Kinds of Formicidae

World Ants
(Valid extant species)

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This world ant list is dedicated to the memory of William L. Brown, Jr.

Scientific name -- Other names
Tapinolepis Emery, 1925
   Tapinolepis bothae (Forel, 1907)
   Tapinolepis candida (Santschi, 1928)
   Tapinolepis deceptor (Arnold, 1922)
   Tapinolepis decolor (Emery, 1895)
   Tapinolepis litoralis (Arnold, 1958)
   Tapinolepis longitarsis (Collingwood and Agosti, 1996)
   Tapinolepis macgregori (Arnold, 1922)
   Tapinolepis macrophthalma (Arnold, 1962)
   Tapinolepis mediterranea (Mayr, 1866)
   Tapinolepis melanaria (Arnold, 1922)
   Tapinolepis melanaria_ochraceotincta (Arnold, 1949)
   Tapinolepis pernix (Viehmeyer, 1923)
   Tapinolepis simulans (Santschi, 1908)
   Tapinolepis simulans_biskrensis (Karavaiev, 1931)
   Tapinolepis trimenii (Forel, 1895)
   Tapinolepis trimenii_angolensis (Santschi, 1930)
   Tapinolepis trimenii_karrooensis (Arnold, 1922)
   Tapinolepis tumidula (Emery, 1915)

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