Kinds of Formicidae

World Ants
(Valid extant species)

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This world ant list is dedicated to the memory of William L. Brown, Jr.

Scientific name -- Other names
Pheidologeton Mayr, 1862
   Pheidologeton aberrans Santschi, 1937
   Pheidologeton affinis (Jerdon, 1851)
   Pheidologeton affinis_javana Emery, 1893
   Pheidologeton affinis_minor Emery, , 1900
   Pheidologeton affinis_spinosior Forel, 1911
   Pheidologeton affinis_sumatrensis Forel, 1913
   Pheidologeton ceylonensis Forel, 1911
   Pheidologeton dentiviris Forel, 1913
   Pheidologeton diversus (Jerdon, 1851)
   Pheidologeton diversus_draco Santschi, 1920
   Pheidologeton diversus_fictus Forel, 1911
   Pheidologeton diversus_laotinus Santschi, 1920
   Pheidologeton diversus_macgregori Wheeler, W. M., 1929
   Pheidologeton diversus_philippinus Wheeler, W. M., 1929
   Pheidologeton diversus_standfussi Forel, 1911
   Pheidologeton diversus_taprobanae (Smith F., 1858)
   Pheidologeton diversus_tenuirugosus Wheeler, W. M., 1929
   Pheidologeton diversus_williamsi Wheeler, W. M., 1929
   Pheidologeton hammoniae Stitz, 1923
   Pheidologeton hostilis (Smith F., 1858)
   Pheidologeton kunensis Ettershank, 1966
   Pheidologeton latinodus Zhou and Zheng, 1997
   Pheidologeton maccus Wheeler, W. M., 1929
   Pheidologeton mayri Santschi, 1928
   Pheidologeton melanocephalus Donisthorpe, 1948
   Pheidologeton melasolenus Zhou and Zheng, 1997
   Pheidologeton nanningensis Li and Tang, 1986
   Pheidologeton nanus Roger, 1863
   Pheidologeton obscurus Viehmeyer, 1914
   Pheidologeton petulens Santschi, 1920
   Pheidologeton pullatus Santschi, 1920
   Pheidologeton pungens (Smith F., 1861)
   Pheidologeton pygmaeus Emery, 1887
   Pheidologeton pygmaeus_albipes Emery, 1893
   Pheidologeton pygmaeus_bugnioni Forel, 1915
   Pheidologeton pygmaeus_densistriatus Stitz, 1925
   Pheidologeton ruber (Smith F., 1860)
   Pheidologeton rugosus Karavaiev, 1935
   Pheidologeton silenus (Smith F., 1858)
   Pheidologeton silvestrii Wheeler, W. M., 1929
   Pheidologeton solitarius Stitz, 1910
   Pheidologeton transversalis (Smith F., 1860)
   Pheidologeton trechideros Zhou and Zheng, 1997
   Pheidologeton varius Santschi, 1920
   Pheidologeton vespillo Wheeler, W. M., 1921
   Pheidologeton volsellata Santschi, 1937
   Pheidologeton yanoi Forel, 1912

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