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Discover Life
6 kinds match


Xeromelecta californica  [popup] male
Xeromelecta californica  [popup] female
Xeromelecta interrupta  [popup] male
Xeromelecta interrupta  [popup] female
Xeromelecta larreae  [popup] female
Xeromelecta larreae  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Sex, number of antennal segments
 Female, 12 (3)
 Male, 13 (3)
State or province where bee was collected
 AZ (6)
 NM (6)
 NV (6)
 AR (4)
 CA (4)
 CO (4)
 IA (4)
 ID (4)
 IL (4)
 KS (4)
 KY (4)
 LA (4)
 MN (4)
 MO (4)
 MT (4)
 ND (4)
 NE (4)
 OK (4)
 SD (4)
 TX (4)
 UT (4)
 WI (4)
 WY (4)
 British Columbia (2)
 IN (2)
 MI (2)
 MS (2)
 Manitoba (2)
 OR (2)
 Saskatchewan (2)
 TN (2)
 WA (2)
 Melectomorpha (4)
 Xeromelecta (2)
Thorax, mesepisternum, hair color
 With at least the upper quarter covered in pale hair, but pale often extending down half way (4)
 Entirely black (2)
Thorax, scutellum, presence and type of projection
 The two lobes of the scutellum coming only to blunt points with, at times, a SLIGHT, nipple-like projection, or none at all (4)
 With two short, but clearly projecting, slightly flattened spines on the scutellar lobes (4)
Thorax, scutellum, size of pits on scutellum vs those found on scutum
 All pits approximately the same size (4)
 At least some pits in the center of the scutellal lobes 2-4 times larger (2)