Kinds of Formicidae

World Ants
(Valid extant species)

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This world ant list is dedicated to the memory of William L. Brown, Jr.

Scientific name -- Other names
Megalomyrmex Forel, 1885
   Megalomyrmex acauna Brandão, 1990
   Megalomyrmex ayri Brandão, 1990
   Megalomyrmex balzani Emery, 1894
   Megalomyrmex bidentatus Fernandez and Baena, 1997
   Megalomyrmex bituberculatus (Fabricius, 1798)
   Megalomyrmex caete Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex cuatiara Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex cupecuara Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex cyendyra Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex drifti Kempf, 1961
   Megalomyrmex emeryi Forel, 1904
   Megalomyrmex foreli Emery, 1890
   Megalomyrmex glaesarius Kempf, 1970
   Megalomyrmex gnomus Kempf, 1970
   Megalomyrmex goeldii Forel, 1912
   Megalomyrmex iherringi Forel, 1911
   Megalomyrmex incisus Smith M. R., 1947
   Megalomyrmex latreillei Emery, 1890
   Megalomyrmex leoninus Forel, 1885
   Megalomyrmex miri Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex modestus Emery, 1896
   Megalomyrmex mondabora Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex myops Santschi, 1925
   Megalomyrmex pacova Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex piriana Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex poatan Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex pusillus Forel, 1912
   Megalomyrmex silvestrii Wheeler, W. M., 1909
   Megalomyrmex staudingeri Emery, 1890
   Megalomyrmex symmetochus Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Megalomyrmex tasyba Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex timbira Brandao, 1990
   Megalomyrmex wallacei Mann, 1916
   Megalomyrmex wetterei Brandao, 2003
   Megalomyrmex weyrauchi Kempf, 1970

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