Kinds of Formicidae

World Ants
(Valid extant species)

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This world ant list is dedicated to the memory of William L. Brown, Jr.

Scientific name -- Other names
Cyphomyrmex Mayr, 1862
   Cyphomyrmex auritus Mayr, 1887
   Cyphomyrmex bicarinatus Snelling and Longino, 1992
   Cyphomyrmex bicornis Forel, 1896 question
   Cyphomyrmex bigibbosus Emery, 1894
   Cyphomyrmex bruchi Santschi, 1917
   Cyphomyrmex castagnei Mac Kay and Baena, 1993
   Cyphomyrmex cornutus Kempf, 1968
   Cyphomyrmex costatus Mann, 1922
   Cyphomyrmex daguerrei Santschi, 1933
   Cyphomyrmex dixus Snelling and Longino, 1992
   Cyphomyrmex faunulus Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Cyphomyrmex flavidus Pergande, 1896
   Cyphomyrmex foxi Andre, 1892
   Cyphomyrmex hamulatus Weber, 1938
   Cyphomyrmex kirbyi Mayr, 1887
   Cyphomyrmex laevigatus Weber, 1938
   Cyphomyrmex lectus (Forel, 1911)
   Cyphomyrmex lilloanus Kusnezov, 1949
   Cyphomyrmex longiscapus Weber, 1940
   Cyphomyrmex major Forel, 1901
   Cyphomyrmex minutus Mayr, 1862
   Cyphomyrmex morschi Emery, 1888
   Cyphomyrmex muelleri Schultz and Solomon, 2002
   Cyphomyrmex nemei Kusnezov, 1957
   Cyphomyrmex nesiotus Snelling and Longino, 1992
   Cyphomyrmex occultus Kempf, 1964
   Cyphomyrmex olitor Forel, 1893
   Cyphomyrmex paniscus Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Cyphomyrmex peltatus Kempf, 1966
   Cyphomyrmex plaumanni Kempf, 1962
   Cyphomyrmex podargus Snelling and Longino, 1992
   Cyphomyrmex rimosus (Spinola, 1851)
   Cyphomyrmex salvini Forel, 1899
   Cyphomyrmex strigatus Mayr, 1887
   Cyphomyrmex transversus Emery, 1894
   Cyphomyrmex vallensis Kusnezov, 1949
   Cyphomyrmex vorticis Weber, 1940
   Cyphomyrmex wheeleri Forel, 1900

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