Female, hind leg, tibia, hair color

Hairs on basitibial plate and those proceeding down the front of the tibia darker than hairs on the sides of the tibia and the scopal hairs, dark brown or smokey grey
Two warnings: 1. If the hairs are full of pollen it can be hard to see the color differences. 2. The direction the microscope shines on these hairs can effect the appearance of the hair color. Hold the bee such that the tibia is perpendicular to the light source. The basitibial plate, or a bee knee pad, can be found at the end of the tibia that attaches to the femur. The hairs seem to be a little more appressed on the basitibial plate than the surrounding hairs. The scopal hairs are on the back side of the tibia, they are longer and sometimes form a holding area for pollen.

© Kimberly Huntzinger, 2007
Agapostemon femoratus, female, hindtibialhairs, mtg