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Candida albicans (C. P. Robin) Berkhout
Life   Fungi   Ascomycota   Candidaceae   Candida

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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Candida albicans

Author: (C.P. Robin) Berkhout

Citation: De Schimmelgesl. Monilia, Oidium, Oospora en Torula, Disset. Ultrecht: 44 (1923)

Synonym(s): Candida albicans var. albicans

Deprecated Synonyms: Oidium albicans C.P. Robin , Saccharomyces albicans (C.P. Robin) Reess , Dematium albicans (C.P. Robin) Laurent , Monilia albicans (C.P. Robin) Zopf , Parasaccharomyces albicans (C.P. Robin) Mello & L.G. Fern. , Myceloblastanon albicans (C.P. Robin) M. Ota , Mycotorula albicans (C.P. Robin) Langeron & Talice , Syringospora albicans (C.P. Robin) C.W. Dodge , Procandida albicans (C.P. Robin) E.K. Novák & Zsolt , Mycocryptococcus copellii , Mycoderma vini Grawitz , Monilia pinoyi var. pinoyi , Monilia metalondinensis Castell. & Chalm. , Monilia metalondinensis var. metalondinensis , Endomyces faecilis Castell. , Myceloblastanon skutetskyii M. Ota , Syringospora robinii Quinq. , Saccharomyces tumefaciens-albus Foul. , Parendomyces albus Queyrat & Laroche , Cryptococcus harteri Gedoelst , Endomyces pinoyi Castell. , Endomyces faecalis Castell. , Endomyces vuilleminii Landrieu , Monilia decolorans Castell. & G.C. Low , Parasaccharomyces harteri , Monilia faecilis (Castell.) Castell. & Chalm. , Monilia metschnikoffii Castell. , Monilia psilosis Ashford , Parasaccharomyces ashfordii H.W. Anderson , Cryptococcus copellii Mello , Monilia albicans Plaut , Monilia balcanica Castell. , Monilia bethaliensis Pijper ex Castell. & Chalm. , Monilia nabarroi Castell. & Chalm. , Monilia pseudolondinensis Castell. & Chalm. , Monilia pseudolondinoides Castell. & Chalm. , Monilia pseudometalondinensis Castell. & Chalm. , Monilia alba Castell. & Chalm. , Blastomyces albicans , Monilia pseudoalbicans Neveu-Lem. , Endomyces molardii Salvat & Fontoyn. , Monilia albicans var. non-liquefaciens Sasak. , Cryptococcus laryngitidis Sartory, Petgès & Claqué , Monilia butantanensis M.R.M. Gomes , Myceloblastanon cutaneum M. Ota , Mycelorrhizodes cutaneum M. Ota , Mycelorrhizodes gruetzii M. Ota , Myceloblastanon favrei M. Ota , Myceloblastanon gifuense Tanig. , Mycotorula tonsillae Carn.-Ricci & Redaelli , Blastodendrion intestinale var. intestinale , Monilia aldoi M.J. Pereira , Monilia bucalis Niño & Puglisi , Monilia richmondii F.W.A. Shaw , Myceloblastanon bethaliense M. Ota , Myceloblastanon skutetzkyi M. Ota , Monilia buccalis Niño & Puglisi , Monilia fioccoi Pollacci & Nann. , Endomyces albicans Okabe , Monilia mannitofermentans Castell. , Monilia periunguealis Niño , Monilia alvarezsotoi S. Mazza & Niño , Monilia vaginalis S. Mazza & Los Rios , Blastodendrion erectum Langeron & Talice , Monilia inexorabilis S. Mazza & Palamedi , Mycotoruloides ovalis Langeron & Talice , Mycotoruloides triadis Langeron & Talice , Geotrichoides cutanea (Beurm., Gougerot & Vaucher bis) Langeron & Talice , Mycotorula albicans var. albicans , Blastodendrion oosporoides Zach , Cryptococcus pinoysimilis Castell. , Monilia pinoyisimilis (Castell.) Castell. & Jacono , Blastodendrion oosporioides Zach , Cryptococcus skutetskyii M. Ota , Cryptococcus skutetzkyi M. Ota , Candida desidiosa Cif. & Redaelli , Candida mycotoruloidea Redaelli & Cif. , Mycocandida pinoyisimilis (Castell.) Redaelli & Cif. , Zymonema bucale (Niño & Puglisi) C.W. Dodge , Castellania metchnikoffii (Castell.) C.W. Dodge , Mycotorula sinensis Reiss , Mycotorula verticillata Redaelli & Cif. , Parasaccharomyces colardii C.W. Dodge , Syringospora cutanea C.W. Dodge , Syringospora hasegawae C.W. Dodge , Syringospora negronii C.W. Dodge , Zymonema album C.W. Dodge , Mycocandida pinoyisimilis var. pinoyisimilis , Mycocandida pinoysimilis var. pinoysimilis , Parasaccharomyces colardi C.W. Dodge , Monilia stellatoidea C.P. Jones & D.S. Martin , Mycotorula periunguealis , Candida truncata Vanbreus. , Candida claussenii Lodder & Kreger , Candida langeronii Dietrichson , Candida biliaria Bat. & J.S. Silveira , Candida intestinalis Bat. & J.S. Silveira , Candida genitalis Bat. & J.S. Silveira , Procandida grubyi E.K. Novák & Vitéz , Candida langeronii Dietrichson ex Uden & H.R. Buckley , Syringospora claussenii Van der Walt , Syringospora stellatoidea Van der Walt , Candida nouvelii Saëz


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Ascomycota

Class: Saccharomycetes

Order: Saccharomycetales

Genus: Candida

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Notes on Taxonomy: [ Edit ]

Country (state) :
South Africa

Substrate details : vagina
Status : Neotype

Basionym :
Oidium albicans C.P. Robin, Histoire naturelle des végétaux parasites qui croissent sur l’homme et sur les animaux vivants: 488 (1853) [MB#247312]

Brief Description: See More | Edit

Microscopically, Candida albicans can appear as both budding yeast cells and pseudohyphae. The budding cells are small, oval, and thin-walled. The pseudohyphae are about two to six micrometers in diameter with clusters of blastoconidia surrounding it. This organism also produces chlamydoconidia that are thick-walled, round, and at the terminal end of the hyphae.

cultures of Candida albicans

In culture, C. albicans appear as cream-colored, smooth, with a yeasty odor on Sabouraud glucose agar containing cyclohexamide. Cultures are incubated at either room temperature or 37 degree Celsius. Chlamydoconidia are produced from cornmeal agar plus 0.5% to 1% Tween 80, zein agar, rice infusion agar, cream of rice agar, as well as other types, and should be incubated at 24 degrees Celsius.

Candida albicans chlamydospores

With a low concentration of yeast cells, the organism will produce germ tubes. Isolates that produce these germ tubes are given a presumptive identification of C. albicans .

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