Kinds of Formicidae

World Ants
(Valid extant species)

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This world ant list is dedicated to the memory of William L. Brown, Jr.

Scientific name -- Other names
Sericomyrmex Mayr, 1865
   Sericomyrmex amabilis Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Sericomyrmex aztecus Forel, 1885
   Sericomyrmex beniensis Weber, 1938
   Sericomyrmex bondari Borgmeier, 1937
   Sericomyrmex burchelli Forel, 1905
   Sericomyrmex diego Forel, 1912
   Sericomyrmex harekulli Weber, 1937
   Sericomyrmex harekulli_arawakensis Weber, 1937
   Sericomyrmex impexus Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Sericomyrmex luederwaldti Santschi, 1925
   Sericomyrmex lutzi Wheeler, W. M., 1916
   Sericomyrmex mayri Forel, 1912
   Sericomyrmex moreirai Santschi, 1925
   Sericomyrmex myersi Weber, 1937
   Sericomyrmex opacus Mayr, 1865
   Sericomyrmex opacus_muelleri Forel, 1912
   Sericomyrmex parvulus Forel, 1912
   Sericomyrmex saussueri Emery, 1894
   Sericomyrmex scrobifer Forel, 1911
   Sericomyrmex urichi Forel, 1912
   Sericomyrmex urichi_maracas Weber, 1937
   Sericomyrmex zacapanus Wheeler, W. M., 1925

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