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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Illustrated Key to Scorpions

Thus far, only a single species of scorpion is known from the Park, Vaejovis carolinianus (Beauvois) (Family Vaejovidae). Two other species of scorpions, both members of the Family Buthidae [Centruroides vittatus (Say) and Centruroides hentzi (Banks)], have been recorded as introductions to North Carolina and Tenneessee but are not known from the Park. Vaejovids and buthids are easily told apart by the presence of a small tubercle located below the stinger on buthids. Vaejovis carolinianus is a smaller darkly colored scorpion, whereas the Centruroides species are larger and more lightly colored with dark markings. It is unlikely that either Centruroides species occurs in the Park, but if so they would most likely be near buildings (especially if firewood has been brought in from other regions of the country).

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