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Torpedo peruana
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Torpedo peruana

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Torpedo peruana
© Copyright Photographer/SFTEP, 2002 · 0
Torpedo peruana
Torpedo peruana
© Copyright Photographer/SFTEP, 2002 · 0
Torpedo peruana

© Copyright Photographer/SFTEP, 2002 · 0

Main identification features
  • disc: round, soft, thick edges
  • 1st dorsal fin greater than 2nd dorsal fin
  • tail fin triangular
  • electric organ beside eye
  • mouth not tubular


Disc circular; snout very short; eyes and spiracles very small; mouth moderate sized, with longitudinal grooves at sides, without cartilaginous lips; pectorals very thick at edges; tail thick, blending into trunk, shorter than disc; two dorsal fins, first larger; tail fin large, triangular; skin smooth and spineless; two large, kidney shaped electric organs on sides of head.

This is a warm temperate genus, occurs throughout the tropical and warm temperate parts of the world, except for central Pacific. It has about 19 species. Five endemic species occur in the eastern Pacific, with one in the southern part of our region.

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