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Discover Life
24 kinds match


Arisaema quinatum  [popup]
Camassia scilloides  [popup]
Atlantic camas...
Cardamine concatenata  [popup]
Cutleaf toothwort
Cardamine flagellifera  [popup]
Blue Ridge bittercress...
Castilleja coccinea  [popup]
Scarlet Indian paintbrush...
Claytonia caroliniana  [popup]
Carolina springbeauty...
Claytonia virginica  [popup]
Virginia springbeauty...
Dicentra canadensis  [popup]
Squirrel corn
Dicentra cucullaria  [popup]
Dutchmans breeches
Erythronium americanum  [popup]
Dogtooth violet...
Houstonia caerulea  [popup]
Azure bluet...
Jeffersonia diphylla  [popup]
Lamium purpureum  [popup]
Purple deadnettle...
Oxalis stricta  [popup]
Common yellow oxalis...
Oxalis violacea  [popup]
Violet woodsorrel...
Podophyllum peltatum  [popup]
Sanguinaria canadensis  [popup]
Silene virginica  [popup]
Fire pink...
Stellaria corei  [popup]
Tennessee starwort...
Stellaria media  [popup]
Common chickweed
Thalictrum thalictroides  [popup]
Rue anemone
Trillium luteum  [popup]
Yellow wakerobin...
Veronica persica  [popup]
Birdeye speedwell...
Viola kitaibeliana  [popup]
Wild pansy...

REMAINING (number with state)
Flower color
 White (16)
 Red, pink (9)
 Blue, purple (8)
 Yellow, orange (7)
 Green (1)
Flower petal number
 5 (10)
 4 (7)
 Over 6 (7)
 0 or indistinct (6)
 6 (5)
 1 - 2 (2)
 3 (2)
Flower symmetry
 Radially symmetrical (17)
 Not radially symmetrical (7)
 Flower parts not distinguishable (4)
Fruit color
 Green (14)
 Brown/maroon (6)
 Red/pink (3)
 White (1)
 Yellow (1)
Leaf arrangement on stem
 Paired on stem (12)
 At base of stem (9)
 Three or more together on stem (8)
 Singly on stem (6)
Leaf division
 Entire - not divided (9)
 3-parted (6)
 Palmately divided (4)
 Pinnately divided (2)
 2-parted (1)
Leaf or leaflet edge
 Smooth (19)
 Lobed (9)
 Wavy (4)
 Hairy or fuzzy (3)
 Toothed (2)
Leaf or leaflet shape
 Lobed (10)
 Wider near base (8)
 Heart-shaped (7)
 Wider near middle (7)
 Wider near tip (5)
 Linear (3)
 Kidney-shaped (1)
Leaf or leaflet venation
 Pinnate (10)
 Palmate (9)
 Not visible (5)
 Parallel (4)
Stem orientation
 Stand up (17)
 Creep on the ground (8)
Stem texture
 Smooth (12)
 Hairy (5)