (6)
 Galium (5)
 Silene (5)
 Smilax (5)
 Trillium (5)
 Cardamine (4)
 Desmodium (4)
 Erigeron (4)
 Lespedeza (4)
 Monarda (4)
 Oxalis (4)
 Plantago (4)
 Potentilla (4)
 Prenanthes (4)
 Sanicula (4)
 Stellaria (4)
 Trifolium (4)
 Agrimonia (3)
 Anemone (3)
 Asclepias (3)
 Bidens (3)
 Cerastium (3)
 Chelone (3)
 Cirsium (3)
 Clematis (3)
 Eupatorium (3)
 Eurybia (3)
 Geum (3)
 Hypericum (3)
 Ipomoea (3)
 Lactuca (3)
 Lobelia (3)
 Lysimachia (3)
 Platanthera (3)
 Polygala (3)
 Rudbeckia (3)
 Rumex (3)
 Uvularia (3)
 Veronica (3)
 Vicia (3)
 Acalypha (2)
 Actaea (2)
 Allium (2)
 Ambrosia (2)
 Angelica (2)
 Aralia (2)
 Arnoglossum (2)
 Aureolaria (2)
 Barbarea (2)
 Chamaecrista (2)
 Chenopodium (2)
 Cimicifuga (2)
 Circaea (2)
 Claytonia (2)
 Corallorhiza (2)
 Coreopsis (2)
 Crepis (2)
 Cypripedium (2)
 Dicentra (2)
 Dioscorea (2)
 Euphorbia (2)
 Geranium (2)
 Houstonia (2)
 Hydrophyllum (2)
 Impatiens (2)
 Krigia (2)
 Lilium (2)
 Maianthemum (2)
 Oenothera (2)
 Osmorhiza (2)
 Packera (2)
 Passiflora (2)
 Phlox (2)
 Polygonatum (2)
 Pycnanthemum (2)
 Saxifraga (2)
 Scutellaria (2)
 Sisyrinchium (2)
 Thaspium (2)
 Verbesina (2)
 Zizia (2)
 Achillea (1)
 Aconitum (1)
 Agalinis (1)
 Agastache (1)
 Ageratina (1)
 Agrostema (1)
 Agrostemma (1)
 Amphicarpaea (1)
 Antennaria (1)
 Apios (1)
 Aplectrum (1)
 Apocynum (1)
 Aquilegia (1)
 Arabidopsis (1)
 Arctium (1)
 Arisaema (1)
 Aristolochia (1)
 Artemisia (1)
 Aruncus (1)
 Asarum (1)
 Astilbe (1)
 Astragalus (1)
 Baptisia (1)
 Blephilia (1)
 Brassica (1)
 Calystegia (1)
 Campanula (1)
 Campanulastrum (1)
 Campsis (1)
 Capsella (1)
 Castilleja (1)
 Caulophyllum (1)
 Centaurea (1)
 Chamaelirium (1)
 Chamaesyce (1)
 Chimaphila (1)
 Chrysopsis (1)
 Chrysosplenium (1)
 Cicuta (1)
 Clintonia (1)
 Collinsonia (1)
 Commelina (1)
 Conopholis (1)
 Convallaria (1)
 Convolvulus (1)
 Conyza (1)
 Coronilla (1)
 Corydalis (1)
 Cryptotaenia (1)
 Cuscuta (1)
 Cynoglossum (1)
 Datura (1)
 Daucus (1)
 Delphinium (1)
 Dianthus (1)
 Diphylleia (1)
 Doellingeria (1)
 Elephantopus (1)
 Epifagus (1)
 Epigaea (1)
 Epilobium (1)
 Erechtites (1)
 Erythronium (1)
 Euonymus (1)
 Eutrochium (1)
 Fallopia (1)
 Fragaria (1)
 Galax (1)
 Galearis (1)
 Galinsoga (1)
 Gamochaeta (1)
 Gentiana (1)
 Gentianella (1)
 Glechoma (1)
 Goodyera (1)
 Helenium (1)
 Heliopsis (1)
 Hesperis (1)
 Heuchera (1)
 Humulus (1)
 Hydrastis (1)
 Hypochaeris (1)
 Hypoxis (1)
 Isotria (1)
 Kummerowia (1)
 Lamium (1)
 Laportea (1)
 Lathyrus (1)
 Lechea (1)
 Lepidium (1)
 Leucanthemum (1)
 Liatris (1)
 Ligusticum (1)
 Linum (1)
 Liparis (1)
 Listera (1)
 Ludwigia (1)
 Lycopus (1)
 Malaxis (1)
 Medeola (1)
 Meehania (1)
 Melampyrum (1)
 Mitchella (1)
 Mitella (1)
 Monotropa (1)
 Obolaria (1)
 Oclemena (1)
 Ornithogalum (1)
 Orobanche (1)
 Oxypolis (1)
 Panax (1)
 Parthenium (1)
 Pedicularis (1)
 Penstemon (1)
 Phacelia (1)
 Phryma (1)
 Physalis (1)
 Physostegia (1)
 Phytolacca (1)
 Pilea (1)
 Podophyllum (1)
 Prosartes (1)
 Prunella (1)
 Pseudognaphalium (1)
 Rubus (1)
 Sabatia (1)
 Salvia (1)
 Sanguinaria (1)
 Saponaria (1)
 Scrophularia (1)
 Sedum (1)
 Sericocarpus (1)
 Sisymbrium (1)
 Smallanthus (1)
 Solanum (1)
 Sonchus (1)
 Spiranthes (1)
 Stachys (1)
 Stenanthium (1)
 Streptopus (1)
 Taenidia (1)
 Taraxacum (1)
 Tiarella (1)
 Tipularia (1)
 Tradescantia (1)
 Trautvetteria (1)
 Trientalis (1)
 Triodanis (1)
 Triosteum (1)
 Triphora (1)
 Tussilago (1)
 Valerianella (1)
 Veratrum (1)
 Verbascum (1)
 Verbena (1)
 Vernonia (1)
 Vinca (1)
Leaf / leaflet shape
 Wider near middle (205)
 Lobed (103)
 Wider near base (73)
 Heart/round (66)
 Linear (50)
 Wider near tip (42)
 Scale-like or absent (6)
Leaf / leaflet tip shape
 Pointed (20)
 Round (7)
 Notched (1)
Leaf arrangement
 Alternate (253)
 Opposite (118)
 Basal (90)
 Whorled (36)
 Absent at flowering (9)
Leaf base shape
 Narrow (13)
 Wide or oval (4)
 Heart or clasping (2)
Leaf blade length in cm
 5 - 10 (159)
 10 - 30 (144)
 1 - 5 (109)
 30 - 50 (18)
 Under 1 (7)
 50 - 70 (4)
Leaf blade margin division
 Entire (31)
 Toothed, small (7)
 Lobed shallowly (2)
 Lobed deeply (1)
Leaf division
 Simple: is not divided (349)
 Compound: 2- or 3-parted (55)
 Compound: pinnate 1 time (40)
 Compound: pinnate 2 times (22)
 Compound: Palmate (9)
 Absent at flowering (6)
 Compound: pinnate over 2 times (5)
Leaf hair type
 Undivided (5)
 Divided once (1)
Leaf lobe number
 1 (6)
 3 (2)
 Over 5 (1)
Leaf margin
 Smooth (13)
 Toothed (13)
 Lobed (9)
 Hairy (5)
 Scalloped/ Crenate (4)
 Wavy (3)
 Thorny (1)
Leaf number
 3 (5)
 2 (2)
 1 (1)
Leaf position
 Alternate (11)
 Opposite (2)
 Basal (1)
Leaf stalk present
 Yes (3)
 Only lower leaves (2)
 No (1)
Leaf stalk texture
 Smooth (7)
 Hairy (6)
Leaf top hair and texture
 Hairless (16)
 Hairy (9)
 Glossy (4)
 On veins (2)
 All over (1)
 Waxy (1)
Leaf top pattern
 Uniform (17)
 One spot (1)
 Veins (1)
Leaf underside hair
 Hairless (2)
 Straight (2)
 Cobwebby (1)
Leaf veins
 Parallel (52)
 Pinnate (23)
 Net-like (7)
 Palmate (5)
 Annual (5)
 Perennial (2)
Plant growing in or on
 Land, erect (92)
 Land, climbing (7)
 Land, creeping (3)
 Wetland (3)
 Other plants (2)
 Water (1)
Plant height or length in cm
 30 - 50 (130)
 70 - 100 (130)
 50 - 70 (125)
 10 - 30 (97)
 100 - 200 (94)
 Over 200 (37)
 1 - 10 (22)
 Under 1 (2)
 North America EAST (20)
 North America WEST (17)
 Mexico (8)
Sepal texture
 Hairy (3)
 Hairless (1)
Stem color
 Green (1)
 Red / pink (1)
Stem cross-section
 Square (18)
 Round (15)
Stem hairs
 Erect (2)
 Flat (1)
Stem texture
 Hairy (9)
 Hairless (8)
 Hairs at base (4)
 Small thorns, pointing toward base (1)
 None (6)
 On stem (1)
Z Composite disc
 Sphere or cone (2)
 Mostly flat (1)
Z Composite flower arragement
 Daisy (27)
 Dandelion (16)
 Loose (11)
 Tight cluster (6)
 Not composite (5)
Z Composite ray number
 10-20 (8)
 50-100 (3)
 20-50 (2)
 5-10 (1)
Z Flower anther color
 Yellow (2)
 Maroon (1)
Z Flower group diameter in cm
 1-1.5 (1)
 1.5-2 (1)
 2-3 (1)
 3-4 (1)
Z Flower group, spath blade main color
 Brown/maroon (1)
 Green (1)
Z Flower group, spathe secondary color
 Brown/maroon (1)
 None (1)
Z Flower lip length, cm
 3-4 (1)
 4-5 (1)
 5-6 (1)
 Over 6 (1)
Z Leaf node
 Sheath (5)
 No sheath (2)
Z Stem
 Multiple arching (3)
 Single erect (2)
Z Stem winged
 Not (9)
 Winged (2)
Z flowering branch
 Mostly horizontal (2)
 Vertical and horizontal (2)